The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


82. Frustration

Haruhi was in the middle of her 3rd kata yet the motions were doing little to reduce the restless feeling that was crawling over her skin. She kept pushing harder and while she could start to feel the sweat slide down the back of her neck and into her sports bra, her mind kept going over all the rude comments from the reporters earlier that day and the paparazzi that had been hounding her all week. Why can’t they just leave us alone? My relationships have nothing to do with my being at Ouran. Why does it matter to them if I have two boyfriends? It’s not like who I sleep with has any bearing on their daily lives. I’m sick of the questions. I’m sick of the snarky comments. I’m so over all of this! Still fuming, Haruhi put too much force into a spin-kick and lost her balance when the kick was suddenly deflected by an elbow. Snapping out of her thoughts she looked into the eyes of her Sensei.

“You are uncontrolled. Too much energy use and you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings,” Takashi chided.

Breathing heavily at the rush of adrenaline that flooded her system at the deflection of her kick, Haruhi looked at her teacher. Aggression still flooding her body she said coolly, “I thought you were the one who told me to never interrupt someone when they were in the middle of a kata, sir.”

“What you were doing was not the kata that you were taught,” Takashi responded mildly. “It was sloppy, overbalanced, and unfocused. If you had been doing it properly and your mind was focused, you would have shattered my forearm. As it stands you barely bruised it.”

“Perhaps you picked the wrong girl to be your student.”

“Perhaps my student needs to learn how to respect the craft that was taught her.”

Haruhi took three deeps breaths trying to calm herself as she reeled from the hardness in Takashi’s tone.

Eyes downcast, she mumbled a half-hearted apology and waited. When no response came, she risked raising her eyes to see what her Sensei was doing. She lowered them quickly as she saw that he was just standing there appraising her. After what seemed like an eternity, in reality was only a minute she heard Takashi move. Raising her eyes again, she saw him walk across the room and remove his gi top before grabbing the mitts and walking back toward her.

Tossing a pair at her, which she caught by reflex, he spoke quietly. “Your katas won’t burn of the aggression and frustration you are feeling. We are going to work on your sparring. Prepare yourself.”

Takashi stepped to one corner of the mat and stood in a neutral pose while Haruhi put on the protective mitts and stepped to the opposite corner. Stepping forward, she bowed, and went into an aggressive stance.

Takashi saw the stubbornness cross her face along with the mild resentment at the way he chastised her a few moments before. Retaining his neutral position he lured her into attacking him.

Her earlier fury returning in force, Haruhi attacked with a fast and relentless punch and kick combo that should have sent Takashi sprawling, instead none of the attacks connected – Takashi having pulled out of the way of each. With a small smile, he attacked in return, deliberately choosing to not hold himself back.

Haruhi was quickly forced into defense as she barely managed to deflect and slide away from the attacks. Anger turned into panic then fear as she returned the volley furiously but unsteadily and with little regard for the voice in her head that warned that she wasn’t thinking. At the end of an awkward combo, Haruhi overbalanced and was pulled up hard against Takashi’s chest, his hands pinning her arms to her side.

“You are reacting to everything. You aren’t observing. You aren’t reading your opponent. You are letting your rage at everything take control. Remember, you control the rage, it doesn’t control you. Use the anger you feel at your father’s kidnapping. Use the fear that you feel knowing that the people that you love aren’t safe. Use the disdain and revulsion you feel for the small minded idiots like Yoshio Ootori and the paparazzi, who wouldn’t understand real emotion if it they were drowning in it. Use your emotions, use your love, they are your strengths.” Takashi pushed her away from him and went to the corner of the practice mat again to start over.

Haruhi stumbled to the opposite corner. Only this time she stood there with her eyes closed for a few moments and acknowledged all the feelings that were coursing through her body. As she identified each one she took a breath and let the harmful energy release with her exhale. Feeling calm for the first time since she started arrived up at the dojo, she finally stepped into the center of the mat and bowed to her teacher.

A knot around Takashi’s heart loosened as he saw Haruhi finally gain a good measure of control over the emotions that had be riding her. Finally.Nodding to her, he also stepped forward and bowed before moving into a neutral position.

This time, Haruhi could feel her body reacting the way it was trained. Like a rubber band that suddenly snapped into a groove, her movements felt more solid and they connected against Takashi as they were supposed to do. Back and forth they volleyed, a smooth dance that was much more familiar. She could feel the sweat running down her forehead and neck and as the sweat left her body, all the accumulated stress and tension did as well. Feeling her body tire, Haruhi swept her leg out in a move that sent Takashi tumbling to the floor. Immediately she jumped on top of him pinning his legs down and holding his arms in place as she tried to catch her breath and her wildly beating heart from the exertion.

