The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


1. The Game is Afoot

Haruhi sat on a soft suede couch and stared out the window of the coffee shop, a workshop brochure forgotten on her lap. Her laptop was open on the small table in front of her next to an untouched latte, two soy half-caf double shot espressos, a fragrant white tea, an extra-sweetened mocha with a couple of extra shots of vanilla, and a large black coffee with just a drop of cream. It still felt a bit odd to her to be meeting someplace other than Music Room #3, but since the Host Club activities had officially ceased this year it made more sense to meet someplace off campus, where all of the group could be comfortable talking or studying. Once Haruhi suggested this quiet and secluded little coffee shop about a half-mile from both the high school and University, everyone agreed it was perfect. The boys will be here soon and it will be great to see everyone. It’s the last of the winter midterms for Kaoru, Hikaru and I and the end of the winter semester for Kyouya, Hani, and Mori. The only one missing is Tamaki, but since he is going to school in France this year, that can’t be helped. Once everyone gets here, I will place a video call to him. The last time we talked he seemed to be excited and kept talking about a ‘surprise’ for all of us.

The soft jingle of bells announced the arrival of the Hitachiin twins Kaoru and Hikaru. Both had cell phones plastered to their ears, though Haruhi could gather from their heated conversation that they were both talking to their mom. Neither looked happy, though Kaoru appeared to be the most flustered. It’s so hard to believe that I have known them for almost 3 years. It’s funny when I think of how they have gone from being my tormentors in those long ago days to being my best friends. Though since Hikaru and I started dating 8 months ago, he torments me in a different kind of way. Snapping their phones shut with a grumble, they flopped down on the couch on either side of Haruhi and each picked up one of the soy espressos with one hand while wrapping the other around her. Kaoru leaned in and kissed her softly on the cheek and laid his head on her shoulder. Hikaru pulled her closer to him and solidly claimed her lips, some of his frustration leaking into the kiss. I wonder what has them both so bothered.

“So before the others get here, are you going to tell me what has you both so upset?” Haruhi asked.

“Mom.” The twins said in unison.

“Ok. I need more clarification than that. Is something going wrong with her Winter Collection? Is Renge driving her crazy yet?” It still amazed Haruhi that Kaoru and Hikaru’s mom had taken Renge as her personal assistant. Renge – the self-proclaimed Manager of the Host Club, had a flair for cosplay, high powered machines, and dramatic entrances. I guess it makes sense with the Hitachiin legacy for fashion and cutting edge design, but having to work with her high strung energy on a daily basis would wear me out in no time flat.

“It is the Winter line. Since we have been helping her with it as part of our 3rd year project, she is demanding that we come and help her with it over the winter break. Or rather, since it’s more about the design aspect, she wants Kaoru to fly over to Paris and help her get ready for Winter Fashion Week.” Hikaru answered her. ”He will be gone for almost 2 weeks. Since my accessories line is complete, she doesn’t really need me. It’s just… we have never been apart for more than a couple of days. It’s going to be really weird.”

“And I really can’t get out of it,” Kaoru added, “though a part of me wishes I could. I know that the three of us had plans to spend most of our break together… at least the time that you aren’t spending with Kyouya, that is. I know you and Hikaru can still do all the fun things, but I am going to miss our last winter break as High School students.” Out of habit, Kaoru flicked a glance at his brother, but the mention of Kyouya’s name didn’t register even the slightest twinge of jealousy. I guess he really is ok with Kyouya dating Haruhi too. I just know he wishes that Kyouya had a bit more interest in him. Aside from that one night before last year’s faire, they have dated her separately and been exceedingly cautious of treading on the other’s toes. It would be a fun dance to watch if I know my brother didn’t want more out of it.

“Oh I am so sorry Kaoru! We are going to miss you so much. But I wouldn’t worry too much. Tamaki made me promise to start a video call once everyone gets here, because he has a ‘Plan’. I think I know what he is plotting so there may be a very good chance that we will be able to spend a good portion of our break still together. Please smile, my friend.”

“Only for you my sweet,” Kaoru teased.

“Sweets!! Who said sweets?!? Is it cake?” A high-pitched voice squealed over the back of the couch as Hani bounced over the edge and into Haruhi’s lap, feet narrowly missing Kaoru’s head. Laughter burst out of four mouths as the unflappable voice of Mori soon followed.

“Like you need more sweets.”

“Wow. Hani!! I know it’s been a couple of months since I last saw you, but when did you get to be taller than me?” Haruhi asked her friend in a stunned voice.

“For whatever reason, I finally hit a growth spurt. I will never be as tall as Takashi, but that’s ok.” Hani replied as he climbed off her lap, and leaned in to give her a proper hug. The light glinted off the charm on his necklace and Haruhi smiled to see that he still wore the gift she had given him months ago. He sat back down in the chair across from her and grabbed his extra sweet vanilla mocha, sighing in bliss at the first sip. “Besides, even short, I can still take him 3 times out of 5.”

“That’s because you cheat.” Mori leaned down and pressed a kiss against Haruhi’s forehead before sitting in the chair next to Hani and grabbing his coffee. The necklace identical to the ones worn by Haruhi and Hani slipping out of his collar, “Haruhi, did you run through your drills this morning?”

“Yes, Sensei,” Haruhi replied formally, “I ran through all of the katas and the routine I will need for my next testing.”

“It’s so hot to picture you practicing martial arts,” Hikaru teased, then leaning close so only she could hear him, “think you could give me a personal demonstration wearing that silk bra and panty set I gave you?”

Choking on her latte at Hikaru’s not so subtle request, Haruhi started coughing.

