The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


34. Red Carpet

Haruhi stared at her reflection in the mirror and had a hard time recognizing herself. The shoulder length brown hair the guys had practically begged her to grow out was now swept up into a sleek updo, with a few tendrils to fall around her face. Fiery red extensions were woven through her hair and the wisps around her face to add a color accent to match the elegant but edgy style of the dress she wore. Unlike Renge’s long dress whose style was more classically elegant made trendy by the slightly sheer shimmery material and Hikaru’s Avant Garde styling of the emerald choker, Haruhi’s dress was much edgier, explaining the bright red accent colors in her hair. The dress itself was relatively simple – a satin strapless A-line with a sweetheart neckline ending mid-thigh. It was black, but had red satin ribbon trim around the neckline, crisscrossing across the front, with a corset tie on the back. Haruhi would have been mortified at the short length, if she wasn’t also wearing shimmering red tights that matched the color of the ribbons and thigh high lace-up leather heeled boots. I think Hika may have some secret fantasy that he manifested in these boots. They are seriously sexy and I have never really considered myself to be a shoe fanatic, but with these, black lace boy-shorts, and a lace bra, I could totally make my lovers do anything I wanted. Hell, I could probably get all the guys to do anything. She smiled to herself. Not that I really have that much desire to take control, but damn these boots feel good. Even the heel, which is far higher than I am used to, feels comfortable and sexy. I am not used to thinking of myself that way. Topping off the dress was a black velvet almost-bolero styled jacket. It had a mandarin neckline that covered her shoulders, but was completely open across her chest. The sleeves ended in a slightly bell-shaped cuff. It attached discreetly to the dress in a couple of points, so it completely covered her back and stayed exactly where it was supposed to. Kaoru and Hikaru are incredible at this. I don’t have the body of your standard runway model, but this fits my body perfectly and even I can admit that it looks incredible.

A low whistle brought her attention back to the present, as Renge walked back into the room, slightly flushed, but grinning in delight. “Dayum Haruhi, you look fucking fantastic and I say that with all possible connotations of the words.”

Haruhi burst out in laughter at Renge’s shocking words. Any sort of fear that was threatening to creep up, completely disappeared. She looked her friend up and down. “So do you as a matter of fact. That dress looks like it was designed for you.”

Interestingly enough, that comment made Renge blush even deeper, but before Haruhi could comment on it, the hair stylist Pierre interrupted, “Mon Dieu! Together you two are fantastique! But I have an idea to make you better!!” Imperiously he pointed at Renge, “You!! Sit!! I need to add one more thing to your hair.”

Within moments, Renge had aqua extensions threaded through her updo in a way that complimented Haruhi’s, but still worked perfectly with the dress she was wearing. The aqua was striking against her honey blond hair.

“Wow.” Renge breathed as she looked in the mirror once Pierre had finished working his magic. “That does look incredible!” Turning to look at her friend, she saw that Haruhi was nodding her head in agreement. We are wearing totally different designs, but they still share similarities that completely label them as Hitachiin Designs. It really is incredible that Kaoru and Hikaru are still in their last year at Ouran and they have come up with this line. I really think that HDG would blow the fashion world out of the water this week even without all the other press that is going to follow. Allegra Versace doesn’t have a chance at winning the bet with Yuzuha. She grinned evilly, the pride at being even a small part of the group that was going to reign over Fashion Week taking hold. Looking back at Haruhi in the mirror to see the same smile reflected on her friend’s face, she noticed something odd. “Haru, you don’t have any jewelry. That seems really odd.”

“Hikaru has it. He wanted to put it on me.”

“Aww… He really does have a romantic streak in him, doesn’t he?”

Haruhi blushed. “He doesn’t like to show it to the world, but it’s there. It’s one of the reasons I love him so much.”

“Well then, we shouldn’t keep him,” the sly smile worked its way back across Renge’s lips, “or shall I say ‘them’ waiting any longer, because all of the boys are going to be drooling. Oh, I can’t wait to see the expressions on everyone’s faces. This is going to be so much fun!” Linking her arm with Haruhi’s, Renge guided them out the door to the staircase.



