The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


49. Re-Match

“Are you more worried about Haruhi’s physical state or her being alone with Mitskune?” Takashi asked quietly as he drove back into Paris. The last fifteen minutes since Kyouya and Takashi dropped off Hani and Haruhi had been spent in silence. Normally silence wasn’t something that bothered Takashi, but he sensed an underlying tension in his companion that finally prompted him to ask.

“What? No.” Kyouya shook himself out of his thoughts. “I mean yes, I am worried about how badly bruised Haruhi will be – who wouldn’t be after the beating she took? – But I am not worried or jealous about her being with Hani. If anyone can protect her and guide her through that kind of healing it would be you or Hani. Plus I have seen the effects of that salve your families make and I know that it will help faster than most modern medicine. She just needs to rest and replenish her body.”

“Then if you don’t mind, what has you so tense? Are you concerned about going out or being seen with me in public?” Takashi’s voice held no hint of his emotions.

“Not at all. You are my friend and I would never have a problem being seen with you. I don’t even really care that it the press will wonder if there is some sort of hidden subtext going on between us.” Kyouya’s voice held a slight edge as he discussed the press.

“Why would they assume that we are covering?”

“Because you were seen alone with Haruhi on your way up to the Monastery. The fact that you are her Sensei and it was logical isn’t a good enough reason not to start rumors, even though Sakura tried to deflect them. The fact that there is some truth to the rumors will be hard to hide, even if we never publically acknowledge it.” Kyouya reached out and placed a hand on Takashi’s arm. “Please know that it doesn’t bother me that you two have been together; you both have a connection that it would be foolish to deny; I just worry about my father.”

“Yoshio Ootori is a shrewd businessman.” Takashi carefully kept his voice neutral.

“My father is a ruthless, cold, calculating, bastard who cares only for money and the power that it represents to him,” Kyouya responded heatedly. “He doesn’t think twice about ruining the careers or lives of people that he believes are beneath him. They simply don’t matter to him. If they won’t bring him more wealth or power than they are useless.” He ran his hand through his hair and pushed his glasses up on his nose.

“You are not your father.”

“I once wanted to be,” Kyouya said softly. “Everything I did was to prove myself worthy of him. To show him that even though I was the third son, I would be a capable heir. Then Haruhi stumbled into our world…”

“And changed all of our lives,” Takashi finished the statement.

“She stood up to my father,” Kyouya’s voice still held a hint of wonder as he remembered the day. “It didn’t matter to her that he could have crushed her family without thinking twice. She stood up to him for me – someone she called friend even though I hadn’t done anything to deserve that title. I fell in love with her that day, though I couldn’t get enough courage to tell her. The funny thing about the whole situation is once Haruhi stood up to him, it was the first time he was impressed by me and it wasn’t really even for anything I did. I thought handing him back his company would impress him. It didn’t really. I got a nod and a pat on the head for it being a good business maneuver. But my friendship with Haruhi… a commoner and someone who wouldn’t even normally be a blip on his radar… he actually talked to Yuzuru Suoh about arranging a marriage between us. Granted it was just about the time that Tamaki and Haruhi started dating so it didn’t go over well, but still. When they broke up, I was told to pursue her but by that time, I was starting to realize that I didn’t want to be known as Yoshio Ootori’s youngest son and his clone. So I held myself back for a long time.”

“What changed?”

“A game the twins decided to play with Haruhi and I was dragged into it. Not that I am complaining, though. When I told my father that we were dating he seemed pleased… until I told him that she was also dating Hikaru and I was ok with it. He flew into a rage and demanded that I secure her for myself alone or be cast out of the Ootori family. He sees her as a moldable and useful tool. He also thinks that if it is shown that he welcomed a commoner into the family that somehow he will be thought to be more compassionate.”

“I don’t think your father could ever be described as compassionate.”

“He can’t but the markets are showing a marked trend in businesses with philanthropic core belief and he needs to make sure he is always on the cutting edge of business. Molding a commoner, and a female one at that, he thinks will be a good public relations move.”


