The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


4. Surprises of the Most Interesting Kind

Haruhi, Kyouya, and Hikaru descended the plane’s staircase and walked into a volley of snowballs. Laughing they ducked and dodged as best they could but several hit their mark, leaving them covered in a fine dusting of snow.

“Serves you three right,” Hani teased, “What took the three of you so long? I know you didn’t have time to play hide the sausage, but really… WE ARE IN PARIS!! Get your butts out here and enjoy it!”

“It was my fault,” Kyouya replied, still smiling as he helped Hikaru brush the snow off of Haruhi, “I was lost in my thoughts. I didn’t even realize the plane had landed, actually.”

“Now those must have been some really interesting thoughts,” Tamaki said, “You will have to tell me about them, but first there is something I have to do.” Without warning he dashed between Kyouya and Hikaru and grabbed Haruhi in a giant hug. Whirling her around in circles, he kissed his dear friend thoroughly. After a minute or so, he broke the kiss and set her down to let both of them catch their breaths. The smile on both of their faces showed their deep friendship, even as they drew in deep breaths of the cold crisp air, but eventually, Tamaki’s curiosity at Hikaru and Kyouya’s reactions overpowered his enthusiasm at seeing her for the first time in several months. Turning to look at them, he was expecting to see the laughter on Hikaru’s face and the jealousy on Kyouya’s. It was rather a surprise then, when it was Kyouya’s eyes which were dancing with laughter while Hikaru was grumbling to his twin about Tamaki’s enthusiasm.

Kyouya seeing Tamaki’s startled look walked leisurely over to them. Wearing a devilish smile, he slipped an arm around Haruhi, leaned in, and planted a kiss squarely on Tamaki’s lips. Pulling back, he saw Haruhi laughing at the dumbstruck expression on Tamaki’s face. Gently he pulled her out of Tamaki’s slack arms and walked back to the others grinning widely at the shocked expressions on the faces of the four other members of the Host Club.

“You don’t look surprised I kissed Tamaki,” Kyouya said to Haruhi.

“Oh I was and I wasn’t,” She replied. “Something happened in your thoughts during the flight that made you happier and when I saw that look of mischief on your face as you walked towards us, I just knew you had something outrageous planned even if I didn’t know exactly what.”

“If I didn’t already love you so much, your insight into my soul would scare me. Not many others can read me.”

“I can only read you because you let me, Kyo-love. Before you kissed me for the 1st time, you were like Calculus – completely confusing and impossibly difficult to understand.” Haruhi teased, knowing Kyouya would appreciate the reference to the many hours he spent trying to tutor her on her worst subject. “I never thought I would get it.”

“Math… really? You compare my love to math?” Kyouya responded just as teasingly, before kissing her softly on the cheek and turning to the others. With a smirk at the still stunned expressions of the others he asked, “What?!? Can’t I greet an old friend too?”

Laughter from everyone followed his comment and all the others turned toward Tamaki. “Apparently I have missed more than I thought by going to school here this year. I guess I can’t make Kyouya jealous anymore,” he pouted melodramatically, ”Fine. Take away all my fun. I can handle it. Waaaaah!”

This time it was Tamaki’s turn to get pelted by snowballs.

“Ok. Ok. I give!!”

“Excuse me sirs and madam, but the Control Tower, just reminded us that there are other planes waiting to descend and they need to clear the area,” The stiff voice of the chauffer cut into the conversation.

“I am sorry, Barnes. Well my friends, shall we head out to the Guest House?” Tamaki apologized to the driver as he ushered everyone toward the waiting limo. Once everyone was inside and they were on their way he continued, “I figured tonight we could stay in tonight and catch up, because I know tomorrow will be busy for everyone.”

“That sounds great Tama-chan,” Hani said eagerly.

“Yes,” Mori added.

“I know the Workshop doesn’t start for a couple of days, so I was hoping to go to the Louvre and sightsee a bit.” Haruhi stated.

