Angel on earth

Cara just started her life and now shes an Angel. But tjats not enough the other angels are not sure about her and doesn't trust her. She needs to find her wings but how can she do that? And how can she protect her loved ones if she doesn't kno what to do?
This movella is in the x-mas competition.


2. 1st of december

It has now been two months since we drove off the bridge.

Oh and my name is Cara.

The memories still haunt me in my nightmares, but it has gotten better.

I still remember when it happened. It was a normal night, well not completely. Seth (My boyfriend.) drove me to a nightclub.

I can't remember what happened after that, but I do remember drowning. It felt weird. I were dying so of course it felt weird.

After that I went through some type of tunnel. Everything was bright and shiny. It felt like getting eaten by a rainbow.

I woke up with a big headache. But it disappeared after a bit. What I saw when I woke up was amazing.

It was a big white building. Several people were walking around the different buildings. They all wore this uniform. It was a grey vest with a little symbol on the left side.

All the girls were wearing white skirts and the boys had white pants on. They all shined with this weird glow. It made me happy, for no real reason.

It looked like a school. On the gate where the same symbol like on the uniform. It was a pair of wings whit a golden aura around them...

At first I was like "wooow, am I in heaven?" I asked myself. And then there was this weird dude that was just like "well yes you are!"

I just gasped and looked at him.

So that's kinda what happened on my first day...

And now I'm a real angel or I'm the earth angel...

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