The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


67. Preparation for the Ball

As they continued up the driveway to the Maison De Roses, the sheer amount of work that had happened to the estate in the two days the Hosts had been gone was enough to have them staring out the windows and forgetting the picketing crowd at the gates. 

“Wow,” breathed Tamaki as Renge sat back against the cushions and looked pleased. “The grounds have always looked good, grandmother wouldn’t have it any other way, but they have never looked this amazing. Are those snow sculptures and fairy lights?” 

“Yes,” Renge answered with an excited grin, “We wanted the drive up to immediately take the minds of the attendees off the protesters out front and turn it to wondering what is going to happen when they arrive. Speaking of…” She waived a hand to the Guest House, which was now completely done up with lights, outside decorations, and perfectly manicured trails leading through the snowdrifts. 

“It’s beautiful, Renge,” Haruhi said as she stepped out of the limo. “I can’t believe the amount of work that had to have happened in such a short time.” 

“It was all worth it darlings,” Yuzuha stepped out the front door and walked down the path to greet the group. “I told you, HDG is going to be the talk of the Fashion World for months!!” She pulled first Haruhi, Hikaru, Kaoru and then Kyouya into a hug, before turning to the others and ushering them inside. “Come on in, we had to make a few adjustments to make room for enough space for all the attendees, so everyone will be getting ready in the dojo. All the bedrooms have been opened up for display and your personal things have been locked away. We will have attendants stationed in each room all night to make sure that the beds aren’t being used for anything inappropriate.” She gave them all a wink and ushered them quickly up the stairs. 

Once in the dojo, Yuzuha gestured for everyone to have a seat, while Ranka, Yuzuru Suoh, Akira Morinozuka, Yorihisa Haninozuka, Zhi and Sakura Fujimia came to stand near Yuzuha. “Ok, my darlings, I wanted to give you and update of what is going on. I take it you saw Yoshio’s press statement?” At the nod and grim looks she continued. “We already have the lawyers at HDG working on a slander lawsuit, but that only covers Kaoru, Hikaru, Haruhi, and Ranka. Kyouya, I know you are working to put up your own defense and I have instructed my lawyers to share all information received with whomever you choose.” 

Yuzuru waved his hand, “If you haven’t chosen an attorney yet, I would highly recommend the one that is on retainer for Suoh Enterprises. He is familiar with this kind of thing since he has represented me in the past.” 

“Thank you, Sir,” Kyouya replied. “I will take his information.” 

“Good,” Yuzuha replied. “For the rest of you, there shouldn’t be any legal complications that you need to worry about, but there may be some social stigma that may follow you for a while. Mitskune, Takashi, I know you both are about to undergo your Master’s quests. I really hope that the fallout won’t impact you too much.” 

Hani reached out and took Takashi’s hand. “By the look on our father’s faces, we may have our own issues to deal with soon enough.” 

Yorihisa came over and put a hand on his son’s shoulder, “I am afraid so. I wanted to wait until the ball was over tonight, but you know that a rumor about the relationship you share with Takashi has reached the High Council. It is the reason you have been separated. There is a small contingent that was against you being allowed to complete the quest at all, but there have been homosexual Masters before, though only the High Council knows who they were, so there is precedence on your side. However, you both will be the first openly gay Masters and that is enough for even some of the more moderate Houses to insist on precise formality.” 

Zhi spoke up, “Just know that in addition to House Zouka, you have the full support of Houses Fujimia, Okawa and Shinohara. It’s still not a majority vote, but with the conditional support of a few of the other Houses you will be able to proceed.” 

“Thank you,” Takashi clasped his hand around Zhi’s forearm and received the same in return. “Mitskune and I coming out, may deflect some of the rumors around Haruhi and me as well.” 

Yuzuha’s mouth had pressed to a thin line, “I hate to admit or even think that, but it is true. I know you have your own relationship with Haruhi, and know that all of us support it, but…”

“If it was discovered, then it could be the tipping point from public support to blackballing,” Hani finished the statement. 

“Which I still think is ridiculous,” Ranka muttered. 

Haruhi smiled at her dad. “I get it Dad, it sucks and it’s not fair, but I can understand it. Give it time. I am not ashamed of any of the relationships I have with the others, but I do know, probably better than a few of them what it is like to be subject to weird looks because of an alternate lifestyle. It stopped bothering me after Mom died and I realized how much strength it took for you to take care of me and be true to who you are. You never once complained about the looks and comments I knew were being thrown at you, and you never let those hurtful words affect me.” She wrapped her arms around him in a huge hug. “I plan on taking on the issue head-on, Dad. I will be a voice for change and equality, and I will be like you and protect the ones who need it… But I kind of need to finish school first.” She felt Ranka chuckle. “So for the moment, I will play by the rules of the game and learn all I can from it.” She turned her head towards Hikaru and winked. “After all, if I don’t know the rules, how will I know which ones to break?” 

