The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


61. Play Party

Kaoru adjusted his position again, leaning back into the soft leather of the backseat of the Land Rover, and stared out the window into the moonlight Santorini night. I am really doing this. I am REALLY doing this… A large hand came down gently on his thigh, holding still the leg that Kaoru didn’t even realize had been bouncing. He looked up into the steel black eyes of Takashi. He mumbled, “Sorry.”

Takashi gave him a gentle smile. “I understand. Just remember what Mitskune told you earlier. You only have to do what you want to do. Nothing more.” 

“I know,” Kaoru smiled weakly. “At least in my head, I know. My stomach has other ideas.” 

Hani glanced up from driving and caught Kaoru’s eyes in the rearview mirror. “Understandable. Both Takashi and I felt the same at our first party and even now there’s a few since we only know a handful of people at this one.” 

Kaoru’s eyes flicked up wildly. 

Hani continued, “Yes, we will only know a few people at this party but we know the hosts – Dominic, David and Kara. We also know that they only invite people they have personally vetted and trust to maintain rules and decorum. It’s different than if we were to go to a public dungeon.” 

Kaoru inhaled slowly and let the breath out even more slowly. He felt Takashi squeeze his knee in support. “That helps to know, really.” 

“I think you will have fun tonight, Kao-chan, or I would not have extended the invitation. I think you and Kara are going to hit it off really well. In her vanilla life, she is a textile designer. Dom is a physical therapist and David is…” 

“David is a contractor,” Takashi supplied helpfully with a grin at Hani. “I would think that you would remember that since you comment on his travel suspension rig every time we see them.” 

Hani laughed, “That’s right. I always forget. That suspension rig is awesome though. I wonder if he could make us one.” 

“It would be easier to travel with; we would not need to find a hard point in whatever hotel we would be using,” 

Kaoru heard the faintest trace of emotion in Takashi’s voice, something he wouldn’t have noticed a month ago. I still can’t believe that the High Council is separating them. I can’t picture Hani without Takashi and vice versa. Another thought crossed his mind, “Wait a moment - is this the last time you guys are going to be able to play like this for a while?” 

Hani sighed, “Barring anything we do in the next few days, yes. This will probably be our last play party until we have completed our Master Quests.” 

“Now I feel kind of guilty for tagging along,” Kaoru said sheepishly. 

“Stop.” Hani’s voice held a note of command which made Kaoru unconsciously sit up straighter. Softening his tone he answered, “If we had not wanted you to join us, we simply wouldn’t have asked. We wanted to share this with you, because it MAY be the last time we get to do this for a while. We will still be able to be together when our schedules permit and part of that will be the kind of play that we both need. This evening is just for fun and we want to enjoy it with you.” 

“Yes Sir,” Kaoru held Hani’s eyes in the mirror to show his sincerity. 

“Good,” Hani smiled and winked. “Now take a deep breath, because here we are.” With a flourish of the wheel, Hani pulled into the driveway of an isolated house on the side of the hill and parked next to several other vehicles. 



Hani knocked on the door and grinned as Kara answered it. She was wearing a rather ordinary wrap dress, though Kaoru admired the print and the way it fit her body. As she led the way into the house, followed closely by the three of them, Kaoru looked around eagerly half expecting to be entering a world of gothic splendor done up in shades of black and read, with screams echoing off the walls. He was slightly disappointed when she led them into a perfectly lovely living room and seating area. Perfectly lovely, but perfectly ordinary. A glimmer of his let down must have shown on his face because he looked up to see Kara grinning at him.

“I know that Auriel and Karr have been to several before, but I am guessing this your first play party,” Kara said with a smile to Kaoru.

Kaoru blushed deeply. “Yes.” Gods, is it that obvious… what must she be thinking?

Kara glanced at Hani who smiled and nodded, before stepping back to link her arm in Kaoru’s. “I remember the first play party I went to with Dom. I was half expecting to walk in to see bodies chained to the walls and everybody in full black latex or leather. So imagine my surprise when we walked into David’s house and it was so… normal. Normal kitchen, normal living room, even normal bathrooms. I had to admit I was slightly disappointed until he laughed at me and took me over to a normal looking bookcase on one wall. Like this one,” She walked Kaoru over to a bookshelf on one wall. With a wink at him, she pressed in on one part of the frame and he heard a click and the case popped open on a hinge. Pulling it open all the way, she led Kaoru through the doorway.

