The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


39. Weather

Tamaki and Kyouya turned down a gravel road about thirty minutes later after passing through a quaint little town. Both were impressed with the quiet beauty of the town and agreed that they would stop there on their way back. At the moment though, both were focused on the stone building ahead of them and the acres of dormant vineyards around them.

“It looks like a good sized property,” Tamaki said.

“It’s 25 acres,” Kyouya responded. “Small for a winery but I didn’t want to go too big my first time out. They have a bottling plant onsite, and a cave that is built into the hill where the wine can be stored. The entire existing inventory is included and we have the option of keeping the label or going with a new one.”

“Sounds very promising to start.”

“I hope so. The property was suggested to me by the wife of a business contact. It is her cousin’s winery. He is looking to retire and doesn’t have any family to take over the business.”

“Do you trust the source? I know things aren’t exactly smooth with your father right now and I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t put it past him to try and sabotage you after that stunt you pulled buying the medical company out from under him and then handing managerial rights back to him.” Tamaki said quietly.

“I hate to say it, but I agree with you that is something my father would do. I used to think he was completely honorable in all his business dealings, which is what made the Ootori name famous, but I am learning instead that he is ruthless; he just hid it well for many years. He still has the veneer of respectability but I can see the cracks now, where I couldn’t before. Thankfully, the business contact that gave me the suggestion is a minor member of the Morinozouka family and one that I cultivated separately from my father’s influence, so I do trust the source.” Kyouya smiled at his friend. “But just because I trust the source, doesn’t mean I am naïve. That’s why I wanted you with me. You will be able to tell me if this is really worth saving or if it will be a waste of resources.”

“That I can do,” Tamaki smiled back. “Honestly it’s kind of cool that you trust me with this. I mean it’s part of what I am being trained and going to school for since my family specializes in the business of hospitality, but I don’t think we currently have any wineries in our portfolio and I think it would make a smart addition to our hotels, resorts, and event locations. In fact, I may look for one to purchase myself if all goes well with Maison des Roses.”

“Sounds like a sound business idea,” Kyouya said. He turned and smirked at Tamaki one last time before stepping out of the car, “so I am playing the role of the bored and wealthy aristocrat?”

“Yes, to an extent. First impression is this looks like a thriving business, so what I said earlier may not be as apropos here. You can start curiously bored then go into savvy businessman. I still stand be the fact that you look the part better dressed like that than your suit.”

“You just like seeing me in leather pants.”

“That too.” Tamaki grinned as he exited the car.

Together they walked up to the door leading into the stone building. Kyouya glanced upward at the arched interior and wood accents admiring their beauty, while Tamaki muttered about groin vaults, French Romanticism, and the open floor plan. Immediately they were greeted by an older gentleman.

“Bonjour, messieurs. Je suis Armand Greniere propriétaire de cette belle cave. Êtes-vous Kyouya Ootori par hasard?”

Kyouya’s grasp of French was just enough that he was able to understand that the gentleman was greeting them, offering his name, and inquiring if he was Kyouya Ootori. I am going to have to have Tamaki and Hikaru teach me French. If I am going to be doing business here, I need to have more than a basic understanding of the language. To Armand, he replied in halting French, “Good morning, sir. I am Kyouya Ootori, your cousin Reinette spoke highly of you. I apologize, my French is currently limited, but I hope to fix that in the near future. My friend Tamaki will be able to translate anything that I am unable to understand or say properly.”

Armand grinned at Kyouya’s comment and replied, “Perhaps it will be better if I switched to Japanese for the time being.”

Kyouya returned the smile, “Thank you. It is appreciated.”

“You are welcome. My darling cousin spoke highly of you as well, though she didn’t mention that you were such good friends with Tamaki Suoh and the Hitachiin twins.” A sly twinkle shone in the older man’s eyes.

“Ah… I should have known a fellow Frenchman wouldn’t let the latest gossip slip by him.” Tamaki responded with a grin. “Yes. Kyouya Ootori is and has been my best friend for several years. We have been friends with the Hitachiin twins, Takashi Morinouzouka and Mitskune Haninouzouka for nearly as long.”