After Kaoru had left the Renge, he let the others know that the girls were almost ready. Setting aside their game to finish later, Kyouya and Takashi, as well as Hikaru and Hani, stood up and straightened the cuts of their suits. In true Hitachiin Design Group fashion, the suits hinted at the traditional, but were brought to the edge of Avant Garde fashion. All of the guys were in black leather pants, which had made Kyouya smirk to himself when they first put them on, and the suit jackets were a warm wool blend, but the cuts were slightly different on each of them, designed to highlight the unique shape. They wore open collar shirts of different colors and textures, skipping ties completely. Kaoru’s was of the same material as Renge’s, but it was more of a gray than an aqua, though the pendant he wore around his neck matched the vivid color of her dress. Takashi’s and Hani’s shirts were a crisp white satin and they were adamant about wearing the necklaces that Haruhi had given them so long ago claiming that they wouldn’t be visibly on display, so there wasn’t any real need to go overboard on dressing them up. Kaoru had started to protest, but a quelling look from Hani stopped him immediately, while Hikaru smirked at his brother. Tamaki wore a light lavender shirt made of the same material as Kaoru’s, which also managed to make his already stunning violet eyes even more vivid. His necklace was similar in style to Kaoru’s but held a smoky grey diamond rather than an aquamarine. Hikaru’s jacket was made of the same velvet as the top of Haruhi’s dress and the shimmery red shirt also matched the color of the ribbon on her dress. Around his neck he wore a black onyx pendant set in a platinum base. Kyouya wore all black – black leather pants, black satin shirt, and black wool jacket with a vaguely militaristic cut. The only splash of color was a deep ruby pendant around his neck that was a twin to the one around Hikaru’s.

Damn, all of them look amazing. Hikaru played with the necklace in his jacket pocket. I would happily screw any one of them, but Kyouya is driving me to distraction. How can that man make black look so damn good. I swear I am half tempted to say screw the Red Carpet. I just want to drag him upstairs and make him make good on his promise of fucking me senseless.

As if he had heard Hikaru’s thoughts, Kyouya walked over to his lover and slid an arm around waist, pulling him back against his chest before whispering in his ear. “You look fucking amazing and you know these pants are going to drive me crazy all night. How the hell am I supposed to keep this hard-on from showing, when all I want to do is drag you and Haruhi off to someplace that no one could find us, and fuck until we all collapse from exhaustion?”

The dirty words whispered so seductively in his ear, made Hikaru instantly hard. Nonchalantly, he slipped his hand behind him to caress Kyouya’s solid cock through the leather pants. His reward was hearing Kyouya growl under his breath. He was about to turn his head and capture Kyouya’s lips with his own when he heard a startled exclamation from the three he least expected.

“Oh!” Tamaki was the first.

“My!” Hani continued the statement.

“Gods!!” Takashi finished in a voice that managed to combine amazement, lust, and joy.

It was the last that caused Kyouya and Hikaru to look toward the staircase.



Haruhi felt dizzy and was grateful for Renge’s linked arm as she descended the staircase. So much masculine beauty in front of me – Tamaki, Takashi, Hani, Kaoru – oh Yum!! Kyouya and Hikaru – oh dear gods!! How the hell will I be able to keep my hands to myself through this event? They are beyond incredible.

Both Kyouya and Hikaru were completely pole-axed. They couldn’t move as the dangerous beauty that Haruhi had become walked toward them; the leather thigh boots causing her hips to move in a way that screamed sex and dark pleasurable things. Kaoru was the first to approach the women, bending over and kissing Renge’s hand gallantly, before picking up Haruhi, swinging her around, and planting a kiss on her lips to make her laugh.

“You both look abso-fucking fantastic!” Kaoru exclaimed as Tamaki, Hani, and Takashi walked up to confirm and greet them. Hani and Takashi following Kaoru’s example and kissing both on the hand before pressing it to their hearts in the time honored Host Club tradition.

Tamaki followed Kaoru’s other example and kissed Haruhi soundly after gallantly placing a kiss on Renge’s cheek. Whispering in her ear, mischievous delight in his tone, “I think your lovers just had a stroke at seeing you. I never thought I would see the day when Kyouya was speechless, though you do look beyond amazing.” Louder so the others could hear and with a teasing tone he address the two who were still frozen in place in his best Host King voice. “Hey you two! Get over here and greet our princesses properly, or I am going to steal them away forever.”

Tamaki’s voice finally broke through the stasis holding their bodies and both of them rushed forward. The stasis on their tongues was not as easily broken. They were unable to speak but the love, passion, and desire they poured into the kisses that they gave her and the way that once they started touching her, they couldn’t let her go, gave Haruhi all the information she needed to know her lovers were pleased with the way she looked.

Finally finding a moment to come up for air, even as she was still pressed between two very firm male bodies, Haruhi laughed, “It’s a good thing I insisted on the kiss proof lipstick!”

The other’s started laughing again and it was enough to finally loosen both Hikaru and Kyouya’s tongues. Finally remembering their manners, they both approached Renge and bowed over her hands.

