The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


8. Movement

The faint sounds of a piano concerto slowly woke Kyouya from his dreams. Sleepily, he rolled over, expecting to feel Haruhi’s soft body underneath his. The shock of finding nothing but cold empty sheets woke him completely. He reached for his glasses on the bedside table and his hand brushed against a piece of paper. Ah, a note.


Good Morning my love. Since we both woke up early, we thought it best to let you sleep. Hikaru had to meet Kaoru and head over to the Convention Center to work on the designs. I am heading upstairs to the dojo to do yoga and then practice my katas. Mori thinks that I may be able to test up soon and I want to get as much practice in as I can. Come join us when you wake up. Love always, Haruhi

They know me too well. It’s not like I want to be a dragon if someone wakes me up, I just can’t help it. Maybe this tattoo fits better than I realized.With a self-deprecating smile Kyouya rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom to quickly wash before going upstairs. Getting in a bit of exercise actually sounds like a great idea. Plus I do enjoy watching Haruhi practice. It’s amazing to see how much Mori and Hani have taught her over the last couple of years. She is really pretty good... and maybe I can convince her to shower with me after.

He pulled on a loose pair of workout pants, tennis shoes, and put on a white t-shirt grateful that the house remained comfortably warm even in the middle of winter. Walking up the stairs to the third floor, he decided he would listen to Tamaki playing the piano before crossing over to the other room. He must be in good mood. I haven’t heard him play Vivaldi in a really long time. Silently sitting on a couch across from him and closing his eyes, Kyouya let himself get lost in the music for a few minutes. I need to spend some time with him in the next couple of weeks. It has been far too long since we were able to just sit down and talk. I want to know how he is doing here away from everyone. I know we video chat at least once a week, but it’s not the same. It’s funny how much I miss his enthusiasm when it used to just annoy me.

Tamaki transitioned into a piece by Mozart and Kyouya opened his eyes and as quietly as possible left the room. As he walked down the hallway to the dojo, he saw Hani standing outside the room, but watching through the open double doors. Curious, he walked over and stood next to him. When he turned to look in the room, his breath caught and a tightness appeared in his chest. What is going on?

Mori and Haruhi were in the room together. Mori was wearing loose pants and was shirtless. He was also lying on his back, his feet supporting her body, one arm behind her neck supporting her shoulders and the other on her heart. Haruhi was arched backwards on his feet gripping the ankle of one bent leg as her foot rested against his ankle, and the other leg extended out completely, toe pointed. Her free arm reached down and was flush on his chest. They held the pose for a moment before transitioning into another.

“Aren’t they beautiful together,” Hani’s quiet voice cut through Kyouya’s stunned silence. “They have been doing partner yoga together for the last six months or so, and how far they have come is really impressive. I tried to do it with them at the beginning, but I don’t have the same kind of internal calm and patience that both of them have.”

Partner. Yoga. Kyouya’s mind flashed back to a conversation he had with Haruhi about seven months ago where she asked him if he wanted to do yoga with her. At the time, he was wrapped up in several business deals as well as finishing his finals, so he declined. She seemed slightly disappointed but understood. She asked if he minded if she asked one of the others. He had said that was fine and he didn’t think twice about it. I had no idea this is what she meant. I knew she was still doing yoga, but somehow I was picturing classes and basic sun salutations, not quite this intimate beautiful thing. They are amazing together and it hurts a bit, because I know that she is attracted to Mori and he to her, but can I really justify my jealousy? Mori is probably the absolute best partner for her in this. His calm and steadiness are far more conducive to getting the benefits out of yoga than my cool detachment or Hikaru’s fiery passion. Can I acknowledge and accept that?

“Kyo-chan?” Hani’s voice rose in a question.

“I knew that she was doing yoga and that you and Mori were doing it with her, but I never imagined anything quite like this,” Kyouya answered. “You are right. It is beautiful and I am realizing I am both slightly jealous and really disappointed in myself that I turned her down all those months ago, when maybe I could be in Mori’s position right now.”

“Kyouya, may I speak honestly for a moment?”

Hearing a warning tone in Hani’s voice, Kyouya looked away from the pair in front of him and focused completely on the older Host. “Of course.”