“And the girl?”

“Haruhi Fujioka has been dating both me and Hikaru Hitachiin for several months. Is this going to be a problem?” Kyouya’s voice could cause ice to freeze. Tamaki’s glare at the man was nearly as cold.

“Mes plus sincères excuses. Il n'en est pas de mes affaires et ne reflète pas sur notre transaction ce matin. C'était simplement la nouveauté de voir quelqu'un d'aussi récemment dans les nouvelles. En tant que fier Français, je t'embrasse amour sous toutes ses formes. Je ne vous ou vos partenaires choisis juge pas et je m'en excuse sincèrement à nouveau pour mes commentaires irréfléchis.” My most sincere apologies. It is none of my business and does not reflect upon our transaction this morning. It was merely the novelty of seeing someone so recently in the news. As a proud Frenchman, I embrace love in its many forms. I do not judge you or your chosen partners and I most sincerely apologize again for my thoughtless comments. Armand hung his head in apology and offered a sincere look to Kyouya.

“He apologizes for his thoughtless comment. He was caught up in the novelty of seeing you on the news last night and then here this morning,” Tamaki translated. “He wants to assure you that as a proud Frenchman he embraces love in its many forms and he does not judge you.”

“I am very sorry for my comments. Please do not let my thoughtlessness dissuade you from viewing the winery. It really is a beautiful property and I would love to see her go into the hands of someone who has as much love to give her as I do.” Armand switched back to Japanese.

Taking a deep breath, Kyouya responded with a slight smile, “It is no consequence. I should be prepared to answer those kinds of questions.” He gestured broadly to the building and the grounds. “Please, lead on and tell me about the estate.”

For the next few hours, Kyouya and Tamaki toured the estate grounds including the tasting rooms, cellars, and bottling facility. They tried several vintages and were soon laughing comfortably with Armand. As they returned to the area where the car was parked, thunder cracked overhead. Glancing up at the now dark and threatening sky, Kyouya said, “Thank you for the tour Armand. I will think about it this evening and I will call you tomorrow to let you know my decision. Will that be acceptable?”

“Of course, Mr. Ootori. I hope it will be a favorable one for both of us,” Armand shook Kyouya’s hand before doing the same for the Tamaki. “It was a pleasure meeting you as well, Mr. Suoh. Have a safe drive back.”

“We will,” Tamaki replied as the first fat drops began to fall. “Au Revoir.”

As Kyouya turned to drive back down the gravel road, Tamaki pulled out his phone and checked the weather conditions. With a sigh he said, “It looks like the storm sprung out of nowhere and it looks like it will be a nasty one. It isn’t supposed to pass until early tomorrow morning. Are you going to be ok driving back to Paris?”

Kyouya flipped the wiper blades onto high as hail pelted the car, focusing on the road he asked, “What time is it supposed to be over and is it supposed to stay this intense?”

“As to the intensity – yes, unfortunately. The good news is that it is supposed to clear out by 1am and tomorrow should be a beautiful day.”

Kyouya sighed, “Maybe we should plan to stay the night in the town and drive back early tomorrow morning. I don’t want to miss Haruhi’s demonstration and testing but trying to drive all the way back to Paris in this would be dangerous.”

“I don’t want to miss it either,” Tamaki said, laying a hand briefly on Kyouya’s thigh. “But we can set the alarm early enough to be back to the house by 8 or so. She won’t have to leave for the tournament until 10.”

“Let’s do that.” Kyouya sighed again before asking, “Would you please send Haruhi a message and let her know what is going on since I need to focus on getting us to the town?”

Of course, Mon ami,” Tamaki quickly sent a text to both her and Hikaru. Within moments, he received an answering one. With a smile he relayed it to Kyouya, “She and Takashi are caught up in the same storm and just determined that they will need to stay the night at the monastery as well. She says to say she loves you and to have fun.”

Kyouya smiled, “She would say that. At least that is a relief; I was worried about her fear of thunderstorms and having them try to drive back tonight. Takashi will take care of her.”

