The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


46. The Right Kind of Relaxation

Haruhi grabbed a bikini in her size out of the closet of swimsuits across from the Jacuzzi and stepped into the curtain covered alcove to change. Trust Tamaki to think of everything. At least this time there are multiple styles and he is no longer insisting I cover everything up. Granted, at this point, I am pretty sure everyone has seen me naked at least once.

Hani watched her pick a swim suit and step away to change and laughed to himself. It’s funny how she still does some things on auto-pilot like automatically changing into a swim-suit in another room rather than going skinny-dipping. He grabbed a pair of trunks out of the same closet. I should probably do the same, though. Don’t want to freak her out.

Haruhi walked back out of the dressing area with a towel over her shoulder, still lost in thought.

Hani watched her and his eyes grew sympathetic as he saw the deep purple bruises spreading across her left side and thigh. That is really going to hurt if we don’t take care of it. He walked over to her and handed her a tall glass. “Here Haru-chan.”

Haruhi blinked out of her daze and looked at the drink Hani was holding out to her. Unable to help herself her eyes followed the hand up the length of his arm and zeroed in on his exquisitely sculpted chest. He has such an amazing body. I didn’t really realize he has just a tiny bit more definition than Takashi. Must be the different way his muscle mass reacts. He’s just a bit broader for his height that Takashi is. Haruhi realized she was staring as her eyes continued to trace their way up Hani’s body and she saw the smirk cross his lips. Blushing, she grabbed the drink and took a sip as a way to cover. It was cool, fruity, and she could tell it was lightly spiked with some sort of alcohol – enough to help her body relax but not enough to get her drunk. “Wow, this is delicious. What is it?”

“It’s called a coco-loco. Takashi and I discovered them when we took a vacation in the Bahamas a few years ago. Usually they have a lot more rum in them, but I didn’t want you to think I was trying to get you drunk. I put in just a splash for flavor and to help your body relax.” Hani answered, deliberately not saying anything about her staring. I am just happy she is finally responding to me too.

“I appreciate that. It is really good.” Haruhi smiled and set her towel on a chair near the Jacuzzi. “Would you hold it for a minute while I climb in? I have a feeling this is not going to be pleasant.”

Hani took the drink before responding. “It is not going to feel good when you first get in, but the heat will loosen those muscles. “ He smiled in sympathy as she hissed when the water hit her ribs. “Normally you want to avoid hot tubs with the kind of bruising you have because it opens up the blood flow and they will spread. But in this case it will actually help the salve work because it can penetrate to all the areas it needs.” He handed the drinks back to her and climbed into the hot tub. He sat down across from her before taking his back.

“That makes sense,” Haruhi answered. “And the heated water does feel really good after a workout. There was a hot spring pool in the room Takashi and I stayed in last night. It really helped my muscles relax after the drills he had me running.” Haruhi hoped her face didn’t turn color as she remembered exactly what she and Takashi had done before and after her training.

“The Monastery has pools like that in most of the rooms.”

“I take it you have been there before?”

“Yes. Anytime we are in France, Takashi and I try to get up there for at least a couple of days. It really does help with our training.”

“I could see that. It was beautiful up there.” Haruhi took another sip of her drink then grinned wickedly. “You know I am wondering if you have used the tantric wing.” She splashed a little water at him.

Grinning back, Hani sat his drink down and pushed across the water to pin her in her seat. He kept his body from touching her but he leaned in to whisper softly in her ear. “Hmmm… I don’t think I will answer that. I want you imagining what Takashi and I would be doing all alone up there… are we in the tantric wing? Are we in the martial arts wing? How much clothing are we wearing? What are our bodies doing as we move against each other in practice… or after?” He pressed a small kiss to the side of her neck, teeth lightly scraping over the skin, as he heard her swift intake of breath at his words and felt the water move as she unconsciously shifted position.

Haruhi’s mind went into hyper focus at Hani’s words. The timbre of his voice, so low and seductive, immediately made her breath catch and things low in her stomach tighten as several images of Takashi and Hani, shirtless and glistening with sweat sparring with each other flashed. It was followed up immediately by the image of Takashi naked above her, rolling his hips into hers and Hani naked next to her giving Hikaru a blowjob like none he had ever experienced. The scrape of his teeth on that super sensitive part of her neck made her moan softly.