“I will join you, as I am sure Mori and Hani will as well,” Kyouya confirmed at the nod of two heads.

“Unfortunately Hika and I absolutely have to go help our mom with preparations for Fashion Week tomorrow morning, though Hika might be able to get away in the afternoon since his designs are complete,” Kaoru poked his unusually silent twin and got no reaction, so he went on. “I got mom to swear that if I helped her and Renge the first couple of days that she would leave me alone so I can go to the workshop with all of you. Gods. I just realized I will have to spend two full days working next to Renge. How am I going to keep my sanity? Hika, will you pleeeeeeease help me?”

Hikaru was still slightly stunned. He kept replaying the scene between Tamaki, Kyouya, and Haruhi over and over in his mind. Did Kyouya really just kiss Tamaki in front of all of us and actually out in public? Has he done that before and I just never knew? I thought he was completely straight. What does it mean? Do I actually have a chance? What do I do? I need to talk to Kaoru and Haruhi about it. They will know what to do.

“Apparently it’s my day to lose both of my boyfriends to deep thought.” Haruhi’s dry comment finally broke through Hikaru's reverie, as he realized that a question had been asked and he completely missed it. I need to focus. I will make sure to talk to them tonight.

“Sorry. What?”

“I said will you please help me with Renge,” his brother pouted. “She drives me crazy. They are my designs and she keeps trying to ‘improve’ them. We need to present a united brotherly front against her meddling.”

Shaking off the last of his uncomfortable thoughts and slipping back into the familiar role of twin/protector, Hikaru slipped his right arm around Kaoru’s waist, while cupping Kaoru’s cheek with his left. “Of course I will help you. She can’t take down the Fashion Kings!!” He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Kaoru’s lips before sitting back and resting his head on Kaoru’s shoulder.

“Oh Look! We are here!” Tamaki announced excitedly. “The big house is down the main road. It’s where I live, though I will actually be joining you all at the Guest House while you are here. I will give you a tour of it if you want, but it’s not much different than the houses that all of you except Haruhi live in now – big, cold, and designed to show off your wealth. I am excited about the Guest House though. I got permission as part of my University work to redesign the interior and the project just finished last week.”

“I thought you were going to study business,” Hani remarked.

“Or follow your father as Chairman of Ouran,” Mori seconded.

“I am still majoring in business, but after taking a class over the summer, I found a passion for architecture. So I decided that I would do a double major in it as well. When I showed the plans I drew up for a project to my grandmother, for the first time ever, she was impressed. She actually let me do it. It was so much fun.”



The limo pulled up in front of a beautiful French-Normandy style home, just as the sun was starting to set. The orange red glow bounced off the pristine snow covered ground and bathed the world in color as the hosts left the vehicle.

Gasping at the breathtaking sight, Haruhi paused a moment to stare at the beauty around her. She noticed that all of the others were doing the same, while Tamaki just stood there with an enormous grin.

“It’s like I have suddenly slipped into a fairy tale. It’s just incredible.” Haruhi breathed.

“I can’t wait until you see inside.” Tamaki answered. ”I will give everyone a tour before showing you your rooms. I planned for dinner to be ready about an hour after we arrived, since I know you are probably hungry. Your luggage has been taken up to your rooms and put away. While there will be maids and cooks here during the day, there aren’t any servants quarters in the Guest House, so we will be on our own after dinner until breakfast. If we need something unusual, we can always call and have someone come over, but I thought it would be nice to have a bit of privacy for a change.”

“I think that is one of your best ideas yet Tamaki,” Kyouya said.

“Agreed.” Mori added in his usual succinct fashion.

“Let’s go inside Tama-chan. I want to see the rest!!” Hani’s eager voice made everyone walk toward the door. Once inside they all stopped again, jaws dropping at the elegant beauty. The entrance hall was white marble flecked with veins of gold, antique low-boys held beautiful vases of fresh flowers, while an enormous crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling. Off to the left a grand staircase, covered in a rich deep blue carpet, lead to the second floor. Arched double doorways of rich mahogany were open to the left and the right.