“But it will only work for him if I have the sole claim to her. We all know that that isn’t going to happen. I knew it from the moment I saw the look in Hika’s eyes when he looked at her after kissing her for the first time. Neither of us would give up, but we knew that if we fought over her, we both would lose. So we shared her, and fell in love with each other in the process. That is something my father will not be able to forgive. Since we came out publically on Sunday it is only a matter of time.”

Takashi pulled into the parking lot of the gallery. “What are you going to do?”

Kyouya’s smile was grim. “Right now, I am going to enjoy an art exhibit with a good friend. Dealing with my father can wait.”



Two hours later when Takashi and Kyouya were sitting in the same quiet Japanese restaurant that Kyouya and Hikaru had tried a few days before, Kyouya’s phone rang. Looking at the screen with a frown he did something that Takashi had never seen him do before – he hit the disregard button and sent it to voicemail. Over the next half hour while they finished up their food, Kyouya did it again three more times. It wasn’t until they were back in the car and heading back to the House and Kyouya did it for the fifth time that Takashi finally asked. “What is it?”

“My father. I don’t feel like talking to him right now.”

“Won’t he be furious that you are ignoring him?”


Sure enough within a matter of moments, Kyouya’s phone chirped letting him know he had a text message. Seeing it was from his sister Fuyumi, he opened it.

Brother! What is going on? A business associate of father’s came to the house earlier and cornered father in his office. When he left, he looked smug. As soon as the front door shut behind him, I heard a loud crashing noise in the Library. He yelled your name and then stomped up to his wing. I peeked into the Library and the prize Ming vase you gave him last year was in pieces. When I went upstairs, I could hear him shouting at his assistant to get his plane ready. He left the house fifteen minutes ago in a rage unlike I have ever seen him in before. I fear for you brother. – FO

As if Fuyumi’s text was a plug being pulled, all the color drained from Kyouya’s face and he hit his head hard on the back of the seat.

Takashi looked over at his friend, “What is it, Kyouya?”

Taking a deep breath and trying to calm the suddenly sick feeling in his stomach, Kyouya replied. “It’s begun. I have no more time left.” He read aloud Fuyumi’s text. Furiously he began to type back.

Fear not for me, my sister. I have made a choice that Father will never accept. I knew that there would be consequences for it but you and I both know that I will never have Father’s affection the same way Akito and Yuuichi do. I have long since resigned myself to that fact because I had you. You cared for me in your own way when no one, not even mother would stand against father’s wishes. So I will tell you first. I have publically declared that I am dating both Haruhi Fujioka and Hikaru Hitachiin. – KO

“What will you do?” Takashi asked before resting his hand on Kyouya’s arm.

Kyouya drew strength from the small contact. “My father will cut me off. I will never be welcome again at the Ootori Family Home. He will have everything in my rooms destroyed on his return. Not that it has ever been home-like, but there are some things that I would like to keep.”

“Would your sister be willing to go against your father and gather them for you? She can bring them to the Morinozuka mansion.”

“She may… if she even responds to my last message.” No sooner had the words left his mouth when his phone beeped again.

But I already knew that both you and Hikaru Hitachiin were dating Haruhi. Father was upset with it but I thought that had passed. – FO

Kyouya sighed as he responded.

No. Father was temporarily placated as long as he thought that I would pursue her and win her over Hikaru in the end. I was given that as an ultimatum. But I wouldn’t make Haruhi choose between us. I love her too much for that. What has sent father over the edge is I realize that it isn’t just that I am in love with Haru. Somewhere in the last few months, I have been falling for Hikaru as well and he for me. I am dating BOTH of them. I walked the red carpet on Sunday for the beginning of Fashion Week with both of them. It was obvious by our actions that I was in a relationship with both. I know Father disdains the idea of the Fashion Community so I figured that I was safe until one of the wives of his business associates found out. Then yesterday something else happened that would have made the situation come to Father’s attention much sooner than I would hope. You know Haruhi has been studying martial arts with Mitskune Haninouzouka and Takashi Morinozuka. Yesterday she became the first female to test for her Mastery in front of the Council. She was one of only four who passed the test. I am so proud of her. However, it meant that the two Media worlds collided. We have been followed constantly by the paparazzi since Sunday and it has been headline news on every major network. She and Hika still have some immunity since they are still in school, but I am fair game… and they speculating hard on how the infamous Yoshio Ootori will react to the news of his son’s bisexuality. –KO

Kyouya hit send with trepidation. I know how father will react… How will you react to my coming out sister?

