The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


36. The Ride Home

The mood in the limo for the trip back to the Maison des Roses was excited. Everyone was still riding an energy high from the end of the Fashion show and the announcement of the Grand Ball.

“Tama-chan, why did you decide to change name for the Guest House?” Hani asked curiously.

“I thought Suoh Guest House didn’t sound formal enough. I was trying to think of a good name that could define it as an event space but stay true to the concept that I wanted. I started thinking about the roses in the back gardens and how important that flower was to all of us in the Host Club, so House of Roses just seemed to fit perfectly. In French that translates to Maison des Roses. I just can’t figure out how the twins knew.”

“I heard you muttering it under your breath when looking out the window the other morning,” Kaoru said. “I took a risk and secured that domain name with the option to change it to another later if needed. I just didn’t realize that mom was going to jump on it so fast. I hope you like the name, because it is now going to be permanently ingrained in the press.”

“It is perfect. I can’t believe all of this is happening. It is a complete dream come true and I can’t thank you both enough for everything you have done. I don’t know what I did to deserve you as friends, but I am so grateful.” Tamaki leaned his head against Kaoru’s shoulder and smiled at Hikaru as he sat across from them.

Uncaring that the others were in the car, Kaoru lifted Tamaki’s head and kissed him, letting his lips speak for him. Tamaki responded eagerly to the kiss and it was only the wolf-whistles from the rest of the group that made him break it off. Realizing that he had pressed Kaoru back into the seat and had slid his hand underneath Kaoru’s shirt, he looked at the others sheepishly. “Sorry…”

“Don’t be boss,” Hikaru grinned. “It’s hot to watch. But I think what Kao was trying to say is that you accepted us even when we drove you crazy. You are our friend and we would do anything we could for you. This was just the first chance to do something where we had the perfect skills for it.”

“I still thank you.”

“And we accept your thanks.” They chorused.

The limo was silent for a few moments as the entire group got lost in their minds, but soon Hani broke the silence once again. “I was just thinking. Tomorrow we are all splitting up, but what time should we meet? Also… I am not sure how to ask this so forgive me as I just blurt it out, since seeing that kiss reminded me how turned on I am right now and ‘dating’ you this week will have me riding a knife edge of lust. So I guess my question is, how long are we spending together and are there any rules that we need to know going in?”

“What do you mean, Hani?” Tamaki asked.

“Well for example – tomorrow I am spending the day with the twins, Takashi is with Haruhi, and Kyouya is with Tamaki. I know we have all hinted at it and maybe even played around some, but we have all pretty much gone to bed in our normal groups. Are we going to continue that or are we going to spend the night with our dates? Is that too far out of everyone’s comfort zone? Would that potentially cause jealousy?” Hani looked around at the others, unable to read the expressions on their faces.

Kyouya sighed and ran a hand through his hair before pushing his glasses up his nose, “That is a good question and since I am probably the one most likely to be jealous, all I can say is I will try not to be. Part of me wants to say absolutely not but another part of me is very open to the idea. I said the other night that I want to experience everything I can before we go back to Japan and I meant it…”

Haruhi leaned over and placed a kiss on his cheek, “I know exactly what you mean Kyo-love. I am eager and scared a bit at the same time. What if we tentatively say yes, but leave in the right for anyone to change their mind? That way no one is forced to do something they aren’t comfortable with. It isn’t a blanket yes but it isn’t a no either.”

“I think I could be ok with that.” Kyouya said. “I hope that doesn’t offend anyone. I really am excited about spending time with each of you and I am just as turned on at the thought of sleeping with you but I don’t know if I will freak out in the middle.”

Hikaru leaned over and kissed him in reassurance. “If you freak out, we go back to what we were doing before, no questions asked. I am curious about the others but not at the risk of losing you and Haruhi. I know she feels the same.” He saw Haruhi nod. “As for other rules, the one that the three of us discussed together but I don’t remember if we talked to the rest of you about was using protection. I know we are all clean and Haru is on the pill, but still there is the tiniest chance and none of us are ready to be parents yet.”

“That is fair and a good idea actually, Hika-chan. I have no problem with that if it comes down to it.” Hani smiled, impressed with the mature attitude Hika presented.

“I agree as well,” Takashi said quietly. “But I also think it would be a good idea for everyone to meet up in the mornings, so we could discuss what we did the day before and we could spend some time in our pairings. It is important to reconnect and ground with each other before flying off to do something new.”