“OK. We are never going to get anywhere if you all keep staring,” Tamaki laughed at his friends.

“Color us seriously impressed Tamaki, and we haven’t even gotten far,” Kaoru turned to his friend.

“I think you may have just matched us in the design aspect,” Hikaru added respect coloring his tone, “We do fashion design, you do the architectural design, and we could make a fortune on the photo shoots.”

“I may take you up on that actually.”

“You better.” Two voices chorused. “We want to see Haruhi coming down that staircase in one of our designs.”

Haruhi blushed at the offhand way the twins included her without even thinking about it. I can see that Kyouya, and oddly enough Mori and Hani agree though. I have to admit, it would be fun to be a fairy tale princess for a night.

“Why don’t you continue to dazzle us Tamaki,” Kyouya joked.

“All right I will,” Tamaki answered, opening the double doors to his left and stepping into a comfortable modern room done in warm tones of gold and sienna. The room ran three quarters the length of the side of the house. It had a large stone fireplace along one wall, several soft leather couches, and chairs grouped in clusters. Low slung tables were centered in each cluster. The walls were lined with bookshelves, except for one section that had an enormous flat screen TV hanging from the wall. “This is the Library. I figure this will probably be where we hang out and relax. I designed it to be comfortable but modern. There are two bathrooms down the hall, and a door to the back patio.”

Walking through the room and down the hall, Tamaki pointed out the bathrooms. Turning he walked through another set of double doors which opened into a room that was elaborately styled in traditional French Renaissance. It ran almost the length of the house and one wall was almost completely windows and French doors that led to the back patio. There wasn’t as much furniture in this room, but there was a small raised platform in a corner. “This is the Ballroom or Event room. I am toying with the idea of renting out the room for weddings and such. It’s hard to see now that it’s dark, but the grounds outside the Guest House are impeccably kept up by the gardener from the main house. There is a walking path that twists through a rose garden and small hedge maze with a fountain at the center.” The pride that Tamaki felt for his design was starting to show through in the eager way that he talked about each room. “That white door leads to a large commercial kitchen that can be used to prepare food for banquets. We can walk through it quickly so we know where to find midnight snacks and stuff, but I promised the cooks, that we wouldn’t interrupt their preparations for dinner.”

Even though they passed through quickly, Haruhi felt just a teensy jab of wistfulness at the well organized and well-stocked kitchen. It would be so nice to have a kitchen like this. I would really enjoy cooking if I did.

Tamaki led them through the door from the kitchen into a dining room. There was a long traditional table that could easily seat sixteen and a sideboard along one wall. A set of double doors on the other wall led back into the entry hall. He then led them back out into the entry hall and up the staircase to the second floor. 
“I am going to skip the second floor for a moment, because that is where the bedrooms are. I figure we will want to wash up before dinner and it would make more sense to end there.” Tamaki led them around the hallway to the grand staircase leading to the third floor, bypassing several doors. “You can see that all the bedrooms look out on the sides and back of the house. The front section is designed to let all the light from the windows into the house.”

Once at the top of the stairs, Tamaki turned to the right and opened up the double doors. “This is the dojo / workout room. I thought Mori and Hani would like to use it while we are all here.”

“Thank you Tama-chan.”

Continuing down the hall to back of the house, a wall of glass opened into a warm tropical Conservatory. “I know it’s a little over the top,” Tamaki said, “But I once took a vacation in Hawaii and I couldn’t get out of my mind the beautiful colors, amazing scents, and lush greenery of the islands. So I decided to make a place of my own that reminded me of it that I could go to whenever I wanted. You can see there are lots of chairs and places to relax. It’s actually kind of fun to feel like you are in the tropics and see the snow falling on the other side of the glass. There is a door off to the right that leads onto a small outdoor patio that also overlooks the grounds.”

