The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


53. Interview

The laughter faded quickly when Kyouya, Hikaru and Haruhi reached the Library and the reality of what they were about to do crashed down on all of them. Linking hands tightly they pushed open the door to see Marika in front of the fireplace. She had set up a camera off to one side where it would capture all four of them, without being intrusive.

She looked up as they entered, "I hope this is ok. I didn't really want to bring a cameraman with me because I know how sensitive of an issue this is. I thought I would let this just roll while we talk and then I can edit it when I return home." She smiled at them before continuing, "I want set your minds at ease. Yes, this interview will help my career, but I don't make it a habit of stomping on my friends to make my way up the ladder. The finished product will not be something that embarrasses you or tries to exploit the dirt… and you will be able to approve it before it goes live. If for any reason you don't want me to air it, I will make sure that it is destroyed."

"Thank you for that," Haruhi said with a smile. "It makes this situation a bit easier to handle. As you saw when you arrived this has not been an easy day for any of us."

"I can imagine." Marika shuddered. "My family is not anywhere near as influential as the Ootori's or the Hitachiin's and I am still dreading the day when I have to tell them that Mel, Jon and I are more than just roommates. My mother is going to throw a fit."

"I hope that your mother is more forgiving than my father," Kyouya said quietly. "It is not an easy thing to do."

"She will be furious at first, then she will lecture me on my series of bad choices, then she will spend a few months in therapy discussing how bad a mother she is since her daughter did something so controversial, before she will finally accept it. My mom was a debutante and thoroughly sheltered for most of her life. She thrives on social circles, charity work, and drama. She has never quite understood why I wanted an actual career, though she is quite the proud parent when I am doing a story for the evening news."

"You're not worried about your father?" Hikaru asked curiously.

"Not really. He and Jon get along great. Since it's just me and my sister, Jon's very much like the son he never had. For Mel, he caught us once kissing, and all he did was raise an eyebrow and give me the don't-fuck-up-the-good-thing-you-have-for-a-fling look. It helps that he is also a professor of psychology, with a focus on human sexuality. My mom met him while she was in college and he was the teacher's aide. Not sure what they found in common, but they work well together." She smiled as she thought of her parents. "I at least have the fact that both my parents really like both Jon and Mel. I have brought them to several family functions over the years."

"That's really nice," Haruhi said and sat down on the center of the couch, Hikaru and Kyouya on either side of her. Marika sat in the chair directly across from them. "It's just me and my father, but my family has always been a bit unusual. It may be why I tried to play to convention for so long… then I met the Host Club and in two minutes my life was turned completely upside down." She grinned at her lovers. "It was overwhelming at first, but the guys taught me so much about life and friendship, that I can never regret it."

Marika suppressed a huge smile at the looks that they both gave her, saying instead, "Shall we do this?"

"Yes." Kyouya said and took a deep breath before letting it out slowly.

Hikaru nodded and squeezed Haruhi's hand once.

Marika held up the remote and made a show of hitting the record button. Sitting back in her seat she paused a moment before putting on a professional smile and saying, "I wanted to thank all of you tonight for the opportunity to speak with you. All of Paris is buzzing about you and that's saying something when we are in the middle of Fashion Week and there are celebrities everywhere you turn. But the three of you are making waves in several different circles and it's causing a lot of discussion. So I think the first question I have for you is who is dating who?" Marika paused, smiled and winked at them, "Then we can go into the boring details of how you met and fell in love."

Hikaru politely chuckled at her question, firmly entrenched in his role of playboy fashion designer, while Kyouya smiled slightly holding onto his business tycoon role, and Haruhi gave a smile that let some humor slip through. Hikaru took it on himself to answer the question. "Actually we are all dating each other. It started out with both Kyouya and I dating Haruhi separately, then over time, Kyouya and I realized that we were attracted to each other as well and we recently started dating. Of course, all of us have known each other for a few years and we were all in an afterschool club together. That was how we all met incidentally."

"So you all met at school then," Marika responded as Haruhi, Kyouya, and Hikaru nodded. "I know all of you have reached your majority, but the school system in Japan is slightly different than here in France, have all of you graduated?"

"Kyouya graduated last year and is currently in the University equivalent," Haruhi responded. "Hikaru and I are in our last term of secondary school. Or at least we will be when we return to Japan after the winter break. We will graduate in the early summer."

"I see. How big of an issue is it going to be when you return to school after coming out mid-year?"

Kyouya chose to respond to the question. "Ouran Academy is prestigious, expensive, and exclusive. It also has the highest academic rating when compared to other private and public educational institutions. Despite what many think, to remain at the school, you must be dedicated to the pursuit of education and knowledge. I have known several prominent Japanese families whose children have been denied admittance or have been removed from the school when their academic performance did not meet the standards. Because of this, Ouran prides itself on the intelligence and integrity of its students. As long as the students maintain their studies, there is no discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, class, or race."

