The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


81. Icicles and Mistletoe

Haruhi stared out the window of the limo. The passing scenery wasn’t particularly interesting, but it was something relatively normal. Hikaru had his head on her lap with his eyes closed, napping, and Kyouya sat next to her scrolling through the news websites on his phone with one hand while he held tightly to her hand with the other. It was a rare moment of extended silence and cherished after the bluster of the press conference. 

“You both know that I love you, right?” Hikaru broke the quiet as the driver made the turn into the driveway of the Maison de Roses. Eyes open, he looked up at his lovers. 

“Of course, love,” Haruhi replied and caressed her free hand down his cheek. “Why the question?” 

“BecauseikindaneedKaorightnowandidontwantyoutobemad…” Hikaru turned his head and mumbled into Haruhi’s stomach. 

“All I caught of that was the word Kao, love,” Haruhi said gently. 

Hikaru sighed and turned his head back. “I don’t want you guys to be mad or think that I don’t love you, but when we get back to the house, I kind of need to be with Kao for a bit. I mean, I want to be there if you need me, but…”

“The last few hours have been intense and this was your first press conference without your brother there beside you,” Kyouya said quietly as he set down his phone and cupped his lover’s cheek. 

“Yeah…” Hikaru sighed again. 

“No worries love,” Haruhi smiled and bent down to lay a soft kiss against his lips. “I’m a bit strung out myself and I know I need a bit of quiet before the party tonight. I was thinking about working through my katas when we got back. I need the movement and yoga is too slow to burn off this energy.” 

“There’s a few things I want to work on as well. I have neglected work emails this last week and I need to let my Board and Management teams know what is going on,” Kyouya nodded. “Work will be the best distraction for me, anyway. I think better when I am working.” 

“We all have our coping methods,” Haruhi smiled. “and Tamaki’s is throwing a huge party.” The others laughed and nodded. “I wonder what he has in store for us?” 

“Well, we are about to find out,” Kyouya replied as the limo came to a stop. 

“Ten dollars says there is mistletoe everywhere,” Hikaru said as he sat up and slid over to the door. 

“No bet on something that is pretty much guaranteed,” Kyouya replied as the driver opened the door. 

‘Ah, you’re no fun,” Hikaru grumbled as he stepped out and held an hand ready to assist Haruhi, “Watch out it’s slippery here.” 

“Thanks,” Haruhi replied as she took Hikaru’s hand. She could hear faint music from the house. Recognizing a famous Christmas carol, she started humming along. “He definitely set the music up to be festive.” 

“Ten dollars that we can sneak into the house without them realizing we got here,” Kyouya said with a smirk. 

“Double or nothing if they catch us within 30 seconds,” Hikaru countered. 


“You guys are hopeless,” Haruhi laughed. “Can we go in now or is there another wager you want to make?” 

“Nah, we’re good,” Hikaru responded taking her hand in his and motioning for Kyouya to lead the way. 

With as much stealth as he could Kyouya turned the knob slowly and pushed open the door. The music blared and echoed through the entrance hall, but he could hear the chatter of voices in the Library. 

“Wow!” Haruhi breathed out the word as she looked around. While the room had been decorated elegantly for the Ball the night before, now it was transformed into a Christmas wonderland with evergreen boughs winding down the staircases, trimming the doors, and red and gold ribbons everywhere. Like Kyouya had predicted, mistletoe hung prominently in every doorway. 

“… 25, 26, 27,” Hikaru was slowly counting as Tamaki came around a corner with an arm full of tinsel. 

“You guys are back! What do you think?” Tamaki asked excitedly, dropping his load on the floor and rushing over to them as Hikaru said the number 29. 

Kyouya groaned good-naturedly conceding defeat, while Hikaru smirked. “You have done some serious work in here since yesterday. It’s impressive.” 

“It’s really beautiful, Tama,” Haruhi replied as she took off her jacket. Hanging it on the coat rack, she walked into Tamaki’s arms. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she mumbled against his chest, “Mmm sorry, it looks great, I just needed to feel you.” 

“Never feel sorry about that,” Tamaki said fiercely as he hugged her back tightly. Looking at the others, he saw the weariness in their eyes. “That was brutal just watching it here. How are you guys doing?” 

“Better that it is over but still on edge,” Kyouya replied as Hikaru nodded. 

“I’m hoping that is buys us at least a day of quiet,” Hikaru added. 

Haruhi sighed and slowly let go of Tamaki. “I’m not holding my breath.” 

“Well, I can guarantee at least 36 hours of paparazzi free goodness. This is still a private residence, so they have to stay outside the gates. Other than our friends who are coming over later tonight, we don’t have to leave the grounds until you head back to the airport.” 

“Quiet sounds heavenly,” Haruhi said with a smile. 

“Good,” Tamaki smiled, kissed her cheek, and led them towards the Library. “We have snacks in the Library if you are hungry. We all kind of figured that you guys would want a bit of quiet before the party later.” 