Tamaki grinned at him, “I really never thought I would hear you say something like that without any jealousy in the tone. You have come a long way my friend.”

“So have you, since you never once showed any jealousy when Hika and I started dating her, even though I knew you still cared about her even though you denied it.”

“I won’t deny it now, though I have to admit that half the time I was picturing you two together and trying not to feel sorry for myself, it was because I wanted to be with you in that way too.” Tamaki smirked. “But now… thanks to the weather and an accommodating girlfriend, I get to find out. Or were you planning on trying to get separate rooms?”

“Separate rooms haven’t worked at all on this trip, so why would I start wanting them now?” Kyouya laughed. “Besides, I have to make you pay for all of your teasing today.”

“Hey! I have been good.” Tamaki pouted.

“Tamaki every fucking move you have made today has reminded me exactly how good you look in those jeans and how I have had to control myself.”

“You’re one to talk…” Tamaki grumbled, but the pleasure was evident in his voice.

A few moments later, Kyouya pulled up in front of a cottage bed and breakfast that had a sign announcing vacancies. Together they got out of the car and ran through the rain to the door. The land lady took one look at their dripping appearance and tsk’d at them. “Boys, you will catch your death of cold. Got caught in the rainstorm, I see. Not safe to drive back down to the city. I only have one room available at the moment, but it has a bed and a pull out if you don’t mind sharing.”

“We don’t mind,” Tamaki said with his 500 watt smile. “I know you don’t normally do dinner, but would it be possible to send up something warm and let us use your dryer for our clothes? We will pay extra for them of course. Right now we just need hot showers and food.”

Of course, young man. I wouldn’t send anyone outside in weather like this. I will have that sent up soon.” She eyed Kyouya’s leather pants, “I don’t think the dryer would do well with those.”

Kyouya’s smile was almost as blinding as Tamaki’s and the older woman felt herself blush. Goodness gracious me, these boys are something else! If I was 50 years younger or had a granddaughter I would scoop them up in an instant.

“I know. Fashion has its consequences,” Kyouya flirted lightly. “Thankfully they aren’t too bad and should dry by morning. Speaking of, we will have to check out early so we can make it back in time to see my girlfriend make her next Aikido belt. Could I just pay for everything now and then drop the key in the box on the way out?”

“How sweet you are to support your girlfriend! A girl needs to know how to defend herself in this day and age,” The landlady smiled as Tamaki turned his face away to hide his grin. “Of course you can pay up front.”

They quickly paid for the room and dinner. With a final smile, the kindly woman handed them a key and said, “I will bring food up in an hour. If you want to put your wet things outside your door, I will make sure they are cleaned and pressed for you in a few hours. There are robes in the closet that you can use to relax in and the telly has several movie channels.”

“Thank you ma’am.” Tamaki grinned and led the way up the stairs. He barely had time to glance around the quaint little room with a fireplace, queen sized bed, and a sofa that must have been a pull-out, before he was pushed face first into the wall with a rock hard Kyouya behind him growling in his ear.

“Tamaki. You naked. NOW.” He glanced into the bathroom and was glad to see that the shower was big enough for two. “I want a shower. Correction. I want you in the shower.”

With a devilish grin, Tamaki answered, “Yes sir,” as he reached around to caress the bulge in Kyouya’s pants.



Haruhi stared up at the dark grey sky as she and Takashi got out of the car. I am not sure what this weather will do. Hopefully, it will just stay gloomy and not progress. Bags and mats slung over their shoulders Takashi reached out for Haruhi’s hand as they walked into the converted monastery. They were greeted immediately by the desk clerk.

“Namaste,” she said in greeting. “Do you have a reservation?”

“Yes. Under Morinozouka Takashi.”

“Ah yes, Mr. Morinozouka. I have a private room in the yoga wing with an attached hot spring. I have you booked for the day, but based on the most recent weather report, and as a courtesy to all of our patrons, we are allowing for overnight stays if necessary. I am afraid we are not set up as a hotel, so our conditions are relatively primitive, but each room is supplied with a futon, blankets, and sheets and we have a café onsite that will remain open until 11pm this evening. You are also welcome to cancel this reservation at no charge and return on another day.”

