The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


28. Release

“Tamaki. You broke the rules. I think it’s time for your punishment.”

The blond in question wasn’t sure if those were the sweetest words he had ever heard out of his best friend’s mouth or the most terrifying. It didn’t help that Kyouya’s tight leather pants and dragon tattoo were driving Tamaki to distraction and had been all night. Even now, as Kyouya leveled “that look” on him as he awaited Tama’s response, the blonde was still fighting his body’s reactions. His cock was hard in anticipation, but the voice of fear and self-doubt kept whispering insidious things which were undermining his confidence – especially where his best friend and the person he had been attracted to the longest were concerned.

Hani could see the struggle on his friend’s face and knew exactly what Tamaki was going through. On a few rare occasions, he had come across another Dominant that for some reason had the right kind of energy to make him want to submit. What Hani found amusing was, Kyouya seemed to be fast becoming one of those rare exceptions for him, even though the man had little experience in the BDSM world. He’s a natural at being a Dom, the way Haruhi was a natural member of the Host Club. It’s their aura, energy, whatever hokey word you want to use to describe it, but it is a very real thing. It’s the balance. No matter how Dominant you are, there will always be at least one person you would be willing to submit to. No matter how submissive, there will always be one person you want to dominate.

“Tamaki, are you listening?” Kyouya’s voice was still cool and full of command, but there was a slight softening of the tone, this time as if he knew some of Tamaki’s conflict.

“Ye-es.” Tamaki stuttered. The words just barely escaping his lips.

“Kyouya sir,” Hani cut in, hoping to buy his friend a bit more time. He asked respectfully as befit his role tonight, ”If I may ask, which rule did Tama-chan break? And how are you going punish him?”

Kyouya saw what Hani was trying to do and let go a small sigh of relief. He really didn’t want to make Tama do something that would cause him harm, either mentally or physically, and he really didn’t think his idea would. In fact, he had a feeling Tamaki would enjoy it very much, if he could get past the fear and ask. Hani asking for him, would give him a chance to hear it and decide if he wanted to call Red or not.

“He broke the second rule that he wasn’t supposed to touch himself, unless he asked permission from all of us first. His punishment will be to crawl over to me and beg for forgiveness. He will need to show me exactly how far he is willing to go to please me.” Kyouya casually brushed a hand over the bulge in his leather pants, before resting it on his hip, knowing Hani would understand his meaning.

A wicked smile grew on Hani’s face. Oh that is something that Tamaki will like for sure. Hell, I want to do it too. An idea popped in his head, one he didn’t think Kyouya wouldn’t challenge him on, if he worded it right. Making sure his eyes were downcast and his voice carried an apologetic tone, he said, “Sir, I must confess that Tamaki wasn’t the only one who broke that rule.”

Tamaki head whipped over to look at the other blond as he said the words, before staring up to Kyouya to see how he would react.

“Is that so Hani? When did this occur if I may ask?” Kyouya laughed quietly as he saw the mischief in Hani’s eyes even as they tried to look contrite. “We all saw you behave over the last two scenes.”

Thinking fast, Hani replied, “It was after the Andromeda scene when I was sucking on Hikaru’s fingers. He had turned to look at Haruhi and Kaoru and you were talking to Tama-chan. My back was to Takashi so he couldn’t see me and I thought I could get away with a quick stroke. I was wrong. It’s not fair for you to punish Tamaki for touching himself and not punish me too.” Lifting his eyes, he put the full force of his Lolita personality into the gaze.

Kyouya grinned. “Fair enough. You broke the rules as well and you will share the punishment. Since you broke them while you should have been paying attention to Hikaru, I think you need to beg his forgiveness.”

Hikaru threw a smoldering glance at Hani, which he returned easily.

“I will DEFINITELY show Hikaru how sorry I am and how much I want to please him.” Hani’s words held not a drop of remorse but a whole lot of undisguised heat. He faintly heard Kaoru whisper into Hikaru’s ear “Top to bottom, my twin. After this you are mine.” So that’s the way Hika-chan’s Switchiness works! Top to bottom, while Kao-chan’s is obviously bottom to Top… and since Kyo-chan knew that, he also knew that basically having Hika top me for this, would have him exactly where Kao needs him later. Damn that man is devious.

