The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


14. Distractions

A buzz followed by a short beep woke Haruhi for the second time that morning. The surrounding warmth of four young fit male bodies caused her to stretch languorously, while Tamaki snuggled into her shoulder. Kyouya's arm was around Tamaki's shoulder and his hand rested just below her collar bone. Hikaru was cuddled on her other side with Kaoru curled around him. A second and more insistent buzz on her phone made her look up and meet Kyouya's eyes as he handed her the beeping device. She could see the look of both love and lust as he trailed his fingers lower to trace the top of her left breast as it peeked above the sheets.

Wresting her eyes away from the liquid silver ones that held her complete attention, she quickly checked the two messages that had appeared. With a sigh, she texted back to each and handed the phone to Kyouya. The movement caused the violet eyed angel to angle his head and smile, while one ginger head popped over the shoulder of the other. Her phone buzzed again and with a raised eyebrow Kyouya handed it back. This time the message made her laugh and she sent back a quick reply.

Unable to resist breaking the silence, Tamaki said "Good Morning Princess." As he slid his arm over the blanket and around her waist, his hand resting lightly against Hikaru's hip. "So this is what you have been waking up to, I may be just a little bit jealous."

"Why is that Tama?"

"Because I can see the hardness of Hikaru under the blanket and feel Kyouya against my back. Knowing how perfect Kaoru's cock is, I can make a guess that Hika's is similar, which ultimately means that you are one absolutely lucky woman."

"Yes I am," she responded as the others all turned a slight shade of pink. "Though I think you are embarrassing everyone. I have a feeling the others didn't realize that when you first wake up, you are horny as hell, and you forget how to hide it. Once you are dressed, you are the perfect gentleman, but before that, you are a letch."

"Hey, I am wearing more clothes than you!"

"Still doesn't stop you from being a horny morning person, or are you trying to tell me that if I reached down right now and felt you up, you wouldn't be sporting a major erection?"

"Oh he is." Kyouya said as Tamaki yelped, not expecting Kyouya's hand to move from Haruhi's breast to his cock. "But that is to be expected. There are five of us on this bed and three," He lifted his head, "Check that, four of us are naked."

Tamaki whipped his head around and discovered that at some point before they all fell back asleep, Kaoru had undressed completely and snuggled under the blanket next to his twin. Shaking his head in bafflement, he leered, "Well maybe I should fix that."

"Sorry Tamaki, but I think that is going to have to wait for another day. I am guessing that Haruhi is about to get out of bed." Hikaru joined the conversation. "Or were those texts for another reason?"

"Now you are right, Hika-love, the first text was from Renge. She is awake and needs help to get ready to go back to work."

Kaoru's head swiveled at Renge's name, "Is she really planning on going back to the center today? I can manage without her since her ankle must still be bothering her."

"Renge isn't one to let a sprained ankle stand in her way. She is definitely planning on going back and finishing up. Since you and Hika are going to be out for two days at the Alterna Workshop, she wants to make sure everything goes smoothly when you aren't there."

"Oh." The wheels in Kaoru's head started turning in different directions. Without really realizing he was doing so, he rolled over and started to pulled his pajama bottoms on. Muttering to himself, he walked out of the room. Hikaru seeing his brother distracted, just smiled.

"So that explains one, but what was the second message you received. The one that made you laugh before replying?"

"Are you jealous my Shadow King?"

"No. Just interested."

"It was from Hani. His first text asked me if I was going upstairs to practice with them. When I said that I was just waking up and we were still in bed, he offered to help us test out how many the bed could hold. I didn't tell him about Tamaki and Kaoru also being here, but it wouldn't surprise me if he somehow figured it out."

"I see." Kyouya's smile lit up his face. "Takashi is almost as good as I am about knowing everything that is happening, so you are right. They probably know already." He sat up and deliberately leaned over and pressed his body into Tamaki to kiss Haruhi and then Hikaru. He chuckled at the expression on Tamaki's face before sitting up and pulling on his own pj bottoms.

"Not fair Kyouya," Tamaki whined, "You know I am already turned on, and then you HAVE to go and kiss them both, while lying across me! Not nice. Not nice at all. I am going to have a fucking hard-on all day and it's your fault."

