The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


27. Rope

As Tamaki and Kaoru settled into the cushions to cuddle after the intensity of their scene, Takashi turned to the small blond laying across his lap and the woman whose feet kept brushing against his leg. “Mitskune, Haruhi, I want to know if either of you would be interested in doing a rope scene with me. It would be simple since this would be Haruhi’s first experience with rope, but I would love to share my knowledge.”

Haruhi wriggled against her two lovers, who gave their approval to the suggestion in different ways. Hikaru nibbled on her neck and said “Do it” in her ear. Kyouya caressed the soft skin of her inner thigh, laid a kiss on her wrist, and gently pushed her toward Takashi. Giggling at both of them, she turned to Takashi with a smile, “I would enjoy that very much.”

“Takashi, you know I would happily be tied up by you at any time, but I think this is something that Haru-chan needs to experience on her own the first time.” Hani’s voice started serious, but quickly turned into the amusement that was integral to Hani’s personality. “Now if she wants to do it again later. I will absolutely love to be tied to her and suspended together.”

Haruhi blushed faintly at Hani’s words, remembering the sweet strawberry kiss that he gave her earlier. Licking her lips in an unconscious reminder, she climbed off of Kyouya’s lap and accepted the hand that Takashi extended out to her. The faint sizzle of energy she always felt whenever she touched Takashi, echoed in the dark eyes that stared down at her.

“Mitsune, would you set up the hard point? You can see the support beam running across the framing.”

“Of course lover. Leave that to me.” With a smile, Hani bounced up and grabbed a bag hidden on the other side of the bed.

Unable to help herself, Haruhi started giggling. Seeing Takashi’s patient silent question, she answered, “Everyone keeps pulling large bags of stuff out from random places, when I swear the spot was completely empty a moment before.”

Takashi smiled, “Ahh… we have learned to be prepared for anything. Especially when we have wanted it for a while.”

“So what else is going to magically appear?”

Takashi just smiled at her and gave her a wink. Still holding her hand, he led her to a spot near where Hani was setting things up. Saying in the flirty tone Haruhi still wasn’t used to hearing out of her yoga partner and Sensei, Takashi started explaining what he was going to do. “Normally, I would have you get completely naked, but since this is your first time, what you are wearing [he eyed her appreciatively] will actually be better. It will offer some protection against marks but I can’t promise that you won’t have them tomorrow. I know tomorrow night is the red carpet, are you sure you want to risk possible marks?”

Haruhi thought for a moment, “Honestly I had forgotten that tomorrow was the kick-off for Fashion Week, but I think I will be fine. Any marks can be covered by make-up.” A wicked grin spread across her face. “I kind of like knowing that while I can feel the marks and know exactly where they are, no one else can. It makes me feel sexy and claimed.”

“You sound like you have done that before, Haru-chan,” Hani teased.

“Obviously the make-up worked then,” Haruhi teased back. “I have lost count of the number of hickeys I have hidden from the rest of you. I was always sure that either of you or Tamaki would catch me covering one up. Thankfully the make-up holds even through my workouts with you, which as you know, leave me dripping in sweat and washes away most of the rest of any make-up I happen to be wearing.”

“That’s good to know,” Takashi said, trying desperately to keep his voice neutral, “your choice then – clothed or naked?”

Haruhi thought about it and then looked over at the others, who were all staring at her with various degrees of interest. Turning back to Takashi, she put her hand on his heart and asked quietly, “What would you prefer?”

Looking down into her deep chocolate eyes, Takashi found it hard to swallow as his mouth instantly dried, the words tripped on his tongue, and his heart beat furiously under the softness of her hand on his skin. “Truth. I want you naked underneath my hands, but I don’t know if I can control myself right now if you are… too much stimulation from the first two scenes and the knowledge that you will be helpless before me when I am done.”

Haruhi blushed faintly at the quiet intimacy of the words. “Shall we compromise then? How about if for tonight I am topless, but keep my panties.” Takashi nodded slowly. “Truth though my partner… I hope that someday I will get a chance to be completely naked and at your mercy.”

Gently removing her hand from his chest, Haruhi stepped back a pace and slid her hands under the edge of the cami. Slowly she pulled it over her head, maintaining eye contact with Takashi as she did so, smiling slightly at the audible gulp he made.