Takashi turned to Haruhi and asked, “We can stay for the day and still try to make it home before the storm, but have the overnight option, if necessary, or we can leave now, beat the storm and go back to the house. It is your choice.” He tried not to let any of his desire creep into his tone.

“Honestly, I would prefer to stay and do what we were planning with the option of staying the night rather than going home and interrupting Hani and the twins. If we had to stay, will we still be able to get back in time for the meet tomorrow?”

“We should. We can set an alarm and leave early.”

“It’s a good thing we brought changes of clothes then!” Haruhi smiled. “Let’s do it.”

Takashi turned back to the desk clerk, “We will keep our reservation with the option of staying the night if needed.”

“Very good, sir.” She rang a bell and a man wearing loose pants and a tight long-sleeved shirt approached them. “Salim will take you to your assigned area. Have a pleasant stay. Namaste.”

Haruhi and Takashi echoed, “Namaste” before turning to follow Salim down the hall.

Haruhi looked around eagerly as Salim pointed out the different corridors leading to the various disciplines practiced at the monastery as well as the common areas and café. Craning her neck Haruhi tried to catch a glimpse of one of the rooms in the tantric wing, but Salim walked past them too quickly and Haru was forced to move faster to catch up. Finally he led them down a hallway to the very last room on the end. Opening the door, he ushered them into the room.

Haruhi set her stuff down with a thump and stared around in awe. This room is amazing. True to the desk clerk’s statement, there wasn’t elaborate furniture, but it was beautiful nonetheless. On one wall was the futon, easily large enough for two to sleep comfortably, covered with a mound of pillows. On a recessed shelf there were blankets and large soft towels. Across the room was a door that Haruhi assumed led to the bathroom/changing area. The center of the room was dominated by a large flat mat and at the end of the room was a step down into an open area with a rock lined hot spring. The wall across from it was glass that angled up gently to meet the ceiling, giving the illusion of being outside, while still being completely protected from the elements. That view is breathtaking. Haruhi stepped over to the glass and stared out. Below her was a valley full of trees lightly dusted by snow; ahead of her were snowcapped mountains.

Feeling a warm presence behind her, she turned to Takashi and slipped her arms around his waist, “This is beyond beautiful, ashke. Thank you for this.”

Takashi responded by holding her for a few moments, just breathing her in. “You are welcome. Do you want to get changed?”

“I can do that. It will feel good to stretch out. Do you want me to run through my katas?”

“Yes. We have plenty of time.”

“Ok.” Haruhi stepped away from Takashi and walked across the room to get her workout clothing before going into the bathroom to change.

Takashi tried to ignore how empty his arms felt, instead crossing over to his gear and changing quickly. He went to a thermostat on the wall and set it for a comfortable temperature before turning on the stereo and setting the music softly in the background. He turned off all ambient lighting preferring to let the natural light shine through the glass wall.

He stood in the center of the mat when Haruhi came out of the bathroom in her loose pants and sports bra. Quickly she joined him and they stood facing each other, both slightly afraid to make the first move and both conscious of the fact that this was the first time they had truly been alone. Always before, there had been Hani or Takashi’s sister with them.

Haruhi smiled, “We are being silly aren’t we.”

Takashi smiled back, “Yes.” But with the word he pressed his hand forward to meet Haruhi’s heart while she did the same for him. Within two heartbeats, they were matched again and all the awkwardness melted away.

As they had done several times a week for the last few months, they moved in unison through a sun salutation and warrior poses, into partner poses including those they had so surprised Kyouya and Tamaki several mornings ago.

Haruhi felt like she was flying. She could feel Takashi underneath her holding her in poses that were designed to help the energy flow through her body and she reached out to him offering the energy back to him. His hands were warm on her skin where it touched, but she could feel a growing dissatisfaction with not having the connection where her clothes were. I wonder if Takashi feels the same.

Takashi was doing his best to not touch her bare skin unless absolutely necessary. If I touch her too much, I won’t be able to stop. This is still about her, not me.