Takashi let her pin him for a full thirty seconds, before tightening his abs and in a fluid movement that she was not familiar with, flipped them, so she was pinned underneath the weight of his body. He could feel his heart beating fast as well, and his breath was nearly as labored. Closing his eyes, he pressed his forehead to hers and whispered, “Breathe, ashke.”

A very different emotion filled Haruhi as she heard the quiet words and felt her teacher/partner/lover/friend’s bare skin pressed against her own. She still felt restless, but there was a measure of control over it now. Realizing the way she really wanted to let the energy go, she slowly rolled her body underneath his in a way that had nothing to do with the martial arts he had taught her and everything to do with the way they had come together at the Monastery without the quiet. Ripping the mitts off her hands, she buried them in Takashi’s hair and pulled his mouth down to hers.

Balanced on his forearms above her, Takashi let her control the kiss, his lips moving softly over hers at first, but quickly moving towards firm as her speed and aggression intensified. He felt himself growing hard as he felt the warmth of her body underneath him, rolling his hips he heard her gasp underneath him as his erection made contact with her heat.

“Fuck me, ashke,” Haruhi said and bit his lip gently. “I need to burn off the last of these emotions. I don’t want sweet or gentle. I just want you in me now.”

Takashi growled low in his throat before reaching down and wrapping Haruhi’s legs around his waist. “Hold on.” In a fluid movement he lifted her up. Bracing an arm underneath her butt to help support her weight, he pulled her closer into him, as he continued to kiss her hungrily. Walking slowly towards the area of the room that had the free weights, his knee buckled a bit as he hit the bench where he had left his bag. Still not letting her go or stopping the kissing, he fumbled around in the bag until he found a condom. Finding what he was looking for, he put the edge of the packet in his teeth. Trying to speak around it, he said, “Loosen your legs.”

Haruhi whimpered at the thought of losing the body contact but tightened her arms around his neck, loosened her legs and tried not to shudder as his hands made quick work of her loose gi pants. Once her legs were free she wrapped them tightly around his waist again, this time feeling the silkiness of his pants against the hot wetness of her pussy. Moaning, she rubbed her pussy against his erection and was rewarded with another growl. Unhooking her arms from around his neck, she ripped off her sports bra.

Takashi shifted her higher up his chest, ripped the condom packet out of his mouth and took one of her breasts in. Sucking and flicking it hard with his tongue he relished the whimper that came out of her mouth as her hands slid with a death grip into his hair. Taking a few steps more he backed her into the wall of mirrors. Still teasing her breasts with his tongue and supporting her weight with one hand, he used the other to loosen his pants and drop them to the floor, freeing his cock. Pausing only to rip the packet open with his teeth and roll the latex down his sheath with one quick motion, he let her slide down a bit further until she was perfectly aligned with his cock.

“Takashi, please,” Haruhi whimpered as she felt him press against her entrance. When he thrust into her in one smooth movement, she cried out in pleasure. “Yesss… more! Please harder. I can take it. Ashke… please…”

“Haruhi… I…,” Takashi words were cut off as she thrust her tongue in his mouth aggressively. Taking back control of the kiss he slid his hands down her body, gripping her ass tightly, and angled her body against the glass, her back pressed up against it and his hands holding her weight. A groan slipped out of his mouth as her arms slipped back around his neck to scratch at his back and play in his hair. “Hold on…” he grunted as he started pounding into her hard, fast, and without mercy.

The sound of their bodies slapping together mixed with their moans and grunts of pleasure as they echoed around the room. It didn’t take long before Haruhi screamed out her orgasm; Takashi following only a few moments after, his knees buckling slightly at the sudden release.

Feeling the slight movement, Haruhi laughed, the endorphins still flooding her system. “You can put me down, ashke.”

“Don’t want to,” Takashi replied with a slightly sheepish smile.

Haruhi giggled and wriggled a bit which let Takashi’s soften cock slip out of her. Both shuddered at the sensation. Shifting her body weight around, she laid her head on Takashi’s shoulder. “I love you Takashi Morinozouka.”

Takashi’s arms tightened around her and he craned his neck to lay a soft kiss on her forehead. “I love you too, Haruhi Fujioka. You are my passion and my fire. I am so lucky to be a part of your life and one of your lovers.”