“Is there a reason why she wouldn’t help you? Your sister always seemed to care about you more than your other family did. At least, she was the only one you spoke of with fondness.” Takashi asked.

“She is truly the only one that I care about. But I don’t know how she will react to my bisexuality. She adores Haruhi, is always flirting with Tamaki, and thinks the twins are adorable – much to their amusement. She looked at me funny when I told her that Hika was dating Haruhi too, but she never actually commented on it.”

The beep of a response got Kyouya’s attention.

Go Haruhi!! – FO

Kyouya started laughing.

But seriously, brother. WOW! All of this must have happened pretty recently or you are getting better at hiding things from me. I never would have thought that another man would capture your attention (unless it was Tamaki Suoh) but who you love is not as important as the fact that you are actually admitting that you are in love. For what it’s worth you have my support. I will even tell father that if he should deign to ask me. -FO

A weight lifted off of Kyouya’s chest as he read her response. He responded back quickly.

It means more to me than you know that I have your support but I would ask that you remain quiet to Father about it. I do not want your husband’s business to suffer his wrath. But I have a request – There isn’t much in my room that has sentimental value but if you could gather my journals, any photographs of the Host Club members, and the stuffed dragon Haruhi gave me last Valentine’s Day into a box and have it sent over to the Morinozuka Estate, I would be forever grateful. – KO

I can do that. I will send you a message when I am done. You have good friends. – FO

Takashi pulled the Land Rover back into the garage at the Maison de Roses just as Kyouya finished reading. Together the men got out of the vehicle, grabbed all of the bags from earlier in the day and headed toward the house. Using the key that Tamaki had given them earlier they let themselves in. The house was dark but they were still able to navigate the stairs easily from the residual winter light coming through the windows. Dropping the gear bags in the Dojo, they heard the murmur of voices and a faint splash of water coming from the Conservatory. Smiling serenely, Takashi put his finger over his lips and motioned for Kyouya to meet him back downstairs.

Kyouya stopped briefly in his room to change into a more comfortable shirt and use the facilities before meeting Takashi back in the Library.

“It appears Mitskune and Haruhi decided to stay here. Do you wish to leave again to give them more privacy?” Takashi asked.

“Honestly, I would prefer to spend a quiet evening here – at least until the others return. If we stay on this floor then we shouldn’t disturb them. I need something different to distract me from the upcoming conversation with my father and I would really prefer to avoid the paparazzi.” Kyouya answered as he walked over to the shelf and picked up a chess board. Holding it up, he said, “I believe you owe me a rematch as I was rather preoccupied the last time we played.”

“You’re use of the term preoccupied is amusing,” Takashi responded with a grin that on any other face Kyouya would call devilish. He went over to the sideboard and poured them each two fingers of a well-aged scotch. Still smiling, he handed one to Kyouya and said “Cheers” before continuing, “I maintain I am the better strategist. I took advantage of the circumstances.”

Kyouya smiled and tilted his glass toward Takashi before taking a sip, humming in appreciation. “Interesting thought – in its own way. Haruhi was naked in a bubble bath almost directly above our heads that night. I know that image is as tantalizing to you as it was to me. Even now, our lovers are upstairs doing who knows what to each other. I defy you not to think about it.” Kyouya’s grin matched Takashi’s for deviltry. “Care to wager?”

“Of Course. Best two games of three. What are the stakes?”

“To be determined by the winner. Anything you want taken off the table before we begin?” Kyouya smirked.