Haruhi was able to shift into a few more positions, but the wrongness kept growing. Finally she could take it no more. As they transitioned into a pose where her chest met his back, she ripped the sports bra off and pressed her bare chest against his naked back. Better.

Takashi felt her nipples press into his back and he instantly got hard. Fisting his hands, he let his nails bite into the skin; to try and distract him, but his voice betrayed him. “Haruhi… ashke,” he breathed.

“Takashi… I need your skin on mine. I need your body moving on me, in me, through me… please.” Haruhi whispered as her arm slid around his back to place her hand on his wildly beating heart.

Pulling her around so she stood in front of him, he wrapped her arms around his neck and relished the feel of her body pressed against his. He spoke against her neck, “I need you, Haruhi. I tried just being what you need but I can’t hide it anymore. I need you.”

“Make love to me, Takashi. Don’t hold back. Don’t try to put my needs first. I need you. You need me. Right now… I am yours.” She arched her neck up and pressed her lips against his.

With a strangled cry, Takashi reacted by lifting her up and wrapping her legs around his waist while he plundered her mouth with his tongue – finding every cranny, tasting her as if she was the sweetest water. Finally breaking the kiss with a gasp, he dropped slowly to his knees gently letting her down to the mat. He refused to let her arms move from around his neck, so it was he who gently hooked the edge of her yoga pants and her underwear and slid them down her legs to toss them in a pile at the side of the mat. Finally he traced his hands up her arms and pulled them down. Laying her softly down on the mat, he just looked at her, fully naked and on display for him, for a moment before whispering, “You are beautiful.”

Haruhi looked up and saw such deep passion in Takashi’s eyes that she couldn’t feel embarrassed about lying naked in front of him. She shivered as his hands slid into her hair and he leaned down to kiss her again deeply before he slid his lips down her cheek, down her neck and chest until he took one taut nipple into his mouth. As his lips closed around that tight peak and his tongue slid softly across it, Haruhi’s body arched.

Knowing that his need to explore her would also feed her passion, Takashi continued his assault on her nipple, while he slid one hand into her hair and the other down her abdomen into the tangle of tight curls at her core. So Wet. So Ready. Takashi smiled and moved to the other nipple as he slid his fingers down the slick folds and into her, feeling her body buck in hands and under his lips as she moaned out his name.

Her body started arching into his fingers, trying to press her engorged clit against the heel of her hand as she moaned in frustration. Taking that as his cue, he let his mouth leave her nipples, and was rewarded with a moan of disappointment. It was swiftly replaced by a gasp as he kissed his way down her abdomen and a cry as his tongue slid across her bud.

Where the yoga had her flying, Takashi’s tongue and fingers had her on fire during the flight. Her body was burning and she slid her fingers into his hair in a last attempt to stay connected to her body. The building pressure let her know that she was about to fall. But there was no fear as her body finally broke and her orgasm crashed against Takashi’s tongue and fingers… he was there to catch her and bring her back to her center.

Takashi savored the feel of Haruhi’s body clenching against his fingers, her clit throbbing against his tongue, her harsh breathing, her hands tangled in his hair, as her body rode the wave of her orgasm. She is incomparably beautiful and she is ours. He knew in that moment that she belonged to all of the Hosts and them to her.

“Mmmm… Takashi,” Haruhi’s voice was lethargic but satisfied.

“Yes ashke?”

“That was incredible.”

He smiled, “Yes it was.”



“But I still need you in me. I need your release as well.” She smiled at him. “Make love to me. Sink into me.”

“As you wish…” Takashi slipped of his yoga pants and underwear giving her a full view of his naked body.

Hmmm… he has a tattoo on his hip. I never knew that before. Haruhi stared unabashedly up and down her partner’s toned body to his firm cock. Damn, he has a pretty cock too. I haven’t found anything ugly on any of the Host club members so far. It’s not fair. With a smile at his faint flush of embarrassment as he stood over her, she said, “Right now, I want you inside me with a desperate need, but later… I want to worship that glorious member the way you did me.”