"You mentioned class," Marika responded. "I know both you, Kyouya, and Hikaru, are part of families that are traditionally part of the ruling class of Japan. But Haruhi is not, correct?"

"You are correct," Haruhi said with a smile. "My family is neither rich nor powerful. I'm part of the common class. I am at Ouran on a scholarship."

"After what Kyouya just said about the school that must mean you are highly intelligent."

"You don't know the half of it," Hikaru joked while Haruhi blushed. He made a show of squeezing her hand. "There is no question of Haruhi's intelligence – she is at the Top of our class, and in a school of high academics, that is saying something. Like Kyouya said – Ouran doesn't discriminate on the basis of class. When she passed the entrance exam, the Ouran Scholarship fund paid for her education, but she has earned every penny of it over the years. She works harder than anyone I know and she is fierce in her devotion to the school and her friends."

"True friends are worth fighting for," Haruhi said quietly.

"Speaking of fighting- Haruhi, you haven't just shocked the nation by being the girlfriend of one of the heirs to the famous Fashion family, the Hitachiins, but you also recently shocked the Martial Arts world by being the first female to break the barrier into the High Mastery Tradition of Aikido. How on earth did you manage to do that while maintaining your studies at Ouran?"

"I am fortunate that my senseis and masters are two of my closest friends, and that they come from families of the highest traditions. They have been studying the Arts since they could walk and their skill is such that they have actually been banned from competition, because they cannot be beaten. I met both Mitskune Haninozouka and Takashi Morinozouka at Ouran. They were part of the same club as Kyouya, the Hitachiin twins, and Tamaki Suoh. After a particular incident, they decided to teach me martial arts as a self-defense method. Over the years, doing the katas has become a good way for me to focus, which only helps my studies."

"You mentioned Takashi Morinozouka and you were seen driving off alone with him on Monday, which was the day after you publically came out with both Hikaru and Kyouya. Of course, on Tuesday you achieved your Mastery so after what you just said, it makes sense that you would be out with him, since he is one of your teachers. But he is still a very attractive man, has that ever caused worry or jealous feelings? Do either of you ever fear that she will leave you for him,"

"I count both Takashi and Mitskune among my closest friends, as I do Tamaki Suoh," Kyouya replied, "I am not and won't ever be jealous of their friendship with the people I love. Haruhi was always a strong person, but with their influence over the years, she has learned how to be even stronger – both mentally and physically. In fact, it would be safe to say that among our group we have all influenced each other for the better… and Haruhi has been the greatest influence on all of us. She taught me what love really means, and because of that – No. I am not afraid that she would leave me for someone else. I am pretty sure that Hikaru feels the same."

"I do actually." Hikaru continued. "Kyouya's right in that Haruhi had an influence over all of us, but she probably had the most dramatic influence over me and my brother. When we first joined the Host Club we were… well to be frank, we were spoiled bratty punks." Hikaru grinned, while Kyouya and Haruhi chuckled.

"That's the understatement of the year," Haruhi teased before leaning over to kiss his cheek.

"Hey, at least I admit it," Hikaru chuckled back at her. "Both Kao and I were determined to pick on the rest of the world and let no one ever REALLY get close to us, though we had fun in the club and we kind of liked the other guys. We played up the fact that we were twins and that no one ever could tell us apart, often taking each other's place in classes or on dates, just because we could. Then Haruhi walked through the door and within two days of knowing us she could not only tell us apart, but did so even when we were deliberately trying to be the other. It was unnerving at first and a shock to everything we knew. Here was this 'commoner' who could do what no one else outside our mother was ever able to do. It was fascinating and scary, and ultimately led to her being the best friend that either Kaoru or I had outside of each other. To this day, she is and always will be my best friend. The fact that she is also my girlfriend is just a bonus."

"So it was her influence that caused the famous Hitachiin twins to distinguish their looks instead of continuing to play up their identicalness?"

"I wouldn't say that-" Haruhi started to say while Hikaru said "In a way-" simultaneously.

"Really?" Haruhi turned and asked Hikaru, temporarily forgetting the camera was rolling.

"Well, you will have to ask Kao for certain, but in a way, yes… I think you did. Your influence and unconditional friendship in spite of some rather screwed up pranks we pulled, helped us to see that we can both be individuals without losing the bond of being brothers." Hikaru gave a mischievous grin, "besides, can you imagine how bad the rumor mill would turn if we both still looked the same? Everyone would be wondering if we were swapping places on you, or they would think that you were seeing more than just me and Kyouya." He gave her a saucy wink, carefully placed so the camera couldn't catch it, which caused Kyouya to turn a startled choke into a cough.