Hani chuckled and placed a swift kiss to her lips when he heard the moan, before pushing back into his seat – grinning widely.

Haruhi felt almost bereft when Hani’s arms left her and completely unsatisfied at that mere brush of lips. She opened her eyes when she felt the water move, indicating Hani had moved back to his place. She pouted slightly, without realizing she was doing so.

“Something wrong Haru-chan?” Hani’s voice held a teasing note.

“No, I am fine,” Haruhi replied and deliberately closed her eyes so they would stop focusing on the way the water swirled around Hani’s chest. He’s baiting me… and it’s working. Damn. I can’t stop thinking about watching him and Takashi.

“How does the water feel?”

“Much better now. I can feel the muscles starting to loosen,” She took another sip of her drink and slipped a little further into the water. Her feet brushed against Hani’s. “Oh Sorry!” She started to pull them back. A hand on her ankle stopped her.

“Don’t worry Haru-chan,” He grasped her foot and started kneading it with strong fingers.

Haruhi almost sighed in bliss. “That feels so good. I didn’t realize how many muscles I really used today.”

“But I do,” Hani winked. “Just sit back and relax. Let the water help.”

“Yes Sensei,” Haruhi answered with a smile.

Hani worked one foot then the other before sliding his hands up to knead the muscles of her calves. She grimaced in pain every time he found a knot, but Hani’s hands knew just how to get it to release before soothing away the pain. After about the fourth time it happened she couldn’t resist asking, “How do you know so much about massage?”

Hani answered her, while continuing to work on her left calf. “Well… Takashi and I have told you that you are the first woman to test for her mastery in the Martial Arts. Obviously there are generations of women in our family and we both have several female cousins. All of us receive the same training until age 16. That training is not only martial arts but also the traditional healing arts. At 16 that training has traditionally split – females to the Healing side, males to the Martial. There were always some exceptions, for example Takashi’s youngest brother has an aptitude for the Healing arts, but those were rare cases each generation. For generations, it was easier for males to openly follow the healing path than for women to follow the martial. A lot of that had to do with Japanese patriarchal tendencies. But the Zouka women especially kept pushing those limits and they were GOOD. I told you about the women who protected the Emperor, right?” Hani paused to watch Haruhi’s reaction. At her nod he continued, “After that, a special group of female warriors was made. It was kept secret because of the need to preserve tradition and the fact that women were still considered property. But it was an option for the women of first House Zouka and then the other Houses. The women who choose that path are highly trained and deadly. They specialize in the protection of high ranking officials. They are the hidden bodyguard. They blend in and their greatest asset beyond their skill is that they are generally dismissed as pretty but brainless trophies. It is not a path chosen lightly. The women who choose the On’na Senshi must master several different weapons as well as all of the traditional skills of the Geisha house. The up side is once you achieve your master status there (it’s the title of Lady to blend in to normal aristocracy) you can choose the clients you wish to protect and you have the choice to choose another if you aren’t compatible. There actually is a very long list of people wanting the services of the On’na Senshi. Far more than there are actual members, so it is considered to be an honor if one chooses you.”

“That is fascinating.” Haruhi said. “What about the women who are interested in the martial arts but don’t want to be On’na Senshi?”

“Many would just continue to study with their husbands to improve their skills and protect their families but would never achieve an official rank. In the last thirty years, since more schools have been established they can get various levels of mastery rank through them. Sakura is a good example of that.”

“But with first Zhi and then you and Takashi pushing the boundaries, that’s changing. It’s starting with me, isn’t it.”

“Exactly. House Zouka has always been progressive and fought for equality, but it’s only been in the last few years that we have had enough influence and allies to push for change. Thank modern society and technology for that final step away from the feudal system. Now that you have officially received the rank of Master you have a choice. You are now a voting member of House Zouka, so anything that happens internally you will help decide. You can choose to continue on your mastery path or stop at any point. One half of the martial wing of House Zouka has chosen to stay at the first or second level of mastery. Another quarter have stopped at the third level after getting their weapons mastery. Only about a tenth will go on to try and teach, and less than that will take the final test.”