"Good. Perhaps next time you will think before trying to wake us up." His smirk was evident both on his face and in the tone of his voice as he reached across to the nightstand to grab his glasses. "Now, since we are awake. It is probably wise to start the day. Haru-love, are you going upstairs to the dojo?"

"Yes. I need to get some sparring in, since I didn't do any yesterday. I will grab a quick shower before I go up, but unless I make it ice cold, I don't think it's going to help. Tamaki isn't the only one who is turned on by waking up next to all of you hunks."

"We can help you with that." Hikaru leered.

Haruhi laughed as her phone buzzed again twice in quick succession. Responding quickly to both she spoke. "Sure - as long as you take the blame for my tardiness to BOTH of my Martial Arts Masters and the impatient otaku in the other room." Her real fondness for Renge showed in her voice as she spoke of her anime-obsessed friend.

"I could deal just let Kao deal with Renge, but that's not fair to him. Since Takashi and Hani in full Master-mode still intimidate the hell out of me, I guess I will have to wait until later. Unless Kyouya is willing to take them on?" Hikaru eyed his lover hopefully.

"Not a chance. After yesterday, I want to watch the sparring."


"So let me get this straight," Tamaki interjected, "All of you are as horny as I am, but you aren't going to do anything about it at the moment. Instead you are all going to get up and go to the dojo and watch Haruhi grapple and try to best two gorgeous men, who even though they are devoted to each other, have made it clear that they would enjoy having sex with any of us, including Haruhi."

"Pretty much." Haruhi flashed him a saucy wink over her shoulder as she climbed naked out of the bed and walked toward the bathroom, three sets of eyes following her.

"Why did we break up again?" Tamaki said jokingly and a little bit wistfully as both Kyouya and Hikaru's eyes shot daggers into him. Holding up his hands in a peace gesture, he added, "I am kidding. I am kidding. Really! I love her and probably always will, but we wouldn't be here, right now, if we were still together. The two of you have made her happier than I ever could. Together the three of you have something, the rest of us envy a bit. If we hadn't broken up, she wouldn't have gained the confidence, sassiness, and ease that she has. Kyouya – you gave her the confidence to be herself. Hikaru – you showed her how to unleash the sassiness and mischievousness. She never would have gotten those from me and I am far happier seeing her like this than I was when I was with her. I swear to you, that I will never do anything to jeopardize your relationship with her. I am willing to follow any rules or boundaries that you decide."

Kyouya had felt his chest tighten and lost his breath when Tamaki started talking, but by the end of it, he had relaxed. I didn't realize that I was still affected by the thought of the time that Haruhi and Tamaki were together. I know he is sincere in wishing us happiness. I know she flirts with him - he taught her that. I also know that she is ours, even if my jealousy is playing 'what-if' games. I also think I understand what Tamaki is feeling more than he really knows.

"I appreciate that my friend. But don't think that your time with her didn't have an impact. You were the one who taught her how to open up and more importantly – how to flirt. It doesn't sound like it would be a big thing, but for Haruhi, and how quiet, reserved, and clueless she was when we first met her, the ability to lighten up, laugh and flirt was her turning point into becoming who she is."

"You taught all of us how to open up, lighten up, and flirt, sempai." Hikaru added as unshed tears glistened in Tamaki's eyes. "That's just who you are… and we love you for it. I know Haruhi still loves you the way you love her. I can accept that and, in time, if she decides that she wants to bring you into our relationship, I would probably be ok with that." He looked directly at Kyouya, "I have learned to share, but I will never let anyone take her away."

"Agreed." Kyouya felt the weight of an oath behind Hikaru's words.

"What are you agreeing to now?" Haruhi's voice cut through the sudden tension, as she walked back into the room dressed in her standard workout gear – sports bra and yoga pants.

"That we all want to watch you kick Takashi and Hani's ass at Aikido." Hikaru quickly changed the subject.

"Yeah. That's not likely to happen anytime soon."

"We still want to watch… and maybe you will let us kiss the bruises to make them better."

"You can kiss more than that." A wink followed as she walked toward the French doors to the room that Renge occupied. "I better help Renge get ready. She just asked me to put her clothes and stuff in the bathroom. If I can help her there, she thinks she can get a shower and changed on her own. Though she may need some help getting down the stairs to the car. Hika-love, are you going to work today or going out sight-seeing with us?"

