The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


74. Rescue


The one word said in an authoritative tone was enough to make both Tamaki and Marika follow it without thought. Slowly they raised their hands in front of them, Marika still holding the phone. 

A man in black body armor approached carefully and pulled back the hood of Tamaki’s sweatshirt. Upon seeing the golden hair, the man relaxed slightly. “Tamaki Suoh? Marika Bellamy?” 

“Ye-es?” Tamaki replied cautiously as Marika nodded. 

“You were supposed to leave the premises,” the man nodded to the others and they relaxed the grip on their guns. “But Akira had a feeling you wouldn’t so we used the GPS on your phone to lock in your location. I’m Agent Noguchi, and I work for Akira Morinozuka’s private security force. The Parisian police are about five minutes out. What’s the situation?” 

“You have to get in there NOW!!” Marika gripped Noguchi’s arm. “He’s going to rape Ranka!!” 

At the words, Noguchi immediately started issuing orders. “Mr. Suoh, Ms. Bellamy, get out of sight and away from the building. When the police arrive, let them know that we have entered the premises. Alphas one and two with me, three and four cover our positions.” 


“Now!! Let us do our job.” The command was unmistakable in Agent Noguchi’s voice. 

Tamaki nodded, grabbed Marika’s hand and started pulling her to the road. Looking over his shoulder, he could see the Alpha team positioning themselves to enter the building. 

“But what about Ranka?” Marika asked and started to turn to go back to the building. 

“If there is one thing that I have learned after being around Takashi and Hani for so long, is to let the professionals take care of it if possible. If we go back we will only be a liability and could be taken hostage. We are of more use letting the police know what is happening so they don’t go in blind.” 

A muffled boom echoed across the empty parking lot, followed by scattered gunfire. 

Immediately Tamaki turned back to the building and was poised to start running back, disregarding everything he had said the moment before, when the flashing lights of the several police cars pulled into the parking lot. In mid-stride, Tamaki changed direction and started running for the lead car which screeched to a stop in front of him. Before the officer could even get out of the car Tamaki started bombarding him with information. 

“I’m Tamaki Suoh. This is Marika Bellamy. My friend’s dad was kidnapped and is being held in that warehouse. A security team from Zouka, Inc. has infiltrated the building. We heard a boom and some gunfire. You have to help them!” 

The officer nodded. Yelling over his shoulder to the rest of the officers, “Durand, take their statements. Rest with me. Now!” 

Tamaki and Marika watched as four officers pulled their guns and started towards the warehouse. A fifth approached them and said, “Messier, Mademoiselle, please come with me.” He led them back to his patrol car. Pulling out a notepad he continued. “Start at the beginning and tell me everything that you know.” 



Ranka squirmed on the table, trying to find any sort of position that would make him less vulnerable to Gio’s advances, but the cuffs held him fast and the lingering effects of the drug in his system, made the movements sluggish. He tried to suppress the shudder as Gio slid his hand down Ranka’s leg.

“Oh that’s it baby, wiggle for me,” the lewd tone in Gio’s voice gave Ranka the creeps. With an unsubtle moan and a grind of his erection against Ranka’s ass cheeks, Gio pushed the hemline of the dress up so it pooled around Ranka’s waist. “Don’t worry, I won’t ruin the dress. That would be a shame. Good Fashion is hard to come by.”

Ranka wiggled harder automatically as the cold night air hit his bare ass. No No No nonononononono! This isn’t happening. I can get out of this.Fear thundered through his body causing his pulse to race and breathing to increase, the harsh sound coming out of his nose.

“Look your body is already reacting to me,” Gio replied as he bit hard into the fleshy mound of Ranka’s ass.

Ranka screamed behind the tape across his lips at the pain.

“I promised Ootori I wouldn’t leave any permanent marks. Good thing I know exactly how much I can do.” Gio smacked Ranka’s other ass cheek hard, groaning obscenely as it left a perfect red imprint on the pale cheek. “Oh baby, I am so hard looking at your perfect ass. My handprint on one cheek, an imprint of my teeth on the other… mmmmmm… I think it’s time to fuck that tight hole, don’t you?”