“I know you want to be jealous and you may even think you have a bit of a right to be, because you are dating Haruhi, but you need to remember that you are not the only one of us who loves her. We all love her in our own way and she loves us as well. She turned to you and Hikaru first with the idea and you both turned her down. Maybe you didn’t realize fully what she meant, but deep down the idea of yoga didn’t interest you and you really didn’t want to do it. That’s perfectly fine. Yoga isn’t for everyone. Haruhi knew this and accepted it. She asked us because we were already her teachers when it came to martial arts. There is a similar mind state you can get into with both Aikido and Yoga even though the process of getting there is quite different. It’s an almost meditative state of complete calm, reflex, and inner strength. Takashi and I have been practicing martial arts since we could walk. We know how to achieve that state through it. Haruhi is coming into Aikido and Kendo late – we started teaching her when she was sixteen. She knows the moves, but the mental state was more difficult for her to achieve. Takashi’s sister practices yoga on a regular basis and suggested the idea of it to him to pass along to her as an alternate path to reaching that mind state before she practices her martial arts. The results have been amazing. Her skill level has increased dramatically and she is ready for testing at a level that she probably wouldn’t have been able to achieve for another year on her own.” Hani glanced at Kyouya’s face to judge his reaction and satisfied that Kyouya was truly listening, he continued. “It started as all three of us doing basic Hatha yoga, but I got bored. Like I said yoga isn’t for everyone. Takashi has always been and always probably will be far more patient than I am, so he continued to do it with her. They started the partner yoga as a way to help each other get into the positions and then it morphed into what you see here under Takashi’s sister’s guidance. They share energy when they are in partnership. She gets his calmness, his patience, and his determination to push through when something gets tough. He gets her drive, her passion, and her love of life in all its many forms. There is love in there too, but it is different than the love you and Hikaru have for her or the kind of love that Takashi and I have for each other. I am happy that he has someone to share this aspect of his soul with, because I can’t completely understand it, but Haruhi does. Do you think that you could learn to accept something similar?”

Kyouya had listened closely to Hani’s speech. Realizing that it echoed with some of his thoughts earlier and his new desire to open his eyes to different points of view, he was able to answer honestly, ”I think I can try. I do understand so much of what you are saying and I am trying to adopt Haruhi’s way of looking at the world through different perspectives without placing my judgment on them. I can’t promise the jealously won’t flare up, but I can promise that I will acknowledge it and discuss it, rather than locking it down into a place it will fester.”

“That is a very fair answer, my friend.” Hani’s smile lit up his face, “and it is all I could ask for.” Together they turned back to watch. A minute or so later, Tamaki joined them outside the dojo.

“How on earth can she hold that? I know Haruhi is stronger than she looks, but it looks like she is supporting most of Mori’s weight.” Tamaki’s incredulity at the pose Haruhi and Mori were currently in made Hani laugh.

“That’s because Haru-chan is a goddess.”

“I think that I could believe that, actually.” Tamaki responded, still in a bit of awe as Mori did what appeared to be a backward arched handstand while holding onto Haruhi’s ankles, While she arched in cobra pose while reaching above her head to grip his ankles. Tamaki continued to watch as she released Mori’s ankles, he transitioned into a back walk-over and stood up, before lifting her to a standing position and turning her to face him. Together they each stood in tree pose, right hands flat together, left hands over each other’s heart, and their eyes locked. Breath in perfect syncopation, they stayed like that for a full minute before saying together the word “Namaste” and then breaking apart to move over to their towels and water.

“Looks like they are done,” Hani said, “Shall we go in. It’s time for our Aikido practice and it looks like both of you want to get in a workout as well.”

“Let’s go,” Kyouya eagerly entered the room.

Haruhi turned to see Hani, Tamaki, and Kyouya entering the room. I wonder how long they have been standing outside. Oh gods, what must Kyouya be thinking. I know that looked really intimate and it was, but in a completely different way than the intimacy I have with him. Is he going to be jealous or cold?