Kyouya caught Hani’s eyes and saw his wink of respect. He knew Hani had grasped the game at play. Now he had to make sure Tamaki did. Turning to Tamaki he asked again. “Now that you know what is going to be required. Are you willing to accept your punishment?”

The paralysis that held Tamaki had loosened as soon as Hani had admitted to breaking the rule as well and accepted his punishment. He hadn’t missed the subtle motion of Kyouya’s hand across his groin and the desire to finally get a chance to taste his best friend overrode any fear of rejection, pain, or humiliation. Letting the lust show through his eyes, he responded. “Yes. I am.”

“Good. You may begin at any time.”

Tamaki immediately got onto his hands and knees and slowly started crawling his way across the floor to where Kyouya leaned back against the cabana, one leg crossed lazily over the other. He held his head up high and stared directly at Kyouya as he made each movement count, showing off the naturally flexible body that had made all those girls back in the Host club faint. On a whim, he decided to play the scene up to the absolute maximum and turned the full weight of his Prince-Charming-sex-god charisma on the one person he never thought would appreciate it.

Kyouya had never been on the receiving end and was stunned by the force of Tamaki’s personality. He desperately tried to maintain his cool even as he mentally apologized to all the girls he had dismissed as “silly” who had succumbed to it. Without thinking, he looked up from Tamaki and sought out Haruhi, where she was still sitting wrapped in a blanket on Takashi’s lap. Only when he met her eyes, he discovered hers were laughing at him even as they held a hint of commiseration and understanding. Seeing her grin, in a flash he realized that his lover had probably been pinned under the full weight of a turned-on Tamaki before, while none of the others had really experienced the full intensity of the experience. How could they? Tamaki never fully let this part of his personality show. He saw her whisper the words “Enjoy it.” Taking her advice, he licked his lips and smirked down at Tamaki. Fine, he wants to play that way… I can play his game.

Tamaki watched as Kyouya broke his gaze first, a flash of something like panic flitting across the silver eyes so quickly, Tamaki wasn’t sure if it was really there. But when silver eyes met violet ones again, the heat was back and burning at full force, holding a challenge Tamaki was quite ready to meet.

Finally reaching the feet of the Shadow King, Tamaki sat back on his knees and looked up. “I am sorry I broke the rule you set, but I am not sorry for this. I have wanted this for far too long.” Slowly he slid his hands up the supple leather, caressing the muscles – up Kyouya’s calves, thighs, then around the sides to caress the back of his thighs and the tightly muscled ass. Just the barest hint of a smile crossed his lips as Kyouya released a breath that wasn’t quite a sigh, but definitely was something Tamaki hadn’t heard from his best friend before. Leaning forward, he pressed his face into the bulge at the front of the leather pants and slid his hands upward, letting the nails scratch lightly up Kyouya’s back, as he rubbed his face like a cat across Kyouya’s erection. “Let me pleasure you. Please. I want so badly to taste you. To run my tongue across this hardness. To feel your release against the back of my throat.”

Kyouya’s body was smoldering and Tamaki’s words flipped it into a full blaze. With a growl, he slid his hands into the silky tresses and locked them in place, pulling on the hair hard to cause the same pleasure/almost-pain sensation that Hani had done earlier that day to Haruhi. It had the same effect – Tamaki froze and a low moan escaped his lips. Unable to hold out any longer, he said roughly. “Suck me, Tamaki. I want you to make me cum.”

As if the words caused the last barrier to fall, Tamaki slid his nails hard down Kyouya’s back, ripped open the fly on the leather pants and took the erect member fully into his mouth in one swallow, causing Kyouya to gasp, throw his head back and groan loudly as the warm wetness enclosed him. He loosened his grasp on Tamaki’s hair, but kept his hands tangled in it, the silk of it against his skin just one more sensation he let himself feel. He was grateful for the cabana behind him, so he had something to lean against, otherwise Tamaki’s first assault would have dropped him to his knees, and Tamaki’s current use of his tongue and hands would have kept him there. My gods, Tamaki has a talented tongue. The idle thought was soon chased away by pure sensation as Tamaki, sucked, kissed, and licked his way around Kyouya’s cock and balls, causing the groaning sounds that Tamaki had been waiting a lifetime to hear.