Haruhi flushed a bright red and reached for a glass of water, while Hikaru patted Kyouya on the back. Handing it to Kyouya, she caught the twinkle in Hika's eyes and realized what he was doing. Looking to Marika, whose eyes were now brimming with curiosity, she took a breath and said firmly with a glare at Hikaru, "Dear gods, let me set that rumor to rest before it gets a chance to get started. I am NOT seeing Kaoru Hitachiin. I love your brother dearly, but he is my best friend and nothing more. One Hitachiin in my life is quite enough, thank you very much."

Marika gave a delighted laugh at Haruhi's saucy reply as Hikaru grinned at her. "Oh I know, love. I just wanted to make sure the rest of the world knew it as well. There is already far too much gossip centering on us, I just wanted to clear that up."

"And you feed off every bit of it," Kyouya grimaced.

Hikaru grinned to show that he wasn't offended by Kyouya's comment, "Maybe a little… but it's FUN!"

"Drama queen."


Suddenly, both Kyouya and Hikaru stuck their tongues out at each other, before sliding their arms along the back of the couch to press against the other's behind Haruhi's head.

Haruhi saw Marika's fascinated expression and said with a smile, "See what I have to deal with?"

Marika snapped back to attention and said, "I had to admit, I could see why both of them wanted to date you, but I still wasn't clear on how their relationship with each other worked. I think I get it now."

Haruhi nodded, "Exactly. It was like they mentioned earlier, we all balance each other in some way. Kyouya has made Hikaru more focused and determined to make HDG an even bigger success than it is and Hikaru has shown Kyouya that it is ok to laugh or to have fun on occasion."

"What do they do for you?" Marika asked real curiosity in her tone.

"Kyouya challenges me – to work smarter, broader, and to see opportunities that I would have missed before. Hikaru taught me that the world is far more colorful and bright than I ever gave it credit for. He taught me how to see real beauty and how to recognize it in myself and others."

Hikaru caught her hand and raised it to his lips again forgetting the camera was recording everything they said, "Really? I never knew that. I just figured that I made you laugh and pestered you to the point that you were forced to give in or go crazy."

"Really." Haruhi gave him a smile filled with love. "You and Kao are so good at what you do because you see the world and the people in it as beautiful. You may have thought of me once as a toy, but you always take care to make sure your toys reflect the beauty you see in them. You more than anyone else, made me beautiful… when I never thought or really even cared if it was possible."

"You haven't been a toy for me in a very long time," Hikaru whispered, his eyes glowing with love. "I love you so much more than I ever dreamed I was capable of."

"We both do." Kyouya said leaning forward to press a kiss against her neck and slip his free hand around her waist. "I need your fierce belief in me. I can do anything, conquer anything, as long as you are there with me.

The three of them stayed like for a few moments before a discreet cough from Marika brought them back to their setting. They broke apart and sat back with sheepish smiles.

"Sorry," Haruhi said with a smile.

"I see no reason why you should be," Marika said honestly. "Most people can't find one person they love as deeply as you do, let alone two. It's beautiful and I don't doubt that it's real."

"Thank you." Kyouya said with a smile.

"I have to ask – How did your families take the news?"

Kyouya's face instantly turned back into a cool mask, while Haruhi took a deep breath and Hikaru squeezed her fingers and pressed his arm more firmly against Kyouya's.

Hikaru went first, "My mother has been nothing but supportive of me and she already thinks of Haruhi as the daughter she never had. I know that I am the lucky one in this. I have the support of both my family and friends."

"My dad was a little bit concerned when I told him I was dating both Hikaru and Kyouya, but I think the fact that I was dating at all was such a welcome change for him that he came to terms with it pretty quickly. He was impressed with Kyouya from the moment he met him, and I think he has a soft spot for Hikaru because the mischief he and Kaoru get up to remind him of the pranks that he used to play on others. Add that to the fact my father is rather unconventional anyway and it was far less of a fuss than I was expecting."

Hikaru had to stifle a snort at the thought of Ranka being described as merely unconventional. He will probably pitch a fit about that. It's going to be fun to watch. 

Since she suspected the answer that Kyouya was going to give based on the scene she witnessed earlier that afternoon, her eyes held nothing but sympathy as she asked, "What about you, Kyouya? I know your family has a fearsome reputation in business. How did they react when you told them? Were they as supportive as Hikaru or Haruhi's family?"

"Not even remotely," Kyouya replied. "I have been disowned and banned from the Ootori family compound."

"Oh my! That's horrible! What are you going to do?"

