The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


12. Twist

Haruhi couldn't stop laughing at the expressions on her lovers faces. Glancing at the others, she saw equal glee on the faces of Takashi, Hani and Tamaki mixed in with just a touch of wistfulness on Takashi's. She caught his eye and winked at him, which made one of his rare smiles spread across his face.

"Only $100 Takashi? I would have thought that you could do better than that. I was sure that knowing Hani's competitive side that it would have been more as well as some horrible deed the losers had to perform."

"It was all that I could get Tamaki to agree to. He insisted that it wouldn't be right to wager more because you are all our friends. But the losers do have to do some unspecified task of the winner's choosing, so I will need your help in coming up with something creative."

"I can't think of much that we wouldn't normally do, Takashi," Hani replied impishly, "you will have to get REALLY creative to make it difficult."

"Please don't give Mori any ideas," Tamaki pleaded, his violet eyes looking over at the other golden haired angel. "I don't know if I could handle it."

"Oh Tama, you know I will happily help Takashi make you do any number of uncomfortable things. Payback for all those years of dreadful cosplay that you put me through, you know," Haruhi teased her former lover with an evil grin.

"I will take you up on your offer, Haruhi," Takashi grinned at her, "Though it may be fun to have your lovers input as well, since they were the object of the wager."

The high color had slowly subsided on both Hikaru and Kyouya's faces and they were following the conversation with enjoyment and good nature. It hadn't surprised Kyouya that there was a wager, knowing as he did how much all of the host club members enjoyed competing with each other on the rare opportunity they all stood on a level playing field. In anything related to Martial Arts, Hani and Mori had the definite advantage. In anything research or analytical, he and Haruhi were hard to beat. For anything that required trickery or misdirection the twins were the undefeated and the reigning kings. Even Tamaki had the advantage when they needed to coerce or wheedle information or something more substantial out of another. We all have our strengths, which is why it is so rare that the opportunity to bet on each other arises. I am very curious about what Takashi will come up with. "I would be willing to offer some suggestions."

Hikaru just nodded. A random thought crossed his mind and he voiced it out loud. "I also want to help Mori, since I was part of the bet. But I have a question that is probably totally random, but one I just noticed." Turning to Haruhi he asked, "I noticed that you are now calling Mori – Takashi and I can completely understand why, since the bond you share is obvious when you are doing any sort of martial art or yoga. Plus he talks more around you than anyone else. But you have the same closeness with Hani, but you don't call him Mitskune. In fact the only one who does is Mori. Is there a reason that I am missing?"

"Good catch Hika-chan," Hani answered for all of them. "Takashi asked Haru-chan to call him by his given name, because to the rest of the world he is "Mori" and we call him Takashi because we mean more to him. For me, to the world I am 'Mitskune" and the nickname Hani was one that Tama-chan gave me and I really like." He blushed a little as he continued, "it sounds the same as the word Honey, which in English means "sweet one" and I kind of like being the sweet one of the Host Club. I know Takashi still calls me Mitskune, but there is a different reason for that."

"That makes sense. Mori-sempai, what form of address would you prefer that Kao and I use? I know we are not as close to you as Hani or Haruhi, but you are our friend."

"I would prefer that all of you call me Takashi, actually. You all are the family I would choose. We all have a bond that cannot easily be broken."

A glimmer of tears threatened to fall, as Haruhi watched her lovers and her dearest friends all openly say what had been implied for years. We have all come a long way together.

"Aw, my family is all together, Daddy is soooo happy!" Tamaki's teasing tone cut through the emotion that was building and brought them all back to normal in a light-hearted fashion. Bringing the conversation back around, he added. "So Takashi, what are you going to make Hani and I do?"

"I think I will need a couple of days to plan and discuss. Whatever it will be will happen this Saturday night. Just to be fair, is there anything that you absolutely wouldn't do?"

"Takashi, I think you are being more than fair and you know there isn't much that I wouldn't do," Hani answered with a wink at his secret lover.

"I can't think of anything short of murder or other illegal activity, I wouldn't do… and I know you wouldn't ask us to do something that was truly against our values." Tamaki answered.

"OK then. Saturday night I will have something for both of you."

"Oh I have a feeling I am really going to enjoy watching this!" Haruhi giggled.

"Me too." Kyouya said as he came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and set his head on her shoulder.

Hikaru just looked at them and smiled. Walking over, he kissed them both on the cheek and settled down on one of the couches. Checking his phone for messages, he saw one from Kaoru that posted about 20 minutes earlier. "It looks like Kao and Renge should be here any moment."

No sooner had the words left his mouth, then there was a rustle at the front entrance and Kaoru came in helping a limping Renge. He cautiously guided her over to one of the couches, pulled over a coffee table, placed a pillow and gently put her ankle on top of it. Only after he had her settled, did he look up and say hello to the rest of the club. "Hey everyone, sorry we are late. What's for dinner? Renge's feeling a little limp." Everyone groaned at the bad pun.

"Since last night was simple French, tonight is simple Italian – lasagna, salad, antipasto, fresh bread. Everything is set up in the dining room, but I can have it brought in here if we want to be really casual."