“I have no problem with that, “ Tamaki smiled at everyone.

“Me neither,” Kaoru responded. “Though I do have to say this is going to be a very interesting week. I for one am planning on taking full advantage of what is offered. Let’s get wild.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively to break the tension and make the others laugh, before pouncing back on Tamaki, pinning him to the seat, and resuming the interrupted kissing.

“Tamaki – I should have warned you that Fashion Shows make Kao horny. Something about all the sexy models wearing our clothes and not being able to touch any of them in anything other than a strictly professional way.” Hikaru grinned as he watched Kao slide his body up Tamaki’s.

“And it doesn’t to you?” Kyouya asked Hikaru with a devilish grin.

Haruhi laughed. Grabbing Kyouya’s hand she placed it on Hikaru’s crotch, causing Hika’s breath to catch and a small moan to escape. Both Kyouya and Haruhi grinned at each other at the sound. “Trust me, he is every bit as horny, if not hornier, than Kao is now.”

“That’s it love, you are losing those tights if I have to rip them off of you,” Hikaru growled as he pressed her into Kyouya, similar to the way Kaoru had Tamaki. He almost lost his mind as Kyouya continued to stroke the bulge beneath his leather pants. “I want you in those boots tonight and nothing else. I want you pinned under me, screaming my name.”

Kyouya glanced up at Hani and Takashi, curious about their reaction, but Hani was straddling Takashi, pinning his hand above his head with one hand and stroking his cock with the other - his tongue down the dark one’s throat. Ten points to Hani for getting Takashi’s pants open without any of us noticing. Takashi has a nice looking cock. A moan escaping Haruhi’s mouth at something Hika mumbled brought him back to the two in his arms. He leaned down to whisper in both their ears, “While Haruhi is screaming your name Hikaru, you better be screaming mine. I am fucking you tonight.” He was rewarded by feeling Hikaru shudder over him.

It took the limo driver several minutes of knocking on the window to let them know they had arrived at the house. As they hastily straightened their clothes and exited the vehicle, Tamaki swore he heard Hikaru say under his breath. “I predict a limo orgy in our future.”



Haruhi wasn’t sure which group made it up the stairs the quickest. One minute she was in the limo with Hikaru pressing her into Kyo, the next she was being tossed on her bed. She grinned as she watched her two lovers stalk over to her. They stood at the edge of the bed looking at her with a heat that they didn’t bother trying to hide. Feeling bold, she matched their look with one full of equal heat. I am not holding back this week. I want them. Anyway I can. Always. But tonight, I want to be wild. She got to her knees on the center of the bed. Slowly she reached up the dress and unfastened the top from the rest of the dress. She slid it over her head and sensually down her arms, letting the softness of the velvet cause her skin to bump slightly with the sensation. Her eyes challenged her boys.

They met the challenge, slipping off their jackets and tossing them across the back of the couch.

Haruhi let a small smile cross her face. Standing carefully on the bed in her boots, she walked to the corner with a bedpost, holding one hand out for balance while the other followed the iron work to keep her steady. Once at the corner closest to them, she held on to the post with her right hand and slid down the zipper on her side with the left. The dress fell, pooling at her feet as she carefully stepped out of it. She then leaned her body against the pole, letting it support her weight, as she put herself on display for them.

Holy Fuck, those aren’t tights - they are thigh highs!!! Kao how the hell did you manage to keep that a secret from me when you were designing that outfit. Hikaru gulped audibly as he stared at the vision of Haruhi wearing only a pair of black lace boy shorts, red thigh highs that stopped just at the top of her thighs – offering only an inch or so of exposed skin, and the boots that had been giving Hikaru a hard on anytime he thought of them that night. “Fuck you are sexy.”

Haruhi colored slightly but it was barely noticeable on the already heightened color of her skin from the arousal she was feeling. She did respond to Hikaru’s comment though. “So are you. But you are wearing far too much clothing. I want to see you both in just those pants; I want to feel the leather on my skin. Tonight I feel on fire. I want to be wild. I want to be free… and I want to fuck.”

Growling Hikaru ripped off his shirt scattering buttons across the floor. He launched himself at Haruhi tackling her to the bed and pinning her hands above her head, while he thrust his eager tongue deep in her mouth, sliding it around hers and pressing his erect cock, still encased in leather, against the flimsy lace of her panties. He heard her gasp underneath him.