"I am all yours today. Even though he hasn't specifically said it, I know Kao is going to go with Renge today. I wanted to go sight-seeing with you and Kyo."

"Do you need a tour guide?" Tamaki asked. "I can show you some less crowded places as well as the usual ones."

"That would be wonderful Tama. Thank you." With that Haruhi left the room again.

A sly grin slid over Hikaru's face. "So… we are all going upstairs. Are you guys up to testing Haruhi's focus?"

The puzzled look on Tamaki's face spoke volumes. "What do you mean exactly?"

"Well… we all know that bare chests turn our Haruhi on. I know for sparring Hani and Mor-Takashi will usually wear their gi's when they spar with her, though they don't when they are sparring with each other. I propose we all go up there shirtless and do a quick workout while Haru and Takashi stretch."

"That is delightfully evil. It may actually help her work on her concentration, since I know she does get distracted by our tattoos."

"Who wouldn't get distracted by them," Tamaki muttered under his breath. "I am in. Though you do realize that we may also be distracting Hani and Takashi."

"Even better."

After getting Renge settled in the bathroom, Haruhi walked out to her room and went to the closet to pick out something for her to wear. As she was digging through, she was surprised to see a shadow walk up to her and an arm reach in, grab a dress, and hand it to her.

"Have her wear this," Kaoru said. "It will be warm and comfortable all day and she won't need to try to pull a pair of pants over her ankle."

"Thanks. I am sure she will appreciate it, though she is moving a bit better today. She can put some pressure on the ankle, just not for long. She is refusing crutches though."

"That doesn't surprise me. I hated crutches too when I broke my ankle in the 4th grade. Thankfully we deal with sprains all the time on the catwalk – so many models in high heels. I can watch her and make sure that she is not overdoing it, but still able to get the movement back quickly enough that she will be able to walk unaided on the red carpet on Sunday."

"I take it that means you aren't going to go sight-seeing with us today then?"

"No. I still have some things to finish up. Have fun though."

"We will." Haruhi kissed him softly before grabbing the dress and starting to walk toward the bathroom.

"Hey Haru," Kaoru said shyly, "Can you let Renge know I will be waiting for her out here? I will help her downstairs."


Then because he was a Hitachiian and couldn't resist a moment to tease his best friend, "How did you feel waking up with the four of us in your bed?"

Blushing furiously she responded, "It was definitely a unique experience."


"I enjoyed every minute." With a wink similar to the one she gave his brother, Haruhi turned and walked back into the bathroom to relay the plan to Renge.

I am glad. I am also glad I was able to cuddle with Hika for a bit this morning. Waking up with Tama was nice, but I still needed Hika. Though I have to admit, Tamaki's idea to wake them all was pretty fun. We can't do it again though, because they will be expecting it. Kaoru heard the shower shut off. Suddenly his mind turned to Renge. I am not sure why all of a sudden she interests me so much. I have known her almost as long as Haruhi and until this week she has been nothing but a pain. Maybe it was the hint of vulnerability or her obvious desire to succeed, but she is changing too. I think I would like to get to know the new Renge better.

Smiling to himself, he sat down on the edge of the bed and waited for her to emerge from the bathroom.



Haruhi half expected the sounds of a piano concerto to greet her as she climbed the staircase to the dojo on the third floor. Instead she was greeted with the clink of weight machines and a rock station on the radio. Ok, this is new. Walking through the double doors, she froze completely stunned. All of the guys minus Kaoru were shirtless and either working out on different machines or using the free weights. Oh great gods, I can't tell if this is a dream or a nightmare. The sex appeal in this room is completely off the charts, how the hell am I going to be able to concentrate. It was bad enough having all of them in my bed and knowing that I couldn't really do anything, but now I have to work out with all of them in here with me. I seriously don't know where to look, when all I want to do is go up to each of them and demand that they fuck me. Right here. Right now.Closing her eyes against the temptation, Haruhi took three deep breaths. Breathe Haruhi, you can do this. You are supposed to work with Takashi and Hani today. Just focus on them. It's not like you haven't done this a thousand times already. Just don't focus on the fact that they offered to share their bed with the three of you. DAMN!