"Please, don't go troubling yourself about me," Renge responded, "I can hobble over to the dining room if all of you would prefer to eat in there."

Sweeping his arm into a deep bow, Tamaki got down on one knee, took her hand in his and said, "Princess, it is no trouble at all. We live to please and it would break out hearts to see you in more pain. Fear not, we shall revel in our chance to be casual."

Renge stared at Tamaki for a moment, completely struck dumb by his gallantry. It was only when she looked up and saw Haruhi mouth the words "I TOLD YOU" that her paralysis was broken and she burst out laughing.

"Oh Haruhi, I see EXACTLY what you mean!"


All the rest of the hosts laughed at Tamaki's feigned expression of hurt. Bouncing back up, he quickly organized the others into getting the food from the other room and setting it up in the Library. Soon they were all sitting comfortably on couches or sprawled on the floor eating dinner and enjoying the casual conversation. Topics ranged from Fashion Week, to the upcoming Martial Arts tournament, to the Workshop the group was still planning on attending. It wasn't until they were all enjoying a delicious tiramisu that they noticed that Renge was trying to stifle her yawns. After the fourth one however, Kaoru caught her.

"Renge, you must be exhausted. I know the adrenaline from earlier has to have worn off and the pain killers too."

"Well I am a bit tired. I was up early this morning because I was so excited to get to work. I know it's only 10pm, but would anyone mind if I went to sleep?"

"Not at all, Renge," Tamaki replied. "Yuzuha sent over some clothes, so you have things to change into."

"Why don't you put her in Hikaru's and my room? That way she is close to and can call Haruhi if she needs help with anything personal – like assistance changing or getting to the bathroom. I will sleep somewhere else." Kaoru rushed through the last part, looking up at Tamaki with a half-formed unspoken request.

"I think that would be a great idea and I am sure we can find someplace else for you to sleep." The deep undertones were picked up by all of the other host club members, but were completely lost on Renge. Haruhi, Kyouya, and Hikaru smirked to each other, while Hani and Mori shared a look.

"Are you sure? I really don't want to kick anyone out of their room."

Haruhi saw Renge's look of earnestness and hastily reassured her that she wouldn't be troubling anyone. "I actually think it is a great idea. I am close by if you need, but the walls are well insulated, so just send me a text message in case I don't hear you when you call. I will have my phone by the bed and I set it to beep whenever I get a message from you. I promise you that it really is no trouble. If you want to go up now, I can help you get undressed and ready to sleep."

"Thank you. I would really like that," Renge's shy response was so different from her usual boisterous self that the all of the others were a little bit surprised. Haruhi was less so, having spent several days with her over the summer and genuinely gotten to like the girl. I think she is finally learning how to be herself, rather than trying to be one of the characters from her favorite Anime. If she keeps it up, she is going to have all the men of the club eating out of her hands before she or any of them realize it. I will watch it, but it doesn't bother me too much. The real Renge is a very sweet person who deserves to find happiness and if it is with one of the other members of the Host Club like Kaoru or Tamaki, I will be happy for her and them.

Without a word, Takashi walked over, picked her up and started carrying her up the stairs, Haruhi following in his wake. Kaoru started to protest, but shut up at the look on Mori's face. He's stronger than I am and can better carry her up the stairs. I just… I don't know, it was kind of nice having Renge in my arms earlier. Looking up, he caught Tamaki staring at him, smoldering fire burning in his violet eyes. A quick shudder ran through his body. I am guessing Tama won't mind my sharing a bed with him again. I could always sleep alone in what is technically Kyouya's bedroom since he and Hika will be in with Haruhi again, but if I am honest, I want to be with Tamaki again tonight. He is a really considerate lover.

"So Kao-chan, are you going to share a bed with Tama-chan again?"

The knowing look that Hani gave him, coupled with the direction his thoughts had turned, completely startled Kaoru. He looked quickly at his twin who held up his hands in complete innocence. He also glanced quickly over at Tamaki, who was turning a faint shade of pink, before mouthing the words "It wasn't me, I swear!" Finally turning back to the older boy, he stuttered, "Wha.. What do you mean exactly?"

Hani was thoroughly enjoying teasing Kaoru and Tamaki. The blushes on both of their faces were priceless and completely made up for his losing the bet on Hikaru and Kyouya to Takashi. "Well, let's see… I was referring to walking into Tamaki's room this morning to see if it was ok to use the dojo and seeing both of your lovely naked bodies wrapped around each other. Neither of you wanted to let the other go."

Both Tamaki and Kaoru turned beet red at Hani's blunt words. Kyouya just leaned back in his chair and smirked. He knew about the instance from what Haruhi and Hikaru had told him, but he also knew that Hani and Mori were lovers as well. It never bothered him, but he realized that aside from Haruhi, none of the others had really put two and two together. It appeared that Hani was about to enlighten them.


"I didn't want to be alone and-"

"I am not judging you my friends," Hani said with a much softer tone, "In fact, quite the opposite. If either of you are interested in sharing mine or Takashi's bed you would be welcome. As Hika, Kyo, and Haru-chan know, these beds are more than big enough for three or four. I would extend the offer them as well, but I am afraid that they are rather wrapped up in themselves, right now, and justifiably so."