“And that’s the part that people don’t understand. I don’t know… maybe I am weird. Maybe what the nasty things the papers are writing about me are true. Maybe I am just an …” she took a deep breath, “immoral slut.”

Takashi pulled off the condom, tossed it into the trash bin, and walked them quickly over to one of the couches, settling her in his lap. “Am I immoral for loving both you and Mitskuni? Or for the fact that I am starting to also fall for Kyouya?”

“Guys are supposed to have lots of lovers.”

Takashi gave her the ‘you-know-you-are-full-of-bullshit’ look. “Female lovers, maybe. Aside from you, all of my lovers have been male. I’m a homosexual loving demon to most of the world.”

“Never!! You are incredible. You are intelligent, kind, generous, dedicated and so incredibly skilled at your craft. The rest of the world can screw itself, you deserve to be with the people you love. I hate that the Council is separating you and Hani.”

“What the Council does reflects the same small-minded misogynistic views that you are exposed to, ashke,” Takashi said with a kiss to her forehead. “Are you willing to defend your friends and lovers, many of whom have preferences that are generally considered outside the norm? Both as a lawyer and as a member of House Zouka?”


“Then think about this – is it worth being an immoral slut to people who don’t matter to you and who never will, if you are also surrounded by people who know you, love you, support you, and who will fiercely defend you as you do them?”

Haruhi sighed, “You are not going to let me wallow in my self-pity, are you?” She gave a small smile to indicate that she understood the point that Takashi was making.


A yawn snuck out of her mouth as she reached out and did a full body stretch against him. “Okay then. Now that I am back to thinking again thanks to getting some sense beaten into me – literally, I might add,” she said with a wink as Takashi smiled. “I need a good soak and a nap before the party tonight.”

“I was thinking about making use of the Jacuzzi in the Conservatory. Want to join me, or would you prefer solitude?”

“The Jacuzzi sounds wonderful. The scenery will help get rid of the last little bits of the stress… though nothing will be quite as magical as that hot spring at the Monastery.”

“That night will forever be one of my most cherished.” Takashi said quietly his forehead pressed against hers.

“Mine too, love.” Haruhi smiled and pressed a kiss against his cheek. “What did I ever do to deserve love like this? To have the love and friendship of six amazing men who are so far out of my league, it’s ridiculous? To be able to share my love for them without boundaries?”

“You were the catalyst of change that brought in a new perspective.” Takashi gave a small side smile. “Besides how could a group of wealthy aristocratic teenage boys let a small, common girl upstage them? We had to adapt and change if we wanted to *cough* take credit for *cough* your brilliance. There was no way any of us were ready to believe at the time that you would actually make us into better human beings.”

“Take credit for, eh?” Haruhi responded with a smirk.

“I give you all the credit for turning me into someone who is no longer afraid to speak what is in his heart. For teaching me that there are many different ways to love and be loved in return.” Takashi said seriously.

Haruhi blushed at the sincere compliment. “I am not sure how to respond.”

“You don’t have to. The fact that you love me, honestly and openly (well at least among our friends), is all the response I need. That you have chosen to join my and Mitskuni’s House which means becoming a formal part of our lives for the rest of yours, humbles me and makes me incredibly proud.”

“I want you always in my life, ashke. In whatever way I can.”

“You will be.” Takashi kissed her softly. “Now shall we go soak off the last of this stressful week?”

“Yes please.”

He laughed and scooped her up in his arms and started walking naked towards the door, carrying her in his arms.

“What if someone sees us?”

“Everyone currently in this house has seen everyone else naked.”

“What about our clothes?” She asked as she watched the door to the dojo grow more distant.

“I’ll get them later,” He pushed open the door to the Conservatory.

Haruhi could hear faint splashing and the murmur of voices. She buried her face in Takashi chest as she recognized Hani’s giggle, Tamaki’s laugh, and Kyouya’s deep voice. She blushed deep red and hid her head in Takashi chest. “The guys are here.”

Takashi grinned, “Yes they are.”

“We just had sex.”

“Yes we did. I would be willing to bet there was a bit of fun happening with them too before they came up. Does it bother you?”

“No… but”


“But I don’t have a swimsuit on? … I’m being ridiculous again aren’t I?”

Takashi nodded.

Haruhi sighed, then smiled as Hani’s laughter became infectious. “All right. Lead on, oh wise Master.”

Takashi took a few running steps and then much to Haruhi’s chagrin as a small squeal escaped her lips, he tossed her into the middle of the Jacuzzi with a splash.

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