Kaoru’s eyes widened. The room was painted black. A metal framing worked across the ceiling and three walls of the room. Theatrical lights hung from the ceiling aiming a spotlight at several pieces of equipment that Kaoru was familiar with and a few he was not – including a very intriguing looking chair that had two small platforms spread open in a V shape instead of a seat. He whistled under his breath slowly in appreciation before saying, “A secret room. How Cool!”

Dominic laughed as he walked in the room and laid a casual hand on Kara’s hip. “Kara pretty much had the same reaction, her first time.” He held out a hand to Kaoru. “Hi, I am Dominic, though you can call me Dom or sir if you prefer.” He shrugged eloquently. “Ask Kara, I am not heavy on protocol unless we are in scene.” He smiled as Kara nodded. “I understand from Mitskune that you are Kaoru, but your scene name is Jareth and you are going to be his sub for the evening.”

“Yes… sir,” Kaoru said trying the words out.

Dominic smiled. “I am glad all of you were able to join us. We are going to be a pretty small group tonight, there’s only about ten of us, but it’s a very fun group… and a discreet one. I promise that you will not have to worry about any of us leaking to the press about anything you may do here tonight.”

“And I promise to try REALLY hard not to talk shop at you all night or drag you upstairs to look at my latest designs,” Kara said with a laugh and wink. Then nodded her head to Dominic and David who had just entered the room, “The chance to talk fashion with someone who ACTUALLY appreciates what I am saying is so rare around here.”

Kaoru laughed and immediately felt more comfortable. “I know what you mean; trying to get anyone outside of my brother to really appreciate any new design beyond ‘That’s nice’ is rare. Even my best friend and Hika’s girlfriend, Haruhi, only has a passing interest in fashion and that’s only because we have practically forced it down her throat the last couple of years.”

“Eh, clothes cover the body,” David said with a sly grin as he came around and nibbled on her shoulder, ducking her half-hearted swing at him. “Though I do love seeing YOU both in and out of them. They make interesting shapes when pooled on the floor.”

“See what I mean?” Kara complained good naturedly as the others laughed. She gestured for Hani to lead the way out of the room, but left the door open behind her. “Please help yourself to anything you need. I was just about to set out snacks, and there are drinks in the cooler. Otherwise, just relax. The others will be here soon and then we can really get the party started.”

“Do you need any help?” Kaoru asked with a grin.

“Sure,” Kara answered and led the way into the kitchen, while Dominic, David, and Hani sat down on one of the two plush couches. Takashi sat cross-legged on the floor by Hani’s knees.



“You know, I thought it would be odd to see Hani and Takashi like that,” he nodded his head towards the grouping on the couch now engaged in conversation, “because they only recently came out about this side of their life to us, but it just looks normal. It’s the way they used to act all the time in the Host Club. Hani was the gregarious outgoing one and Takashi was always the quiet one.”

Kara smiled at him as she handed him a try to set out on the corner, “It’s funny how that works. People think that this lifestyle is strange and immoral, but the thing is it is usually just a different kind of manifestation of our natural personalities. I have only known Mitskune and Mori for about a year but even when we first met I kind of guessed that would be the case in their normal lives. Or should I say Auriel and Karr, tonight?” She giggled. “All these names to keep straight. It’s a challenge at first but then you get so used to answering to two or three different names that it becomes oddly normal – like having several different nicknames depending on which friends you are hanging out with. Which reminds me – do you prefer Kaoru or Jareth tonight?”

“I am Jareth tonight,” Kaoru answered with a smile. “But I do want to see your work at some point, if there’s time and I would love to stay in contact with you, outside all of this, if that is ok.” He smiled shyly.

“Oh my!! That would be simply fantastic. Like I said, I am unusually short of people to talk industr-,“ the doorbell chimed through the house, “Sorry! Be right back I have to grab that!” She set the wine bottle in her hand on the table and walked to the front door.

Kaoru picked up the bottle and was in the process of moving it with the others when he heard a chuckle behind him.

“Kara will naturally talk your ear off, but when she is talking to someone who shares her passion she gets even more talkative,” David laughed. “But that is so much part of her that both Dom and I love it and seeing her happy.”