“Why so few?” Haruhi asked, genuinely curious.

Hani grabbed her hands and pulled her to sit next to him as he started massaging her hands and forearms. He smiled as she involuntarily moaned in pleasure, before he responded. “Life mostly. Not everyone really has the desire to continue. They become passionate about something else – science, art, history, business, etc. They use the discipline they have learned and channel it into something that they are interested in. It’s one of the reasons that the Haninozoukas and Morinozoukas aren’t focused on one particular type of business like the Suohs are in Hospitality, the Ootoris are in Medicine, or the Hitachiins are in Fashion. We are a House full of a bit of everything.”

“I can understand that actually, since the heart of the code of the house is following the path of love. Love of science or art or even cooking is just as much a passion as the love of people.”

Hani lifted her hand, flipped it over and laid a kiss in the palm of her hand. “And that’s the reason that Takashi and I chose you Haruhi. You understood even before you knew the details. You accepted without question and defended fiercely anyone you came to care about. Or as in the case of those silly clients that wandered away and almost got attacked by those thugs in Okinawa, you protected them because of your sense of responsibility. Takashi and I decided that night that you were going to be the one we trained together. We knew you belonged in our House. We just didn’t know if you would be interested, so we made the decision to start you on self-defense training. When Tamaki brought it up, it just made convincing you easier.”

“Did anyone ever tell you that you are sneaky and incorrigible?” Haruhi grinned.

Hani threw his head back and laughed, “Of course! I told you I used to sneak sweets.”

“Not what I meant.”

He winked at her, “I know.” He squeezed her fingers before looking down at them. Placing another kiss on the palm of her hand, he changed the subject. “Now, since your fingers are starting to prune, I have hit all the spots I can easily while you are sitting up, and the heat of the water has done about all it can to relax those muscles, it’s time to get out. I’ll grab the salve and get the rest of your body.”

Haruhi’s palm tingled where Hani’s lips had recently been. “I can do that. Where do you want me?”

Hani grinned, “oh the answers I could give to that question.”

Haruhi flushed.

Hani took pity on her. With a wink he said, “Dry off and lay face down on the cabana. You can put a dry towel under you if you want to catch any leftover drips from the dampness of your swim suit.”

Haruhi did as she was bid. As she was stretching out she surreptitiously watched Hani out of the corner of her eye. He went over to the bar area and dumped the contents before filling it back up with some sort of juice. He rummaged in a bag before walking back over to the cabana with the salve in one hand and her drink in the other. Climbing on the bed next to her, he handed it back to her and said, “Drink. No alcohol this time but your body needs the sugars, electrolytes, and vitamins to combat dehydration. Especially after sitting in a hot tub.”

“Thanks,” Haruhi took a long pull of the juice before stretching to set it on an end table.

“Haru-chan, you really do need some of this salve applied and you will feel better if you get the knots in your muscles worked out. Do you want me to do that for you?”

“That would be nice,” Haruhi said immediately before realizing there was more context behind the question. “Wait. There is some meaning here I am missing. It’s almost like you are asking permission.”

“In a way I am,” Hani answered honestly. “I know we have flirted, kissed a little, and I have pulled your hair once, but that was always in the presence of the others. It can be different when it is just us two and I know you don’t feel the same for me as you do for Kyouya, Hikaru, or even what you feel for Takashi.”

Haruhi rolled over and sat up. She took Hani’s hands in hers and leaned in slightly to lay a soft kiss on his lips. “You are right that what I feel for you is different than what I feel for them. I won’t try to deny that. What I feel for you is very much like I feel for Kaoru… a very deep friendship and a different sort of love.” She held his eyes for a moment before letting the heat enter them. “But that doesn’t detract from the fact that I have been unable to keep my eyes off of you this week, especially when you were running around shirtless, or that you were right earlier and I have been fantasizing about watching you and Takashi.” She took a deep breath and blurted out, “I have wanted your hands on me since the workshop when you offered to distract me, slid your fingers into my hair, and made me completely wet just by twisting your fingers in it and running your fingers down my neck.”