“I think I have demonstrated in the last week that not there is not much that I will not do,” Takashi said. “Furthermore, in the name of honesty, there is not much I wouldn’t be willing to do with or for you. You are an attractive man Kyouya Ootori.”

“As are you, Takashi Morinozuka,” Kyouya inclined his head and let heat fill his eyes. “Shall we begin? Do you prefer white or black?”

“Black.” Takashi responded as he settled down across from Kyouya.



An hour and a half later and another scotch, they were tied at one match apiece. After the first match they had paused and lit a fire to combat the faint chill in the air but had declined to turn on any other lights, choosing instead to move closer to the light from the fire to illuminate their game. Between the fire and the scotch both were pleasantly warm and all chill had been eliminated from the room.

“You are demonstrating a much better strategy than you were last week,” Takashi remarked.

“I have to redeem my reputation,” Kyouya answered. “You are an excellent opponent. I prefer a good challenge.”

“As do I,” Takashi inclined his head in agreement.

A trick of the light caused red highlights to appear across Takashi’s dark hair and reflect off of his dark eyes. The combination made something tighten in Kyouya’s chest and he felt the first trickle of blood in his groin. It was this tightness that made him suggest, “This match is for the win. Do you wish to up the stakes?”

Kyouya was not the only one affected by the tricks of the firelight. Takashi had been increasingly distracted by the patterns it traced over his friend’s face and shoulders. But despite what he had said earlier, he was unsure of what Kyouya’s comfort level would be with him. So, he hid it as he had done for so many years focusing instead on their mutual friendship. Still… something in the tone of Kyouya’s voice as he asked the last made him respond, “What do you have in mind?”

“I overheard Hikaru and Kaoru joking about playing a game of strip chess. Each time a piece is captured the loser takes off a piece of clothing.”

“I am familiar with the game. Mitskune and I have played it on several occasions. I am willing.”

“Great,” Kyouya smirked. “Winner takes all.”

“That won’t be the only thing I am taking,” Takashi replied with thinly veiled innuendo. His fingers brushed against Kyouya’s as they replaced the pieces on the board causing an electric current to jump between them.

The first capture went to Kyouya and Takashi removed one of his shoes. The next to Takashi as Kyouya did the same. Several moves later, Kyouya captured one of Takashi’s bishops. As Takashi had already removed his socks, shoes, sweater, t-shirt, he stretched his arms behind his head to grab and remove his undershirt. Kyouya’s breath caught as he watched the finely chiseled chest appear – firelight flickering across the hard planes alternating between illumination and deep shadow. Blood rushed lower in his body and he felt himself get hard. Damn he is beautiful.

Takashi watched the play of emotions across Kyouya’s face. Intrigued by them, since once upon a time the Shadow King would never let something as trivial as desire show; he stood up and came around to stand in front of him. “I want to kiss you. I know I have no claim to your affections but I desire it nonetheless.”

Kyouya stood up, bumping the chess board and knocking over several pieces. Paying it little attention, he focused on the warrior in front of him. “You are my friend and I respect you. You need no claim but desire. I want this.” Reaching out to slide a hand into hair the same dark shade as his, Kyouya leaned forward and pressed his body against Takashi’s. Their lips crashed into each other’s in the same motion. Mouths opened immediately and wet, hot tongues danced with each other in an elaborate fencing match.

With a sound almost approaching a growl, Takashi bunched his hands in the soft material of Kyouya’s t-shirt, breaking body contact only long enough to roughly pull it over Kyouya’s head, before throwing it unheeded across the room and wrapping his muscular arms around Kyouya’s bare back. His fingers pressing against the dragon inked into Kyouya’s skin, as Kyouya grabbed a handful of Takashi’s hair tightly in one hand and gripped his hip with enough pressure to leave bruises with the other.

