The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


15. New Experience / Cold Water

Tamaki followed Hani and Takashi out of the dojo, his towel around his neck and the hard bulge in his pants rubbing against the smooth rayon of his workout pants with each of his steps. His eyes were glued to the two well-muscled backs and tight asses of his friends as they walked a pace in front of him. By the time he had reached the stairs, he was in line with them. Together the three of them walked down the staircase. No one spoke as they entered Takashi's room and went directly to the bathroom that he and Hani shared. Immediately after stepping onto the cool tile, both Hani and Takashi, dropped their pants and walked naked over to the shower, turning on the spray to a comfortably warm temperature, before stepping in.

Tamaki undressed as well but paused for a moment before joining them. Muttering to himself about getting fresh towels for all of them he walked over to the closet. Hugging three soft cotton towels to his chest, he stared at the two men who shared the water. Am I really doing this? I have wanted it for so long, but never thought it would actually happen. I just hope that this doesn't hurt our relationship. I care about their friendship too much. Suddenly he realized that the two men were staring back at him, each holding out a hand, and nothing but desire and friendship burning in their eyes. Taking a deep breath, he set the towels down on the counter and walked into the spray. The two hands that had been reaching for him, pulled him closer, and he found his back pressed against Takashi's chest while Hani stood in front of him, running a hand up his chest.

Blue eyes stared deep into violet ones, wanting to make sure that the desire was still there. "Tama-chan, we don't want to do anything that you aren't comfortable with. Your friendship is more important."

"I was thinking the same, actually," Tamaki answered, "But I want this. If I am honest, I have wanted it for a very long time, I just never really thought it would happen. Hell, I still feel silly for not realizing that you both were a couple."

"You had others on your mind," Takashi murmured at his back, "Not that we can blame you for loving her, since we do too. But I kept hoping that one day you would really see us too."

"We both hoped," Hani added as the hand that had been caressing Tamaki's chest slid up to cup his face. "Last chance to escape… Do you want this?"

Tamaki's response was to pull Hani in for a kiss with his left hand, while his right slid behind him to caress Takashi's cock. The gasp that escaped from Takashi's lips as Tamaki's hand slid around his hardness was quickly replaced with a growl as he reached around to return the favor. Tamaki's moan of pleasure was swallowed up in the aggressive movements of Hani's tongue against his own. Their kiss wasn't delicate though it was elegant, like the sparring match he had watched earlier. Takashi, always in tune with his lover's moments, stroked Tamaki in a way that enhanced the desire flooding through Tamaki's body. Finally Hani pulled away, to let Tamaki catch his breath.

Staring into the passion drenched violet eyes, his own voice ragged with desire Hani asked, "Have you ever been pegged?"

"I…," The rest of Tamaki's response was lost in a groan as Takashi sunk his teeth into the meat of the area between his neck and shoulder. His knees buckled slightly before he was able to catch himself. Breathing heavy, he was shocked at the intense reaction to Takashi's bite.

"Takashi. I didn't get my answer."

"Sorry. I couldn't resist."


"I…," Still breathless, he tried again, "Only with toys. Until this week, I hadn't found anyone I was attracted enough to."

"Do you want to be?"

"Gods yes."

"Good." The devilish smile on Hani's face made Tamaki's heart skip a beat. Turning slightly to look at Takashi, he saw the same intensity on the other man's face, and he shivered despite the heat from the water.

Slowly Takashi removed his hand from Tamaki's hard cock and moved it over to his hip, while his other hand echoed the motion. Sliding both hands up Tamaki's rib cage he continued until he had both of Tamaki's arms raised above his head. "Bend over and brace your hands against the shower wall. Spread your legs."

Obediently, Tamaki complied. He could feel the water cascading down his back and running in swift moving rivulets down his legs. Opening his eyes and looking down, he was surprised to see Hani positioning himself on his knees below his chest, out of the direct spray of the water.

A wicked smile was the answer to Tamaki's questioning look. In the space of a heartbeat Hani had wrapped his lips around Tamaki's cock and was using his tongue to tease it in a way that had Tamaki throwing his head back in pleasure and slipping a hand down to slid it into the blond hair of the man beneath him.

