The Untold Story of Livi Mathews (Short Story Version)

She was my everything. Heck, she was me, my life. But, I learned what it meant to lose something that you should have cared even more for. (This is the short story version. I am going to make a chapter version that will be much longer and more understandable.)


1. The Untold Story of Livi Mathews

She was an overwhelming person. Every day she lived was a miracle and she embraced that. Her life crushed her everyday and yet she pushed on. She was a person who was smart, beautiful, and loving. Her personality happened to be like no other. No matter what happened, she alone always had a smile on her face. She even made me smile when I thought I never would. It was her who always kept me going through my life with a positive attitude. She was my light; my shining star. And yet, she was also what you would call a dying girl. One that never knew when her time was up in this world. But, I did not care. I fell in love with her and I will not regret it for the rest of my life.

Her head sat square on my shoulder as we leaned against the trunk of a small oak tree. It was a small. A healthy, small plant. But, this single tiny tree happened to be Livi’s favorite in Mountains Park. She constantly tells me how it may be small, but it has a good core. That this tiny oak tree produces the most leaves out of all the ones around it. Some trees are even three times the size of this one, but Livi likes this one alone. She says it is simple and perfect.
I love Livi and everything about her. Though there is something I wish she would never have to deal with anymore. You see, Livi has cancer. Cancer is a hard thing to deal with and once you reach a certain stage you know that you are going to die sooner then you should have to. Livi has brain cancer and there’s nothing that can be done to save her. She is beyond breathtaking and she is the smartest person I know. She is always curious and she always asks questions. Livi doesn't deserve to die. 

I had my head rested atop her’s when she spoke. “I wonder what it’s like to see the world in a different perspective.” She paused before adding more,”Like… a third person kind of view. I wonder how small we really are.”

“I don’t know Livi. The world is quite big.” A small chuckle rose up in my throat. “What brought this on anyway. It’s not like you would be able to actually see the world i-”

“Are you afraid to die, Sam?” My body flinched. Am I afraid to die? What is she talking about? I mean I’ve never actually tried to think of a question like that. I gazed at her but her expression did not change. Her eyes were on the ground following an ant that walked by her foot. The ant walked around her foot for awhile before crawling up her leg. She did nothing. It trudged along the top of her jeans all the way to her knee. She still did nothing but watch it struggle as it climbed farther.

Livi wouldn't look up at me and her lips formed a semi-frown.

“Livi, is…  something wrong?” Her eyes stayed on the ant that now trotted close to her thigh. I gently placed my hands on her cheeks and turned her face towards me. I stared into her eyes. They were dull and it appeared obvious that she was staring at something in the far off distance.

“My condition is worse. Sam, I’m going to die soon, I can feel it.”



My hand moved up and down as I placed books in their rightful places on the shelves. Each had a certain spot and it happened to be my job to place them there. Today’s beyond normal though. Livi’s condition is worse, much worse. What am I supposed to do without her? My day is practically her. I care too much for her to see her go this soon. Why is it her? Why can’t she be healthy?

I slowly grabbed a book from the basket beside me and brought the cover around. It read “The Adventurous Adventures of Marley Marley”. Surprisingly this book actually lives up to its name. It’s a chapter book full of suspense and mystery. I remember the first time that I read this book. It was when I had just met Livi and she had told me that she would read it to me if I showed up at the library on the day she specified. I came of course since I she made me curious. She bravely told me the story and even moved about in the library to show me the actions of the characters. I had fun that day. She put a smile on my face when she told the story her way. It had much more feeling behind it than when I just read it.

My eyes wandered to the clock hanging near me. It read eleven p.m.. My eyes started to feel droopy.
It had been a couple of days since Livi told me about her and her condition. Since then, I have not slept well at all. But, I still have to go to work.

“Hey, why don’t you head home early today?” I jumped.

Slowly, I turned towards the voice to find my boss. I gave him a puzzled look.

“I heard about Livi.” He gave me a compassionate look. “It must be hard knowing that she is on her deathbed.” Huh?
Ring-ring. I heard my phone start to ring and I took it out of my back pocket to see the number. At first glance I thought that it was just someone trying to sell me something but soon I realized that it was the hospital’s number. 

Hands shaky, I opened my phone and brought it to my ear. “H-Hello?”