“She reminds me of my girlfriend, Renge,” Kaoru said with a smile. “She is the same way. Actually I think they would be pretty good friends if they ever met.” A thought crossed his mind. “You don’t mind that I would like to stay in contact with Kara, do you? I meant it on a professional and personal level not an intimate one. I am always looking for good textile designers to work with.”

“She would love it and I know neither Dom nor I would mind,” David answered with a smile. “But I came in to see if you guys needed help and grab drinks for Dom, Auriel and Karr. Do you mind helping bring them back? I can’t carry them all.”

“Of course,” Kaoru responded.



As the other guests arrived and introductions were made, Kaoru handed a bottle of water to both Hani and Takashi before sitting down on the floor on the other side of Hani’s knees. Unconsciously, Kaoru looked up to Hani for approval and was rewarded by a caress of his hair.

“How are you doing Jareth?” Hani asked, stressing slightly the scene name. He slid his hands down to lie gently across the collar around Kaoru’s neck.

The use of the scene name coupled with the almost caress, made Kaoru shiver as a wave of calm settled over him. Without thinking he closed his eyes and leaned into the caress, rubbing his cheek across the leather of Hani’s pants. It’s hard to explain… but this feels right. I trust Hani and at this moment, I just want to be under his control. He felt a bump against his left hand and he automatically flipped his hand upwards to link with Takashi’s. Opening his eyes slightly, he saw that Takashi was mirroring his movement on Hani’s other knee, Hani gently stroking his hands through their hair and smiling down on them with a look that made him shiver again. A small hum of pleasure left his lips.

At the sound, Hani switched from lightly caressing to lightly scratching his nails against their scalps and the hum turned to a gasp as a bolt of electricity shot straight to Kaoru’s groin and he instantly became half hard.

Hani’s voice was low but seductive as he said, “I take it that is a turn on for you.”

Leaning into it as much as he could, Kaoru whispered, “Yes, sir.”

“What about if I do this,” Hani scratched harder before tightening his fingers around a handful of hair and holding tight.

Kaoru gasped and his erection went from half-mast to raging in a matter of moments. This time the moan was loud enough to make Hani grin. “Ye-es. Auriel. Sir.”

Hani held on for a few more moments before releasing the hair and going back to scratching. Idly, he asked, “So you saw the dungeon, is there anything in there that you want to try – the spanking bench? St. Andrew’s Cross?”

Kaoru replied almost shyly, “What was that thing that kind of looked like a chair?”

Hani giggled, the sound which used to grate on Kaoru’s nerves, now sounding intriguing. “It is a type of bondage chair. You are locked in at the ankles, thighs, upper arms, and wrists. But as you saw there isn’t a real seat. You are spread open and on display for your Top and anyone else watching the scene. At that point you can have almost any kind of implement used on you.”

Kaoru shuddered as he heard the last bit. On display… everyone could see. Gods. It’s been a fantasy for so long…

Hani felt the shudder and tilted up Kaoru’s head so he could look into his eyes. “Is that something that interests you? Do you want to be on display for me and Karr?”

Kaoru bit his lip and nodded. “Yes… but can I see someone else in it first?”

“Of course,” Hani said with a smile. “I know it is one of Kara’s favorite devices, and since I just saw her walk into the dungeon a few minutes ago, there’s probably a good chance she will be using it soon. Would you like to go watch? I could play with Karr for a bit so you can watch both of us.”

“Yes please.”

Takashi squeezed Kaoru’s hand once and then gracefully shifted position so he was on his knees before Hani. Looking up into Hani’s eyes he said, “What do you desire?”

“You. Always,” Hani said with a smile, “But for the moment, since you haven’t had one in a while, I thought you could use a good flogging. Then I thought you might be interested in helping Jareth get comfortable in his position tonight.”

A small shiver ran through Takashi’s body. “Yes, Sir.”

Hani stood up, pressing his body against Takashi’s, “And if you are really good, I may even let you come tonight… after I fuck you, of course.”

Kaoru blinked at the crude words coming out of Hani’s mouth even as it made something tighten low in his stomach to hear. Dirty talk. I never thought I would hear it out of Hani’s mouth but there’s no denying that it turns Takashi on… me too, if I am being honest. I wonder if they would let me watch.