Kyouya watched the two of them for a moment as he undid the buttons of his own shirt, thoroughly enjoying the view and completely turned on by it. I will join them in a moment; I just need to get a couple of things to have ready. He walked to the nightstand and pulled out a small pair of scissors, lube, and a condom. He set them in easy reach on the bed, but still far enough away from the action where they wouldn’t be disturbed. Only then did he climb on the bed and approach his lovers.

Hikaru had moved from her mouth to trailing kisses down her neck and was now fully occupied laving one nipple with his tongue while he pinched the other firmly with his hand. Haruhi was squirming under him in pleasure, her hands tangled in his hair as her body arched in pleasure, her legs wrapped around his.

Kyouya knelt behind Hikaru, and slowly bent his body down so his bare chest was pressing against Hikaru’s back. Immediately one of Haruhi’s hands left Hika’s hair and sought Kyouya’s. He looked down at her, so beautifully flushed under them, and whispered darkly in Hika’s ear. “Are you almost ready to scream my name?” He then sank his teeth into the meat of Hikaru’s shoulder at the base of the neck.

Hikaru hissed out his name in pleasure at the pressure of Kyouya’s teeth, barely remembering to pull his own off of Haruhi’s nipple. Kyouya held the exact pressure to make the adrenaline flow through Hika, leaving a perfect impression of his teeth without breaking the skin. His already hard cock managed to get harder… almost overwhelmingly so. Kyouya’s next words brought home the fact that Hika wasn’t sure he was going to be able to last long.

“Get Naked. NOW.” The command in Kyouya’s voice caused Hika to immediately roll off of Haruhi and struggle with the pants that had suddenly become too tight. Finally managing to remove them, Hikaru looked back to see that Kyouya held a pair of scissors. He watched as Kyouya loomed over Haruhi and said with the same hint of promise and threat, “You are going to be fucked completely tonight princess. I want you screaming Hika’s name and mine as you climax. I want to feel your nails on my back and the heels of those boots pressed into my thighs as you come underneath us.”

Haruhi shuddered under him, unable to speak, but nodding her agreement.

“Good, now there is one more thing I want to do before we begin.” Kyouya slid the scissors under the lace of her panties and cut them off of her, stifling her protests with a look, as he threw them across the room and tossing the scissors to the floor. He stared down at her naked body for a moment before sliding his hands across her breasts and down to her hips, enjoying the faint moans. Sitting back on his heels, Kyouya lifted her hips with his hands and buried his face in the warm heat between her legs.

Haruhi screamed “Kyouya!” as his mouth made contact with the sensitive bud. As turned on as she was it only took three solid strokes of his tongue on her clit to send her over the edge, cumming hard on his tongue as she twisted her hands in the sheets, moans rocking through her body.

Kyouya licked the sweetness and savored the pulse of her orgasm on his tongue. Too soon, he lowered her hips back to the bed and pinned her body under his for a kiss, letting her taste her own essence as the tongue that had plundered the depths of her womb only moments before claimed her mouth with equal demand. Pulling back, he sat up and loosened the sheets from the death grip of Haruhi’s hands. Smiling he said, “That’s better. I wanted at least one of your orgasms. Now you can last until Hika can claim another.” He looked over to where Hikaru was standing, slowly stroking himself as he watched the scene. “Hika. She is ready for you. Are you ready for me?”

“Hell the fuck yes.” Hikaru growled as he joined them on the bed again. This time he let his naked body glide up her body, pressing his cock against the warmth still faintly pulsing from the aftereffects of Kyouya’s tongue. He reveled in the heat of her skin and the way her breathing immediately accelerated once his skin touched hers.

“Hika, please…” Haruhi moaned. “I need you in me.”

“Your wish is my command, princess.” Hikaru laid a soft kiss on her lips before thrusting deep into her with one stroke, knowing that her wetness and the relaxation after that first orgasm, would allow him be rougher than he would normally. The sound of his name on her lips let him know that it was exactly what she wanted. Tonight is not the night for slow and sweet. Tonight it is all heat, lust, and fucking. Dear gods… where is Kyouya. I need him in me as much as I need to be in Haru right now. As if the thought conjured him, Kyouya pressed against Hikaru again, only this time there wasn’t any leather between, them. He could feel Kyouya’s erection pressed against his back, hard and eager.

