The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


26. Punishment

While Kyouya was talking to Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru were working on releasing Haruhi from the cabana post. By mutual agreement, they were taking their time, making sure that every loosening was coupled with a caress of her skin. Haruhi enjoyed every moment; it reminded her of the way they would tease her together her first year and a half at Ouran. In the last several months as she, Hikaru and Kyouya had started dating, Kaoru had respectfully stepped back to make sure that he wasn’t interfering in the blossoming relationship. Well, he did and he didn’t I guess. Even after Hika and I started dating he would still kiss me to tease Hika and if I stayed over, he would come join us in the bed and sleep cuddled up next to us. I think the difference here is focus. When he usually kisses me, it is to tease Hika. I know we are both enjoying it but it wasn’t about us – it was about him and I teasing Hika or Hika and I cuddling him. This moment is about their teasing me. She looked at both of them and watched them make eye contact often and their hands brushed over the others often. OK- so maybe it’s about them teasing each other as much as it is about teasing me… Maybe I should just forget the analysis and focus on the sensation.

Hikaru saw the small smile on her face and whispered, “’Bout time you stopped thinking and just enjoyed the moment.”

“Oh I am, trust me love,” she said. “I was just thinking how much this reminded me of our first years at Ouran, when the two of you would team up and use any excuse you could come up with to touch me.”

“That was fun,” Kaoru smiled as he finished unwinding her arms and pulled the leather corset dress off of her completely. “We would tease you and each other in the process. Especially when you started coming over for those make-over sessions that summer before you and Hika started dating.”

“So all those sessions were basically foreplay for you?” She grinned to make sure there was no sting to her words.

“Exactly.” They chorused.

“We kept dreaming that someday we would be able to get you to join us, but you were with Tamaki and then when you broke up, you were so heartbroken that we couldn’t. It wouldn’t have been right. But that is all the past.” Hikaru kissed her to make sure the conversation stayed light, He leaned in close to make sure that only her and Kaoru could hear before continuing in the husky whisper he knew she loved, “To answer the question, I know you wanted to ask but didn’t… Yes. After you would leave, Kao and I would fall on each other and fuck until the morning.”

Haruhi shivered at the deliciously depraved words and tone in Hikaru’s voice, goosebumps visibly appearing down her arms and across her chest, while the twins just looked at her with eyes full of lust. An idea occurred to Kaoru. He leaned in and since it had caused such a lovely reaction in Haruhi’s body, said in the same husky whisper that Hika had used, “Hikaru… Since you are mine tonight and we both know what is coming up next. I want to take your spankings from Tamaki. May I?”

Hikaru grinned and let the lust shine into the gold eyes that matched his own. “Oh yeah.”

The smile on Kaoru’s face at the response was devilish, to say the least. Eyes still burning, he reached behind him and rummaged in the bag that had held their costumes. He handed Haruhi a short thin silk cami. “I know the rest of us are topless, but I thought you might be more comfortable a little bit less exposed.”

She kissed him quickly in thanks. “I appreciate it. You guys have killed most of my modesty but I would rather be covered.” She quickly put it on and then laughed. The cami fit like a silken second skin and stopped about 4 inches above her navel. She could see her still hard nipples poking through the cloth. “Not that this exactly covers much. Between the cami and my lace panties, I am not exactly decent.”

“Oh trust me, love – you are more than decent.” Kyouya’s cool voice slid into the conversation.

“Hikaru, Kyouya, I have loose pants for you as well if you like,” Kaoru added as he shimmied the leather down his firm ass and slid into a pair of pants similar to the loose ones Takashi wore.

“I think I will stay in the leather for a bit longer,” Kyouya said while Hikaru grabbed a pair of the loose pants and changed. “I know Haruhi likes it.”

“Oh I do, Kyo-love. You are drop dead gorgeous in them, but that’s not the only reason you are keeping them on, is it?” She laughed at him.

“Really Kyouya, we know how the feel of them turns you on – soft leather rubbing against you as you walk. You get a semi… and you have from the very first moment you put a pair on.” Hikaru teased his lover as a faint flush crossed Kyouya’s face.



Kaoru grinned at the momentary discomfiture on the Shadow king’s face before shifting the topic and asking loudly enough for all to hear in a formal tone. “Kyouya, I know that Hikaru and I have caused so much trouble for the Host Club over the course of the last few years. We want to make amends. I am asking that I take all the punishment that you think is necessary. I know it would normally be meted out to both of us, but I have asked Hikaru if I may take his on as well and he has agreed to let me, if it is ok with you.”