Across the room, Hikaru wasn’t far off from Kyouya in terms of sensory overload. Hani had pressed him back into the pillows and was alternating between sucking his cock, and stroking it while he bit his way up Hikaru’s chest, leaving faint red marks where his teeth had been. He never bit hard enough to cause Hikaru to cross his pleasure/pain threshold, and as a consequence was rapidly making the younger man arch and moan into the hands and mouth that were causing him so much sensation. When Hani circled one index finger and thumb around Hikaru’s balls at the base of his cock, slowly sliding the other hand up and down the rigid member before replacing his hand with his mouth, tongue and the lightest grazing of his teeth, Hikaru nearly jumped off the floor as the scream of pleasure flew out of him. Reaching out blindly to grab Hani’s hair, he barely managed to gasp out, “Swallow me” before flooding Hani’s mouth with the force of his release.

With a smile around the hard pulsing object in his mouth, Hani obediently did so and was rewarded with Hikaru’s long slow groan, as the action of swallowing squeezed his still throbbing cock a few more times. Finally the throbbing eased and he was able to look down into the laughing eyes of the older man as he slowly and deliberately slid his mouth off Hikaru. Taking a shaking breath, he sat up, leaned forward and kissed Hani lazily, tasting himself and the sweetness that was just naturally Hani. With a smile, he said, “If that’s how you bottom, I am damn curious to see you Top!”

Hani started laughing. “Oh, I think that can be arranged Hika-chan.” With a smile he snuggled up between Kaoru and Hikaru to finish watching Tamaki and Kyouya.



Haruhi was quite content and she cherished the feeling. She could feel the warmth of Takashi’s skin through the thin blanket and the rigidness of him under her hip. She could still feel their heartbeats in perfect time. It was a comfortable feeling, though the way he had made her feel a few minutes before could never be described as anything close to mundane or comfortable. Takashi would be an amazing lover. He knows when to push, when to control, and how to give exactly what his partner needs, even if that partner doesn’t know it themselves. Hani is so in tune to him and vice versa. They function so perfectly together it reminds me of Hika and Kao… Thinking of Hikaru made her turn to watch the way Hani was tormenting him. Oh yeah, Hani is good. Hika is practically levitating. He isn’t going to be able to last much longer. She watched the way Hani circled Hikaru with his hands and the result. Hmmm… I may need to remember that move. It definitely got a response out of him. She giggled as she felt the heartbeat behind her intensify and the breathing of the man holding her get a bit more labored. It got a response out of Takashi too. Gently she slid off of his lap, and removed the blanket from around her shoulders. Instinctively Takashi’s arms tightened around her, but when she leaned back onto his chest they relaxed again. OK, so Taka is not quite ready to let me go, though obviously watching Hani suck Hikaru is turning him on. Not that I am complaining, I will enjoy every moment I can get with my partner. She quickly lifted her eyes and saw that a small smile was on his face as he watched his lover with hers. But after it was obvious Hikaru was coming down from his release, Takashi focused again on Kyouya and Tamaki. They are definitely worth watching. I can’t believe how much of a turn on it is being able to watch my lovers and friends enjoy themselves. It doesn’t feel odd or wrong, it feels perfect… and Tamaki and Kyouya together are damn near perfect themselves. Like I tried to impart to Kyouya, I know exactly how it feels to be pinned by the charisma that is Tamaki at his most kingly. He is impossible to resist. But my Kyouya has his own natural ability to hold out endlessly, so it is quite entertaining to watch the battle of wills unfold. Suddenly something from the lecture earlier clicked. Tamaki will win the battle by his submission. I understand it now. For all that Kyouya demanded it, it was Tama’s choice to respond how he did and dear gods is he giving it all to Kyouya.

Kyouya was fast losing all control. One hand was still locked in Tamaki’s hair while the other had a death grip on the bed behind him – the only thing that kept him upright. Tamaki’s mouth had worked him to the very edge and Tama’s eyes as they stared up into his let him know Tama knew it. Give in. Give it to me. The violet eyes begged as the tongue did another series of swirls around Kyouya’s rock hard cock. With a growl, Kyouya lost it; shooting his load like a bullet at the back of Tamaki’s greedy mouth. His cock throbbing almost painfully at the force of it, as his heart threatened to beat its way out of his chest.

Tamaki sighed in happiness as he swallowed every drop, continuing to let his tongue slide up and down the now throbbing but still rigid member. He was determined to make Kyouya’s orgasm last for as long as he possibly could, his own hard and pulsing cock forgotten in the joy of pleasing another. After an eternity, he felt Kyouya start to soften and with a last murmur of regret, he released it, looking up to meet the silver eyes shining back at him.

