Your words are weapons

Watch your words, they become weapons as you fuel ammunition.


1. Watch it

One, two, three words hit her now
If you only could see her and how 
She listened to your words that day 
Not in one ear, your words will forever stay 
Carved into her brain the insults kill
She wonders if wait you said is true, she will 
She wants to be able to control the pain 
She doesn't want you to be in her brain
If only now you can see how you tear her apart

Maybe you'd consider just having a heart 
All that she wanted was a friend 
To you that didn't matter then 
Never did you think your last words to her would be then Never did you think the words you said would lead to her end 
They cry the impact has damaged them too
If only then you would see what she knew she'd do 
Maybe she just could have used a friend 
Maybe you could have prevented her end
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