The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


5. Moves on a Chessboard

Tamaki lead the host club in to the dining room. Turning he said, ”I know it’s been a long day for everyone, so I kept dinner pretty simple. There is lobster bisque, some fresh baked bread, cheese, fruit, and a berry tart for dessert. I hope you don’t mind. I promise to make it up to you later this week.”

“I think that sounds perfect Tama.” Haruhi smiled up at the man on her left, while sitting down into the chair that Kyouya pulled out for her.

Since the table was so large, the group decided to just sit casually at one end, so they could enjoy easy conversation while they ate. Kyouya and Tamaki sat on either side of her, Hani sat at the end, while Mori, Kaoru and Hikaru sat across from her. A maid served them all a bowl of soup before setting the tureen on the table. The bread, fruit and cheese plate were set in the middle of the table so everyone had easy access. Finally she filled their wine and water glasses before speaking, “Master Suoh, if that is everything you need, the staff and I will be leaving for the night. We will be back before breakfast tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you Marion, that sounds perfect. Thank Chef Pierre for the wonderful dinner for me and please make sure that you and the kitchen staff take some home for your families.”

“Thank you Master, we will do so.” She turned and gracefully left the room.

“Tama, I really like the fact that you know the names of your staff and you genuinely seem to care about them.” Haruhi turned to her friend who was slowly blushing at her comment.

“Self-preservation I guess. They are wonderful people and in the last year with all of the challenges of dealing with my grandmother, they have helped me, listened to me, and offered advice when I needed it. If my grandmother ever decides to turn them out, I am going to make sure they come and work for me. That’s why it’s so important to me to get the Guest House up and running as a viable event location.”

“I think that is a noble sentiment my friend,” Mori said quietly.

“We can do it all together Tama-chan!” Hani enthused.

Hikaru and Kaoru leaned their heads together and started whispering to each other intensely. After a minute of the rapid twinspeak only they could understand, they turned to Tamaki.

“We have a plan.”

Tamaki blinked before asking for more clarification. “What do you mean that you have a plan?”

“Today is Tuesday. We are prepping for Fashion Week tomorrow and Thursday. We have the Workshop on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. The Fashion Week Event kicks off on Sunday with a Runway Show and a Press Event. The rest of the week is spent with different shows by designers, but there is always one final Event held on Saturday Night to officially close the Week,” Kaoru answered.

“That event is a Grand Ball. Each year one of the designers hosts it. This year it is Hitachiin Design Group, Inc. Everything is all ready to go - the band, the caterers, the lighting and all the photographers. We just are going to switch the venue. Instead of being held at the convention center, we are going to have it here,” Hikaru finished smiling at the Host club King, “It will instantly label the Suoh Guest House, as the hottest new location for anything Fashion.”

Tamaki was stunned. “But, but what about the invitations don’t they already say someplace else?”

“Technically yes,” Kaoru replied, “but since the location of the Ball isn’t announced until the Press Event on Sunday, we have a couple of days to have new ones made up.”

“I believe we have a Ootori-affiliated print company here in France, I can have the reprints completely by Friday.” Kyouya added.

“That’s perfect.” Hikaru smiled at Kyouya, feeling a jolt as Kyouya smiled back.

“Yay! This is going to be so much fun!!” Hani bounced in his chair.

“Mmm-hmm,” Mori gave his agreement.

“ I am completely overwhelmed my friends, Are..” Tamaki looked up at the group with tears in his eyes, “Are you absolutely sure?”

“Absolutely.” Six voices in unequivocally in unison silenced the last of Tamaki’s protests.

The rest of dinner passed in excited conversation as all of the last minute details were worked out among the six of them. After dinner, the group decided to adjourn to the Library to relax a bit before going up to bed.

“Hika-Chan, I challenge you to a Chess Match!” The gleam in Hani’s eye as he offered the challenge was one that Hikaru couldn’t resist.

“You’re on.”

Mori turned to Haruhi, “Would you like to play?”

“Thank you but no Sensei, I will to watch the start of the games but I actually want to take a bubble bath and relax for a bit,” Haruhi responded, “but I am sure that Kyouya would love to join you in a game,” Gotcha Kyo-love! I saw the look in your eyes as soon as I said I wanted a bath. I want a few minutes to relax by myself. I have no doubt that with our rooms linked together, it’s probably the only time I will have to myself this night.