“Sam... Sam? You have to come to the hospital. Its Livi.” My heart skipped a beat.
“I’ll be there soon.” I shut my phone and ran outside the library to my car. My car’s key sat in my hand but it wouldn’t go into the ignition. I can’t stop my hands from shaking. I can’t keep them still. I can’t calm down. I can’t lose Livi, not now. Not this soon. Why didn't I spend more time with her? The car started. Why was I such an idiot? The first stop light shone green. Why Is this happening? Just a few minutes away. Livi, why? Lights flickered on and off as I drove by. Livi, I can’t lose you.

I stopped in the parking lot of the only hospital that Livi goes to: Twin Mountains Hospital. Quickly, I grabbed my keys, turned off the car, and rushed into the building.

Being me, I didn’t bother to see the receptionist. I jog a little faster. No one tried to stop me. I’m here often enough that I don’t technically need to see the receptionist. But right now, I kind of want to be stopped. Then I don’t have to see LIvi. Then I won’t have to see her in such a poor condition. I have no idea what to say.

My feet stop in front of her door. I take a deep breath and walk in.

Inside I see a pale, sickly looking girl in a white hospital bed with an IV stuck to her. Next to the bed are two people. Both look like her parents. The room’s only light came from a small old-looking lamp in one of the far corners of the room.

Livi looked paler and paler as I walked up beside her bed. But the only thought that crossed my mind wasn’t how sickly she appeared. It wasn’t how I was going to lose her. I could only think of one thing and nothing else.
I leaned over her, making it easier to see her face. Her eyes were barely open but I couldn’t help but smile slightly. “I love you Livi.”

Her eyes seemed to sparkle when I said this and she gave the best smile she could give me. She coughed. It sounded sickly and I knew what will occur.

She closed her eyes and a resounding noise followed.

Her parents cried out in agony as their little girl would no longer move. Livi would never move again no matter how loud her parents cry.

But I couldn’t hear anything as I lifted up my head and stared at her. She was gone.
Livi Mathews, a normal and incredible girl, died at eleven-twenty p.m. on August 15th. She was no longer in this world. I’m all… alone.   


My life was gone. It was ruined. I no longer willed to live. I quit my job and now I stay in my house, never moving.
I don’t want to move and I don’t want to eat. There’s no longer anything that I wish to do.

I guess this is what it feels like to fall in love with a dying girl. They leave, and you have nothing.
 I shut my eyes. Why?


 My eyes opened not to my ceiling in my room but a sky colored with a beautiful orange. I look to my sides. Underneath me was some kind of cotton-like substance. Almost like a giant cloud. By the look of it, it stretched for miles. I stood up.

“Hey, Sam.” I spin around and there she was. Livi. She was smiling at me with her innocent, pure smile.
I dash to her and embrace her tightly. She smelled of flowers just like she always did. She hugged me back.

However, soon we let go. “Livi, why are you here? Where are we?”

Her eyes watch the floor and her smile turns into a smile mixed with a frown. “I came… to say goodbye.” Livi? I give her a puzzled look.

Before I could ask anymore she hugs me tightly and I start to feel warm drops on my shoulder. I struggle. Nothing would come out of my mouth but I wanted to comfort her. Why is she crying? What’s going on?

“Goodbye, Sam.” She nuzzled up to me for a second before finally letting me go. The orange in the sky no longer orange, but black.

Her eyes meet mine and she smiled slightly.

I reach out for her but I miss and she starts to walk away.

“Livi! Wait!” I start to run to catch up.

She stayed ahead of me. “Livi!” I run faster and harder.

Slowly I start to see bits and pieces of her start to turn into cherry blossoms and fly off, forever lost.

I run faster but she becomes farther and farther away. I bring my hand out in front of me and I reach for her. “Livi! Wait! Don’t go! I can’t live without you!” Why can’t I catch up? Why didn’t I spend more time with her when I could have? Why have a turned out like this? No. Livi wouldn’t want this. Livi always wanted to change the world for the better. Even if in the end she couldn’t. Instead, I will. That will be my new resolve.

I scream at the top of my lungs. “Livi! I love you! I always will!”

The cherry blossoms are gone and now Livi is gone too. I slow down and close my eyes, taking deep breaths. I will make your dream come true Livi., even if you are no longer here to see it.

I open my eyes to my ceiling in my room.

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