Angel on earth

Cara just started her life and now shes an Angel. But tjats not enough the other angels are not sure about her and doesn't trust her. She needs to find her wings but how can she do that? And how can she protect her loved ones if she doesn't kno what to do?
This movella is in the x-mas competition.


5. 4th of december

Ok I need to get some breakfast.

What to eat? What to eat?

I don't even remember what I used to eat. And what is that even? Like some sort of snail or something. After I got down to earth I've been so blooming hungry but I seriously don't know what to eat. At the angel academy I weren't really hungry only at the first days but then I just ate some flying apples. Oh that's right you can eat apples and eggs. So I need a pan and some pancake mix. After I cooked my pancakes I putted some strawberries and some raspberries over the top and a bit of syrup.

"That looks delicious!"

I immediately started to eat. I was so hungry that I ate it all.

After that I got really tired again and went to sleep...

What is going on I need to complete my mission. Good the man said that I would wake up near my human. What was her name again. Oh yeah I didn't got to know. Thanks!! now to look after her.

I walked out of the door thing.

"Why did I even get a room in the weird hotel when nobody can see me? Whatever"

I walked down the street. I followed a grey thread. I just felt like it was the right thing to do. It took me to a black corner with an old bar. I walked in there and saw a girl with black hair black eyes and a white dress. The black tread was her aura. So now I can see auras. Cool. Ok so she must be the girl. Hmm why isn't she dressed like all the others or happy? Not to discriminate but all the other people is like happy and they have red clothes on because it's December. Maybe she doesn't like Christmas. Oh well.

Suddenly the lights went of and I got lifted up in the air. The walls were tighter now and I couldn't breath.

"What's happening" I thought

The last piece of light disappeared and I was all alone...

And then after a few moments I blacked out...

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