Haruhi’s words were a trigger and Takashi knelt back down on the mat, slipping on a condom, spreading her legs wide and slowly entering her, relishing the deep tight wetness. In her ear he whispered, “I will let you but right now, move with me…”

She wrapped her legs around his hips and arched into every thrust, meeting him and matching him until it was his turn to be unable to hold out and he let go with a final sharp thrust as his cock throbbed out its release and he tried to remember how to breathe. He collapsed on top of her for a moment before rolling them both over and cradling her against his chest.

Haruhi’s head was on Takashi’s heart and she could feel the frantic beat start to slow. With a smile she propped herself up just a bit and said, “Hi.”

Takashi grinned, “Hi yourself.”

“That was…”

“Yeah… especially as I don’t have much experience with women.”

Takashi’s confession startled her for a moment before she realized that it made sense. As far as she knew, she was the only female that he had shown an interest in. “Then I am honored that you chose me,” Haruhi started to say when a thunder crack echoed through the room. With a startled scream, she curled into Takashi who immediately wrapped her in his arms. Picking her up he grabbed a blanket to wrap around them both and held her for several minutes until her heartbeat slowed and her breathing evened out.

“Better?” Takashi asked as hail pounded against the glass.

“A little bit,” Haruhi said though she still tensed every time a thunder clap hit though she was thankful that they appeared to be moving further away. She heard her phone buzz.

Takashi reached out and handed it to her, pulling the blanket around them again.

“It’s Tamaki. He and Kyouya are caught in the storm and it isn’t safe for them to drive back, so they are going to get a room tonight and meet us back in the morning. He says it is supposed to clear up after midnight.”

“That is a smart idea. We should probably do the same.”

“I agree.” She texted back and sent a message to Hikaru to let him know not to worry. Another thunder clap hit and she shuddered.

“You know ashke, the storm still bothers you but you are able to put it further to the back of your mind. I have an idea, if you are willing to try…”

“What’s that?”

“Run through your katas now. Start slowly from the beginning.”

“Are you serious?”

“Very.” Takashi got up then pulled her to her feet.

“Can I get dressed first Sen-“a thunder clap hit, “sei?” She gasped.
“Yes you may.”

Both of them pulled their clothes back on and Haruhi walked to the center of the mat grumbling about mood killing senseis. She started on her first kata.

Takashi hid a smile behind his hand. As he had expected after a few false starts when a thunder clap hit, Haruhi was soon lost in the rhythm of the movement and was able to tune out everything while she was focusing on her pattern. Seeing that she was completely absorbed, Takashi quickly picked up around them, pulled out the futon for later, then quietly stepped out to run down to the café to get food for the evening.

He slipped back into the room just as quietly as he left and set the fruit, bread, cheeses, pasties, and bottles of water, tea, and wine on an end table. Seeing that she was approaching the start of the last one (her testing one) he stood at a corner of the mat and watched her. She has this nailed. She is going to blow the committee away tomorrow.

With a final spin kick, Haruhi landed, turned to find her sensei and gave him a bow. She saw him walking toward her with a bottle of water in his hand and a towel. Blinking sweat out of her eyes, she really looked around the room and noticed how it had changed and the food that was now waiting in a corner.

“Oh… when did that happen?”

“While you were focused on your katas. You have found your center, ashke. Now tell me, when did you forget there was a storm?”

Shock coursed through her body as she realized she had completely forgotten about the storm while she was caught up in her katas. Even now though she could hear a fain rumble, it didn’t bother her. The adrenaline and ache of good sex followed by a good workout just seemed to override the fear reaction. She grinned.


He grinned back at her, “It worked. Now do you forgive me for killing the mood?”

She walked over and placed a slightly salty kiss on his lips. “Forgiven. Besides, I think you could probably rekindle it pretty quickly. But right now… I want a soak and maybe some of that food. Join me?”

“Of course.”

Haruhi slipped off her clothes again and walked over to the pool. Stepping in, she sank into the hot water in bliss, while Takashi gathered some items to bring over and did the same. Once settled, Haruhi reached for a piece of fruit, letting her hand brush Takashi’s.

“Takashi… Thank you.”

“My pleasure, ashke.”

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