Kyouya saw the thoughts flickering across Haruhi’s face and hurried over to reassure her. Wrapping his arms around her and ignoring the slight sheen of sweat covering her body he said, “That was amazingly beautiful. My only regret is that I turned you down all those months ago, but after watching you and Mori together, I know that you have a better partner in this than I could ever be.”

Haruhi relaxed completely after hearing Kyouya’s words. “Thank you my love. The yoga really helps me focus on my Aikido. I may even be able to test for my next belt next week. Mori and Hani are judging a Regional Competition, but there will also be part of the time set up for level testing. I am both excited and nervous about it.”

“You will be fine,” Kyouya kissed her softly before Hani’s voice interrupted him.

“Kyo-chan, please release Haru-chan. It is time for her to practice her drills and sparring.” Guiltily, Kyouya let Haruhi go.

Turning to her instructors, she bowed and said, “My most sincere apologies Takashi Sensei and Hani Sensei. The delay was necessary to find balance in my bond.”

“Understood.” Takashi ‘Mori’ Morinozouka responded before giving her a smile.

“Understood,” Hani repeated, then added, “Since we are on a delay for a moment. Haru-chan, will you show me your full tattoo. I can see parts of it, but I am curious to see the whole picture.”

“I would really like to see it all as well.” Tamaki piped in.

“Of course my friends,” Haruhi responded before moving to the middle of the room, turning around to show Hani, Takashi, and Tamaki her back, pulling off her sports bra, and pulling her pants down slightly. On her right shoulder blade was the kanji for friendship, on her left hip was the kanji for strength, and in the center of her back was the kanji for love. Arched around the kanji for love on the top of her back and left shoulder was a phoenix, while on the bottom and around her right hip was a dragon.

Kyouya started to say something, but the look that Hani gave him silenced him before more than a breath came out. If I am honest, everyone in here has either seen her naked or mostly there. There is nothing to be jealous about and it’s silly to be so over her showing them her tattoo. Haruhi saw the look on Kyouya face and silently mouthed I love you, which made him feel better about his decision.

“Wow. That is gorgeous,” Tamaki gushed.

“Very Pretty,” Takashi added succinctly.

“Could you explain the symbology to me?” Hani asked.

“Of course. Basically this tattoo is my way of carrying all of you with me forever, when I can’t wear the jewelry for some reason. It ties in all the elements of the necklace, bracelet, and rings into one whole. I know that whatever happens, I have the love of all of you, and that makes me complete.” Smiling she turned to her friends, while keeping her arms crossed modestly over her chest. “I know once I explained the idea to Kyouya and Hikaru, they also got tattoos. You should check out Kyouya’s dragon. It is incredible.”

Three sets of eyes turned to him, as Kyouya pulled off his shirt to reveal an elaborate dragon. The head started on his chest over his heart, the body wrapped over his left shoulder, down his back, and with the tail finally wrapping around his right hip. The gasps of surprise made him laugh.

“Kyouya, just wow…,” Tamaki said respect coloring his tone, “I thought Haruhi’s was insanely detailed. Yours is even crazier. How long did it take for both of you to get those? How did you survive the pain?”

Laughing Haruhi said, “Well it wasn’t exactly pleasant, but I seem to have a high threshold for pain, so while it hurt, it wasn’t unbearable. I just made sure to get it when you and Mori were out of the country for three weeks, so it would have time to heal before you pummeled me in the name of ‘practice’. Mine took 6 sessions at about 4 hours each session. Kyouya and Hikaru’s both took 8 sessions at 4 hours each. I think they just wanted to prove they were tougher than me.”

“Hika-chan has one too?”

“Yes. He has a phoenix over the right shoulder the way Kyouya’s dragon curves over the left.” Kyouya responded.

“That is just awesome. But how are Hikaru and Haruhi sneaking it past the teachers at Ouran? They are both eighteen and of legal age, but are still in high school. I know my dad as chairman would throw a fit if it was found out. ” Tamaki asked.

“We are hiding it and hoping that if it’s found out, we can persuade the school board to look the other way. We made it a point to make sure that it cannot be seen in any way under the uniform. Neither Hikaru nor I have a gym class this year, so we don’t have to worry about changing in front of others,” Haruhi answered. “It’s a risk, we know, but one we were willing to take.”

