The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


20. Taking the Blame

Haruhi sat between Kyouya and Tamaki in the conference room as the rest of the hosts found seating to either side. She kept glancing discreetly to either side as she sat back amused; she took in with hidden delight the rapt expressions on the faces of her friends. They are fascinated and I find that actually funny. For a group of guys who pretty much run the complete range of sexual orientation the panel is speaking about, they seem far more interested in the concept than I would have thought. She gave a small smile, which of course Kyouya caught her at.

Leaning over he whispered, “Oh what I wouldn’t give to hear your thoughts, right now.”

“I am just laughing at how interested everyone is in the topic, including you my love. I don’t want to keep your attention, so I will tell you more later.”

“Fair enough,” Kyouya turned back to the front as he linked his fingers with hers.

Sitting back in her seat she felt Tamaki’s arm brush against the back of her neck. He gave her a quick wink, but didn’t speak. Haruhi listened to the discussion for a few minutes, before her mind wandered again. If I understand the panelists correctly, there is really a sliding scale of sexuality which is different than “gender identity” which we learned about yesterday. If I drew it linearly it would look like this homosexuality – homoflexibility – bisexuality/pansexual – heteroflexibility – heterosexual. I know Tamaki has identified as flexible, but it is interesting to see how the others fall. I really don’t think at this point there is anyone in our group who is completely homosexual unless you count Mai, but she isn’t really a part of the group just yet. I know I thought Hani and Takashi were at one point, but their recent statement has me pushing them into homoflexibility. They still prefer the same sex, but they are attracted to select members of the opposite sex… I still can’t believe that they casually mentioned they wanted me in their bed. I mean I know I have had fantasies, but I had no idea that they did as well. I do wonder… Stop it Haruhi!! Focus!! She mentally gave herself a slap on the head before deliberately focusing on her mind back on the topic of discussion. Renge is also homoflexible, though no one at Ouran would have suspected. Once she stepped away from her obsession with that anime video game, she started realizing that she was more attracted to the host club princesses rather than the hosts themselves, though she never spoke of it. It’s part of the reason she was able to peg the clients’ needs so accurately. Granted, it took her a long time to acknowledge it. It wasn’t until Mai started flirting with her before she let herself accept it. At that point she told me and swore me to secrecy. I think her growing attraction to Kao is causing her some confusion, though. She knew him before and didn’t see the attraction, but something has shifted here in Paris; maybe being with Mai has allowed her to open up to new possibilities. I just know she needs to tell Kao about her relationship with Mai soon. I don’t want to see him hurt. He deserves to find someone that will accept him and his relationship with Hika.

At the thought of her other lover, she glanced over to where he was sitting on the other side of Kyouya. His right hand was linked with Kyouya’s as well and his left arm brushed against Kao’s as they shared the armrest. Hikaru is definitely bisexual, that pretty much goes without saying. I know Tamaki has called himself flexible, but I have a feeling that after this class, he will just start calling himself bisexual. He is starting to accept that he could have a real relationship with any sex rather than just a night or two of “fun”, in much the same way Hikaru could. I can see it in the relationship we had, and also in his interest in the others. Kaoru though is still definitely heteroflexible; the only males he really is only attracted to are Hikaru and Tamaki. Hani’s offer may cross his mind as idle curiosity, but I honestly don’t expect him to take them up on it. He just isn’t attracted to them in a way beyond friendship- much the way he feels about me. But he is really attracted to Renge… Kyouya is the one who has changed the most actually. Two years ago, I would have firmly placed him in the heterosexual category; now he is definitely heteroflexible. He is in a fully acknowledged and committed relationship with both me and Hikaru. Making sure the object of her current thought was wrapped up in the discussion at hand, she smiled inwardly. He isn’t quite ready to acknowledge it yet, but now that he has accepted that he is attracted to and in love with Hika, I can see the way he occasionally watches Tamaki too. It will be intriguing to see if anything develops there. 

As if they somehow knew her thoughts were centered on them, Kyouya briefly squeezed her hand while Tamaki softly stroked his thumb once down the nape of her neck. The combination was enough to cause her to shiver slightly. Haruhi could tell they felt her reaction and watched as they quickly looked at each other and grinned. Dear gods, I don’t know if I could survive being the focus of Tamaki, Kyouya and Hikaru’s combined attention. The experience would be off the charts… and amazing … and… FOCUS HARUHI!! This time it was harder to turn her mind back to the discussion, for some reason. Ok. So the last of us on the sexuality scale is me. As it stands right now, I am heterosexual. There haven’t been any women that have interested me in any way other than friendship, even though I have technically kissed a couple. Of course, the fact that I am daily surrounded by some of the most gorgeous men in the world may have something to do with that. I just can’t see myself attracted to anyone outside the group. Each one has let me see a part of him that no one else knows. It is an honor I don’t take lightly.