Kyouya caught the wink in the middle of Kaoru’s request and quickly understood what was happening. His eyes smiled back at Kao while his face maintained his normal cool expression. “Thank you for acknowledging the trouble that both of you have caused. Since you did so, I will let you take on the punishment for your brother. However, I also believe that the person who has most often been the target of that trouble has the right to punish you.” He looked over at Tamaki, whose eyes were still on fire from watching the previous scene and whose cock showed no signs of softening anytime soon. “Tamaki, would you like to be the one who administers the punishment to Kaoru?”

“Yes I would.” Tamaki’s eyes locked with his lover’s and he licked his lips as he caught Kaoru’s cheeky grin directed his way.

“Good. Then I think you should administer as many spankings as you see fit for all the trouble that Kaoru and Hikaru have caused the Host Club over the years. You may use your hand or another implement of your choosing.”

“Oh look,” Hikaru’s voice was suspiciously bland as he pulled an object from behind his back, “I found a wooden paddle in the bag that held our costumes.”

Tamaki grinned and stood up, his nakedness completely forgotten as he walked over to Kaoru. With heat in his eyes, he said. “Are you willing to be punished by my hand?”

“Oh HELL yes.” Kaoru shivered at the heat in Tamaki’s eyes.

“Good. I am going to require that you lose those pants you just put on.”

Without a second thought, Kaoru stripped naked. He felt the world around him and Tamaki fading into nothingness. The room disappeared, the hosts disappeared, all that remained was Tamaki. All he could see was the lust in Tamaki’s eyes and he shivered in anticipation of the sweet sharp pleasure/pain that was going to be his in a few short moments.

Tamaki saw the shift in Kaoru’s eyes and body language. Wow. He really does want this. Actually, it’s more than that. It’s almost like he needs this. I can do that for him. I can give him what he needs. He walked over to the younger man. He traced a hand across the planes of Kaoru’s chest, caressing lightly. Turning Kao’s body to face the others and in his best commanding voice, he said “Face the others and apologize for all of the pranks and trouble that you have caused the Host Club over the years.”

Eyes downcast, Kaoru said clearly and sincerely, “I am very sorry for all of the trouble that Hikaru and I have caused all of you over the last few years. I will accept any punishment you choose.”

“Good. Now bend over and brace yourself on the edge of the bed. Spread your legs.”

Kaoru did as he was bid, a distant part of his mind thrilled that he was exposed and on display to everyone in the room, even as he was focused on what was going to occur between him and Tamaki.

Taking a deep breath, Tamaki walked over to stand on the side of Kao. Raising his arm, he delivered a loud SMACK! to Kaoru’s left ass cheek, watching in fascination as a faint red imprint of his hand appeared almost immediately, and feeling a deep rush down his body as Kaoru’s gasp echoed throughout the room. Bending down, he whispered in Kaoru’s ear, “Do you want more?”

Kaoru moaned out, “Yes please. More. Much More. I want to have a hard time sitting tomorrow because of your punishment.”

The rush that Tamaki had felt at hearing Kaoru’s first gasp, intensified and he drew back to stand upright. He rapidly delivered four hard sharp spanks to Kaoru’s right ass cheek then caressed down it slowly.

Kaoru gasped then moaned loudly as the sharp stinging sensation of the hard spanks was followed by the soothing caress of Tamaki’s hands. The pain quickly turning into a deep pleasure as his body processed the sensations and sent him flying on a rush of endorphins.

For several minutes, Tamaki continued the assault of his hands on Kaoru’s ass – alternating between hard sharp spanks and soft caresses as Kaoru’s ass turned a bright shade of pink and he could feel the heat starting to come off of it. He continued to check in periodically to make sure that Kaoru was ok, but it was soon clear to him that Kaoru loved every stroke and was limitless in his desire for more. Finally to spare his hand, which was starting to ache from all the spanking, he grabbed the wooden paddle. Not sure of what would happen, he held back a bit on the first swing, though he soon realized that he didn’t need to, as Kaoru eagerly pushed back for more.



A few feet away from the scene in front of them, the others lounged on the cushions and pillows, Tamaki and Hani had placed there earlier. Hani was once again sprawled across Takashi, while Haruhi sat between Kyouya and Hikaru, leaning up into Hikaru’s chest and with her legs folded over Kyouya’s lap as he absently caressed her inner thigh.

Haruhi couldn’t decide which was more interesting – watching the scene in front of her or watching the expressions on her friends faces as they watched. Takashi eyes were glued to Kaoru and she could faintly hear his breathing echo Kaoru’s after each spank. Hani, on the other hand, had his eyes glued to Tamaki and she could see his fingers twitch with every spank that Tama gave. Kyouya’s eyes kept alternating between the two, though they seemed to linger a bit longer on Tamaki’s naked body rather than on the action of Tamaki spanking Kaoru.