Leading the Hosts out of the Conservatory, Tamaki led them around the corner to the last big room on the floor. With a flourish and the cryptic words “Because I had to”, he flung open the doors. All of the hosts laughed to see a copy of the Ouran Music Room #3, only in this version there actually was a large grand piano occupying one side of the room. “So much of my happiness was tied to this room and the people that it represented that I just couldn’t let it go. I knew I had to include it in my design.”

“It’s perfect.” Haruhi said then made a big show of looking around. To Kyouya’s raised eyebrow and look of curiosity she replied, “I am looking to make sure there are no incredibly valuable vases around. I would hate to break one,” and she dissolved into a fit of giggles that soon had everyone joining her.

“I knew I forgot something,” Tamaki teased. I am so relieved that everyone seems so impressed with the design. I was worried that it was boring or no one would be interested. I should have trusted my friends.

“Ok, my friends, now to the very last and most important part of your tour – the bedrooms.” Leading them back down the stairs, Tamaki opened the 1st set of doors on his left. “Mori, this will be your room. All the rooms are pretty much identical. They all have a sunken area with a couch and fireplace, a large canopy bed, and a walk-in closet. Every two rooms share a bathroom and there are French doors that connect all of the rooms. The idea is the furniture could be removed and an Art Installation could be set up. Having the French doors between the rooms allows people to wander freely from room to room, but still allows privacy if needed. You may have noticed that I like to combine traditional styles with modern ones. That theme also follows here. The rooms are decorated in traditional Renaissance style, while the bathrooms are modern granite with separate showers and large Jacuzzi tubs on a dais looking out the bay window. ”

“Thank you, Tamaki,” Mori said as he entered his room and looked around before joining the others.

“The room nest to Mori’s naturally is Hani’s and they share a bathroom,” Tamaki continued. “Hani, since part of your room is on the back section of the house; your room also shares a balcony with the room next to it, which is actually the one that I will be using for the next couple of weeks.”

“Thanks, Tama-chan,” Hani replied as he mimicked Mori’s motion of stepping into the room to look at it quickly before joining the others back in the hallway.

“My room shares a bathroom with the one next to it which is Kaoru and Hikaru’s room. I figured you two wouldn’t want to be separated.”

“Our thanks,” Kaoru said honestly.

“So if I have the design idea correct that means that our room shares a balcony, with the room next to it,” Hikaru looked to Tamaki for confirmation.

“Exactly. The next room is Haruhi’s.” He led the way around the corner to her door.

“Which means my room shares a bathroom with Haruhi’s and is directly across from Mori’s,” Kyouya stated. “I have to give you credit Tamaki, the design of the house is amazing and you know I don’t say that lightly. It is large, but small enough to still be intimate, and you have functional rooms for a variety of interests. Plus you are right in that it could very easily be turned into a venue for weddings, events, or photo shoots. I think business and architecture fits you perfectly. Let me know if I can help in any way.”

“Us too!!”


“I would love to help out any way I can.”

“We know lots of people who would love to use this location for fashion shoots.”

“Or Movies.”

Tears glistened in Tamaki’s eyes at the comments of his friends. I have missed all of them so much. I don’t know what I will do when it comes time for them to go again. But I won’t worry about it until then. Glancing at his watch, he turned to his friends. “It looks like it’s time for dinner, should we all go down?”

“Yes. Let’s. I am hungry,” Haruhi said as she linked arms with Kyouya and Tamaki and led the way back down the stairs.

“You’re always hungry,” Hikaru and Kaoru said in unison as they put an arm around each other’s waist and followed the three.

“And after dinner- DESSERT!!!” Hani joked and he and Mori made their way down the staircase after the others.


The inspiration for the outside of the Guest house can be found here:

The inside architecture I made up as I was imagining what my dream house would look like if I had access to the same money that Tamaki does. =)

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