“I also have a back-up plan if absolutely necessary,” Kyouya added, though he said no more beyond that.

“That’s good to know. I would hate for Haru-chan to be kicked out of Ouran after working so hard to be there,” Hani said with relief in his voice.

“That definitely won’t happen. There are advantages to being a ‘rich bastard’”, Kyouya smirked at Haruhi as he responded, “and I will use them all if necessary. I don’t think it will ever come to that, since I happen to know at least ten other students currently enrolled at Ouran have tattoos.”

“I don’t particularly like breaking the rules, as all of you know, but in this case I will bend them a bit,” Haruhi stated as she slipped her sports bra back on. “It is a meaningful symbol and has significant importance to me and I will fight for the right to wear it.”

“In other words,” Tamaki teased, “Don’t mess with the pre-law student who is dating one of the heirs to the Hitachiian empire and the most valued son of the Ootori empire. Who also happens to be learning martial arts from and is under the protection of the Haniouzouka and Morizouka families, AND is best friends with the heir to the Suoh empire.”

“All because I broke a vase!!” Haruhi laughed and the other’s joined in. Soon though she turned to Hani and her tone became serious, “as much as I appreciate the delay, I would really like to work on my form. Takashi let me know this morning that he thinks I am ready to test up a level at the Competition next week. I would like to have you confirm Sensei.”

Bowing to her, his right fist tucked under his left hand, he responded. “Of course. We will clear the floor. Please demonstrate the testing routines for the six levels you have achieved and show me the seventh. I also want to see how your sparring is coming along.”

“Yes Sensei.”

Without another word, Tamaki and Kyouya stepped over to the free weights and started stretching, while Mori stood next to Hani.

“Takashi, since I haven’t seen her practice in a couple of months, is she really ready,” Hani whispered to his partner and friend. He watched as Haruhi started the first routine, then transitioned smoothly into the second and then the third. Each one getting progressively longer and more difficult.

“She is. She has been for a month, though I waited to tell her until today because I didn’t want to make her nervous. How did Kyouya react to seeing her and I together this morning? I know that is the first time that he has seen it, though Hikaru has watched us a couple of times.”

Hani was expecting the question. He knew that even as focused as Takashi was with Haruhi in their yoga positions, his training would not have let him miss Kyouya out in the hall watching. “He was startled at first, but after watching the connection between the two of you and listening to me talk for a bit, he calmed down. He knew that you were doing yoga together, but he really didn’t understand what that meant. He will be ok with it. I think that he is just regretting a bit that he didn’t take her up on it when she originally offered it to him.”

“I know it may be wrong to say, but I am really glad that he didn’t. He has so much of her already, I am glad this piece is mine alone,” Takashi answered and then looked down at his lover, “You know that it does not detract from what I feel for you, but a part of me will always love her.”

“I know lover,” Hani answered a fond smile on his face. “I feel the same. I just hope that I can find that piece of her that is mine alone as well.” His hand reached out and briefly touched Takashi’s, though his eyes never stopped watching Haruhi’s routine. She was now on the fifth level routine. “Before I forget, I wanted to share with you a juicy little tidbit from this morning. I popped my head into Tamaki’s suite this morning just to confirm that it was ok to use the dojo up here and I saw him and Kaoru, naked and fast asleep in each other’s arms. So even though there are six rooms, only half of them are actually being used to sleep. I find that really funny.”

Mori had glanced quickly at Hani as he relayed that juicy tidbit before looking back at Haruhi. Silently he shook with laughter. Yes that is rather funny, but then again most people do not know about Hani and I, though I am sure Kyouya knows and Tamaki may suspect. Haruhi knows and has known for years, but I don’t know about the twins. Given the nature of their relationship, they may just assume we have a similar one.

Mori noticed that Haruhi was now starting on her next testing routine and focused on her. Next to him Hani did the same. Even Tamaki and Kyouya stopped their weight reps to watch. The routine was complicated and involved several twisting jump kick maneuvers as well as a back handspring. He knew that the handspring had been giving her some problems in the last couple of weeks, but he had confidence that she has worked out her difficulties with it.