"Put your hand back on the wall." Takashi growled next to his ear, reminding Tamaki that there was more to come. Tamaki quickly returned his hand to its former position. Using the water and a drop of soap as a lubricant, Takashi slid his fingers into the crease of Tamaki's ass and started fingering the tightly puckered hole; the low groans letting him know that Tamaki was enjoying every moment. Slowly Takashi inserted his index finger. He let Tamaki get used to the sensation of it sliding slowly in and out before adding another. Finally as Takashi scissored his fingers open and closed, stretching the tight space, Tamaki's low groans grew more frantic and eager. Watching Tamaki's body react to his fingers and Hani's talented tongue, Takashi stroked himself for a few moments to make sure he was completely hard.

Positioning himself behind, he spread Tamaki's ass cheeks wide and slowly guided his rigid member into the tight hole. The initial push caused Tamaki to tighten briefly in a flash of pain before pleasure became the dominant sensation. Takashi groaned as he let himself fall into the angled rhythm he knew would cause pleasure quickly for both him and Tamaki.

Tamaki was on fire. His hands were clenched against the cool tile trying to find some anchor in the storm of emotion that was washing over him. The sucking feeling of Hani's mouth around his cock coupled with the powerful sensation of Takashi riding him left him completely adrift. He couldn't focus on either and the combination was rapidly making him lose control. Finally he resist no more and with a sound close to a scream, he shot his load deep into Hani's throat as Takashi grunted behind him, his own orgasm filling Tamaki with a warm gush. He felt the strain on his arms as Takashi collapsed against his back for a brief moment. Rising slowly, Takashi wrapped his arms around Tamaki and pulled him back against his chest.

With a sigh of regret, Hani slid his lips off of Tamaki's softening member and stood up. With a few quick hard strokes from his fingers, Hani shot his load across Tamaki's abdomen. After the throbbing eased, he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Tamaki, to rest on Takashi's hips. The three of them stayed like that for a few moments, while the water slowly cooled.

Tamaki let Takashi and Hani support most of his weight as he felt himself gradually come back into his body. That was beyond anything I could have imagined.

Tilting his head back, he sought out Takashi's lips to place a soft kiss on them, before doing the same to the man in front of him. "Thank you both. That was incredible."

Hani's laughter caused Tamaki to smile. "It was our pleasure Tama-chan. I know I enjoyed watching how you reacted. Knowing that I was causing some of it made it even better."

"I thank you for letting me be your first." Even though he couldn't see the smile on Takashi's voice, he could hear the warmth in the older host's voice.

"You are welcome, though I still think I should be thanking you both." Tamaki smiled as he continued, "This week has been a series of experiences that are completely making up for not being with all of you at Ouran this year."

"And the winter break isn't over yet," Takashi added. "Speaking of which, should we get out of the shower and get ready to meet up with the others?"

"Probably. But maybe we should actually get clean first," Hani teased the others as he soaped up a pouf. Running it quickly over himself, he handed it to Tamaki, who did the same before passing it finally to Takashi.

"I wonder if we will beat the others downstairs?" Tamaki asked idly as he dried off. He enjoyed the camaraderie that was evident as the conversation turned to places the group could go that afternoon.



"How much time do we have again before we are supposed to meet up with the others?" Haruhi's voice echoed slightly as she leaned back against the tile of the shower to watch her lovers rub each other with soapy poufs. I love watching the way they tease each other. It's so interesting to see the way they are learning each other's sensitive spots and are exploring what turns them on. I have to give Tamaki some credit, because I don't know when this would have happened without the little push of being away from all of the little stressors of Japan. Not that it affects Hikaru or me that much, but I could see the tension really starting to build between Kyouya and his father over my relationship with Hikaru. I know Yoshio Ootori disapproves of the fact that his son accepts that his girlfriend is also dating another man. It flies in the face of tradition and is not socially acceptable in the circles Yoshio Ootori operates in. Thanks to Tamaki and his honest open relationship with his father, I know that Yoshio was going to try to arrange a marriage with me to Kyouya, despite the fact that we were both still in high school at the time and that I was just starting to date Tamaki. I know Kyouya diffused the tension by reminding his father of the business ramifications of getting on the "bad-side" of the Suoh empire, but I wonder if Yoshio put more pressure on his son to remind him of his "duty" after Tama and I broke up. I don't question that Kyouya loves me for who I am - not because his father wants up together. If he was only in our relationship to please his father, he would never have accepted my dating Hika or ever acknowledged his own feelings toward him. I can see how Kyouya's actions displease his father and I have a feeling that the situation is going to come to a breaking point soon. A sudden faceful of water instantly brought Haruhi out of her increasingly dark thoughts. She looked up to see her lovers laughing at her and cupping their hands to prepare to splash her again.