Hikaru linked his hand with Kyouya’s before winking back at her and blowing her a kiss. “We will break them all together, love.” 

“Yes we will.” Kyouya nodded. 



Renge’s eyes had misted when Haruhi was talking to her dad. She is something else and I am so proud to call her friend. I know I will also do everything I can to help. Not just for her, but also because what she is doing will let me be open about Mai and Kaoru. She reached up to dab at her eyes with the sleeve of her shirt. The movement made her watch slip and when she noticed the time, she let out a small panicked noise.

“What is it?” Kaoru looked over at her at the sound.

“The time,” Renge answered as butterflies started migrating down to her stomach and her mouth went dry. “We have less than 2 hours before the Ball starts.” So much to do!! So much!! Have to get ready. Have to make sure everyone else is ready… One of my dresses is going to be on display tonight!! And then we have to walk down that staircase in front of all the media and not fall flat on our faces!! EEEP!

Kaoru saw the first stages of panic setting in across his girlfriend’s face and knew exactly what was crossing her mind. Taking her face gently in his hands he kissed her softly and said, “We won’t go down until about a half hour after the start, so while we should start getting ready soon we will be ok for time as long as the army of stylists we employ work their magic.” He grinned at her weak smile. “And you are going to look gorgeous. I think I unconsciously designed it to fit your body type, because it looks better on you than the model who wore it for the photo shoot. The dress you designed is fantastic and Sakura will carry it off beautifully. I promise that I won’t let you trip and fall on the staircase.”

Renge looked into the laughing gold eyes, “How can you promise that one?”

“Because I intend to be the one to escort you down them.”

“I know Hikaru is walking down with Haruhi and Kyouya, but what about your mom? I thought you were going to escort her.”

“Oh I think Akira is up to the task.”

Puzzled Renge looked over to where Akira Morinozuka and Yuzuha were talking to Yuzuru and Yorihisa. She saw Yuzuha lightly touch Akira’s arm in emphasis, but otherwise couldn’t see anything that would cause Kaoru to make that statement. She looked at him in confusion.

Seeing it, Kaoru leaned in to whisper quietly against her ear, so no one else could hear. “Some things Mom has said over the last week and the way she reacted when Yoshio showed up the other day reminded me of a memory that I had when I was a child. I was sneaking candy out of the kitchen to bring back to Hika and I saw my mom kiss someone goodbye. I only caught the profile quickly, but it wasn’t my dad. I had often seen both my parents be casually affectionate with other people so I really didn’t think anything of it. It was a Fashion Thing. By the time I had gotten back to Hika with the candy, I had forgotten about it. It’s been niggling at me for a few days. I just realized earlier after I caught a glance between them, that it was Akira.” He quickly kissed her cover the gasp that left Renge’s lips at the statement.


Kaoru glanced sideways to make sure that no one was paying attention to them. “But it makes Mom’s comments so much more clear. I would bet money that Mom and Dad have had an open marriage for years, but are discreet about it, so Hika and I never knew, and more importantly we wouldn’t be taunted any more than we already were by our classmates. Now that we know a bit more about the House Zouka and its values, it makes absolute sense. I have a feeling at one time my mom and Akira Morinozuka were lovers, though it’s obviously been a while.”

Renge stared at Kaoru for a few seconds. “You are ok with that?”

Kaoru laughed. “Renge, love. I am dating both you and Tamaki. I sleep with Hika occasionally. I’ve been bottoming to Hani. I don’t think I have much room to throw stones about someone else’s sex life, especially when she is the reason I can be who I am.”

Renge grinned, “Well... when you put it THAT way. Are you going to tell Hikaru?”

“Maybe after the Ball and everything has calmed down, if he hasn’t figured it out already. He has a lot to deal with right now.”

“That is definitely the truth. Is it wrong that in a way I am a bit relieved that I am not in the spotlight?”

“Not at all,” Kaoru answered honestly. “I am a bit relieved myself. I’m just glad that the people that I am falling for have much more reasonable parents.” He winked at her.

Renge blushed, “Are you really falling for me?”

“Hard and fast.”

“Me too,” she whispered and leaned in to kiss him again.

A discreet knock at the door was followed by what Kaoru had accurately called a small army of stylists. Within moments they had set up and were looking to Yuzuha for direction.

“Ok, we can get started with Ranka, Renge, Akira, Yuzuru, Yorihisa, Sakura and Zhi since we all showered earlier. The rest of you, please shower quickly and meet us back up here. I know you will have to use the 2nd floor restrooms, but we want to minimize the risk of any early attendees catching sight of you. When you get back we will discuss the other issue for tonight. Bodyguards.”