At the words “bubble bath” two sets of eyes, immediately locked on Haruhi. Hikaru was annoyed that he had already committed to a chess game with Hani. Kyouya saw the look of laughter in Haruhi’s eyes as she all but tossed him into a game with the older Host. Don’t worry love, I will get you back for that. You are mine tonight. To Mori however, he graciously said, “I would be honored. I know a game with you would be a challenge. And you know I can’t resist a challenge.”

Haruhi caught the double meaning in Kyouya’s statement to Mori meant for her and shivered slightly. Turning away, she saw the same fire and possession in Hikaru’s eyes. My room links to Hikaru’s and Kyouya’s too, maybe it won’t just be Kyouya tonight… I really hope so. Gods know I want to be between them both again so much.

“Well Kaoru, that leaves just us. Want to play a game?” Tamaki asked.

“Sure why not. I give you fair warning. If you want a really challenging game you may want to wait for Hani and Hikaru’s game to finish. I know the basics, but the strategy of it has never been my strong suit.”

“Perfect, because I am the exact same way. Kyouya tells me I am just not focused enough. I know the rules and can play a bit, but all the intense strategy bores me. I would rather just have fun.”

“Then lets do it,” Kaoru smiled, “But first I need to run upstairs. Be back in about five minutes.”

“Sure.” Tamaki sat down on the couch next to Haruhi as two sets of chess boards were pulled out and set up. Smiling she laid her head on his shoulder and watched as the opening gambits started. They are all actually well matched. I have played with all of them before. I wouldn’t want to bet money on who would win each game – Kyouya, Hika, Hani and Mori are all amazing players. I can’t win against any of them.

“I am so glad I am not playing any of them,” Tamaki echoed her thoughts, “They are all so good, I would be beaten in 4 moves. At least Kaoru and I are about evenly matched.”

“I am about at the same level as you. I can never win against any of them. So tell me honestly, are you ok with the twins having the Grand Ball here?”

“I am more than ok with it, it’s a dream come true in a way. If I can prove that I can be successful, then maybe all the negative comments my grandmothers continues to throw at me won’t hurt so much and I won’t be tied to her less than generous ‘goodwill’.”

“You are already far better than she gives you credit for Tama-love. One day I hope you will see that and find the faith in yourself that we all have for you. You are amazing even if you don’t see it.” Raising her head she kissed him softly on the cheek. “I see Kaoru is returning, so now is my chance to slip away and have just a bit of time for myself. Enjoy your game.”

“I wager you have about 20 minutes before the idea of you upstairs, wet and wearing nothing but bubbles, drives both of your men crazy and they won’t be able to concentrate on their games. Which gives you about 25 minutes to enjoy your solitude before they act,” Tamaki grinned and winked at her, “Not that I blame them. Seeing you naked and wet is lovely memory for me.”

Haruhi laughed and blushed a bit. “You aren’t too bad to look at yourself when you are naked. I hope you get to find some action yourself this week.”

“We will see,” Tamaki responded as he pulled out another chess board and started setting it up for him and Kaoru.

Haruhi walked over to the others now engrossed in their games. She lightly kissed each cheek ‘for luck’ before saying good night. As she walked by Kaoru and Tamaki, Kaoru turned to her and said, “I drew the water for your bath and set out a nightgown for you. I figured I would try to give you as much alone time as I could. I have a feeling that it won’t be much.”

“Thanks Kao-love. Tamaki pretty much said the same thing. I will appreciate every minute of it. Have fun with your game.” She kissed him lightly on the lips before walking out the door, completely unaware that six sets of eyes followed her.



Haruhi sank up to her neck in the steaming bubbles and gave a sigh of pure pleasure as her muscles started to relax. Not only had Kaoru set up the bath for her but he had also lit a few candles and music played softly in the background. Staring out the wall of windows there was just enough outside light to let her watch the falling snow while she let her mind drift. It really is so incredibly beautiful here. Tamaki doesn’t realize how amazing the work he did actually is. I am just glad that all the others do realize it and are helping him make it come true. The Guest House is going to be so sought after in the future. I wonder how many weddings will be booked here in the first year? Or photo shoots? I can imagine that with the right photographer and models, the pictures would be awesome.