"Haruhi, is something wrong?" The concerned voice of Takashi broke into her less-than helpful thoughts. Looking up into the eyes of her Sensei, she expected to see the cool calm that she had come to rely so much on the last few months. It was still there, but behind it burned a fire that she hadn't noticed before. It made her catch her breath and turn a slight shade of pink. Mentally slapping herself, she quickly looked around. Seeing the smirks on Hikaru and Tamaki's faces, the smug laughter on Kyouya's, and the knowing looks that Hani and Takashi kept sharing, she finally realized that the group was playing a joke on her. HA! I can play that game too. Let's see who breaks first. She arched an eyebrow at her lovers and gave them a look that let them know in no uncertain terms, the game was on. To her Sensei she responded, "No. Just startled for a moment."

"You seemed lost in thought," the laughter in his eyes teased where his words seemed coolly normal. A towel was draped around his neck and his chest glistened with a sheen of sweat.

"Haru-chan," Hani's sweet voice held the same hint of desire that Takashi's held, "Are you sure you are ok? You seem … distracted by … something." A drop of sweat slid down his neck and traced a path down his chiseled chest.

Of their own volition, Haruhi's eyes flicked down to watch the droplet in one blink and back up into the eyes of her other Sensei the next. Hani had caught the movement and stood grinning at her. He waited patiently and she realized he was expecting a response. Loudly enough so the others could clearly hear, she said with a smile of her own, "I was just remembering how much I like a challenge." She caught and held the eyes of every male in the room. Hikaru and Kyouya blew kisses at her. "So the game is Distraction, I take it?"

"Yes. Though we are still going to spar since you will need to be up on that skill for the demonstration next week," Takashi said.

"Wait. What demonstration? I thought I was just going to take the leveling test for my next rank."

"The Commissioner begged Takashi and I to do a demonstration to open the Ceremony, since neither of us can compete. We decided that the best demonstration would be showing how to work together with a less experienced practitioner to take down an opponent. Naturally, we thought of you."

"Naturally." The sarcasm dripped from her voice.

"We were going to ask you this weekend, since we didn't want you to stress and not enjoy the activities that are planned. However, plans change," Takashi's voice was completely serious, "Mitskune and I can do this on our own, but we would really like to do it with you."

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Haruhi answered. "All right."

"Thank you Haru-chan. This will make it so much more interesting." Hani's genuine smile erased the last lingering bits of worry.

"So we need to practice sparring today, since we are all going to be out tomorrow and Sunday."

"We can still work in yoga every morning to keep the focus," here the gleam in Takashi's eyes returned, "though from what I understand you are finding multiple ways to find your center. Four people in your bed this morning and Mitskune and I were up here all alone."

"I got Hani's text."

"I know. I saw the response." Takashi continued to tease her gently. "Are you up to the challenge of yoga this morning? Or are you too distracted?"

"Oh I am completely and happily distracted by the sight of five incredibly gorgeous guys shirtless, hot and sweaty. But I happen to know that I am not the only one distracted. Or have you forgotten, my dear yoga partner, that I can read you as well as you can me in this. You and Hani are enjoying the view as much as I am, as are Tamaki and Hikaru. Kyouya won't admit it, but he is getting turned on by watching everything and trying to figure out who will break first."

Kyouya arched an eyebrow at her as she gave him a saucy wink.

"I see a game in our future, but it's not fair to play without Kao-chan too.," Hani pouted slightly. "Oh well, we can play this weekend. Winner gets a prize of his or her choice. Until then, are you two going to stretch or just tease each other? We have to practice soon or we are never going to get out to sight-see this afternoon."

"Yes Sensei." Turning to Takashi, Haruhi motioned for him to lead the way, while the others turned back to their workouts. She heard Takashi mutter under his breath something about getting turned on when Mitskune gets commanding. Smiling she put her hand on his bare chest above his heart and tried to set aside the sexy images of her partner and the others in the room. By mutual accord, they agreed that it would be a short ten minute warm-up and stretch, so that the focus could be on the sparring practice. Very quickly, they were in the groove of their movements and flowing easily from one to the next. If the position of a hand or the brush of an arm was more sensual than it had been the day before, it was understandable, though both tried to set it aside and focus. They finished in a double child's pose – Takashi on the floor and Haruhi holding the position on his back.

Stretching and climbing off his back, Haruhi went over and grabbed the padded hand protectors while Hani and Takashi cleared a space on the floor.