“Go into the dungeon, underneath the hanging chains, kneel and wait for me.” Hani said with a tone of command in his voice.

Without a word, Takashi stood and went to follow the command.

Hani turned to Kaoru. “I know you expressed an interest in flogging the other night as well as the chair you mentioned tonight. I also know that you like spanking and paddling. Is there anything that you don’t like or don’t want to do?”

Kaoru’s mind went blank. “I am not sure; I don’t know what is out there.”

“Fair enough,” Hani said with a smile. “Let me put it another way. What would you like to experience tonight? I can spank you, flog you, bind you and put you on display.”

Kaoru grinned a bit mischievously, “Can I do them all?”

Hani laughed, “We can probably work that in. I need to be a bit cautious of the bruises you already have from last Saturday night, but there is plenty of other exposed skin and fun bits I can play with. How do you feel about sexual contact? The way I play with Karr usually turns that way, but it doesn’t have to with you.”

Kaoru blushed and looked down, “I would enjoy touching and maybe a little sucking – either to me or having me do it. I don’t think I am ready for full sex in front of an audience, even if that audience was just made of up the Host Club.”

“No worries, I would want to check with Tamaki and possibly Renge if that were the case.”

“Renge wants to watch and Tamaki would be on his knees before Kyouya begging for the same,” Kaoru chuckled.

Hani arched an eyebrow. “So you have talked about it with them… I figured you had with Tama-chan but Renge surprises me a little.”

“When I was talking to her about us, I mentioned that there was someone else I wanted to explore something different with and it accidently slipped out about Kyo being dominant and most of the club wanting to submit to him. She guessed immediately and as it turns out has done quite a bit with Mai,” Kaoru turned a faint pink as he giggled, “apparently she is really into fisting.”

Hani threw his head back and laughed. “So our otaku is a closet kinkster too. Explains so much actually. It’s good that you have had these discussions. So based on everything you said, I have an idea for tonight. Remember if you are uncomfortable in play at any time you can say Red and it will stop. If you want the collar removed you say Hyacinth.”

“Yes Sir, I remember.”

“Good,” Hani held a hand down to help Kaoru up and pulled him in for an almost chaste kiss. “Go watch Kara in the chair for a bit and decide if you want to try it. Dom and David will play with her a bit differently than I will play with you, but you will get an idea if it is something you would like. If you decide not to, then I will use the spanking bench instead. Because my dear sweet Jareth, you have an ass that begs to be spanked.”

Kaoru shivered at the words and immediately walked into the dungeon. To his left he saw Takashi, kneeling silently on the floor underneath a hanging set of chains with a leather wrist cuffs. To his right he saw one of the other couples he was introduced to earlier, Alex and Veronica, using the spanking bench, Alex was bent over it with a plug in his ass and Veronica was in the process of turning it pink with what looked like a fairy wand with a pink sequined heart on the end. He was also wearing pink fishnet thigh-highs and Kaoru could just make out a pink bow tied around his erect cock. An odd sensation flickered in his stomach as he watched Veronica spank him. I have never seen anything like it… and it is kind of weirdly sexy.

“We all have our kinks,” Dom said quietly over Kaoru’s shoulder which made him jump.


Dominic laid a calming hand on his shoulder, “Nothing to be sorry about. Alex loves humiliation play as you can tell by how erect he is. He is also an exhibitionist, so he is getting of being watched.” He chuckled, “I guess we are all on that last one or we wouldn’t be here playing in front of each other. Now please excuse me, I need to strap my girlfriend to a chair and torment her.” With a wink he stepped forward and went to the area directly in front of Kaoru where David was in the process of buckling her in.

Kaoru noticed immediately that she was now naked and she was pierced in both nipples, her belly button and her clit hood. He watched as she smiled at both her lovers as they locked her in place and moved what looked like a small microphone stand in front of her exposed pussy. Then they both kissed her fully before Dominic reached down and flipped a switch. Suddenly it came alive and an intense buzzing could be heard. A vibrator on a stand. Clever. David pushed it so it made direct contact with the piercing and soft lips. A loud moan escaped Kara’s mouth as it made contact and she started trying to wriggle within the confines of the chair to get it to move to a different location.