Kyouya slipped on a condom and lubed up his fingers. Letting them slide down the crack between Hikaru’s firm butt cheeks, he teased the tight puckered hole. Sliding one slick finger in first then another he cherished Hikaru’s moans of pleasure. There was no resistance or hesitation on Hika’s part which let him know Hikaru was very familiar with having a cock buried in his ass.

“Kyouya, please. I need you to fuck me. Don’t be gentle, don’t take your time. I am ready and I have craved this for so long… Claim me.” Hikaru pleaded even as he thrust deep into Haruhi again, making her gasp.

Needing no further encouragement, Kyouya knelt behind Hikaru, catching his hips as he pulled out of Haruhi, spread his ass open and guided his cock into Hikaru’s ass. He hissed at the tightness – so different from Haruhi’s warm wetness, but it felt so good. Hika is mine, just as Haruhi is mine. I won’t let anyone take them from me. Adjusting to the feeling, Kyouya started to move, rubbing the head of his cock over the firm nub of Hikaru’s prostate.

Hikaru screamed his name as the first nudge against that sweet spot buried deep inside him made contact. Yes Yes YES!! His mind screamed while he tried to keep his body from exploding on that first touch. Focusing on Haruhi underneath him, he matched the rhythm that Kyouya started. Kyouya would thrust deep, causing Hikaru to thrust as equally deep into Haruhi, then as Kyo would pull out Hika would do the same, and the cycle would repeat.

Haruhi could feel the weight of both of her men and her body was reacting to it hard. She was floating on the edge of another orgasm and it was only a matter of moments before it would rock her again. The two of them together are undeniably hot. I know Hika has wanted this for years. If I am honest, I have too. There is no going back. Whatever happens, I will fight for them. Another thrust ripped through her and she lost her train of thought. Angling her body up so she could kiss them both, she wrapped her legs around both of them, the heels of her boots pressing into the meat of Kyouya’s butt. She felt Hikaru brace himself against the bed, so she let him support her and slid her arms around both of them, coming to rest on Kyouya’s back, sliding with each of his thrusts into Hikaru.

Kyouya couldn’t last any longer, the tightness as it squeezed around his cock, bringing him faster than he had intended. With a final grunt he thrust deep and held. He cried out “Hikaru…” as he felt his orgasm rush out in a throbbing pulsing beat that caused his vision to black out. A sharp scratching pain down his back only enhanced the pleasure and he let himself drown in the sensation.

Hikaru screamed Kyouya’s name and then Haruhi’s as Kyouya’s last thrust caused his own orgasm to shoot deep into Haruhi. He could feel that his orgasm triggered hers and it was only a heartbeat later that she was crying out his name, internal muscles tightening and milking him for everything he had. He rested his head on her chest for a moment, breath heavy, before he slowly lowered himself on her, still managing to prevent their combined weight from crushing them, but connecting them to each other as their heartbeats slowed.

With a sigh, Kyouya pulled out and rolled off of them to remove the condom, tossing it into the trash can under the nightstand. Hikaru pulled out of Haruhi with another sigh and rolled off to the other side, pulling her up to cuddle on his chest. She snuggled in - one hand above her head and the other resting on his chest. Kyouya rolled back over and spooned up against her, now soft cock nestled in the cleft of her buttocks. He linked one hand with the one above her head and rested the other on Hikaru’s hip. Hikaru mirrored Kyouya, raising his hand and tangling it with theirs, all three entwined, while he rested the other on Kyouya’s hip.

Still slightly out of breath, Kyouya whispered, “I love you. Both of you. No matter what happens –this week, next week, ten years from now – I want you both with me. I can handle anything if you are both by my side.”

“We will be.” Hikaru said quietly. “I can’t imagine my life without you. I don’t want to.”

“I will fight anyone or anything that tries to separate us.” Haruhi promised fiercely. “I love you. I am yours. You are mine.”

Kyouya held fast to that fierceness as exhaustion sucked him under.



Takashi was naked. His hands, cuffed together at the wrist, were attached to the headboard by a 12 inch chain. Currently he was on his back, trying to hold in his moans as Mitskune worked his tongue and hands down his fully erect cock. Mitskune had given the command that he had to be quiet. Not something that he usually had a problem with, but in this instance, Mitskune was purposely pushing every button he knew to drive Takashi crazy with lust and make him want to scream. So much for my legendary calm, if Haruhi could see me like this, she may think twice that her calm in training comes from me. Thoughts of his yoga partner calmed him a little bit, but caused another type of desire to manifest. Tomorrow I am going to be completely alone with her… A pinch at the base of his cock snapped his attention back to the moment as he saw Mitskune staring down at him a mix of mischief, lust, and control in his eyes.