She stood in front of him, almost naked, and it took his breath away. He didn’t want to break eye contact. As long as she was looking at him, everyone else faded into the background. Reaching down, he picked up a 30 foot length of hemp rope and untied it blindly, letting his fingers work on autopilot while she stepped forward and placed her hand once again on his heart, letting herself slip into the half-trance she felt whenever they did yoga together. Heartbeats matching perfectly.

Takashi held the rope in his left hand, and with his right, mirrored hers by placing it on her heart. Stepping into her, he slid it up to cup her cheek. Never breaking eye contact until the very last moment, he tilted his head down and let his lips meet hers, catching the soft sigh that he knew only he heard. Teasing her lips with his he deepened the kiss, before pulling back to trail more along her jawline. Whispering against the shell of her ear, he said, “Put your arms around my neck.”

Slowly she did so, making sure to take the time to really feel the heat from his skin and the solid muscle underneath. Hands finally reaching their destination, she played with the hair at the top of his neck with one hand while drawing lazy circles between his shoulder blades with the other; just enjoying the sensation of his skin on hers.

A low rumble built at the base of his throat and it was all he could do to turn his attention back to the rope in his hands, rather than picking her up and carrying her the few feet to the bed, where he just wanted to sink into her soft skin. Rope scene. Rope scene. He repeated inside his head like a mantra until he was able to bring his baser urges back into control. Must Tie Haruhi up. Make it Sensual. Make her crave more and you may get to fulfill the other desire another time. The base part of his brain inserted the idea, even as the mantra continued.

Finally he was able to slide his hands behind her back and grab the rope, looping it around her rib cage, twisting it over itself and through. His long standing practice and familiarity with the knots soon took over and within a matter of moments Haruhi’s upper body was wrapped in a rope harness. Even though he was working quickly, Takashi made sure that every movement of the rope was a sensual caress against her skin and every knot that tightened, causing her immobility, was finished with a caress of his fingers. Grabbing another length of rope, he traced his hands lightly up her arms and brought them down on level with her heart, palms together, before wrapping the rope around her wrists binding them together. He then raised them above her head and looped the rope through the large ring Hani had set up earlier, tying them off.

Takashi watched as the realization dawned in Haruhi’s eyes that she was trapped. She could struggle against the ropes binding her wrists, but Takashi knew his craft too well and there was no way she could wiggle free. She was bound until he chose to let her go. Fear and shock gave way to first resignation, followed quickly by interest and then the flush of desire spread over her body.

Takashi moved behind her and murmured low into her ear, “You can wriggle, but you won’t get free. Only I can free you. Tell me now, do you want me to let you go or do you want more?”

Haruhi’s voice was a moan as she answered, “More please.”

With a smile, Takashi picked up a few more lengths of rope.



Hani watched the pair with both fascination and desire. Glancing quickly at the others, he saw the same reflected in theirs, and thankfully, a complete lack of jealously in Kyouya’s. He was the one person I was most worried about. Tonight he seems to have embraced the role he set and opened up completely to just enjoying the moments as they happen. I hope we can keep it that way. He may need his own one-on-one time though, soon. He’s not there yet, but pretty soon I expect that his insecurities around Haruhi and Hikaru are going to rear their ugly heads. It’s natural. For all of his outward confidence, he still has a part that can be very insecure – it’s the part that wants to say that he doesn’t deserve the love of Haruhi or Hikaru or the friendship of the rest of us. We just need to show him that he is worth all of it and more.

Kyouya’s body was in a slow burn and his mind was lost in a haze of passion, lust, and control as he watched Takashi essentially seduce Haruhi with rope. From the moment that Hani had laid the strawberry on Haruhi’s lips and claimed a kiss, the fire was lit. Then when Takashi made the suggestion that he should be in control this evening, the burn started to grow and it was slowly consuming him. He was getting such a rush out of directing the activities and watching his lovers enjoy themselves. Jealousy was the furthest thing from his mind as he was getting so turned on by the energy that was flowing smoothly from one person to the next. For this moment in time, he absolutely understood Haruhi when she said that she loved all of the Host club members in different ways, because tonight he felt the same. Tonight he was bonded to all of them and they were bonded to him. He could feel their pleasure, their lust, and the love that wrapped around them all securely. Suddenly he felt Hani’s eyes on him though he was completely unaware of the thoughts of the older blond. Meeting and holding them, he sent a silent query.