"This is what I have been wanting to see," Hikaru sat down on Kyouya's left side, while Tamaki sat on the right."

"I agree. This will be interesting."

"I hope she doesn't get hurt." The worry in Tamaki's voice leaked out

"Haru-chan can hold her own. After all, it was Takashi and I who taught her."

Spacing themselves out in a large triangle, they each bowed to one and then the other. Within a heartbeat of completing their bows, Takashi and Haruhi stalked Hani, throwing punches and kicks with deadly accuracy. He was able to block deftly and slip out of the corner they had him pinned. Moving again, they repositioned themselves and started a new sequence of movements. After a few minutes of teaming up on Hani, Haruhi suddenly switched sides and started fighting with him. Because he wasn't much taller than she was, they were able to coordinate their movements easier and they often struck together.

"She is really getting good," Hikaru murmured to Kyouya. "I hate to say it, but I am getting even more turned on by watching this. You can almost see her planning her moves, but it doesn't matter if she is partnering with Hani or Takashi, she moves like an extension of either of them."

"They are very fluid together. I can see why Hani thought this would be a good exhibition demonstration." Kyouya remarked, his heart pounding as he watched his lover.

By this time, all three of the participants were breathing heavy, and Haruhi was visibly getting tired, thought she refused to give up. Tamaki watched as Hani flipped allegiances and sided with Takashi. It doesn't seem fair that they are ganging up on her, but I know that look in her eye. She is exhausted but she won't give up. If they team up, they can end the match quickly. Another idle thought crossed through his mind. It was the same as had crossed it the day before, but now there was the potential for more action behind it. I know I made a flip comment to Haru yesterday about finding my own partners, but I would be lying if I said I didn't want to take Hani and Takashi up on their offer and soon. Hell, I would do it right now and screw the fact we have an audience. Watching them move both with and against each other is one of the sexiest things I can imagine.

Takashi caught Hani's eyes and with a final nod they executed a final move that took Haruhi down to the floor and pinned her under the combined weight of their bodies. Finally realizing she was beaten, Haruhi tapped out. They climbed off of her, but knelt beside her, each taking one of her hands and holding it, while all three of them tried to catch their breath. All three turned to the sound of spontaneous clapping and cheers. Hani smiled at his friends as he got up, pulling Haruhi and Takashi up with him. Our friends really did enjoy watching that, which makes me feel good. I was worried that the distraction game would backfire when Hika mentioned it this morning, but it seems to have worked if the look in Hika and Kyouya's eyes is anything to go by. I have to admit I enjoyed the view almost as much as she did, though catching her in the act of ogling me was a first and something I won't forget.

"Ok. I really need a shower now." Haruhi's voice was firm. "Are we all going sight-seeing today?" At the nod of five other heads she continued. "Can I suggest that we meet back downstairs in about an hour and a half? That will give us all plenty of time to get ready."

"Works for us, Haru-chan."

"Me too. That gives us all enough time for … whatever" Tamaki answered with a wink, before turning and trying to nonchalantly catch a last glimpse of Takashi's bare chest. I so need to release this load. Waking up with Kaoru, then in the bed with Haruhi, Kyouya, and Hikaru, and now watching Hani and Takashi has me so hard.

"I think you need a shower and some company," Hikaru laughed as he swept her off her feet and took off running with her in his arms down the hallway, Kyouya laughing as he followed them out. At the top of the staircase, he lowered her to the ground and the three of them linked arms to walk downstairs to their bedroom.

Hani gathered up his and Takashi's things and started to head toward the door, when a look from Takashi stopped him. With a significant look at Tamaki who was watching the others go, and a nod to his lover at the bulge in loose pants Tamaki wore, he knew his lover caught the suggestion. Takashi nodded his head in agreement.

"Hey Tama-chan," the oldest host slid his hand up Tamaki's back to rest on his shoulder, while Tamaki tried to hide the shiver that ran through his body at the touch. "I am worried about overtaxing the hot water heater with three showers going at once. Do you think you should shower with us?"

Tamaki turned at the heat in Hani's voice, which was echoed in his eyes. Looking up, he saw that Takashi's held the same. He broke into a lusty smile. "I think that is a really smart idea. After all, we don't want to waste all of this heat."

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