The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


60. Diavel

“So tell me how you are really doing,” Hikaru asked gently as the waiter walked away after having taken their order. “I know that you put the situation out of your mind today and seemed to have fun at the beach, but I know the thing with your father has to be eating at you.” 

Kyouya looked over at the perceptive redhead and reached across the table to take his hand. “Honestly, I don’t know. Right now I am kind of numb about the whole thing. I lost it completely last night when I was out with Haruhi, but today, I just don’t want to think about it. That will probably come back to bite me eventually, but I know I made the right decision.” He squeezed Hikaru’s hand. “You and Haruhi are worth more than the whole of the Ootori fortune to me.” 

Hikaru smiled and squeezed Kyouya’s hand back, “That’s good to know, because we pretty much feel the same way about you.” A teasing glint appeared in his eye as he continued, “Actually, I think most of the Host Club feels that way about you. You rival Haru in how many of us have had wicked thoughts about you, you know. Kyouya – cool, aloof, mysterious, and so very sexy as he pushes up his glasses.” 

A faint pink appeared on Kyouya’s cheeks. “I never really saw myself that way. I just wanted to show that I was a worthy player in the game of business.” 

“Oh you did that and more, lover,” Hikaru grinned. “No one can doubt your business sense and motivation. But it’s also ok to have a little fun, too.” 

“So I am learning.” 

“I think we all are,” Hikaru replied a serious tone in his voice despite the lightness of his words. “Not that I have ever been opposed to wild and crazy ideas, but this whole situation is a bit more intense than I think we first expected it to be.” 

“I would agree.” 

“I want to make it clear that I am not opposed to you or Haruhi dating either Tamaki or Takashi, but…” Hikaru’s voice trailed off as he struggled to find the words to express how he was feeling. 

Kyouya stroked his thumb over the back of Hikaru’s hand. With a gentle tone, not often heard out of his mouth, he asked, “But what? Hikaru, please let me know what you are thinking.” 

Hikaru took a deep breath and said with a shaky smile, “I really AM ok with both you and Haruhi adding Tamaki and Takashi into the relationship. I know that I don’t have any chemistry beyond friendship with Tamaki and Takashi still scares me a tiny bit, but I see that they make both of you happy in a different way. Plus I still have my relationship with Kao. It’s just that I know eventually that we are all going to have to come to a decision and I don’t know how it is going to work.” 

“What decision is that?” He continued to stroke his thumb over Hikaru’s knuckles trying to maintain some sort of soothing contact. 

“Which of us Haruhi will marry,” Hikaru said in a quiet tone. “Since polygamy is illegal in Japan and most other countries, eventually we will have to decide whose name she will take. I know it’s really her choice, but I don’t think any of us have not thought of proposing to her at some point. She can only legally marry one of us, and though it probably sounds really selfish, I want her to have either my name or yours.” 

“I never really thought about that,” Kyouya replied with a sigh of frustration. “I have to admit that I have thought about formally proposing after she graduates Ouran, but now with you as such an equal part of our relationship, I am torn. Same sex marriage is illegal in Japan, so there would be no way that you and I could ever legally marry even though I want to be with you as much as I want to be with Haruhi.” 

“I feel the same,” Hikaru smiled shyly. 

“We will just have to look at other options and see how we can work around it. Perhaps she could remain Fujioka, or she could legally add one of our names as a middle name and the other as a married name.” 

“Haruhi Hitachiin Ootori,” Hikaru answered, saying the name slowly. “I think that could work. Now we just have to convince her.” 

“True,” Kyouya grinned, “but honestly, that isn’t something that I want to worry about tonight. We still have the rest of your final year to figure out the details. Tonight is about us… and I am looking forward to spending it together.” 

“Me too,” Hikaru grinned and released Kyouya’s hand as the waiter returned carrying their food. After the waiter had checked to make sure they were set and walked away, Hikaru looked up to give Kyouya a wicked smile. “You look so good tonight, I am feeling mischievous. What do you say to giving this little island something to talk about?” 

Kyouya laughed, “I think that sounds like fun.” 



True to his word about the discreet nature of the club, Hikaru led Kyouya to a nondescript door in the side of an old brick building. The only indication that it was something more was the large man standing out front with a clipboard and a few well-dressed men lounging against a wall, chatting with each other and smoking cigarettes.

“Name please.” The bouncer said politely but firmly as Hikaru and Kyouya approached.


The bouncer flipped through a couple of pages on his clipboard before locating the name and crossing it off before opening the door and gesturing them through.