“You do look amazing, Renge.” Hikaru said. “The emerald and the streaks in your hair are perfect. It totally makes it look like a HDG design and matches Haruhi without actually matching. You both are going to cause quite a stir tonight.”

Renge flushed at Hikaru’s genuine compliment. “Thank you. It feels amazing. And both of you look wonderful as well. I have no doubt your mother is totally going to win her bet this week and I am proud to be a part of Hitachiin Design Group, even in small way.”

“HDG is glad to have you Renge,” Kaoru answered with a smile just for her.

“Excuse me sirs and my ladies, but the limo has just arrived,” one of the maids said as the chauffer approached the group.

“Thank you, Amanda,” Tamaki said with a smile. Turning back to the others, he gestured to the door, “Shall we go?”

With a final tug and brush of their clothing and glance in the mirror to make sure everything was still perfectly in place, the Host Club filed out of Suoh Guest House and into the waiting limo.

As Hikaru handed her in, he murmured in Haruhi’s ear, “Please tell me that sometime soon you will wear just a pair of panties and those boots for me. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Haruhi’s laughter increased as several voices piped up from inside the limo.

“That’s an excellent idea.”

“Oh please, Haru-chan?”


“Maybe with a feather boa?”

“Dear gods, bestie, I think you are in for a night of trouble. Maybe several nights. Can I watch?”



The laughter and ease remained in the limo, throughout the drive to pick up Yuzuha and then to the Carrousel du Louvre. Yuzuha was elegant in a black backless sequined dress that flashed an underskirt of vibrant purple. As she sat in the limo with her sons and their friends, she radiated smug contentment, especially as she saw Hikaru and Kyouya’s linked hands on Haruhi’s lap as she sat between them. Tamaki’s hand brushed up against Kaoru’s shoulder and didn’t move as it rested across the top of the seat as Kaoru tried to lean nonchalantly into it, while discreetly giving Renge’s hand a squeeze or two as she started to exhibit feelings of nervousness. So Kaoru and Tamaki as well as Kaoru and Renge… Hmmm…Yuzuha’s sharp eyes didn’t miss anything even in the dimness of the limo. But it’s not openly acknowledged between any of them yet. I wonder if Renge has told him about Mai. Probably not, though it looks like she will soon. He definitely hasn’t told her about Tamaki though. Likely he will tell her when she tells him… Speaking of Tamaki, he also seems to be giving covert lustful glances toward Hikaru, Kyouya, and Haruhi. Scratch that, it’s more geared to Kyouya and Haruhi. Even more interesting – Kyouya has glanced back a few times… Well, well, well… this is a VERY interesting turn of events!! She turned her head to Haruhi, curious about what her reaction was and found the chocolate brown eyes staring back at hers with a slightly challenging smirk and an acknowledgement. She watched as Haruhi’s eyes slowly slid to Takashi and Hani before returning to capture her own. So Takashi and Hani are also in the mix somewhere. Dear gods, what are these children up to? Not that I have room to throw stones, I made sure that Hika and Kao always saw the love their father and I had for each other and our solidarity in raising them. They never knew that our relationship was also an open one and both of us had several lovers on the side including same-sex lovers. Maybe that is something that I could share. Hika already understands; I can see that in his relationship with Haruhi and Kyouya. Kaoru may need just a bit more encouragement to know that it really is all right and that he won’t be judged, at least in this family, for loving who he wants. This time Yuzuha caught Haruhi’s eyes and let the pride, acceptance, and love she felt for her adopted daughter and her sons fill them.

Haruhi smiled and basked in the warmth of Yuzuha’s total acceptance. She knew she was taking a slight risk in letting Yuzuha in on the secret about Hani and Takashi, but she calculated that Yuzuha would have figured it out eventually. She was just relieved to see the absolute acceptance and determination to protect in the golden eyes. Yuzuha is an amazing woman and I am so incredibly glad that she accepted me. I feel like I am a real part of the Hitachiin family and it’s not just because of Hikaru and Kaoru.

“Wow. It’s really quiet in here,” Hani stated.

“Sorry Mitskune, I am sure the excitement has just gotten a bit overwhelming,” Yuzuha answered smoothly. “Fashion Week can be crazy. Speaking of, do all of you know the plan for tonight?”

“I believe so,” Tamaki answered. “The limo will drop the six of you off and then bring the three of us to the VIP area. Kyouya and Haruhi will join us after walking the carpet.”

