New Love?

This is a story about a new girl that all eyes go on. But there is one set of eyes she remembers from years past. Does he know her? Does he remember what happened? What will happen?


2. Chapter 1.

Emma's POV:

"Hey Emma it is time to get up!" My mom calls from down stairs. She knows I have been up for an hour just laying in bed staring at the ceiling. Ugh first day of school. Have to make an impression. Lets see. I walk into my closet and look for the perfect outfit.

I decide on black wedges and maroon skirt and black shirt. I put it on and do my make-up. I do my favorite nude pallet and winged eyeliner. I add some maroon lipstick and I am done. Now for the hair. I pull half of it a clip with a bow. This will do. Lets go.


I grab my keys kiss my mom and head to my car. I just turned 17 and I am a Junior. I have been to this private school for elementary and then a public school all the way up till now. It has its ups and downs.


~Skip drive to school.~


It is nice being semi-close to the school. It only took like 10 minutes. I walk in and start looking for the office. It was easy to find considering I parked in the front. I walk in and there is this other guy about my age standing there. He looks familiar. "Hello Miss. Cole." The secretary says to me. "Hello Mrs.....uh"I say  "Clark" She finishes for me. "This is Jackson Edwards He will be your "guide" for today he has every class with you so that works out lovely." I see his face and gasp. I do know this guy. It was from a long time ago but.... still... "Is there something wrong?" Mrs. Clark asks.  "No." I say very politely.




Saved by the bell...


"You two run off now." Mrs. Clark says, "Oh and Jackson please take care of Miss Cole. Please!" She calls after us. "So we have 15 minutes till class starts. Do you want a tour...or uh." Jackson says. "I don't care I just follow you." I say. "Um okay. Oh and why did you join here only 3 through?" "My old school made some bad decisions so my mom took me out." "Oh." He gives me a tour of everything. The lockers, gym, library, classes, etc. All we did was talk and talk and talk.  The warning bell rings and we head to class.


''Welcome class we have a new student."


Emma tell us about yourself..



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