Hikaru linked his fingers in Kyouya’s and smiled as they walked through. They could hear the music faintly in the hallway as they entered.

“Hello! Welcome to Diavel,” a good looking man with chiseled abs shown off to perfection in his fishnet shirt and tight leather pants, greeted them. “Before you enter, I need you to sign these release forms. Diavel is an extremely exclusive club for men only. We are gay, leather, and kink friendly and as such you may see activities of a sensual, sexual or uncomfortable nature. Please be aware that everyone in the club is vetted and all activities are entered into with consent of all parties. We have staff monitoring all activities and anything or anyone who is disruptive may be asked to leave, but otherwise pretty much anything goes. Many of our members and visitors require discretion, so Diavel has a no photography policy. If you are caught taking any photographs of people, furnishings, the bar, or anything else in these walls you will be immediately escorted out and banned. If you publish any photographs on a Social Media website, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” He pushed two forms over to Hikaru and Kyouya. “Please sign these forms if you agree to the terms I have outlined.”

Without hesitation, both signed the forms.

The man grinned and winked as he gave both of them a head to toe look. “Fantastic. Also, we operate on a cashless system for the bar.” He held up a paper bracelet with a microchip in it. You can either prepay here with cash or leave a credit card. You can also determine the amount you want to leave for a tip. When you leave any remaining cash balance will be returned to you or your card will be charged for whatever is consumed. The chip will automatically deactivate when you leave.”

“That’s actually a very interesting way to manage control of a bar,” Kyouya said.

Hikaru just grinned at his boyfriend, “Only you would focus on the business aspect out of everything that this ‘gentleman’ just said.” He gave the guy at the counter a wink before handing over a black card. “Please use that card for all purchases for both of us and set the tip amount at 25%.”

“Hika-“ Kyouya started to protest.

“Sorry lover,” Hikaru grinned before stretching up to kiss him on the cheek. “Tonight is my treat. You can catch the next one.”

Kyouya smiled as he took the paper bracelet and attached it around his wrist. “So this is what being a boy-toy is like.”

Hikaru stretched up to whisper wickedly into his ear, “You haven’t seen anything yet.” With a smirk at the faint blush on Kyouya’s cheeks, he grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hallway to the pulsing beat of the music.



Kyouya looked around as they walked into the heart of the club. It was smaller than most of the clubs that he was used to in Japan, but it definitely catered to a more exclusive crowd. There was leather couches clustered in groups along three of the walls with a low table in the middle. The fourth wall contained a very well stocked bar, complete with bartenders that could double as Calvin Klein models. The dance floor in the center of the room was multi-level with each section containing a plexiglass block floor. The bottom level had some sort of fog swirling through the blocks and was lit from underneath with blue and purple lights. The middle layer of blocks had green, yellow and orange laser lights cutting through them, while on the top level the blocks were rimmed in red, but otherwise left clear. The design of it took Kyouya a moment to understand, but then he realized it was a play on a rainbow.

Hikaru grinned as he pointed to the top level and said, “You can walk underneath he top level and look up at the dancers or whatever else happens to be occurring on the top level. I have heard stories of guys fucking on that level just so others could stand under and watch.”

Kyouya grinned and pulled Hikaru’s hips against his own. “A month ago that would have shocked me. Now it just sounds interesting.”

Hikaru gave an answering smile as he wound his arms up around Kyouya’s neck, keeping their hips solidly together. Finding the beat, he minutely started to rock them together making sure that their leather pants brushed against each other with each beat. “Want to dance with me, or would you rather get a drink and explore the 2nd floor?”

Kyouya tightened his grip on Hikaru’s hips and started minutely thrusting to the counter beat so the hardness that was beginning to stir in both pants were constantly pushed together in a circular motion that only served to tease them both. Bending his head down, he slid his lips down the side of Hikaru’s neck using a deep voice to say “let’s dance for a bit” before he bit gently on the exposed skin of Hikaru’s neck.

Hikaru gasped at the sensation, tightening his arms around Kyouya’s neck and scratching into his shoulders, before releasing his breath in a slow sigh and taking a half-step back. “I thought you were going to be my boy-toy tonight, not the other way around,” he joked.

Kyouya’s smile held mischief. “I tried, but it doesn’t seem to want to work that way. Does that bother you?”

Hikaru grinned, “Not at all,” he laughed as he pulled Kyouya onto the dance floor. “I still get to make everyone else in here jealous that I am with the sexiest guy in the room.”

“You forget Hika, in this world, you are the fashion superstar and I am just an ordinary guy.”