In the background the music shifted from relaxing to sultry. Unconsciously following the shift in the music, Haruhi’s thoughts drifted towards the sensual as well. I wonder if once the spring comes if I could get Hikaru and Kyouya to come out here and do a photo-shoot with me. I would love to have something artistic and different that features the three of us… maybe in the rose garden. I guess it’s funny how far I have come in the last couple of years. If someone told me when I first started Ouran that two and a half years later I would be soaking in a bathtub in Paris, with my two boyfriends are downstairs playing chess with my martial arts instructors, while my best friends – one of which is my ex-boyfriend, also play a game, I would have probably checked them into a mental institution. It’s really funny to look back and realize how much all of those men have impacted my life in so many ways. I can’t imagine my life now without all of them in it some way. Granted, I want Kyouya and Hikaru in a different way than the others- my attraction to them is beyond anything I can explain rationally, but to be honest I am still attracted to Kaoru and Tamaki - which is why I enjoy kissing, teasing and laughing with them so much. I really hope that we will always be able to enjoy that comfort level and that when they both do find someone or some people that they want to spend the rest of their life with, their partners won’t be jealous of my relationship with them. I would never want to cause them grief or make them choose, but a part of me would be heartbroken if I lost them. If I am really really honest with myself, I have to admit that I am so curious about Mori and Hani. Their dedication to each other is incredible – they balance each other so well… and let’s face it from a purely physical perspective they are pretty much perfection. Every time we workout together or they come out of the showers after, I have to bite my lip a little in lust. I don’t want a relationship beyond what we have, but I am curious to know what a kiss from either of them would be like… and maybe I am just a teensy bit jealous of the person who gets to be pulled into their oh-so-strong arms and thoroughly ravished.

Haruhi smiled widely. But only a teensy bit jealous because when Kyouya and Hikaru decide to ravish me, I forget about anyone but them. I am glad that they decided to go to this workshop with me. I am hoping that it will start a discussion between us, because I want more. I love spending time with each of them separately, but I want more time together with the three of us. I know Hikaru and I still have half a year left at Ouran, but when we go to the University, I want to live with both of them. I want to come home to Kyouya sitting at the table typing away on his laptop while Hikaru is sprawled out on the couch sketching a design. I want to spend our nights tangled up together. I want their passion, their lust, their minds, and their bodies. I want to have them hold me when I am frustrated and I want to do the same for them when they need it. I want to walk out into the world and say ‘Look at me! I am a simple girl but I found the love of two incredible men and I won’t let anything or anyone tear us apart.

Slowly Haruhi realized her bath water was cooling, while her libido was rising. I want them. Now. They didn’t come in the bathroom while I was naked. I wonder how they would react if I walked into each of their rooms right now and demanded that they both come to me, make love to me.

She dried off and slipped into the short silk night gown that Kaoru had left out for her. Walking over to door leading to her room, she opened it. A big smile grew on her face as she realized what was waiting for her. Eyes flashing with heat, she walked toward her bed…



Tamaki’s prediction was off by about five minutes. As he and Kaoru chatted amicably during their game, he kept glancing over at both Hikaru and Kyouya. Both Hani and Mori were watching their opponents closely as well. Ten minutes into the game it was obvious that neither Kyouya’s nor Hikaru’s mind was actually on the game in from of them. Within fifteen minutes both Hani and Mori had soundly beaten them -which lead to their teasing Kyouya and Hikaru mercilessly.

“Hika-chan, I thought you were supposed to be good at this… and Kyouya! What kind of Shadow King are you if you can’t play a simple game of chess. Are you that easily distracted by a girl? Can we wager on the game next time? I could make a fortune from beating you!” Hani laughed at them.

“Distractions cost you. Should I start a tab for you Kyouya?” Even Mori couldn’t resist teasing the Shadow King a bit, since the opportunity happened so rarely.

“I will claim a rematch on another day.” Kyouya said – annoyed at the teasing.

“Ditto. Just it will be on a day that Haruhi is here to referee. I want her to watch me wipe the floor with you. It wasn’t fair to beat you without her here to see it,“ Hikaru blustered.