Hani grinned, “I would hate to leave you wanting.” He kissed her knuckles before pushing her back on the towel. “Stretch your arms above your head. There is a strap you can hold on to. Keep your hands there. It will help lengthen and stretch the muscles in your abdomen, which will make the salve work better.”

“I thought you wanted me face down?” Haruhi asked with a smirk.

“I changed my mind,” Hani answered. “Now… arms. Or would you rather apply this yourself?”

Haruhi responded by promptly putting her arms above her head. She winced as it pulled the bruised muscles on her side and ribcage. OK… so maybe there is a practical reason for this position.

“I know it hurts. That will stop in a few minutes, I promise,” Hani said. Then with a wicked grin he bent down and whispered in her ear. “To be fair, I also tend to think of you more as a friend than a lover… but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to fuck you senseless.” He pressed his body against hers and smiled as he heard her whimper at his words. Sitting back up, he adjusted himself slightly and said, “Now let’s deal with those bruises and knots shall we?”

Haruhi could only nod.

Hani’s hands slid to the back of her neck. “It appears that your swimsuit is blocking some of the areas I will need to access.” He quickly pulled the ties loose from around her neck and slid one hand down her back to release the knot on her back. However, he made no move to immediately remove it letting it lie loose across her breasts. He did the same with the ties on her bottoms.

Haruhi shuddered in pleasure as Hani’s hands caressed lightly across her skin. A puzzled frown crossed her face when she realized that even though he had untied everything, she was still completely covered. It was an odd feeling – exposed and not at the same time. She tried to wiggle a bit to get the top to slip so the odd feeling would go away but Hani’s held a finger right in the center, so it wouldn’t move. She growled a bit in frustration.

Hani laughed, a deep chuckle edged with something Haruhi had only heard directed toward her the once. “Nice try princess, but I’ll remove it completely when I want it removed. Not before. Of course if you want me to stop at any point all you have to say is red. I will stop and let you apply the salve yourself. Either way you are going to use it – and that’s coming from your Sensei and your House not as a Dom. Do you understand?” He looked deeply into her eyes.

“I do.” Haruhi gulped at the intensity before responding. Kyouya looks at me the same way and I am just as helpless beneath the gaze. But I know he won’t do anything I wouldn’t be comfortable with. “Please, I want you to rub it in. You know the best way to apply it.”

“And?” Hani arched an eyebrow.

“If I am ever uncomfortable, I will call red.”

“Good girl,” Hani said before leaning down again to claim her lips in a kiss that left her breathless. “Since I am here, I may as well start with your arms.”

Hani opened the jar and scooped out some of the salve. Rubbing it between his hands to warm it first, he massaged it into the muscles of her upper arms as they remained over her head. He kept his body barely an inch above hers at all times.

Haruhi could feel the heat from Hani’s body as he slowly and methodically massaged the salve into the overworked muscles. The scent of sandalwood, amber, and a faint bite of eucalyptus drifted down to her nose. It was earthy and created an instant scent memory. Whenever, I use this in the future, I am going to think of this moment. 

Methodically, Hani worked down her body – moving from her arms to her shoulders and down her ribs. He captured her lips as he rubbed the salve into the deep bruises on her sides, taking her hiss of pain and turning it into something pleasurable until the salve could penetrate the tissue. When he reached the pulled muscles of her thighs and had to work the muscles deeply, he pushed her swimsuit top off and suckled her breasts to offset the pain he knew his hands were causing.

Haruhi was floating in a haze. She had been feeling the pain from the bruising and torn muscles all night. She had been working on just toughing it out until the salve worked but Hani’s lips on her body were distracting. She couldn’t focus on beating down the pain when he touched her but his kisses seemed to take the pain and lift it away until the blessed relief of the crème set in. It was simultaneously one of the most odd and erotic things she had ever felt. One thing was certain though… her bottoms were getting wetter instead of drier and her body was becoming hypersensitive to the touch even as the pain it had been feeling was diminishing. It craved more.

“There…” Hani said as he put the lid back on the jar and leaned across her to put it on the table next to her juice. “All done. How do you feel?”


Haruhi’s dreamy response made him smile. He leaned closer and said again in the low tone that seemed to get a reaction out of her. “I said how do you feel?”