“You are never ordinary, Kyo,” Hikaru said seriously before snapping his fingers and finding the rhythm of the music, his body moving gracefully into the beat.

At least, I never want to be ordinary again. Kyouya found the beat and started moving carefully around Hikaru enjoying the movement as it would occasionally bring them together, bodies pressing and moving together in a slow burn.

They danced together for several songs before Hikaru nodded his head toward the bar. “I want a drink. Are you thirsty?”

“Getting that way,” Kyouya replied as he followed Hikaru off the dance floor. We’ve probably only been dancing for an hour, but the floor has gotten crowded.

“Phew!” Hikaru laughed as they made it clear of the floor and made their way to the bar. “It’s been a while since I have danced that much. I am parched.”

“Me too,” Kyouya responded. Catching the bartender’s attention he ordered a couple of drinks and two bottles of water. Handing one of the bottles to Hikaru, he downed the other one greedily as Hikaru did the same.

“That’s better, now I can sip this instead of gulping it,” Hikaru said.

“I just know that we still have to drive back to the house, so a couple drinks is all I am planning on doing. You can have more if you like though.”

“Nah, I am ok with just a couple. I enjoy the bite of the alcohol, but I don’t need it to have a good time.” Hikaru winked at his lover, “Besides, I want to have a clear head with you tonight.” He gestured toward a staircase spiraling up one wall. “Want to go upstairs and see what it’s like?”

“Sure.” Kyouya tucked his hand in the waistband of Hikaru’s pants and grabbed his drink with the other as they started for the stairs.

The second floor was as impressive as the first, with more spaces for conversation and judging by the sounds and movement on some of the couches tucked into darker corners, more conducive to other kinds of activities. Kyouya grinned as he recognized a St. Andrews Cross in one corner and a spanking bench against one of the walls, both currently in use. The music was slower and more sensual, and the hidden lighting gave the area an erotic feel.

“Now that I know what those are actually for, it’s a bit more interesting to see them in a club,” Kyouya remarked as they claimed a couch near the railing looking over the dance floor.

“I agree. I knew this was a gay club, but I didn’t realize that they are also kink friendly. We may want to let Hani and Takashi know about this place. It’s just too bad we can’t bring Haru. She would have fun on the dance floor.”

Kyouya removed his jacket and leaned back into the plush leather, sliding his arm along the back to brush against the back of Hikaru’s neck, fingers playing in Hikaru’s hair. “You know, other than at the Ouran formals, I don’t know that I have ever seen Haruhi dance. I never really thought about going to clubs on a date.”

“Probably because you would be hounded by the paparazzi constantly if you did,” Hikaru said with a smile as he turned slightly and cuddled into Kyouya’s chest with a wink. “The Hitachiin twins, however, are known to drag assorted models and their friends to clubs on a whim, so we could sneak Haruhi in without singling her out for notice as long as we went in a group and alternated who we danced with.”

“I bet that she is a great dancer,” Kyouya said and shifted so he could continue to tease his blunt nails against the sensitive skin at Hikaru’s neck.

“The grace she learned from doing Martial Arts with Hani and Takashi definitely made a difference especially when you think of how stiff she was when we all danced after the 1st Ouran fair.” Hikaru hummed in appreciation as Kyouya’s fingers hit a super sensitive spot. To return the favor, Hikaru stretched up and started laying small kisses along Kyouya’s jawline. When he got to Kyouya’s ear, Hikaru whispered. “Did I ever tell you that I thought you were so gods damn sexy twirling her around the room. I couldn’t decide which I wanted to watch more her or you. I know I wanted to dance with you both.”

Kyouya angled his head to capture Hikaru’s lips. Working his own slowly against the younger man in his arms, he murmured against them. “I had no idea. But I am more than willing to make up for lost time.” Slowly he stood pulling Hikaru up with him and against his body, turning him so Hikaru’s back was pressed against Kyouya’s chest. He slid one hand just into the waistband at Hikaru’s hips and the other came up to caress across Hikaru’s neck and shoulders, holding them together, while his body moved to the beat. He could feel Hikaru melt into his body and tightened his hold. Murmuring again in his ear, “I watched you dance like this with Haruhi in that game you played so long ago. I have wanted to try it ever since.”

Hikaru smiled and craned his neck to whisper against Kyouya’s lips, “But you are missing the most important part.” Without another word, he closed the distance, flicked his tongue against Kyouya’s lips and kissed the Shadow King hungrily.

