The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


21. Interlude

Hani silently watched the teasing exchange among Tamaki, Kyouya, Haruhi and the twins. Glancing over at Takashi he saw the faint smirk on his lover’s face as he listened to the conversation; a smile that was all but invisible to everyone else. I love watching Takashi enjoy himself. I know he isn’t flashy or obviously demonstrative in his enjoyment, but I can see it. Hani eyes were caught by Haruhi as she looked first at him, nodded over at Takashi, then held his eyes with a smile and a wink. So apparently can Haru-chan. It’s not surprising really considering how close they have gotten in the last year. I am happy that Takashi has at least a part of her that no one else does. I don’t think anyone but me saw the heart break in his eyes when Kyouya and Hikaru announced they were both dating her. Takashi has loved her almost as much as he loves me for years. He just didn’t know how to tell her or show her. Hell, I have loved her too, but she never ‘saw’ either of us until recently. To be fair though, neither of us told her how we felt and we were careful to keep to the friendship line with her as a balm to the overly enthusiastic actions of the twins and Tamaki. Then we became her instructors in Aikido and it felt like telling her would be breaking the covenant of teacher/student. I could kiss Takashi’s sister for suggesting yoga as way to help her develop her mental focus, because that allowed their teacher/student relationship turn into an equal partnership. I just wish I had the same focus to do it with them… and I wish there was something that I could claim Haruhi for – something that was mine alone. I know she cares about me just as much as she cares about everyone else, but…”

Hani realized that Takashi was looking down at him, the love shining deeply in his eyes. Of course, even if I never get that piece of Haru-chan to myself, I still have her friendship. I also have Takashi’s absolute devotion and whatever this new strange and oddly exciting thing building with Tamaki is. I really can’t complain. The gods will see that whatever happens is what is meant to and I just need to follow my path. Smiling back at the man who knew him better than anyone, he squeezed his hand before turning to the others. “Not that the idea of Tama-chan spanking Hika-chan and Kao-chan doesn’t sound like fun to watch, we may want to grab lunch soon or we are going to miss the afternoon lecture.” 

“Since I have been looking forward to this one since I saw the brochure Haru had, I second that motion,” Hikaru grinned at Hani. “I vote we grab something quick and get in the room early. I have a feeling this class is going to be crowded.” 

‘I have a better idea brother, why don’t you, me and Kyouya go grab food while the others get us all seats. We can eat in the room.” 

“Works for me,” Hikaru turned to look at the others who nodded. 

“I will go with you guys,” Tamaki added. “Another set of hands to carry everything couldn’t hurt.” 

“Agreed. We will save everyone seats. Would you rather be up front or toward the back?” Takashi asked. 

“I have noticed that we seem to be drawing some attention in the other classes, so perhaps it would be better if we sat towards the back of this one,” Kyouya responded while the others confirmed. “I do not believe that we have been recognized, but it is still possible that the twins or Tamaki would be since they are well known in Paris.” 

“…and the reason you might be drawing attention has nothing to do with the fact that you are a group of six gorgeous men who obviously love to flirt…” Haruhi muttered under her breath. 

“Besides if we sit in the back, we can watch how the audience reacts,” Tamaki smiled with a wink at her. “I think this is going to be an enlightening discussion.” 

“I have no doubt Tama-chan,” Hani answered with a sassy grin and a voice so full of innuendo that Tamaki turned a faint pink. 

“Perhaps it will give me ideas,” Takashi couldn’t resist adding when he saw Tamaki’s blush. “You and Mitskune still owe me since you lost the bet on when Kyouya and Hikaru would get together.” 

“Speaking of bets,” Kyouya interjected, “Tamaki and Hani owe you and I another one, Takashi. It was Hika and Kao who taught Haruhi how to do her make-up not Ranka.” 

Hani and Tamaki groaned in unison. 

“I never win!!” Tamaki pouted. “So now it’s $150 and humiliating task…”

“Well Tama,” Hikaru said with an evil grin. “I have a feeling Kyouya could be persuaded to give up the $50 you owe him for another task.” 

Tamaki blanched a bit while Hani got a mischievous glint in his eye. “I would be willing to trade my debt for a task. I have a feeling Kyouya could get quite creative… if he put his mind to it. I have a feeling it would be fun to service… um I mean serve… Takashi and Kyouya.” He grinned as Kyouya winked at him. 

“Is that a dare?” 


Haruhi grinned as she saw where Hani’s mind was heading and Kyouya’s willingness to play along. “I still owe all of you for the prank you played on me the other morning. 

“But you always distract us, Haru-love, so us getting some back is really payback on our part,” Hikaru laughed. 

“I agree with Hika, though I have to admit I am feeling left out. I wasn’t part of the bets or the winnings,” Kaoru pouted. 

“Ahhh, how quickly you forget!” Haruhi teased as she stepped between the twins and put her arms around both. Leaning in, she kept her eyes on Tamaki as she purred, “It was decided, not 10 minutes ago, that everything that has happened this week was both of your faults, so Tamaki needed to spank you both. I can’t wait to watch that.” 

Tamaki brightened considerably as he remembered, while Hika and Kao turned a faint pink again. However, their embarrassment faded even quicker the second time as the intrigue set in. Wrapping his arm back around her waist as well, Hika whispered with a smile before nibbling on her neck. “When did my sweet innocent Haruhi turn into such a voyeur?” 

Tossing her hair back with a laugh, she responded with a grin at both her lovers. “When two studs in tight leather pants stalked me as I was tied to a bedpost by another leather-clad hunk.” 

“Which reminds us, Haru-chan,” Hani said with lust barely contained behind his huge blue eyes, “The four of you promised to recreate that scene, since we didn’t get to see it.” 