"Earth to Haruhi," Hikaru teased. "We asked you a question, but you were lost in your thoughts."

"And they didn't appear to be happy ones." The concern in Kyouya's voice made her shake off the last of her brooding.

"So sorry my loves," She answered them both, "Just a nasty turn of thought that really isn't helpful or relevant to the moment. I was enjoying watching you wash each other. Please continue. I promise to pay more attention this time."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Thank you Kyo-love, but not right now. It can wait and I would rather enjoy my time with the two of you."

Kyouya gave her an assessing look. He turned to look at Hikaru. The glint of concern was also apparent in his golden eyes, but they also contained the flashes of desire that had been building between them. The desire won out and Kyouya filed the concern away to discuss at a later time. "All right. That was our comment though. You looked lonely leaning up against the wall."

"Since you technically hadn't gotten a chance to wash yourself, we had an idea."

"Oh really?!" Haruhi arched an eyebrow at the red haired devil.

"Really." Hikaru replied.

"I think we need to show her, Hika." As one they reached out and grabbed her, pulling her between their soapy bodies. Haruhi could only laugh as they rubbed their soapy bodies against hers. Her laughter quickly turned into desire, however, as they added their soapy hands to the equation and slowly caressed her body.

Hikaru stood in front of her and slid one soapy hand up to caress her left breast, while his left hand slid around her hip to caress her butt. With ease, Haruhi slipped her left arm across his shoulders. Kyouya, behind her, brought her right arm up to curve around his neck, before adding his own soap covered right hand to her other breast. Feeling the spray of the water rinse his left hand clean, he teased it down her abdomen and into the crevasse between her legs. He pinched her nipple slightly to cause her to gasp, before sliding two of his fingers deep into her warmth.

Haruhi's head fell back against Kyouya's shoulder as her body arched into his fingers. Hikaru, not to be left out, circled her nipple with his thumb, let the water wash away the soap, and then replaced it with his mouth – eliciting another gasp from her. Using the hand that his mouth replaced to steady her, he slid the other from cupping her ass to the crack between her cheeks. Feeling the motion of Kyouya's fingers as they worked in and out of her, Hikaru started to rub small circles on the untouched rosebud of her back door in time with the movement of his tongue on her nipple.

Crying out in pleasure at the unexpected sensation, Haruhi couldn't help herself and raised her leg placing her foot against the shower wall, to allow her lovers easier access; Hikaru's steadying hand moving from her waist to her leg to keep her in place. Once opened, Hikaru and Kyouya soon found a compatible rhythm that had Haruhi struggling to keep her moans from increasing in intensity. Finally Haruhi couldn't hold back any longer and a loud deep moan escaped from her lips as her body clenched around the fingers invading her deepest places, and throbbed as her orgasm flowed through her body.

Hikaru and Kyouya shared a look of mutual amusement, love and desire as Haruhi struggled to calm her wildly beating heart and regain her breath. Her lovers slid their fingers out of her and just held her against their bodies, while the warm spray relaxed them. With only a trace of breathlessness left in her voice and a whole lot of amusement, Haruhi said, "I could get used to getting clean that way."

"So could I," Kyouya breathed against her neck. His still hard erection pressed into the crack of her ass.

"Me too." Hikaru echoed.

"I think there is still one more thing, well, two more things that need to be done."

"What's that love?"