“I know you get her tomorrow and the what-ifs are driving you crazy, lover, but right now I don’t want you to calm yourself by thinking of her. I want you struggling to control your orgasm and begging me for the release.”

“Mitskune… I… gods… I am on that edge. I want to give you your orgasm before receiving mine. Let me pleasure you.”

Hani grinned, “Normally I would let you, but tonight I want your cum on my tongue before I bury myself in that tight ass.” He moved his mouth back down to the hardness and circled his fingers around Takashi’s balls, pulling it taut and causing Takashi to stifle a groan.

Takashi gasped, “Mitskune… please. Let me scream. Let me cum.”

Hani swirled his tongue again, “You need to beg prettier than that, my lover.”

“Please… oh gods PLEASE!!”

“Scream for me Takashi.” Hani said as he clamped his lips around Takashi’s erection again and slid them all the way down to the base. The hot salty warmth hitting the back of his throat almost as pleasurable as the way Takashi screamed his name and bucked underneath him. He worked his tongue just a bit longer prolonging Takashi’s orgasm to the point where it was on edge of painful, before releasing it and sitting back with a satisfied smile. “You are so hot when you come.”

Takashi was gasping for air as the orgasm still rode his body in slow waves of pleasure. “Thank you lover.”

“My pleasure… and my turn. Flip on your knees. I want to fuck you until I flood you… and I want to see if I can wring another orgasm out of you. After all, knowing I am the only one that can break your legendary calm is far more of a power rush. Besides, weren’t you saying last week that you wanted to work on your endurance more?”

“You are evil, lover.”

Hani pouted then grinned, “No. I am slightly sadistic… but only as far as you need me to be. Breaking you wouldn’t be fun, but pushing you to your limits… Oh hell yes. It is fun watching you writhe underneath me.”

“Just let me watch when Kyouya manages to do the same to you.”

Hani wasn’t surprised that his lover guessed at the desire/need that was just starting to form in his mind. They were far too in tune with each other to keep anything hidden. Any time some thing, some desire, some need, came up they discussed it. It was the reason Hani knew and approved of Takashi’s previously hidden passion for his yoga partner and female Host Club member. Still… Hani smirked, “Only if you are an exceptionally good boy, lover.”

Takashi grinned as he positioned himself exactly as Mitskune demanded, “I am always a good boy. It’s one of the reasons I have kept you for so long.”

“Very true.” Then with only pause to smear a bit of lube down his cock and a put a dab on Takashi’s hole, Hani thrust deep enjoying Takashi’s groan of pleasure. Shifting his position to slide in and out, Hani whispered to his lover, “Now shall I make you prove it again?”

Takashi’s cries muffled in the sheets were the only answer Hani needed.



Kaoru winced slightly as he pulled off the leather pants. He tried to hide it from Tamaki but was unsuccessful. However as he looked at the man who was fast becoming more than a casual lover to him, he didn’t see the guilt he was expecting. Instead Tamaki’s face held only sympathy as he held out a familiar jar.

“Want me to rub in another layer?”

“Yes please. It isn’t nearly as bad as it was earlier this morning, but …”

“I did a number on you,” Tamaki held up his hand to stop the words that were about to spill out of Kaoru’s mouth. “I am not feeling guilty about it anymore. I promise. Actually, it’s kind of the opposite. I really am kind of turned on by the fact that you let me do that to you. You were flying and that is a serious rush that I could put you there. Now… if you would indulge me…”

“What is it Tama? I would do pretty much anything for you.”

“Well… I am actually turned on by the thought of caring for you, after. It probably sounds silly, but I love the idea of comforting you after you have been beaten. Taking care of your injuries. Massaging your sore muscles and feeling your body come alive under my hands in a different way.” Tamaki ducked his head to the side as he said the last.

Kaoru approached Tamaki and turned his face so he could look deep into those violet eyes. “I think that is the sexiest thing anyone has ever said to me. My own private aftercare given by a seriously sexy man who could have anyone he wanted.”


“Really.” Kaoru pressed his lips against Tamaki’s letting him feel the sincerity in his actions. The kiss didn’t stay soft for long though as the heat that has been flaring in the limo rushed back.