The pressure of Takashi’s hands on his back brought an answering growl from Kyouya. Instinct and desire long hidden caused him to tighten his grip in Takashi’s hair and roughly pull his head to the side to bare the long line of his neck. Without hesitation, Kyouya bit down on the muscle hard, the resultant groan causing his already firm cock to harden even more. The hand on Takashi’s hip, slid between them to rub against the bulge barely hidden by the thin material of Takashi’s trousers. With a rough voice, he spoke into Takashi’s ear, “I want to wrap my lips around your cock and hear you beg for more as I make you come. Then while you are still recovering, I want to fuck you senseless. I want you quivering under me when I am done. Are you interested?”

“Yes.” The simple statement held far more in it than just a word.

Needing no further encouragement, Kyouya pushed hard against Takashi’s shoulders, which sent him stumbling backwards and caused him to fall on one of the couches. Eyes holding the glint of command, he said, “Strip, then put your hands above your head. I want to see that glorious chest spread out before me while I suck you.”

Instantly Takashi complied and was rewarded with the sight of a shirtless Kyouya climbing on top of him. Even as he fought against the sensation that flooded his body as Kyouya took his erect cock in his long fingers, Takashi managed to gasp, “Your pants.”

Smiling evilly in a way that reminded Takashi of Mitskune at his most dominant, Kyouya responded, “I will remove them when I am ready to fuck you. Not before.” Then he leaned further forward and licked one long line up the side of Takashi’s cock, relishing the way Takashi’s body shuddered underneath him.

“Yes sir…” Takashi felt as if every nerve in his body was tied into the movement of Kyouya’s mouth and hands. When Kyouya circled his thumb and forefinger together and slid them down to put pressure on the base before following the motion with his warm wet mouth, Takashi couldn’t help but arch his hips up to meet Kyouya’s lips, a long moan escaping from his throat. “gods…”

Quickly Kyouya slid back up it covering his teeth with his lips, but still using enough pressure to make sure Takashi felt every movement. He quickly built a rhythm of lips, wet swirling tongue, and circling fingers on one hand while the other looped another circle around the top of his balls – fingers lightly playing against the delicate skin.

“Kyouya…” Takashi moaned his name as his body arched and twisted against the others.

Kyouya for his part was hard as a rock as he savored the feel of firm flesh in his mouth. Takashi tasted faintly of salt, sweat, and tang that Kyouya recognized as pure male, having experienced it after kissing Haruhi and Hikaru after they had gone down on him. As he watched Takashi’s normally stoic face twist into uncontrolled desire as his body bucked into his stroking fingers, he moved until he was fully on top, face near Takashi’s. One hand still stroking slowly up and down – tight enough to keep Takashi on the edge but not enough to push him over. Whispering in his ear, he asked, “Do you want to come Takashi?”

“Yes… oh gods, yes.”

“You know what to do then.” Kyouya’s voice held so much control it was nearly enough to send Takashi over alone, but Kyouya had purposely slowed down enough to prevent that from happening.

“Please, Kyouya..” Takashi gasped.

“Pretty… but I know you can do better.” Kyouya nipped at Takashi’s earlobe and squeezed a bit tighter.

“Please… please… I am so close.”

“I can keep you here for another hour… Do better.”

Takashi groaned, “gods… GODS… KYOUYA… Please, please PLEASE!! Let me come. I beg you! PLEASE!!”

Kyouya twisted his fingers and gave three quick hard strokes.

“Arrggghhh…” Takashi cried out as he shot his load halfway up his naked chest; his chest heaved as he labored to draw in breath to calm his wildly beating heart.

“Mmmm… much better.” Kyouya said as he slid his fingers through the cum on Takashi’s chest. “But I am not done yet.” He pressed two cum soaked fingers against the tight ring of Takashi’s ass hole, rubbing gently. “Do you still want this?”

‘YES!” Takashi gasped out breath still uneven and heartbeat still accelerated. “I don’t need much stretching.” He cried out again when Kyouya slid his cum drenched fingers into the tight hole and started working them around. A few more strokes and he was arching again against Kyouya’s fingers, cock half stirring to attention. “Fuck me… please.”