Ranka’s eyes were wild as he screamed again, trying valiantly to find any way to fight back. He managed to land a kick to Gio’s knee.

Gio swore as he grabbed a handful of hair, and pulled hard, forcing Ranka to arch his back, before saying, “None of that, baby… you know you like this. I bet it is getting you hard too.” Still keeping a firm grip on Ranka’s hair, he bent down and started licking a stripe of wetness in the crack between Ranka’s cheeks before sliding his hand around Ranka’s hip, intent on touching Ranka’s dick through the thin fabric of the jock strap holding it close to his body so it wouldn’t show under the dress.

A loud boom echoed through the warehouse just as Gio skimmed the surface of the slick material.


With a curse Gio stumbled back and started to make a move towards his jacket and the gun in the pocket. The sound of a gunshot and the flash of burning agony in his shoulder as a bullet ripped its way through made him fall to the ground a few feet from it, clutching the wound. Muffled cries from the other two bodyguards let him know that they were out of commission as well, so when a figure loomed over him, holding a gun pointed directly at his head, he kept his mouth shut and glared.



The boom was the sweetest sound that Ranka could imagine and in the space of a few heartbeats, he went from completely terrified, to sobbing in relief. A gentle hand smoothed the dress down from around his waist and the hair from out of his eyes. He looked up into a pair of concerned, but warm brown eyes.

“I’m Agent Noguchi. I’m from the Zouka Security Force. Are you injured?”

Ranka shook his head.

“My men are doing a sweep of the building and the police are on the way. I know you are uncomfortable, but I need to get you out of here. I promise I will remove the gag when we get outside. Try not to squirm.”

In one motion, Ranka felt his world shift and he was over Noguchi’s shoulder in a fireman’s carry, and the agent was running toward the exit door. Once outside he stopped short as the police lights started flashing. Holding out his hands, he yelled, “I’m Agent Noguchi from the Zouka Private Security Force. I have Ranka Fujioka with me. My men are inside and have subdued three others. At least two have gunshot wounds, but none are fatal.”

“Put the woman down and walk forward slowly,” the officer responded.

“Can you stand?” Noguchi asked Ranka.

Ranka nodded and with another stomach clenching sensation, felt himself righted. A moment of dizziness washed over him and he was thankful for the grip that Agent Noguchi kept on his arms.

“Ma’am, can you walk toward us please?”

Ranka nearly giggled at the formality, the relief of being rescued making him light-headed. Wonder what the officer will think when he realizes I’m male.

All of the officers lowered their weapons and holstered them as Ranka and Agent Noguchi walked forward, his ID badge open in one hand.

“RANKA!!” a well-known voice preceded an impact hug from a very well-known blond host before he could take very many steps. True to form, Tamaki started talking in a rush. “We-saw-you-talking-to-someone-and-then-they-drugged-you-and-we-couldn’t-leave-you-so-I-sent-Jon-and-Melissa-to-find-Kyouya-and-the-group-and-Akira-sent-one-of-his-Security-teams-and-the-police-after-you-and-we-were-supposed-to-fall-back-and-wait-for-their-arrival-but-we-couldn’t-do-that-and-then-we-saw-what-that-creep-was-doing-and-we-had-to-stop-them-and-we-turned-to-do-that-but-the-security-force-was-already-here-and-they-know-what-they-are doing-and-OH-MY-GODS-I-AM-SO-GLAD-YOU-ARE-SAFE!!!” Tamaki threw his arms around the man again and held tight.

Ranka, mouth and hands still bound, quirked an eye at the girl next to Tamaki who looked vaguely familiar.

With a grin she said, “Fuzzy, you might want to let Ranka breathe… or at least let him get the tape and cuffs off.”

Tamaki immediately dropped his hands and turned bright red.