Turning from the scene in front of him he looked to Hani and Takashi. Takashi was still on his knees, but Hani had raised his hands (now in the cuffs) over his head and was in the process of using a heavy flogger on his back alternating between light and heavy strokes. When the heavier ones impacted, he could hear Takashi groan in pleasure. He watched mesmerized as Hani swung the flogger in an intricate pattern before striking. It’s beautiful to watch.

Glancing over he saw that David had dropped to his knees in front of Dominic and was in the middle of sucking him off as Kara was panting and squirming harder against the sensations. He could hear her begging and realized that Dominic had purposely set the vibrator at a point that would bring her to and hold her on the edge of orgasm but wouldn’t quite cause her enough sensation to push her over. Dominic leaned over, grabbed her hair and said in a commanding voice, “You can come after I have, not before. Do you understand?”

Tears streamed down her eyes as she nodded and replied, “Yes Dom.”

Kaoru’s cock twitched hard in his latex pants as he imagined the exquisite torture of being held right at that edge of pleasure. It has to be a torment… I wonder if Hani would do that to me someday.

The thought of Hani made Kaoru look back to his Top. Hani had stopped flogging Takashi and was in the process of using a tool on Takashi’s back that looked like a pizza cutter covered with spikes. Takashi was struggling against the cuffs as he tried to both get closer and further away from the sharp sensation.

Hani looked up and caught Kaoru’s curiosity, “It’s called a Wartenberg wheel and it can be a bit painful if you do it wrong. Karr doesn’t have the same gift of turning pain into pleasure that you do, so I know he is tolerating it because I want to use it. Would you like to help me make this a bit more bearable for him?”

Kaoru looked at the tall exquisitely chiseled man, held in such a helpless position and licked his lips before nodding.

Hani gave an evil grin and replied, “Good. Do you mind freeing his cock from the tightness of the leather pants? It’s been hard and confined all evening. I think he deserves some relief don’t you?”

Kaoru looked at Takashi and saw the pleading and heat in his eyes, though the older man never said a word. Making a decision, Kaoru got on his hands and knees and crawled over to Takashi, maintaining the eye contact. He could see the heat flare and feel the hardness as he reached to unfasten the leather pants.

Takashi’s cock sprang free, causing him to groan loudly in relief.

Hani winked at Kaoru from behind Takashi’s back. “That’s better, but I will leave it up to you to decide if that is enough relief or he deserves more. Just remember, whatever you do to him, he can do back to you when it is your turn.” He went back to teasing the wheel up and down Takashi’s back.

Kaoru grinned at the non-threat and looked at the warrior before replying with, “He looks so damn sexy like this. I can see what Haruhi and Kyouya see in him. Maybe I could help ease his suffering, just a little… in the name of friendship.”

Hani tossed his head back and laughed loudly, “Oh Jareth, you are going to fit in just fine.”

Kaoru smiled wickedly and caught Takashi’s eyes again before lowering his head to the point where his head was level with Takashi’s cock. Without hesitation, he took the length in his mouth as far as he was able.

Takashi let out a roar of pleasure as Kaoru’s warm welcoming mouth enclosed his throbbing cock, tongue pressing and moving in long circles while Kaoru alternated the pressure. He suddenly felt pulled in two directions – the bite-sting on his overheated back and the pleasure of his cock in another man’s mouth. His body rocked back and forth between the two, riding the crest and feeling it pulling him under. Unconsciously he started begging for release, “Auriel… Sir… Please… Jareth… Unnngh… Please... oh gods… PLEASE!!”

Hani set the Wartenberg wheel down and pressed his body against Takashi’s back, one hand holding Takashi’s head to one side and the other sliding down around Takashi’s waist to tangle in Kaoru’s hair. He felt Kaoru look up at him, mouth still firmly around Takashi’s cock. “He’s close, go ahead and stroke him off.”

Kaoru nodded and slid his mouth slowly off Takashi’s cock, replacing it with his fingers. With a strong grip, he started stroking slowly. On the third stroke, Hani bent down a bit hard at the corded muscle of Takashi’s neck. Takashi came hard in Kaoru’s hand with a groan that could almost have been a shout, jerking his body against the chains holding him and shooting his load up his chest to dribble down on Kaoru’s fingers. Kaoru smiled as he continued to stroke slowly to extend the orgasm for as long as possible, as Hani looked down at him with a smirk and nodded. With a final deep moan, Takashi sunk back as far as the chains would allow and hung his head in exhaustion.