Hikaru saw her watching everyone and tilted his head down to whisper in her ear, ”are you enjoying yourself?”

She craned her neck upward to breathe against his ear, making sure that their conversation remained so quiet that even Kyouya in his distracted state wouldn’t hear, “Very much. I loved being on display for everyone earlier and now I am seeing a side of Kaoru I never knew was there. Though I do have a couple of questions for you. How is it you never mentioned that you and Kao were familiar with BDSM and why did Kao want to take your share of the punishment?”

“Well… honestly, like Hani and Takashi, we didn’t know how everyone would react. We thought we might already be stretching all of your acceptance with the kind of relationship we have, as it is. We should have trusted all of you sooner.” He placed a soft kiss on her cheek. “As for the punishment thing – Kaoru is a masochist. The pain actually causes his body to release endorphins and turns the pain into pleasure, which is why you can see that he is flying at the moment. For me, I can handle a little bit, but I am just not a masochist. Pain just hurts me after a while. I would have lasted for about 10 spanks before I was done, whereas Tamaki will stop before he hits Kao’s limit. But the main reason I agreed to it, goes to the fact that I know that I will be spending the night with Kao and we are both Switches. The difference – Kao can only go from bottom to Top, where I can go from Top to bottom. Right now Kao is bottoming to Tamaki, but watch what will happen when they are done with aftercare. Kao’s energy will shift and he will get aggressive and Toppy. Once he is there, he won’t be able to bottom to anyone else. He simply can’t get back in the right headspace. It will take anywhere from a half-hour to an hour, but when he is there, he will give Kyouya a run for his money as Dominant. For me, right now I am feeling aggressive but once I get that release, I will want to be on the bottom. Which will be perfect for what Kao will want later.”

Haruhi nodded her head in understanding, as she responded, “I can totally see that and I look forward to getting a chance to experience it in the future. I could bottom to both you and Kyo and then watch him Top you. Not tonight though, but hopefully soon.”

“As you wish, my princess.” He caught her lips in a quick passionate kiss before they both turned back to the scene in front of them.



Tamaki noticed several things at once. Tears were running down Kaoru’s cheeks, but the expression on his face was one of pure bliss. The paddle had started leaving raised red welts across Kaoru’s ass and upper thighs. Lastly, Tamaki’s arm felt like it was going to fall off. All of which caused him to decide that he needed to end the scene. Setting the paddle down on the bed, he started caressing down the heated skin of the man in front of him, focusing intently on causing only pleasure. From out of nowhere, he saw a hand holding out a jar. Turning slightly, he saw the hand was attached to Hani who gestured that he should use the cream on Kaoru. Nodding his understanding, Tamaki took the jar as Hani returned to the cushions. Dipping his fingers in, he noticed a cool and slightly numbing sensation. He smiled and started gently rubbing the lotion into Kaoru.

Kaoru hissed at the first sensation of the cold lotion on his superheated skin, but after a moment he sighed in bliss as Tamaki slowly and lovingly worked it into the skin he has so recently abused. Once he was done, Tamaki set it on the bed. Kaoru reached for it, made sure to grab a good sized dollop and proceeded to rub it into the Tamaki’s right shoulder and arm. “You probably need this too. It’s been a while since I was spanked that well and I know you don’t do that often, so your arm will probably be sore tomorrow.”

Tamaki was touched at the care Kaoru was showing him. After Kao had completed his ministrations, Tamaki reached out a caressed Kao’s face with both hands, wiping away the last of the faint tear stains on his cheeks. Looking deep into his eyes, Tamaki pulled the younger man into a kiss. As their tongues danced together, they both shared the intimacy of the moment and savored the energy that had been created between the two of them. Pulling back slightly, Tamaki whispered, “Thank you for letting me do that.”

“It was my pleasure. Literally,” Kaoru arched his hips into the blond so he could feel the erection now solidly in place. “I should thank you. I wasn’t lying when I said that you spank well. It was incredible. So much so that I will voluntarily offer to take any punishment for any trouble ANY member of the Host club causes. Hell, I may just have to cause more just so I can feel this again.”

Tamaki threw his head back and laughed. “You are welcome… and I will happily discipline you whenever you need it.”

Reaching his hand out, Tamaki locked his fingers with Kaoru’s and they walked back to the cushions together. Smiling at them, Hikaru reached over and passed Tamaki a soft blanket. Tamaki wrapped Kaoru up in it and wrapped his arms Kaoru, cuddling him close as he continued to come back into his body from the heights it had been soaring a few minutes before.

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