Laughing Hani said, “Just go to her boys. We can see that you want to. We just wanted to make sure she had a little time to herself, since you both have been hovering since the limo this morning. We can discuss a rematch later.” Turning to his cousin, “Mori, would you like to play a real game of chess?”


Hani set up the game next to Tamaki and Koaru’s. The four of them played companionably for the next hour. Finally Mori made a move that Hani didn’t expect and check-mated his king. Looking up at the clock on the wall and yawning, he realized that it was after midnight. “Ok guys, I am tired so I am going to bed. I will see you all in the morning.”

“I will go to bed as well. Good Night.” With a nod, Mori followed Hani up the stairs.

“What about you Kaoru? You have had a long day as well. Did you want to go to bed as well?” Tamaki asked his chess partner.

Kaoru bit his lip and debated telling Tamaki the truth. Finally trusting in his friend, he admitted something that he normally never would. “I am tired, but after watching Kyouya and Hikaru, knowing Haruhi was up there naked in the bath, and imagining what is happening up there, I am actually horny as hell… but I know that I am going to be going up to an empty bed. It sucks. I really hate sleeping alone. Maybe I should just stay down here and put on a movie. Something to distract me, I don’t know. It’s silly to be jealous because I am alone tonight isn’t it. I want them to be happy – all of them. It’s just usually that after Hikaru and Haruhi make love, she cuddles with both of us. The only night that I spent alone was that one night before the Faire because that was the first night Kyouya and Hikaru both realized they needed Haruhi. I spent the night awake in a guest room staring at the TV and trying not to picture them, because part of me wanted to be there too – and I couldn’t be. ”

Kaoru turned away from Tamaki, sighed, and stared into the fire. “I just want to find a passion like that. What I feel for Haruhi is warm and happy, but not the burning that Hika feels. Am I making any sort of sense?”

Without warning Tamaki’s arms wrapped around Kaoru and he was pulled back against Tama’s chest. “It makes perfect sense, because that is mostly how I feel about her as well. You know that we made love on occasion even after we broke up, though not since the three of them started dating. She has a definite ability to make you feel warm and happy, and maybe a bit lusty. I can even see it in Mori and Hani’s eyes as well. We all love her… and she loves all of us. It makes it harder for the rest of us because we love her and see the intensity that she has for Kyouya and Hika and we want some of that for ourselves. Maybe not with her, but with someone eventually. But I think we all worry that if we find it with someone else that we are going to lose the connection we have with Haruhi and that both scares us and keeps us from looking too hard. Maybe we need to trust in the fact that our future partners may love her just as much as we do.”

Tamaki’s arms tightened around Kaoru once, then he let go before continuing softly, “I am going to say something and you are completely free to say no. I won’t be offended, I promise. If you want someone to cuddle and maybe help ease some of the tension tonight, I would be willing.”

Kaoru was startled by the suggestion, wanting to make sure he heard it correctly he asked, ”Tama… Are you offering to sleep with me?”

“Yes. I promised I wouldn’t be offended if you said no and I meant it. I can see the idea bothers you-“

“Wait! No, it doesn’t bother me. The opposite actually. I just didn’t expect the offer. I know you prefer women as do I. The only other man I have slept with is Hika, but you are my friend, you are an incredibly attractive man, and like with Haruhi, there is a warm and comfortable feeling with you. I just don’t want you to offer because I am mopey.”

Tamaki’s smile made Kaoru’s heart skip a beat, “I promise it’s not because you are mopey or even because I am wound up as you are over imagining what the three of them are doing upstairs, which I am. I am flexible sexually. I always have been. Maybe it’s because I am French and spent most of my youth here, but while I tend to prefer women, I am attracted to some men too,” Now it was Tamaki’s turn to blush, ”I have to admit that attraction was part of the reason why I invited you, Hikaru, Kyouya, Mori, and Hani to the Host Club in the first place. I have always been attracted to you – not in love with you, I promise, but attracted to you. So the idea of spending a night with you is …. Well… intriguing.”

Reaching out Kaoru pulled Tamaki in close, wrapping an arm around his waist and using his other hand to slide across his cheek before sliding into his hair. Tilting his head slightly he caught Tamaki’s lips with his own, deepening the kiss after a low groan escaped. After a minute of their tongues sliding against each other – exploring and tasting, Kaoru broke the kiss to whisper “Let’s go to bed.”

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