As Hani stepped up to remove his chains, Kaoru got up, went to the kitchen and dampened some paper towels with cool water. Coming back into the dungeon, he started using them to wipe down Takashi’s sweat and cum drenched chest, which earned him a smile from Hani and a sincere Thank You from Takashi.

Kaoru said shyly, “It is my pleasure. That was unbelievably hot. I am honored that you let me participate.”

Hani laughed, “The pleasure was ours. If you wouldn’t mind grabbing the blanket out of the bag and wrapping it around Karr’s shoulders, we can go out in the living room, sit for a bit and come down a bit before your turn.” He glanced around the room and a scene caught his eye, “Or since I know we all enjoy watching we can sit on that couch over there and watch the rest of Dom, David, and Kara’s scene. It looks like it’s just about to get to the good part.”

Kaoru looked over at their hosts. Dominic had moved and was now standing on a platform next to the chair which brought his cock to the right height to have Kara finish sucking him. David had moved the vibrator away from her clit, but had replaced it with his mouth. Kaoru could also see one of his hands working something between her legs and realized abruptly it was a double ended dildo. Kaoru’s erection which had started to soften slightly in helping with the clean-up sprang back to full attention. She is getting double penetrated, with a tongue on her clit and a cock in her mouth. Damn! An idle thought crossed his mind. I wonder I we could do something like that with Haru…

“Jareth,” Hani’s voice said quietly so as not to disturb the scene.

Kaoru turned and saw Hani holding out his hand. Quickly Kaoru walked over and sat on the floor by his knees, while Takashi lay on his side on the couch, his head in Hani’s lap. Takashi’s hand draped over the side to rest on Kaoru’s shoulder and Hani’s hand once again started stroking his hair. Leaning back into the caress, Kaoru sighed in small pleasure at the sense of connection as all three of them watched the scene in front of them.

It wasn’t long before Dominic gave a grunt and a hard thrust, cumming deep in Kara’s throat. She swallowed and licked him slowly as he pulled out, a smile on her lips. “Thank you, Sir.” She said rather haltingly and rather breathlessly as David continued to work her.

“You are beautiful and such a good girl,” Dominic replied as he bent down to kiss her thoroughly. He broke it off slowly and said, “So good in fact that I think you deserve a reward. Cum for us, my love.”

At the words, David twisted his hands slightly working the dildo at a slightly different angle and sucked hard on her clit. Kara came hard, bucking against the restraints and screaming as the orgasm rocked her body.

David slowly removed the toy and with a final kiss to her pussy stood up slowly. He also leaned in to kiss her deeply and whispered. “Dom is right; you are so beautiful when you come for us.”

Kara laughed shakily, still trying to catch her breath. “It’s my pleasure… Literally!”

Dominic and David quickly removed the straps and the three of them stepped into each other, holding tightly for a few moments. Slowly Dominic took a half step back and they broke the hug. With a nod, Dominic sent David and Kara into the other room while he went to get cleaning supplies for the chair. Within a few moments, he had wiped it down and sanitized it. Dropping the supplies into a basket by the door he turned to Hani and winked. “It’s all yours. Have Fun!”

Hani grinned wickedly. “I intend to.” Looking down at Kaoru, he said, “Do you still want the chair or would you prefer the spanking bench?”

Kaoru eyes flicked back to the chair, “I want the chair.”

Hani’s grin widened. “I am glad, because my plan is to put you in it. Bind you so you are completely at my mercy. Take my riding crop and turn the skin of your ass and thighs a lovely stingy shade of red, while Takashi sucks you to the point where you are begging for release. He will then switch to stroking you until you cum screaming. Then I will fuck Takashi while he licks every drop of cum off your body… still unable to move, only watch and feel.” Hani smirked at the involuntary moan that escaped Kaoru’s lips. “How does that sound?”

Kaoru stood up and immediately turned to face both Hani and Takashi. Immediately, his hands moved to the zipper of the latex pants and he stripped naked. Standing completely bare in front of them except for the collar that Hani had placed around his neck earlier that night, cock engorged and fully extended, arms clasped behind his back, he said the only word that crossed his mind through the haze of need - “Please.”

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