“We were discuss-“ Haruhi started to say when she was grabbed, twirled, around and kissed quite thoroughly by an armful of Hani, who had launched himself at her as they entered the room. 

Hani giggled, as he held his slightly dazed friend and pointed up to the mistletoe above their heads. “I wanted to be the first to kiss you under the mistletoe Haru-chan.” Still smiling, but letting the Lolita-shan personality slip away, he looked at her critically tightening his arms around her. “How are you holding up?” 

“A bit battered,” Haruhi answered honestly as the rest of the group came forward. “But nothing being with my friends won’t fix.” 

“What do you need, ashke?” Takashi asked as he pulled her into his arms, as the rest of the group offered hugs and greetings to the newcomers. “What do all of you need?” 

Haruhi held her head against Takashi’s chest and let the rhythmic beating of his heart center her for a moment. “I need to burn off some of this restless energy and stress, so I was going to go up to the Dojo and work through my katas. Yoga is too slow for me right now. Hika needs to be with Kao for a bit and Kyo wants to work on a few business related things.” 

“Mai and I were actually just about to take off and go back to the hotel to relax and then get ready for the party tonight,” Renge said as she also pulled Haruhi into a hug. “We just wanted to be here when you arrived so we could tell you that you kicked ass at the press conference. You made us really proud.” 

“Thanks, it didn’t feel like we kicked ass, so I am glad at least someone thinks so.” 

“You really did do great, and as someone who lives outside the mainstream box, I thank you for standing up for us publically,” Mai said and gave Haruhi a quick hug. At Haruhi’s puzzled look regarding Mai’s somewhat cryptic statement, Hani mouthed the word “Later” at her and nodded to Mai. Haruhi, understanding there was more to the story that she didn’t know yet, replied by saying, “You are welcome.” 

“Please forgive me for interrupting, but the work all of you have done on the House is amazing,” Kyouya said to the group. “I also don’t want to appear rude, but I need to work on a few things, so please excuse me for a while.” 

“No problem, Kyo-chan,” Hani replied. “Since the girls are leaving, we can finish up the rest of the decorations. Do what you need to do.” 

“We are going to go up to our room for a bit and debrief. There’s some HDG stuff that we need to go over,” Hikaru said, nodding toward Kaoru. “We will see you guys a bit later.” 

Kaoru stepped forward and gave Renge a kiss before whispering in her ear, “Don’t worry, if there is anything really important I will let you know later.” 

Renge gave him a grateful smile and nodded that she understood, “Take care of your brother.” 

“Thank you,” Kaoru kissed her again grateful for her understanding. 

“I’m heading upstairs too. See all of you a bit later!” Haruhi said and turned to leave the room, knowing if someone didn’t actually start the goodbyes, they would be there for at least another fifteen minutes just talking. 

Taking Haruhi’s leaving for the signal it was, the others quickly dispersed. 



Kyouya sat alone at the desk in the quiet of his room and stared at the computer screen in front of him. His intention of throwing himself into his work was not happening as he stared mindlessly at the same email he had tried to read four times already. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I focus? A stray sound of Tamaki’s laughter echoed up the stairs and into his room.

Suddenly realizing what the problem was, he grabbed his laptop and headed down the stairs.

As he walked into the Library, Hani was genially arguing with Tamaki about where to put the ornaments on the tree, while Takashi quietly put the finishing touches on the tinsel that Tamaki had dropped earlier. Without a word to the others Kyouya entered the room quietly, set his computer up at the desk at the other end of the room and opened up his laptop, the familiarity of the background bickering of his friends slowly loosening the knots in his shoulders as he slid into his work.



Across the room, Tamaki nodded his head towards Kyouya and smiled at Hani and Takashi. Seeing that Kyouya was engrossed in his work, he said quietly, “I’m glad he came down.”

“Me too, Tama-chan. It didn’t feel right that he was upstairs by himself.”

“I was trying to think of a good excuse to bring him down, but nothing came to mind. Last resort, I was just going to drag him down here. He needs to be with friends right now and not alone.”

“Speaking of alone,” Hani said as Takashi paused in his decorating, “Why are you still down here, lover?”

“Haruhi said she wanted to work through katas instead of doing yoga to calm down,” Takashi replied, a faint unhappiness in his tone.

“Are you not still her Sensei? Shouldn’t you watch to make sure she is true to form?” Hani countered.

“Mitskuni, you know as well as I that her form is flawless,” Takashi answered.

“Yes it is, but she still needs you,” Hani said with a smile. “Go. Tamaki and I can finish up here and keep an eye on Kyouya. Help her work off that stressful energy that she is clearly carrying. I know you want to be there with her and she shouldn’t be alone right now either.”

Takashi nodded and brushed a hand down Hani’s cheek, before turning and leaving the room.

“Now Tama-chan, where do you think the best place to hang these icicles would be?”

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