“I second that request.” Kyouya’s cool voice slid over her skin like satin as he gestured for Kaoru to move and sat down next to Haruhi and picked up his tea. Sliding his hand up her back sent shivers through her as he handed her his tea. “Sip. It will calm the spasms.”

Obediently, Haruhi took a sip of his tea before handing it back to him. The coughing ceased almost immediately. Silver eyes flashing, he leaned in to claim Haruhi’s lips being very careful not to disturb the arm that Hikaru still had around her. The kiss wasn’t subtle even though it was brief, since they were still in a public location surrounded by their friends, but it still rocked Haruhi to the core. I can’t get over how much Kyouya’s kiss affects me. Every. Damn. Time.

A flash of heat and longing flitted over Hikaru’s face as Kyouya kissed Haruhi, quickly hidden behind his usual bored mask. It’s not that it bothers me to see them kissing, because it turns me on so fast… I just am having a hard time not telling him that I want his kisses too. I have no idea how he will react. I am so lucky that Haruhi knows what I am feeling, what I want more and more, and she is not only ok with the idea, but just as turned on by the thought of watching us as I am watching them. I just don’t know how to talk to Kyouya about it. I don’t know what I would do if he rejected me.

“Are they really at it again? Will you stop kissing my darling daughter?!?” Tamaki’s voice cut through the sudden silence and broke the tension into laughter as his image appeared on Haruhi’s laptop.

“Sooooo sorry daaaaaaaaaddy,” Haruhi drawled as everyone continued to laugh. “I promise to turn the webcam away next time.”

“Wait! No! I… wait. Did you just call me Daddy?” Tamaki’s sputtering made her laugh harder.

It’s funny. The whole “Father” thing used to drive me crazy. Then we dated and it completely disappeared. I didn’t miss it, but now that we are closer as friends, when he calls me daughter to tease me, I fully intend to call him Daddy right back, just to get even. Once she got her snicker under control, she said, “If you keep insist on calling me daughter, I am going to start calling you Daddy. That should make the sweet young thing you are currently dating incredibly jealous, don’t you think?"

“I surrender.”

“Thought you might,” Haruhi’s smile brought fresh laughter to her companions as she turned the laptop so everyone could see and be seen. “So now, my dear friend, why did you want to talk with all of us?”

“Well, after talking with you last week about that workshop you said you were interested in, I looked it up and saw there was going to be an identical one here in Paris. So then I thought – Winter Fashion Week is coming up as is the European Martial Arts Finals. What better chance to get all of my friends to visit? We can spend the Holidays at my country home. It’s been snowing, but it’s not too cold and it looks so incredibly beautiful. Everyone would have their own room. Please say yes!! Please, Please PLEASE!!!! I miss all of you so much!”

“I think that’s an awesome idea, Tama-chan,” Hani squealed.

“We can take our plane, ” the twins chorused.

“Yes.” Mori answered simply.

“I actually adore the idea and since my father is going to be staying with some friends for a retreat, I would love to go, “ Haruhi said.

“I have already told my father that I am going to be occupied for the next few weeks, so I am in favor,” Kyouya replied, “Though I am curious about this Workshop that you and Haruhi were talking about. This is the first I am hearing about it.”

“Oh that’s simple,” Haruhi answered, “I have decided on the focus for my law studies and there is a 3 day workshop that deals with a bunch of different topics that will help me better understand my future clients. I was going to attend the one here in Tokyo, but if there is one in Paris too, I can do it there.”

“You have chosen a field of law and you didn’t tell me?” Hikaru turned and looked at Haruhi with a hint of hurt in his voice. “Kyouya, do you know?”

“Actually, this is the first I have heard of this too. Kaoru, do you know?”

“If I knew Hikaru would know. Hani, did she tell you?”

“Oh Haru-chan wouldn’t tell me because I can’t keep a secret! Takashi, do you know?”


Five sets of eyes turned to glare at Haruhi.

“Ummm… well, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal actually,” Haruhi blushed. “I have been giving a lot of thought to the type of law that I want to practice and the type of clients that I want to represent, so I can feel like I am helping people that need it most. When I saw the flyer for this workshop, it clicked. My father is a transvestite. I am dating two different men at the same time. I want to represent those who are in non-traditional alternative lifestyles. Too often people living alternative lifestyles have to hide who they are because they are afraid of how the rest of the world will react to them. They are still people. They laugh. They love. They cry. It’s not fair that they are treated so differently than everyone else. This Workshop focuses on all types of alternative lifestyles – including gay/lesbian, poly or multi-partner relationships, non-traditional religions, and it even has a couple of sessions about different kink lifestyles. It just sounded incredibly interesting to me.”

Silence greeted Haruhi’s statement. Hikaru broke it first. “I understand even more why I love you.” Wrapping his arms tighter around her and pressing his forehead against hers, he went on, “I will support you in any way I can. Do you mind if I join you for the Workshop? It sounds really interesting.”

“We both will support you, any way that you need it,” Kyouya added, wrapping his arms on top of Hikaru’s. ”I would like to go to this workshop too. I think it would give me a better view of the world and a chance to see it as you do, without prejudice or judgment.”

“I am totally in!” Kaoru stated.

“Me too! I wanna go!!” Hani smiled.

“Definitely.” Mori answered.

“I told you they all would be excited about it,” Tamaki said to Haruhi as the tears streamed down her cheek. “You bring out the best in all of us, this gives us a chance to see the world like you do. Now then, pack your bags tonight because I expect all of you on a plane tomorrow!!” With a final smile and wave, Tamaki signed off.

Still wrapped in both sets of arms, Haruhi smiled. My devious sneaky little friend - what else are you planning. I know you Tamaki. Getting us all together is your way of making things happen. I just hope that we are all ready for whatever it is.

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