“Exactly. Though there is one thing that I think I want to change, because it seems the right thing to do,” Yuzuha responded. “At the end of the Highlight’s Fashion Show, all of the designers and the models walk out together for one turn around the catwalk. I would be honored if all of you would join Hikaru, Kaoru, Renge and I. After all, you are all wearing HDG designs, but more importantly, your friendship and support are keystones of this collection and it seems appropriate to share that.”

Half the limo was stunned by Yuzuha’s announcement, while the other half grinned. It was Takashi who finally answered for them. “We would be honored Yuzuha-san.”

“Good. Now Haruhi, I think you are still missing something,” Yuzuha gestured toward her throat.

Hikaru blushed. “Oops! Sorry!! I completely forgot!! Thank you mother for reminding me.” He pulled out a necklace with an intricately designed pendant that matched the intertwined dragon and phoenix tattoo on her back perfectly, only in the center instead of the kanji for love, there was a yin-yang made of ruby and onyx. Leaning close he attached it behind Haruhi’s neck where it fell perfectly in the open space provided by the dress.

“It’s beautiful!” Haruhi said with rears glistening in her eyes. “It’s perfect.”

“And it matches the edgy style of the outfit perfectly,” Yuzuha said. The approval in her voice apparent.

“Almost perfectly,” Kyouya smiled and reached into his pocket. “There are still two things that are missing, well technically three, but there are only two that I can do anything about. As long as you don’t mind my potentially affecting the design slightly.”

“You have me curious Kyouya-yoshi.”

Kyouya pulled out three titanium rings with a dragon and phoenix engraved in them, three thin silver bracelets, and a necklace the mirror to the ones that Hani and Takashi wore.

Her breath caught in her throat as Haruhi reached out a trembling hand and gently took one of the rings, one of the bracelets, and the necklace. Slipping on the ring and bracelet felt right and she looked forlornly at the necklace. Meanwhile - Hikaru grabbed his ring, while Tamaki and Kaoru grabbed their bracelets. All three slipped them on the same time Kyouya did with the last ring. They turned to Yuzuha for approval.

“I think you are right, Kyouya,” Yuzuha said quietly, “Now you all look perfect… Except Haruhi. There is still something missing.” Carefully leaning forward to make sure she didn’t mess up her dress, Yuzuha took the necklace from Haruhi’s lap and wrapped it twice around her booted ankle. Making sure the pendant was showing on the outside of the boot. “Now. That’s better.” Yuzuha returned to her seat with the same casually elegant care she left it. She smiled at every one of the men in the car before turning to Hikaru. “I think my darling son that we are going to have to add anklets to our Spring Collection. It matches perfectly with your and Kaoru’s style.”

The rest of the limo ride was spent in casual conversation and relaxed gratitude. It was only when the limo pulled up in front of the Carrousel du Louvre that Hikaru felt a spike of nervousness. He looked over at Kyouya, terrified that he would change his mind and knowing that he needed to give the Ootori heir the opportunity to do so.

Kyouya felt the nervous energy spike through him as the limo stopped and tightened his hold on Haruhi’s hand. But at the look of fear in Hikaru’s eyes it disappeared. He is my choice. They both are. I won’t let my father stand between what I love and what he deems appropriate. I make my own choices and I choose to be with them both. If that means I am disowned, I can handle it. My real family is here in this limo anyway. Family is supposed to love and support. My biological family other than my sister Fuyami never really loved me and only supported me out of duty. I don’t want to be ‘a duty’ any more.

The chauffer opened the rear door to the limo and assisted first Yuzuha, then Kaoru then Renge out of the limo. With a cheeky trademark smile, Kaoru bowed first to his mother then Renge and offered his arms to both. The crowd awww’d appreciatively and several flashbulbs went off as Kaoru could hear the commentators in the background noting the design and style of the outfits each wore. They seem complimentary. That’s a good thing. Mother will be happy.

Taking a deep breath, Hikaru stepped out of the limo and heard several wolf whistles, which made him grin. Plastering the same trademark Hitachiin smirk, he handed Haruhi out of the limo and heard the murmurs start – Who is she? Are they dating? Grabbing Haruhi’s hand and kissing it, he linked it with his, showing the media without a doubt that she was his girlfriend. He gave her a smile as they both turned once more to the limo and Kyouya stepped out. The murmurs started again, more puzzled this time.

Hikaru expected Kyouya to step to Haruhi’s other side and capture her other hand. Therefore it was a surprise when the normally reserved and staid Ootori son gave both his lovers a mischievous wink and grin. Stepping over to the two of them, he moved to Hikaru’s other side and caught his hand instead, linking their fingers inextricably.

The flashbulbs of the paparazzi blinded them.

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