Slowly Kyouya reached down and pulled Tamaki up against his chest. Hard, ready cock pressed against recently satisfied cock as Kyouya claimed Tamaki’s lips in a devastating kiss, one hand gripping the tight ass of the blonde man and the other gently holding the back of his neck. Kyouya let all of his emotion be present in the kiss as he tasted the faint traces of the saltiness of his cum on Tamaki’s tongue. Slowly, languorously, he ended the kiss and just held the other man to his chest as his heartbeat calmed.

Tamaki was lost in the moment, lost in Kyouya’s kiss and the feel of his naked body pressed against Kyouya’s semi-nude one. As the kiss broke and the raven haired man continued to hold him, Tamaki smiled. A sense of mischievousness, stole over him as he asked, “So did I please you? Do you forgive me for touching myself?”

“Yeah. I guess you could say that.” Kyouya grinned down at his friend. “I apologize to all the women that I dismissed because they fell under your spell. I had no idea until it was turned on me. You are fucking amazing, my friend. I hope that you know that.”

Tamaki blushed as pretty much everyone else in the room agreed with Kyouya. Turning to the others, he saw them start to shift positions and get up off the cushions. Hani pouncing on Takashi and Hikaru and Kaoru linking hands. “Wait… what’s happening? Is everyone leaving?”

“Sorry Tama-chan, but if I don’t get Takashi under me soon I am going to explode. I’ll come back up tomorrow morning and clean up.” At his words, Takashi picked the smaller man up and started walking to the door rapidly, throwing a hurried ‘Goodnight’ over his shoulders at the others.

Hikaru and Kaoru walked over to where Kyouya and Tamaki still stood by the cabana. Hikaru gently pressed his lips to Kyouya, while Kaoru did the same to Tamaki. They then said in unison, “We will see you tomorrow morning.”

The men watched as the twins engulfed Haruhi the way they always used to, causing her to giggle. Both planted deep teasing kisses on her before they gave her a saucy grin and started walking away, wiggling their butts at her as they did so. With a sassy smile, Haruhi smacked Hikaru’s ass, while Kaoru grinned at her. She said with a wink, “See you tomorrow loves!”

Tamaki looked at the two remaining people and panicked. He knew that they also were ready to go to bed, but he wasn’t ready to end the night… alone and with only his hand to release the pressure that had been held in check all night.

Haruhi saw the emotions rushing across Tamaki’s face. Slanting a questioning glance at Kyouya she smiled as he nodded in response. Walking up to her ex-boyfriend, she caressed a hand up his chest and asked, “Tama, what’s wrong?”

Tamaki leaned into the caress and looked down at the small woman in front of him. Realizing she was still topless and her nipples were reacting to their closeness, he stammered a bit as he responded. “I don’t want the night to end… I… I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

“Then come with Kyouya and me. Stay with us tonight.”

Blinking in astonishment, he asked, “What? Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude and I don’t want to be there if you are only feeling sorry for me. It sounds bad, I know, but I have wanted to be with you both so badly for so long and it will break me if you are only being kind and humoring me. I would rather just stay alone.”

Kyouya stepped behind Tamaki and drew him back against his chest, while Haruhi stepped closer, closing the last of the distance and winding her arms around Tamaki’s neck. With a purr against his lips and the grinding of her lace clad hips against his cock, she whispered. “Not a pity fuck, I promise you. I have missed you, more than I wanted to admit, watching you and Kyouya together tonight brought it home. I want you both, tonight and for as long as I can have you.” Stretching up, she closed the difference between their lips and teased his with her tongue, before slipping it inside his mouth, while Kyouya laid small bites up and down Tamaki’s neck to show his full compliance with her words. Pulling back slightly she said in a low tone, she knew that Tamaki adored, “Now as I see it, Kyouya just had an orgasm that blew his mind. You on the other hand have been so very patient and so very hard all night long without any release. What do you say to finding that release in me? I know I have cum, but I haven’t had a hard cock in me at all tonight. I want to come one last time. Will you help me with that?”

“Dear gods, yes. Yes. YES. Whenever, wherever you need.” Tamaki let his love for her shine in his eyes. “Your wish is my command Princess.”

“Your wish is OUR command.” Kyouya corrected with a smile and led them both downstairs to Haruhi’s room, where a soft bed waited.

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