The sound of applause broke through Haruhi’s thoughts and she realized the lecture was finishing. Quickly, she joined in the clapping trying to hide that her thoughts had only superficially been on the lecture. Rising from her seat, she accepted Kyouya’s hand again as she turned to file out of the aisle, while Tamaki gently guided her with a hand at her back.



Tamaki was still trying to process all of the information that had just been presented. Despite the fact he thought of himself as open-minded, the workshop coupled with the things that had happened among the group because he had invited them all to Paris for the workshop, were far more enlightening than he could ever have anticipated. It started with that completely unexpected and wicked kiss Kyouya gave me at the airport. I know I was too shocked to respond at the time, which I have to admit, I regret completely. But I know I wasn’t the only one surprised by his actions. I think it started a chain reaction he could not have anticipated; if the Shadow King and unquestionably most “proper” of us could let down his guard, do something unexpected and outrageous, then the rest of us could do the same… and here we are. A few short days later and the relationships between all of us have shifted. I never would have had the courage to start it for fear of losing the only people outside of my parents I have ever cared for. But instead of breaking us apart, it seems to be drawing us closer together.

“Earth to Boss,” the twins chorused.

Blushing slightly at being caught unaware, Tamaki answered “Yes? Devil twins…”

Hikaru and Kaoru both grinned at the old nickname. Kaoru winked at him before responding, “We were discussing what we wanted to do for lunch and you nearly walked into Kyo, so he asked what you were thinking of.”

“That it is his entire fault actually.” Tamaki replied with a smirk.

“Oh really?” Kyouya asked with a raised eyebrow and a cool voice. “Do tell us what exactly my fault is. I am dying to know considering I haven’t done anything to you that I know of.”

“Ahh… but you have mon ami,” Tamaki was thoroughly enjoying teasing his best friend. He slipped an arm around Kaoru’s waist and smiled as Kao leaned in. He then nodded first to Hani and Takashi openly holding hands, and then to where Kyouya , Hikaru and Haruhi stood. Hikaru stood behind Haruhi with his arms around her waist and his head on her right shoulder. Kyouya stood slightly askew with one arm around Hikaru’s shoulders and his other around Haruhi’s waist as well. The three of them had locked their fingers together. “We would not be standing here, in a public place, like we are right now, if you hadn’t kissed me at the airport.”

Haruhi’s laughter pealed out and echoed off the walls, while everyone except Kyouya bent over in laughter. The Shadow King was turning a very deep shade of red.

“He’s right Kyo-chan.” Hani giggled. “I don’t think any of us would have said some of the things or done some of the things we did if we hadn’t seen you leap out of your normal reserved self. Heck, even Renge sensed something was different and felt comfortable enough to blurt out the comment about Spin the Bottle.”

“Agreed.” Takashi’s quiet voice held amusement.

Hikaru looked at his new lover and saw that while the red was fading, he was still uncomfortable. He caught Haruhi’s eyes and smiled as she nodded, knowing what he wanted to do. Turning to Kyouya, Hika gently laid a hand on his cheek, before leaning in to place a soft kiss on his lips. He whispered against them, “Personally, I am so happy you did. I have wanted this for so long.”

Kyouya looked into the golden eyes of the man in front of him and felt his embarrassment fade completely. Maybe it is my fault… but if I hadn’t, I may not have Hika and Haru together now. I wouldn’t change that for the world. Smiling he decided to continue the joke. “I can see your point, but I have to contest it.”

Sensing Kyouya was up to something, Tamaki played along. “Oh really? Whose fault is it then?”


“Wait. WHAT?!?” Haruhi blinked in astonishment. “How is it my fault?”

“I wouldn’t have kissed Tamaki at the airport if you hadn’t scolded me on the way over, which caused me to think about how I see things.”

“There is a flaw in your logic. I wouldn’t have scolded you, if you hadn’t gone deep into jealous Shadow King mode. So I still don’t see how it’s my fault.” She grinned so he would know she was teasing.

“I apologize. You are right. I went that way because Hikaru and Kaoru were wearing your lip gloss and it was obvious they had kissed you senseless. Therefore, it must have been their fault.”


“Damn devil twins!! You are always causing trouble!!” Tamaki tried to maintain a stern tone, but failed miserably. “How should I punish you?”

Both Kaoru and Hikaru tried to find some way to shift the blame onto someone else, but couldn’t come up with a way, since their kissing Haruhi was a pretty common occurrence. Finally conceding defeat, Kaoru responded cheekily to Tamaki’s question. “Well, Daddy, I think you may just have to give us a good spanking.”

Tamaki sputtered a minute before giving them both an evil grin. “I may just have to do that.”

This time it was Hikaru and Kaoru who turned a faint shade of red.

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