Tamaki lost himself in Kaoru’s kiss, enjoying the moment for as long as he could. It wasn’t until he heard Kao hiss as Tamaki’s hand grabbed his naked ass that he remembered the jar of cream in his other hand. Breaking off the kiss with a smile, he said, “Lie down on the bed. I will rub in the cream.”

“Only if you promise to be naked as you are doing it,” Kaoru said with a frown as he realized that Tamaki was still wearing the leather pants. “Not that you don’t look completely fuckable in those pants, but I would hate it if the cream stained them.”

Tamaki laughed out loud, “Spoken by a true fashion designer.” He quickly stripped off the pants and joined Kaoru on the bed. “You know the others probably aren’t going to be as considerate of the clothing.”

Kaoru sighed in bliss as the first sure strokes of Tamaki’s hands on his abused buttocks and thighs felt delightful. Still keeping up the conversation he said, “Oh, I figure. The only one that I am really worried about is Haruhi’s dress. Hika looked about ready to rip it off her completely.”

“If I know Haru, she will manage to save the dress, but the tights are probably toast. I have to give your brother credit, those boots were fucking hot.”

“Yes they were and they fit her perfectly, but I slipped a bit of a quick one by Hika, and I am really surprised that none of you noticed. Those weren’t tights. They were thigh-highs.” He grinned to see the stunned expression on Tamaki’s face as he was obviously picturing Haruhi wearing nothing but those boots and a pair of red thigh high tights.

Tamaki gulped, “Thigh highs?!?”

“Yup… and having seen her in them as she was getting ready, I can tell you they look as good as you are imagining, right now,” Kaoru teased.

Tamaki blushed. It’s bad form to fantasize about someone else when there is a very naked and willing person in front of you. He looked down at Kaoru, with a hint of accusation in his tone. “You just told me that on purpose didn’t you?”

“Yes. I wanted to see your reaction. I have a confession. I know you are still hung up on Haru and I wanted to let you know that I am ok with that. Honestly, with the way she and Kyouya look at you, I will bet you $100 it won’t be long before you are in some kind of relationship with them both. I am ok with that too. ” Now it was Kaoru’s turn to look off to the side. “The thing is, I know we started this just as a casual thing between us, but I am finding that I want your company more and more. I… I think…” Kaoru took a deep breath and blurted it out, “I think I want an actual relationship with you Tamaki… but I don’t want it if you don’t. I don’t want to screw up our friendship.”

Tamaki pulled Kaoru into him for a kiss, which Kaoru returned for a moment before breaking it off and continuing, “The thing is – I do want a relationship with you, but I also want to explore my submissive side with Hani and Takashi… and I am also very attracted to Renge. It’s funny. I never noticed her before but somehow this week, she has completely captivated me. I don’t know how she feels or even if she likes me at all, but I wanted you to know.”

Tamaki held tight to Kao for a moment before responding, “I absolutely understand everything you just said. I have also been feeling closer to you than I ever have before but I didn’t want to pressure you into something that you didn’t want. I really think that you should explore more with Taka and Hani. I can tell you from experience it will be incredible… and I have seen the way Renge looks at you. She may be just as puzzled as you about what is happening between you, but I think it could develop into a real relationship. If you needed me to step away, I could do that for you.”

“I don’t want you to step away!”

“Good. Because even though I could do that for you, I really don’t WANT to. I want a relationship with you… but like you – I also want one with Kyouya and Haruhi. I am not sure how Hika will figure into it, but while he is definitely hot and could be fun to play with, I don't know if I am attracted to him the same way I am you, which is weird considering you are twins. For Takashi and Hani – I would definitely have sex with either of them again, but I don’t want a relationship with them. They are such a self-aware unit; it would feel odd to be a part of it. I don’t think I could keep up.”

“I don’t think anyone could, outside of Haruhi and maaaaayyybee Kyouya. But I think I could be in a bdsm related relationship with them, since it’s a different kind of relationship.”

“I could see that… and if they get you all black and blue, I could take care of it for you,” Tamaki grinned, bringing the conversation full circle.

“Yes you could… though there is something else I am dying for you to take care of right now,” Kaoru rolled back over, showing Tamaki the hard-on that had been raging all evening.

Tamaki grinned. “I can definitely take care of that. Hand or mouth since your ass is too bruised.”

“Mouth. But lie down with me. I want to suck you off as you suck me.”

“As you wish, my prince.”

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