“That will be arranged.” Kyouya’s cool voice still held heat before it tinged with regret. “While I hate to break up a most interesting discussion, we are rapidly losing time before the next session. If we are going to get food and make it back in time, we need to go now.” 

“Go. We will save you seats,” Takashi said with a grin as picked up first Hani, then Haruhi and took off running down the hall, accompanied by their laughter. 

As their laughter faded, Kyouya linked his hand with Hikaru’s and started walking to the cafeteria. Tamaki and Kao did the same and followed immediately behind, their discussion turning to the possibilities of what could be easily brought back and consumed during the lecture. 



Haruhi, Hani and Takashi walked into the room for the last lecture of the day (well Takashi walked, Haruhi and Hani dangled from his arms) and took a good look at the way the room was set up. All of the other classes had a generic lecture format of chairs lined up in front of a small podium where the panel sat. This room was twice the size of the other rooms and had movie-theater styled seating centered in front of a good sized stage. Instead of the normal table for a panel there were 5 chairs. There were also a few pieces of furniture that Haruhi had never seen before – what looked like a giant wooden X, a wooden frame with a round hoop suspended from it, and what looked like a padded sawhorse with runners. Setting his friends on their feet, Takashi turned to look at Hani and grinned.

An answering grin and wicked smirk appeared on Hani’s face, while Haruhi looked puzzled at the contraptions on the stage. She turned to see if there was seating when she caught the exchange of looks between her friends. “What am I missing? I take it you know what that stuff on stage is used for.”

“Umm… you could say that Haru-chan.”

“Are you going to tell me?”

“No.” Takashi’s smile was wicked. “If you still have questions after the class, then we will answer them, but until then… Let’s find some seats.”

Knowing it was useless to try and get more information out of Takashi when he had made up his mind, Haruhi led the way up the seating to the top center. She made sure that they could see everything on the stage. The room was filling up quickly though, so she was only able to grab five seats in a row and two in the row below them. “Wow, this is going to be a really full class. I am glad that we got here early.”

“I saw that is was going to be a discussion and demonstration class, so I wondered if there would be a crowd,” Takashi said on her far right.

“So I am guessing from Takashi’s comment, that you both know what some of this stuff is for,” Haruhi turned to Hani, who sat next to her, hoping to wheedle some information out of him to appease her growing curiosity.”

“We do, Haru-chan, but it will be more fun to watch your reaction when it is in use. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

“No fair.”


She laughed, “Hika and Tama have definitely rubbed off on me, because I don’t want to be patient.”

“I could distract you…” The tone in the voice, unlike anything she had heard out of Hani’s mouth, caused her to shiver. Asking permission with his eyes, Hani slid his hand slowly up her arm to cradle the back of her head. Without warning, he fisted his hand, pulling tightly on her hair, and holding her head in position as she gasped. With his other hand, he traced his fingers lightly from her ear, down her neck, and over her collarbone. A sensation unlike anything she had experience before flooded her, rendering her speechless. It was akin to a slow electric current sizzling down her body to pool low. An odd kind of desire built inside her.

Gently Hani released his hold on her hair and slid his hand down to squeeze her hand lightly before letting it go completely. His normal Lolita grin replaced the intensity of a moment before. “Oh look, here come the others!” Then because he couldn’t resist the still slightly dazed expression on her face, he said impishly, “Distracted?”

Haruhi released a slow breath before giving him a huge grin. “Yeah, I think you could say that… Wow. You and Takashi have been hiding something from all of us.”

“Maybe a bit, but we don’t want to do so anymore, which is why we are here now. We love all of you and want you to accept us as we are. If you want to play with us, that would be awesome, but we know that what we do together is not for everyone. Hell, it’s not even for most people. Like being lovers, we have had to keep everything a secret because it’s still not considered ‘normal’ to most people. But it is normal for us. It’s just a part of who we are. We need the people we care about the most to know all sides of us… We just hope that at the end of the demonstration you won’t judge us or think differently about us.”

Without thinking about it, Haruhi leaned over and kissed Hani lightly on the lips as the others walked up the steps to the seats. “Whether we find something that interests us, or we decide that the whole thing is not for us individually, I am completely confident in saying that I don’t think there is anyone in this group that will judge you. It doesn’t matter what we see. You are still our friends.”

“We will see Haru-chan,” Hani said with a touch of sadness in his tone. Seeing the others approach, he stood up and prepared to vacate his seat, so Kyouya and Hikaru could sit on either side of Haruhi.

Kyouya couldn’t hear most of the conversation as he was walking up the steps, but he could see the intensity of it and the faint fear on Hani’s face. He did hear Haruhi’s last comment and made a split second decision. He motioned for Hani and Takashi to stay where they were and he sat in one of the two seats in the row just below Haruhi. Turning to Hani he said, “I missed part of the conversation obviously, but from what I heard, I can pretty much say I agree with Haruhi and you should too. Whatever may come out of this, you and Takashi are our friends. That is not going to change.”

“We will see…,” Hani responded, still not convinced.

“Hey Hani,” Hikaru teased as sat down on the other side of Haruhi and handed the older men stuffed pitas, “Stop disagreeing with my lovers and listen to what they are saying. Or if you can’t do that, then focus on this – You just got your first kiss from Haruhi. Enjoy it. I know she did.”

Haruhi immediately turned a deep red before she turned and punched her boyfriend in the shoulder.


The group burst into laughter as Hikaru rubbed his shoulder. Haruhi grinned and said “Suck it up,” which made them laugh even harder.

“We have taught her well.” Takashi grinned.

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