Kyouya growled into the kiss, sweeping his tongue against Hikaru’s and deepening it. His hand made its way inside the waistband to glide over Hikaru’s hard cock, causing his lover to moan at the intensity of the feeling.

“Gods… Kyouya…” Hikaru gasped as he broke the kiss, arm flung up and wrapped tightly around Kyouya’s neck, while the other one came down to fumble at his fly trying to get it open so Kyouya could have better access.

“Hmmm??” Kyouya murmured in a deep tone as he alternated between kissing Hikaru deeply and biting down his neck. With a deep throaty chuckle he asked, “What gets you off more? My doing this…” he took Hikaru’s now exposed cock and gripped it tightly pumping it slowly a few times while sucking a mark into his neck, “Or the fact that anyone looking up from the dance floor at this moment could see exactly what I am doing to you?” He punctuated the last statement with another caress that had Hikaru groaning.

“Both,” Hikaru answered as he ground his hips into Kyouya’s hold. “Make me cum, lover. I want them to see that I am yours.”

“As you wish,” Kyouya flicked his tongue against Hikaru’s ear and continued to pump his hand on Hikaru’s cock, holding it in the firm grip he knew Hikaru liked. With his other hand, he held Hikaru’s neck to one side so he could continue to suck a line of hickeys down it.

Hikaru let himself get lost in the sensation, hands reaching behind him to hold Kyouya’s hips close to his, fingers digging into the leather of the pants. Being on display like this, with Kyouya’s hands expertly jacking him off, was hitting so many of the buttons that he had hidden for years and he felt like he was going to combust from the heat generated by his imagination and Kyouya’s talented hands . Gods… I am close… so close… With a choked off scream, Hikaru felt his orgasm hit, rocking his body with the force, and shooting his load onto the glass barrier that held the railing for the top floor.

Kyouya felt the release and smiled into Hikaru’s neck before whispering, “That was fucking hot.” Gently, he tucked Hikaru back into his pants, and held him close as Hikaru’s body continued to tremble with aftershocks.

“Yes it was,” Hikaru grinned as he finally caught his breath and turned his body so he was face to face again. Stretching up, he kissed Kyouya gently before continuing, “you have my permission to do that any time you want.”

Kyouya laughed. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a guy wearing nothing but a black pair of leather pants and a collar approach, holding a squirt bottle and rag.

The guy came up to them and winked before saying, “that was quite impressive. Not many people can hit the glass from where you were standing.” Then he bent over, sprayed cleaner on the glass and proceeded to wipe away all evidence.

Hikaru felt his whole body flush red and ducked his head into Kyouya’s chest, while Kyouya silently chuckled. He mumbled, “Sorry!! I didn’t exactly mean to do that… I mean I knew what I wanted but I didn’t really think through the whole thing… I…”

The guy in the collar just chuckled, “No worries, pet. It actually happens quite a lot up here, which is why I am stationed as clean-up crew. This must be your first time here. Like Jesse downstairs told you when you came in, pretty much anything goes here as long as it’s consented to… and there was definite and obvious consent happening in that sexy little display. Now don’t worry about me, I think your partner may be the one who needs your attention judging by the rather large bulge in his oh-so-tight leather pants.” He gave them another wink and wave as he walked off, swinging his hips as he went.

“Are you ok?” Kyouya asked gently as he held tight to Hikaru.

“Just slightly embarrassed at confirmation that there was actually other strangers watching the whole thing and then someone else cleaning up the mess.”

“I thought that is what you wanted.” Kyouya was curious and slightly puzzled.

“It was. It is,” Hikaru looked up and grinned. “Just unexpected to have it acknowledged so casually. It was fun though.” Hikaru reached down between them and caressed Kyouya through the leather pants. “He was right about the other thing too…”

“What’s that?” Kyouya said with a wicked smile.

“You need to be taken care of too… and my mouth is willing to take on the task. It’s quite generous an offer don’t you think?”

“Hikaru… always so selfless and accommodating, huh?” Kyouya teased.

“You know it,” Hikaru licked his lips and put his hand on Kyouya’s chest, walking him backward to the relative seclusion of the couch where they had been sitting earlier, knowing that the Shadow King would appreciate the illusion of privacy.

With a slight push, Kyouya fell back into the leather. Hikaru dropped to his knees in front of him and started opening the fly to Kyouya’s leather pants. “Now, this time… I don’t intend for there to be a mess to clean up.”

“Why is that?!?” Kyouya said around a groan as Hikaru flicked his tongue across the sensitive head.

“Because I intend to swallow every drop.”

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