Hani just gave him a blinding smile and mouthed the words “thank you for this” and nodded slightly to the couple to his right.

Kyouya nodded and let the fire burning in him show in his eyes as he responded silently. “More to come.” Seeing the older man shiver slightly to the intensity of the words was a reward that Kyouya never thought he would receive.

Hani held his eyes for a moment longer - letting Kyouya see the lust that he felt for the Shadow King he had kept hidden for years. This time it was the Kyouya who shivered.

Hikaru had been watching the exchange between Takashi and Haruhi but he caught the intensity between Kyouya and Hani out of the corner of his eye. Unobserved by either, he watched the interplay, which ended, interestingly enough, with goose bumps forming on his lover’s arm. Now THAT’S interesting!! Unable to resist, he leaned back against Kyouya’s chest and angled his head to whisper in his lover’s ear, “One more thing that I want a front row seat for… You and Hani in a sexual dominance battle. I have never seen anyone give you goose bumps with just a look. The same goes for Hani, actually. You made him shiver.”

Kyouya’s response was to slip his hand into Hikaru’s hair and ruthlessly crush his lips. The burn needing an outlet before it exploded. Hikaru melted under the onslaught, immediately opening his mouth to Kyouya’s demanding tongue and lips. The searing intensity instantly made both of them hard and their hands sought out the hard flesh of the other’s cock. Only hearing a soft moan from the third member of their triad, begging for more, brought them back into the moment and stopped them from ripping off their clothes and fucking right there on the pillows. Breathing heavily, they stared deeply into each other’s eyes as their hearts slowed. Kyouya wrapped his arms around Hikaru as they both turned back to watch their lover experience rope for the first time. Whispering in Hikaru’s ear, he said, “I will grant that wish, but not tonight. Tonight I will grant another one, though. I want you ready for Kao. But I promise you this, my lover, very soon I am going to finish what we started and bury myself deeply in your ass, while you fuck Haruhi senseless. I want to hear both of you crying out under me.”

Now it was Hikaru’s turn to feel the goose bumps race down his skin.



Tamaki was torn between watching two different erotic scenes playing out in front of him – one, literally within hands reach. What I wouldn’t give for Haruhi to be moaning like that under my hands again; Hell, I would give about the same to have Kyouya kiss me the way he is kissing Hikaru right now. I promised I would never interfere, but damn, it is going to be a lonely bed for me tonight. Kaoru will be spending it with Hikaru. He hasn’t said anything, but aside from when I was spanking him, his eyes haven’t left his twin all night. Even now, I can feel the energy change in him. He doesn’t want to cuddle anymore, it’s almost like he wants to pounce on someone and make them a quivering little pile of goo underneath him. I would be happy to be pounced, but again there is only one person he wants tonight. Haruhi’s voice begging for more brought him back to the scene in front of him, or rather to the small blond watching the scene with unconcealed hunger in his eyes. Staying with Takashi and Hani is out tonight as well. I know that look. They would welcome me if I ask, but Hani obviously needs to have his way with his partner after being forced to play submissive for the evening with me. I am just not quite ready for that level of D/s yet. He sighed quietly making sure not to disturb the others. Oh well, Tamaki, you can survive a night alone. You have done so for the last year. Now stop moping and just enjoy the moment you have. How often do you get to see or do this?

The scolding voice in his head (which sounded suspiciously like Haruhi) finally broke him from his dark thoughts as he looked around the room. A shirtless Takashi was tying a topless Haruhi’s leg back into a position that would have been uncomfortable for anyone else, but just looked beautiful because of the flexibility she has attained while doing yoga. A naked Hani was standing to the side, cock erect, watching and making sure that nothing would go wrong. A naked Kaoru had pushed off the blanket Tamaki had wrapped around him and pulled out of his arms, but he kept one hand on Tamaki’s thigh and idly caressed the smooth skin; wanting to maintain contact of some sort with his lover and friend. Hikaru was still in his loose pants leaning against Kyouya’s shoulder, but the tenting of the fabric, belied how much he was enjoying the scene. He had reached out and grabbed Kaoru’s other hand. Then there was a shirtless Kyouya in his tight leather pants that left nothing to the imagination, and whose tattoo made him look like some kind of fallen angel, commanding everyone to explore the darkest fantasies that they had kept hidden. Yeah. Now I am fucking hard as a rock again. He grimaced and tried to discreetly touch himself to relieve the ache.