The stunned look on Kaoru, Hikaru and Tamaki's faces made Kyouya shake in silent laughter. Hani saw the not-so-surprised look on Kyouya's face and raised an eyebrow in a silent question. Still smiling and wanting to give his stunned friends a few more minutes to recover, he decided to answer. "Oh, I am not surprised. Both Haruhi and I have known for years that you and Takashi were lovers," three sets of eyes swiveled to him as he continued, "I am honored by your interest, but as you say, for right now at least, the three of us need to work out our own dynamic, before we open up to others. I just kissed Hikaru for the first time today. Is it wrong that I want him to myself for a bit?"

"Not at all Kyo-chan and I appreciate your honesty." Breaking out into a fit of giggles, he continued, "I think it's funny. We are all going to this Alterna workshop in a couple of days to learn about alternative lifestyles, while in actuality we have been living them and just hiding it from everyone." His tone turned serious again. "I just don't want to hide anymore from the people that I care about the most."

"What are you hiding Mitskune?" Takashi returned to the room, followed almost immediately after by Haruhi.

Kaoru looked up at Haruhi and before he could say anything, she forestalled him, "Renge fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. I helped her get changed, while Takashi got her pain medication ready. She took it and was out. Poor thing must still be in a lot of pain and hiding it. This brings me to echo Takashi's question. What are you hiding, Hani?"

Hani looked up at the two and grinned mischievously. "I was actually saying that I don't want to hide anymore and I let both Kaoru and Tamaki know that if they were ever interested they would be welcome to share either my or Takashi's bed. I also told Hika and Kyo, that the three of you would also be welcome, but he declined for the moment – something about needing to build the dynamic among the three of you."

Haruhi threw her head back and laughed heartily, "So that is why Kyouya looks smug, Tamaki and Kaoru look stunned and Hikaru is trying to decide whether he wants to take you up on the offer or not."

Hikaru flashed a guilty look before blowing her a kiss and winking. It's odd having a lover who knows you that well. I am just grateful she isn't concerned or jealous.

"You could have waited until later this week Mitskune," Takashi gently chided. "There have been a lot of revelations today, and I am not sure that Tamaki, Kaoru, and the others were quite ready."

Mori's gentle voice finally broke through the stunned silence of Tamaki and Kaoru. Kaoru went over and cuddled into his brother, needing the familiar contact to process through the revelations in his head. Hikaru just kissed him briefly and held him, while he sorted out his thoughts.

Tamaki was quicker to recover. "Revelations. That is one way of putting it. I had no idea that Hani came into my room this morning. Not that I was trying to hide anything. I offered to keep Kaoru company last night since I knew he was going to spend the night alone and he took me up on it. I was going to offer the same tonight as Renge is sleeping in his bed. I know I am flexible sexually, but while I really enjoyed our time together and would happily do it again, his comfort is more important to me. If he doesn't want to join me that is completely ok."

"I think I do want to join you," Kaoru's voice was muffled since his head was still buried against his brother's chest. Turning it slightly to look up at the others before focusing on Tamaki, it became clearer, "I really enjoyed last night and I take your offer at face value. I want to do it again. It just seems like an extension of our friendship. It's not really even odd or uncomfortable. Hani, Takashi, I also take it as an honor that you offer this aspect of your friendship and that you trust me with that side of you, since you don't share it with others. I don't know if or when I will take you up on it, but I know it is there."

"I probably will take you up on it, eventually," Tamaki winked at the other two. "I don't know why it was a surprise to me that you are lovers because it makes so much sense, but since I have been attracted to both of you since the very beginning, I can't resist the offer now that it is in front of me. Though, like Kaoru, I can't promise that it will be anytime soon."

"Mitskune wanted to put it out there and I agreed. When or if, timing doesn't matter. It will happen when it is supposed to."

"Not wanting to interrupt, but is anyone else suddenly really horny?" Hikaru couldn't resist saying.

"Hmm… let's see. At some point in the last fifteen minutes all of us have pictured everyone else in this room having sex with various other people in this room. Quick glance around also reveals several distinct bulges, and while I may be immune to a visible physical response, I promise that there is still a definite response occurring. I would say that it is safe to surmise that we are all a bit horny."

"I love it when you talk nerdy," Kyouya bit into her shoulder causing her to gasp and stifle a moan.

"I think that means it's time for bed." Hikaru reached out and caught her wrist, laying a kiss and a gentle bite across it causing her to attempt to quell yet another moan of desire.

One by one, the others gave each other hugs or quick kisses and headed upstairs to the various bedrooms. Saying goodnight at the door, Haruhi watched as Kaoru and Tamaki went into Tamaki's room and Hani and Takashi entered Hani's room. Stepping into the room and toward her lovers, she smiled. "I think it's time we rewarded Hika for his patience. What do you think Kyo-love?"

"I think that tonight is going to be the start of a series of very interesting days, not only for us, but everyone else in the Host Club. I can't wait to see what happens."

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