“I’m going to remove the tape, while my babbling friend finds a handcuff key,” Marika nodded her head towards the closest officer and Tamaki rushed over. Slowly she peeled the sticky tape off wincing in sympathy as it pulled across the sensitive skin of the lips. “I’m Marika, Tamaki’s friend. He was waiting for me and my partners when he saw you come back down and decided that he wanted to introduce us. I think you can figure the rest.”

Ranka looked closely at Marika, “You are the reporter that interviewed my daughter, Kyouya, and Hikaru.”

“Yes,” Marika responded immediately. “Tama knew that I am in a poly relationship too and that might help make it easier for them. Though because of our careers we have to keep it quiet.”

“And the Melissa and Jon that Tamaki mentioned?”

“My partners,” Marika gave a genuine smile. “I know this isn’t the best of timing to meet you, but I am honored to make your acquaintance. I liked your daughter and her partners immensely on meeting them and even though I have only known them a short time, I would really like to consider them friends.”

“The fact that they were comfortable with you to open up, tells me a lot about you,” Ranka smiled and then winced as it split open his lip again.

Tamaki and an officer came up with a handcuff key, “Here ma’am,” he looked more closely at Ranka, “Uh, Sir … um... which would you prefer to be called?”

Ranka gave a small smile at the awkward question. “Thank you for asking. I still prefer the male pronouns even when I am in drag.”

“Yes Sir,” the officer responded and with a quick turn removed the cuffs. “We have your attacker in custody. Are you willing to press charges?”

Fire entered Ranka’s eyes, “Absolutely. On him and on Yoshio Ootori. Ootori was the one who had me kidnapped and arranged for that man to…” the remainder of the sentence refused to come out.

“Um, we were unable to locate Mr. Ootori. We can put a bolo out and stop his passport temporarily, but his lawyers will have a field day without definitive proof.”

“Here’s your proof,” Marika said and held out her phone. “I was able to video everything that occurred. It may need some audio enhancement, but there should be enough to arrest Yoshio Ootori.”

“You got video?” Ranka turned to Marika in amazement before self-consciousness crept in.

Marika took one of Ranka’s hands, “Yes. I know that I am a reporter and this is the story of a lifetime, but I swear to you that I will not release a single drop of information that you don’t want me to. Your dignity is worth more than my career.”

With a sudden movement, Ranka pulled Marika into a tight hug, the emotional rollercoaster of the night catching up with him as tears streamed down his face. “Bless you, my child. Bless you and bless that overly hyperactive puppy [Marika hear a muffled Hey! from Tamaki] for rescuing me.” He looked up and reached out to pull Tamaki into the hug. “Thank you both for saving me. I don’t know how to repay any of this.”

Tamaki squeezed Ranka tightly, “By being the one who finally takes down Yoshio Ootori. Don’t worry about the costs or the connections. If you are willing to expose who he is, you have the full support of the Suoh, Zouka, and Hitachiin families. Your daughter may have originally been the connection, but do not doubt that you have become important to us. We have learned so much from you too, after all, everything we love about Haruhi, she got from you.”

At Tamaki’s words, Ranka started crying even harder.

Tamaki just held Ranka for a few moments before freeing a hand to reach into his pocket. Pulling out his phone, he dialed a number by memory.



Haruhi sat on the floor, holding tightly to both Hikaru’s and Kyouya’s hands. Around the dojo, the rest of the contingent stood quietly discussing what the next options would be. The ring of Kyouya’s phone shattered the calm as he looked down to see Tamaki’s face staring back at him.

Without preamble, Haruhi grabbed the phone and answered it, automatically flipping it to speaker mode. “Tamaki, what is happening? Tell me that my dad is going to be ok?”

“Hi babygirl,” Ranka’s voice responded, “I’m fine. Thanks to Mr. Suoh and Ms. Bellamy.”

“Daddy…” the rest of Haruhi’s response became lost in a flood of hysterical sobs and tears as Kyouya and Hikaru wrapped her in their arms.

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