"I expected something like this to happen, since my father was distinctly less than pleased when I told him several months ago that both Hikaru and I would be dating Haruhi. When I told him recently that Hikaru and I had also started dating, he became enraged and disowned me. Like I said, it was not unexpected. I have been building my own business portfolio since my first year at Ouran and I have not taken any money from my father to fund any of those projects. I will admit that my original purpose in starting a portfolio independent of my family's was to prove that I was a worthy Ootori heir, but it has proven fortuitous given recent events. I am anticipating that some of my business contacts will choose to disassociate themselves from me, based on my coming out, but I am secure that those that the ones who remain will see that my business skill is not dependent or reflective of my personal life. I welcome the challenge of starting my own legacy."

"That is awful! Where will you live? Are you going to live with Hikaru or Haruhi while you finish University?"

"As both Haruhi and Hikaru are still in their final year at Ouran, I will not compromise their values or interfere with their study requirements with the added distraction of living together, even in separate quarters. The Zouka family has offered me an apartment on their compound, in the same wing as Mitskune and Takashi. I will be residing there for the time being. I cannot say what the future will bring beyond that."

"That was very kind of them."

"Yes it was," Kyouya said with a tight smile. "I may not have my family's support but the overwhelming support of my friends and my friend's families have been a source of comfort for me. I am lucky to have them in my life."

"You will always have it." Hikaru said tightly, fierce protection evident in his voice. "Your father can go-"

"Peace Hika," Haruhi silenced Hikaru by placing a hand on his cheek. "Yoshio Ootori will realize soon enough what he has lost by his actions, and the world will see that Kyouya Ootori is a far better businessman than his father."

"Haruhi, you seem very sure of that," Marika interjected.

"I am." Haruhi simply said. "I told you that Kyouya challenges me to be smarter and see the opportunities that are out there. He couldn't do that if he wasn't an incredibly smart and savvy businessman. Personal life aside, the reason that the Suoh, Haninozouka, Morinozouka, Houshakuji, and Kasanoda families support him, is simply because he WILL be one of the strong voices in the future of Japanese business, and they will be in a much better position to ally with him. They see the quiet strength where his father is blindsided by his rage and lust for power."

"Haruhi," this time it was Kyouya's quiet voice which calmed the fiery waves. "My father is who he is. He has been very successful with his methods. I may not like care for his methods but they are effective. I will continue to choose to build my portfolio a different way – looking to innovation as my focus. But we are digressing… Marika, is there anything else you wish to know about the relationship the three of us are in?"

Marika was enthralled by the discussion that was playing out before her, so it took her a moment to respond. "At the moment, nothing else is coming to mind except that I really hope that you succeed. All of you actually. You made me realize that we are the voices of our generation and it is our responsibility to move forward and break down old stereotypes. Thank you so much for speaking with me this evening. I wish all of you nothing but good fortune and well wishes."

At Marika's final words, all of them stood up and shook hands before Marika clicked the remote in her hand to stop recording. With a huge grin she said, "That was AMAZING! This is going to shake up Paris. Hell… it may shake globally. If I know my producers as well as I think I do, they will send a copy of the story to the affiliates in Japan and probably USA. Just Wow! You do know that based on this the HDG stock is going to soar and there will likely be a rush of people wanting to do business with Kyouya Ootori. Everyone wants to get in on the latest hot trend."

"You should probably count yourself in that hot trend, Fuzzy," Tamaki's lazy drawl came from the doorway where he and Kaoru had been watching the interview unfold. "You scored and now they will know you have access that has been denied to so many. You will be able to hand pick your next assignment."

Marika laughed, "That would be awesome. But seriously, thank all of you. This really was enlightening… and I think I need to have a discussion with my parents."

Haruhi walked over and gave her a hug. "Good luck with that. Everything will be all right in the end." Turning to the others, she said "Are we finally done for the day?"

"Mostly," Tamaki replied. "Renge and Yuzuha went back to their hotel to finalize some things for the Grand Ball. Hani and Takashi left a few minutes ago with their fathers. There is some House business that they apparently need to take care of, though they told me to tell you that you don't need to worry about it and that Takashi will explain later. Kao, Hika, and I still need to sort through the edited photographs and finish working on the website."


Hikaru turned to Kyouya and Haruhi, "Why don't you both take off for the evening? I know this was going to be your date night anyway and I know you both need some time together after everything that has happened today."

"Are you sure, lover?" Kyouya asked.

Hikaru stepped over and gave him a kiss, before doing the same to Haruhi. "Positive. Go. Have a good night. I will see you back in the morning." He smiled at them one more time before turning back to his brother and Tamaki. "Ok. Let's give them something that will REALLY blow their minds."

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