The Band

Is a band named 5SOS that has a big adventure. Jacob Sartorius is a friend of the band, his girlfriend Arabella travels with Jacob and the band from Australia to California. Then They have a big fun adventure!


4. Mr Security Toby

~Chapter 4~
    Michael interrupted, “We are going to California too. Oh my gosh it is Toby.” Michael then ran to Ashton and said, “Here comes Toby, get ready bro.”

    Ashton said, “Thanks for warning me bro! Arabella and Jacob go with Michael, Luke, and Calum.”

    Arabella, Jacob, Michael, Calum, and Luke went to a room that was made for famous people. Everyone went in and it was just the five of them. They stayed there till Ashton came back.

    While back were Ashton and Toby were, here is what was happening. Ashton said, “Toby, Why are you here?”

    Toby said, “I am your bodyguard, so I have to be here with you guys.”

    “That makes sense, but you can leave, they aren’t letting any fans through the doors unless they are on the flight back to the United States. So, bye.” Ashton replied to Toby. Ashton ran to the room they were supposed to wait in, and locked the door behind him so Toby couldn’t get in.

    In the room Luke questioned, “Why did you lock the door Ashton? What will the flight attendants do if the door is locked and they come to tell us the plane is ready?”

    Ashton asked, “Do you want Toby getting in? I pushed him, he fell, and I ran to this room, hoping it was the right one.”

    “What is wrong with Toby? He is your bodyguard.” Arabella and Jacob asked at the same time.

    “He is trying to break up the band and make Ashton go solo. We don’t want that at all.” Michael replied.

    Calum was being quiet so he decided to ask, “Arabella and Jacob where did you guys fly from?”

    “We flew from Australia Island to here. I had to perform there for some fans. My sweet Arabella decided to go with me, so my mom didn’t have to go. We have been here for about a month. Now we are going to California to visit her family, then I will go back to Virginia without her.” Jacob said sadly.

    Arabella said to Jacob, “I will miss you too. We will still talk on your private snapchat every time you can talk!”



Authors Note~

Here is a longer chapter!



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