Haruhi executed the 10 minute routine flawlessly. Even her handspring was perfectly timed and landed solidly. At the end of the routine, she turned to her teachers and bowed, chest heaving as she tried to draw in enough breath, as sweat dripped down her face and neck. As one, Hani and Mori bowed back. The room erupted in spontaneous applause as Hani brought her a towel and bottle of water. “That was perfect Haru-chan. Takashi was right, you are ready to test. I am so proud of you.”

“That was seriously impressive my love,” Kyouya said the support strong in his voice before turning teasing, “Remind me not to piss you off.”

“At least we will now know when Hikaru or Kyouya does something to piss her off,” Tamaki joined in the teasing, “We will see the bruises.”

Laughing she walked over and started to grab the padded gloves to spar, breath still a little heavy. Mori stopped her. “Enough for the day, Mitskuni and I can spar today and the three of us can do it tomorrow. Please go stretch out.”

“Thank you Sensei,” She said formally before slipping back to normal and saying quietly, “Takashi, if I haven’t said it enough before, I really appreciate how much you have worked with me the last few months. Doing the yoga together has helped me become so much more focused. It has been hard but incredibly rewarding. I am so grateful to have you and Hani in my life. I love you both so much.” She stretched up and placed a soft kiss on his cheek before turning away and walking over to a clear spot to stretch out.

Mori kept his back turned for a moment longer, so no one other than Hani would notice the faint blush on his cheeks. Taking a deep breath he grabbed a couple of mitts and tossed another pair to his partner. Hani had also stripped down to just a loose pair of pants and was doing a quick warm up.

Kyouya and Tamaki joined her on the floor, doing their own stretches. In unspoken agreement, they all wanted to watch the match, knowing that very few people got to see the champions spar together. Without consciously realizing he was saying it out loud, Kyouya blurted, “Wow, both of their bodies really are machines. They are perfect. It is so impressive the way they move.”

“Yes they are.” Tamaki agreed.

“Aww… are my boys getting all hot and bothered?” Haruhi couldn’t resist tweaking them both. “I could probably arrange a play date if you want.”

“Thanks but I can arrange my own,” Tamaki replied, while Kyouya just turned the full intensity of his gaze on her causing her to shiver. Oh my, that was an interesting response to my teasing. Not that Kyouya would do anything with either of them without me there, but the fact that part of him is starting to acknowledge his attraction is very intriguing and we haven’t even gone to the workshop yet that was going to try and help him open his world view. Now I really can’t wait to see what happens.

Within a few minutes Mori had Hani pinned. Hani tapped the floor to acknowledge the point and have Mori release him. Popping up, another bout began. This time within 5 minutes Hani had Mori pinned.

Laughing at her friends, Haruhi slowly stood up. “They will be going at it for at least another forty-five minutes. I need a shower and something to eat. Feel free to stay and watch though. It’s worth it.”

“I will do that,” Tamaki said as he turned back to the match.

“I think I will join you in the shower instead,” Kyouya said as he also slowly stood up. Reaching for her hand, he entwined his fingers in hers. “Besides we promised to go meet Hikaru and Kaoru this afternoon to see the prep for the show.”

Together they left the dojo and walked down the stairs into Haruhi’s room and the shared bathroom. Kyouya turned on the water before undressing. Stepping into the stall he made some minute adjustments to the water temperature and beckoned for her to join him.

Getting undressed and pulling her hair out of the ponytail, Haruhi stepped into the warm spray. Déjà vu. This is exactly where I was a couple of hours ago, only with Hikaru. I wonder how he handled the drive over with Kaoru and how their preparation is going. I know we are heading over there this afternoon but I also know how flustered he was this morning. I hope they worked it out.

“You are lost in thought Haru-love,” Kyouya whispered, “What do I need to do to turn those thoughts to me?”

“That’s easy, you just have to speak to me,” she replied before kissing him deeply, “but before we head to the convention center, there is something that you need to know. It’s not urgent but it is important. But in this moment, I want to be soapy and wet with you. Make love to me, please.”

“As you wish.” Kyouya responded quoting a movie he knew that Haruhi loved before capturing her mouth, pressing her body against the glass, and showing her exactly how much desired her.

The water ran cool before they finally turned it off.

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