“How much time do we have to shower?” Haruhi asked Hikaru as they grabbed towels, robes, and headed down the stairs to the bathroom between her and Kyouya’s room.

“Realistically ten minutes. Fifteen if we push it. Mom will send someone if we hit the seventeen minute mark,” Hikaru responded.

“I thought Fashion time always ran late,” Kyouya said with a curious lilt to his voice.

“Fashion does. The prep time you have before your stylist works his or her magic on you is precise. They are the artists, you are just the vessels.” Hikaru chuckled. “All HDG models have had that drilled into them. It has actually made our models sought after, because it helps to keep them humble and aware. Which, in turn, means that they are much easier to work with.”

Haruhi laughed. “So is that ten to twelve minutes each or total?”

“Since Mom knows we are going to be showering together, its total minutes. If we were showering separately, we would have 3-5. It doesn’t take long to soap your body and wash your hair.”

“Why the sudden interest in the time?” Kyouya turned to Haruhi.

She flushed a faint pink but immediately pulled her shirt over her head to expose her breasts before wiggling out of the loose pants she was wearing. “Because all of a sudden, the reality is hitting me of what is going to happen tonight, and I need both of you. I need to feel you in me to give me something good to think about instead of worrying about what may happen.”

Hikaru and Kyouya stripped immediately and came to wrap their arms around her. Their naked bodies pressed against hers echoing their need as well as hers. With only a moment’s hesitation, Hikaru captured her lips in a scorching kiss, while Kyouya kissed down her neck, biting hard enough to make her squirm, but not hard enough to leave a mark.

“Make love to me… please…” Haruhi whispered as they changed positions, so Kyouya could kiss her and Hikaru could work his way down her body to flick his tongue against her nipples.

“Always,” Kyouya whispered as he slid his hands down to slip between her folds. “Forever.” He slid two fingers deep into her wetness as her body bucked against the sudden intrusion.

“You are ours,” Hikaru answered. “We are yours to command.” Trailing kisses lower down her abdomen, he moved his mouth over her folds and started suckling slowly at first to let her body adjust, before becoming more demanding. He swirled his tongue around her clit and the fingers that Kyouya was moving more rapidly inside her, knowing that the combination was one that would bring her quickly to the edge of orgasm.

“Want… you… in… me…”

The last words came out in a slow rush of air as Hikaru stood up and with a quick look at Kyouya to confirm, he wrapped one of her legs around his waist and slid deep inside her.

Kyouya held the weight of her leg and supported her as he rubbed his cock slowly in the crease between her butt cheeks. With his body pressed so close against hers, he could feel Hikaru pumping inside her and knew that they were both close to climax. Leaning in, he murmured low and seductive against her ear just loud enough for both of them to hear. “One of these nights, I am going to slide inside your tight ass while Hikaru fucks you. I want to feel him moving in you when I do. I want you to be stuffed full of both of us and screaming as we make you cum.”

“Gods, Kyouya…,” Hikaru groaned as Kyouya’s words pushed both him and Haruhi over the edge.

Kyouya held them both through the waves that rocked their body and then with a few more thrusts of his own, he spurted his own release halfway up Haruhi’s back. Resting his head on Haruhi’s neck as he tried to catch his breath, he heard Haruhi laugh as Hikaru slowly withdrew from her and lowered her leg.

“Damn Kyouya, your voice could make a saint cum.” Hikaru said voice still slightly breathy. “All I know, is I want to do exactly that… like right now.”

Kyouya smirked, “Later lovers.” He glanced at the clock. “It looks like we have exactly 3 minutes before someone comes looking for us, if Hika’s earlier timetable is accurate.”

“It is.” Hikaru sighed.

“Since I don’t want to try and explain to your mom, why I smell like sex and not soap, I think I can hurry,” Haruhi said with a mischievous grin.” She flipped on the water and jumped in. “Last one clean has to explain our tardiness.”

In record time, all three had soaped down and washed their hair. Wrapped in their towels, they opened the door to see one of the stylists walking down the hall towards them. “Oh good, you are ready. Yuzuha wanted me to check on the three of you.”

Haruhi glanced at the clock on the wall as she left the room. It was at exactly seventeen minutes from when they got down to the bathroom. She gestured at it with a nod and a look to Kyouya who grinned. Hikaru saw the exchange and gave them both his best I-told-you-so look, which had his partners suppressing laughter as they walked back up the stairs to the dojo.

Entering the room again, Haruhi was astonished at how much had been accomplished in those seventeen minutes. There were mirrors and make-up stations where Yuzuha, Renge, Sakura, Tamaki, Hani, Kaoru, and Takashi were sitting, already deep in the process. Akira, Yuzuru, and Yorihisa stood off to the side talking quietly but it was a tall auburn haired man who caught her attention.

“Dad, what are you wearing?”

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