Kyouya pulled is fingers out and Takashi mourned their loss with a groan. Standing up, he moved his hands to the waistband of his trousers. Unbuckling his belt he asked, “Condom or no? I know you and Mitskune are clean, as am I.”

“I would prefer none but I leave it to your discretion.”

“None it is,” Kyouya dropped his pants and stood naked before Takashi. “But I seem to have left the lube upstairs. Shall I go get it, or can you think of another way to get me slippery enough to fuck you?” Kyouya stroked one hand down his cock as he asked the question. He made no move to walk to the door which told Takashi what the right answer was.

Fluidly in a way only he and Hani were capable of, Takashi rolled off the couch and knelt before Kyouya, looking up at him before taking Kyouya into his mouth.

“Good decision,” Kyouya said as he set his hands on Takashi’s shoulders. “Mmm… wetter.”

Takashi swirled his tongue around and took him deeper.

“Yessss…” Kyouya’s voice hissed as he drew out the final letter. He let Takashi work him for a few moments more before saying, “That should be sufficient. On your knees on the couch - It’s my turn to come.”

Immediately Takashi got back up on the couch, knees bent, ass in the air, and his head pressed into the cushion. He braced his hands against the arm of the chair.

Kyouya knelt behind him, still stroking his own cock firmly. Using a few drops of his own precum, he relubricated the area sliding in first one finger then another. “Still so eager for me, Takashi… Get ready.” With a smooth motion, Kyouya pressed his cock against the tight hole.

As Kyouya pressed forward, Takashi pushed back – impaling himself on Kyouya’s cock. A long moan escaped both of their lips as Kyouya was fully seated. Kyouya breathed, “You are so tight.”

“Fuck me… please.” Takashi managed to get out around the sensations that were flooding his body.

Kyouya began to move, pulling out slow at first just to hear the agonized sounds from Takashi’s throat as he tried not to complain that it was too slow. He shifted his hips and thrust a bit harder – stopping just before brushing against Takashi’s prostrate. A wicked smile crossed his face at the frustrated moan and the shift of Takashi’s hips as he tried to close the distance. He said, “Is there something you want to ask? You begged so prettily before, it would be a shame if I never got to hear it again.”


“Close enough,” Kyouya said as he thrust hard and hit the spot. Unable to hold himself back any longer, he started rocking into Takashi, his body bent forward to press his chest against Takashi’s back. Harder and faster he moved, his moans echoing the ones that Takashi pressed into the cushion. He was so focused on the man beneath him; he never noticed the door to the Library opening the merest fraction or its soft whoosh as it closed solidly after. He just lost himself in the rhythm and the feel of Takashi’s trembling body as it approached another climax. With two more strokes, he felt Takashi’s body clench so tightly around him that it forced him over the edge. With a strangled scream he lost his control and felt his body release in throbbing waves, echoed by the walls of Takashi’s body as his climax mirrored Kyouya’s and his arms gave out, collapsing him on top of Takashi.

They lay like that for what seemed like an eternity as their hearts slowed. Finally, Kyouya pulled out and rolled over to lie on his side next to his friend.

Takashi opened one very lethargic eye and looked at Kyouya. With a heart-stopping smile he said, “I don’t even care about finishing the game. I forfeit. You absolutely, hands down, won that match.”

Kyouya started laughing. “I’ll make sure to claim my prize as soon as I can feel my body again. Gods damn, Takashi. Hani is a very lucky man. I will make sure to tell him too… as soon as my body starts working again.”

Takashi smiled. “The luck belongs to all of us. We have each other. That is all that will ever matter.”

“Agreed.” Kyouya looked up and grinned at the state of the room. “However, the others will never let us live it down if they catch us together like this.” He gestured to the room. “We are both known for our fastidiousness… We have managed to make the Library look like the twin’s bedroom. Hikaru would tease us mercilessly.”

Takashi grinned back, “Well then, we will just have to clean it up and make sure they only catch us naked in bed together.”

Kyouya threw his head back and laughed. “Sounds like a fantastic plan.”

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