“Tamaki!” the word was quiet as not to disturb the scene still playing out in front of them, but the tone in Kyouya’s voice suddenly made the Host King remember the second part of Kyouya’s earlier command – Neither he nor Hani were allowed to touch themselves without getting the permission of everyone present first. Tamaki flushed bright red and if possible grew harder. Now I know Kyouya is going to do something to me for that. I just can’t decide if I really forgot the requirement or if a part of me didn’t want to remember, because being punished by Kyouya in his current mood is going to be something that I will not forget.

Kyouya stared at Tamaki for a moment more before gesturing for Tamaki to sit back and tuck his hands behind him, so as not to be tempted anymore. That done, he turned back to the scene in front of him and it was all he could do not to grab his own throbbing cock and start stroking it.

Takashi had tied up Haruhi’s other leg and she was now completely suspended in the air. She looked breathtaking, like a living work of art as she swung slightly as she wiggled her body, adjusting to the feeling. But Takashi wasn’t done, yet. After a minute of letting her wriggle and seeing the huge smile on her face as she did so, he whispered into her ear one more time. Kyouya couldn’t hear what he asked, but the flush that darkened her skin gave him a pretty good idea as did her breathless “Yes.”

With a wicked smile that Kyouya had never actually see cross Takashi’s face before, he slipped a single rope between Haruhi’s legs, nestling it tight over the thin lace of her panties, separating the folds, and pulling it taut between her ass cheeks. She gasped as the sharp sensation was different than the sensual caressing feeling he had been using earlier. It reminded her that he was in control and she was at his mercy. Only he didn’t stop there. Takashi pulled out a blindfold and tied it over Haruhi’s eyes, making her moan a little as another memory of a blindfold surfaced. Cupping her cheeks once more, he laid another soft kiss against her lips before breaking away.

Haruhi whimpered as the warmth of Takashi’s lips left hers. She was suspended, she could barely move beyond a slight wiggle and now the warmth of Takashi had left her. A faint buzzing noise intruded into her consciousness, but she couldn’t quite place the sound until it touched the rope between her legs and caused her to scream in surprise and overwhelming pleasure.

Takashi held the vibrator against the rope, adjusting the position to give her more or less stimulation as her screams faded into moans, got louder, and became full screams again. Finally knowing she was reaching her breaking point, Takashi stepped behind her, sliding one hand across her skin to rub at the hard nipple of her small breasts, while the other held the vibrator away from the rope. Saying the words she was fast considering a command, “Cum for me, Princess.” He thrust the vibrator back directly under the rope pressed against her clit and held her body as it bucked wildly, while the orgasm washed over her in fiery waves of heat, sensation, and color, leaving her floating in a warm ocean of satisfaction.

Still floating, Haruhi could distantly feel the bindings holding her loosen, and two sets of hands sliding the rope off of her. The blindfold was removed, but Haruhi refused to open her eyes trying to hold on to the feeling as long as she could. She felt herself being picked up and cradled close in a pair of strong arms – the same arms that had tormented her and sent her flying the moments before. A giggle started low in her throat and bubbled out, soon she was laughing. The joy infectious as the others started to smile with her.

Kyouya stood and walked up to Takashi still cradling a laughing Haruhi in his arms. Smiling fondly he looked down on her and kissed her lightly on the forehead. He then cupped Takashi’s cheek and laid a soft kiss on his lips before saying with honest gratitude, “Thank you for giving that to her.”

Takashi released the breath he didn’t know he was holding, at Kyouya’s words. His last fear that Kyouya would be upset disappearing. With a smile and gratitude of his own at being given the chance to live a fantasy, he replied simply. “You are welcome.”

Their exchange over Takashi carried Haruhi back over to the pillows and nestled her on his lap; just letting the energy between them help her find her center and bring her back down from where she was still flying.

Kyouya stood and watched them for a moment longer, his erection hard against the soft leather, before deciding that it was time. Turning to the blond man still sitting with his hands tucked behind his back he said in a commanding voice that sent chills through almost everyone present. “Tamaki. You broke the rules. I think it’s time for your punishment.”

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