In response, Haruhi slipped out from between them. Each gave her a slightly confused look as she stood in front of them, completely naked and hands on her hips, but with a sort of commanding presence that they had not seen before. Taking one step forward, she placed a hand on each of their chests and pushed them back up against the shower wall. A mischievous smile spread on her face as she reached over to squirt a little soap on her hands. Stalking up to them, she grabbed each of their erect cocks in her now soapy fingers and started working them. "Like I said – two more things still need to be done." The throaty growl in her voice turned them on even more.

Soon Haruhi had her men arching into her hands as they shot their loads across the shower. This time, they were the ones gasping for breath and trying to calm their heartbeats as she slipped her arms around their waists.

"I think I will borrow a line from you Haru-love and say 'I could get used to a shower like that'" Hikaru teased as he leaned in to kiss her shoulder.


Haruhi laughed in delight, her lovers joining her, and they all stepped back into the rapidly cooling water for one last rinse to make sure all the soap was off.

"Yikes, this water is getting cold!" Hikaru complained.

"We have now determined the expiration point of the hot water in the shower. Perhaps we should hurry."

"I wonder if the others were able to get their showers in?" Haruhi added, thinking of Hani, Takashi and Tamaki.

"I am sure they did, though if we don't hurry, they will be waiting downstairs for us tapping their feet." Kyouya answered her.

"Hey! You boys are the ones that take forever to get dressed. I just put on whatever Hikaru or Kaoru has deemed appropriate," she winked at her lover, "and put on a touch of make-up. Once upon a time, I didn't even bother with the make-up part. All of you have been a bad influence on me."

Hikaru grinned at her teasing. "We know. You are beautiful without it, but stunning with it, now that Kao and I taught you how to wear it."

"So it was Hikaru and Kaoru that taught you how to wear make-up. I will have to let the others know, Hani and Tamaki owe me and Takashi $50. They thought it had to be Ranka."

Haruhi groaned at Kyouya while Hikaru just laughed.




As it turned out, the six members of the Host club all met at the bottom of the staircase within seconds of each other. They began to discuss their plans for the afternoon.

"I don't know about everyone else, but I am starving," Haruhi commented after several ideas had been tossed out.

"Good idea Haru-chan," Hani agreed. "Let's get lunch and then we can decide where we want to go. Tamaki – what would be the best place to go for a good lunch?"

"I think we should head to Montmartre. There are several wonderful cafes and a lot of interesting tourist areas and shopping close by. There is even a small exclusive winery, though we may not be dressed appropriately for a visit. I could easily get us in by name, but I thought the idea was to try and be as inconspicuous as possible."

"I appreciate that Tama. I know the paparazzi will be mainly congregating over by the Carrousel de Louvre, but there will still be a fair amount in the normal tourist areas, hoping for a glimpse of a famous designer or two." Hikaru said.

"Unfortunately, the only vehicle big enough to take all six of us is the limo, so we may draw some attention at first, but once it drops us off, we can always take a Taxi or two from one location to another."

"Excellent idea, Tamaki," Takashi smiled as Tamaki flushed a light pink - thoughts of the shower they shared still fresh in his mind. "Though, this week, the people most likely to be recognized would be Hikaru, Kaoru, and you. The rest of us are relatively unknown in Paris. Kaoru is at the Carrousel de Louvre with Renge so they may assume Hikaru is there as well."

"Hikaru came up with a solution for that problem," Kyouya added coolly.

"Ta-da!" Hikaru pulled out two hats, two scarves, and two pairs of large dark sunglasses. He put on one set and handed the other to Tamaki.

"Disguises? Won't that make us stand out even more if no one else in the group is wearing them?"

"That's why I got a couple more hats, scarves, shades for everyone. Only these are a little bit more fashionable. Since everyone is dressed casually, we will look like just another group of tourists." Hikaru explained. "I will keep my hat on, when we go inside to hide my more distinctive hair, while Tama can leave on his sunglasses to hide his violet eyes."

"That should work Hika-chan. Great idea."

"Awesome. Now can we please go? I really am hungry!" Haruhi complained jokingly while the others laughed.

Tamaki bowed at her, "your wish is our command Princess," and led the way out of the house into the waiting limousine.

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