Haruhi tried to pull her mind together to form a coherent thought, “Good… no… Amazing.”

“Good. Now what do you want?” He slid a hand into her hair and pulled tight while stroking a finger down her collarbone and across her left nipple. Her low moan and body writhing into his touch making him instantly hard.

“You.” Haruhi moaned. “Please… need you… Hani.”

“Good answer, Haru-chan,” He kept one hand in her hair but slipped the other lower, brushing aside her swim suit bottoms, through the small patch of soft curls and into the very wet heat at her core. The faint residue of the salve causing a tingling sensation everywhere it met the sensitive flesh.

Haruhi’s body arched against his fingers and her core throbbed against him. A wave of pleasure washed over her and she realized that she had come in only a few quick stokes of his fingers. Startled she opened her eyes and stared into Hani’s laughing ones.

“I may have forgotten to mention that one of the side effects of this particular salve is heightened sensitivity and sexual arousal. Don’t get me wrong – it’s still primarily for healing, but I could have used one that didn’t have quite the same stimulating effects.” He pressed a quick kiss to her lips. ‘It was just the way you kept looking at me… I just couldn’t resist. Forgive me?”

“Gods…” Haruhi breathed out still feeling little tremors echoing through her body. “Nothing to forgive. I have never come that fast before. How long do the effects last?”

“Generally a couple of hours. Why?”

“Because I want to see if you can make good on that promise of fucking me senseless.”

Hani made a noise close to a growl before tightening the hand in her hair again. With one hand he managed to strip out of his shorts, slip on a condom, and straddled her keeping that bare inch above her skin. He whispered in her ear, “Nice attempt to challenge me, princess, but I am in control and I am going to make you beg for more. Do you still want it?” He pressed his hard length into the warmth between her thighs, not entering her, but demonstrating without a shadow of a doubt what she would be getting.


“Yes… what?”


“Louder…” Hani changed the angle so the tip was just barely pressing against her entrance.

“Please!” Haruhi tried again and tried to angle her hips to take him deeper.

In response to her body movement, Hani pulled back and said, “Louder.”

“Please… PLEASE… Gods… I need you.”

“Much better,” Hani thrust his length into her and felt her body buck around it. He started a rhythm that soon had her screaming in pleasure. Each thrust was a mini orgasm thanks to the crème and Hani took advantage of every one using the tightness to bring him to his own. Finally he gave one last hard thrust and cried out her name as he let go. His cock continued to throb inside of her as he collapsed on top of her.

Haruhi was still breathing heavy and her throat felt almost raw from her screams. It took her three attempts before she was able to get out, “Remind me to make you promise to do that more often… Gods… I can’t move. I am completely exhausted.”

Hani laughed, rolled off her and grabbed her juice. Holding the straw to her lips he said with a smile, “I will hold you to that. Now drink. You need to replenish the fluid in your body.”

Barely moving her lips, she did as she was told. The juice helped soothe her throat but even that small effort was the last of her strength. Her eyes started to drift closed.

Hani saw Haruhi start to fall asleep as she was drinking, so he gently set the drink back down. Pressing a kiss to her forehead he said, “Sleep my princess. You deserve it. You were unbelievable today.”


Hani watched her for a few more minutes before getting off the bed to find a few blankets for them. He also realized that he should grab a few more snacks to have on hand because he knew from experience how ravenous she would be when she woke. He laid one towel over her as a temporary blanket and wrapped another around his waist. Moving as silently as he could he stepped out of the Conservatory to get the supplies he would need.

Long standing practice kept his footfalls silent, so he did not make a sound as he descended the now dark staircase to the first floor and the kitchens. When he reached the bottom of the staircase a soft light from under the library door caught his eye. Since he was under the impression that he and Haruhi were alone in the mansion he made his was quickly to the door, pushing it open a crack.

Peering through the crack, Hani saw what looked like an incomplete chess game and clothes strewn around the room. He looked over to the couch and saw two dark heads close together in an obviously intimate position. He recognized the soft moans of his lover and quickly shut the door with a huge grin on his face before tip-toeing back towards the kitchens and his original purpose for coming downstairs. Oh this is quite an interesting night. Kyouya and Takashi… I can’t wait to hear the details of this one.

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