The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


29. Confessions

The early morning winter sunlight filtering through the window woke Tamaki, but he refused to open his eyes. Instead, he let his other senses explore. He could feel the warm softness of the girl he thought he had lost as she cuddled into his chest, bare breasts pressed across his abdomen, one leg draped over his, her head cradled in the hollow of his shoulder. He could smell her strawberry shampoo, body wash and the faintest traces of sex still lingering on her skin. He could feel the weight of the arm for the man he never expected to have, as it lay across her slight body and across his chest, his leg the one pushing hers forward, his foot resting on Tamaki’s ankle. I can just make out the barest traces of Kyouya’s cologne. It’s the one I got for him for his birthday last year. It smells so good on him. He breathed deeper trying to memorize all the smells; imprint the feeling of the two naked bodies pressing on his. Gods.. Last night… Start to finish – just incredible. His mind flitted through the conversations, his spanking Kaoru, crawling to Kyouya, and finally lingered on the image of Haruhi above him, sliding down his cock, rocking her hips and taking him deep, the way she knew he loved. Kyouya behind her, leaving kisses and small bites down her neck and back, while his hands met with Tama’s on her small firm breasts. The feel of his release and hers as the tightest muscles inside her worked him relentlessly, her voice calling out his name; the weight of two people collapsing across his chest as he tried to find his breath and calm the heart that was threatening to race out of his chest. The memory of the night caused another organ to rise, hard and ready, eager for a repeat. What was it that Haruhi said the other morning? Something about my being hornier than hell in the morning, I think. She’s right though. It’s not even four hours since the last time and I want them again. I just don’t want to wake them. They need the sleep. A voice that sounded suspiciously like his grandmother burrowed its way into his head. Who says they would want you again even if they didn’t need the sleep. You aren’t worth their love. Kyouya has loved her as long as you have. You knew that and still you pursued her. Then - You let her go. Why does it surprise you that she went to him or to Hikaru? They were honest in their pursuit. They adapted to meet her needs. You just walked away. 

A single tear leaked out of the corner of his still closed eyes and the organ so hard only moments before, slackened. That isn’t true. Tamaki directed his thoughts against the voice that had pushed him down for so long. Haruhi and I both were in the wrong place to make it work. We have both changed and because of the break-up we are both stronger people. We are more sure of what we want and we are willing to say it now. If we had stayed together, none of this weekend would have been possible. Slowly Tamaki became aware of a small hand tracing circles on his chest, above his heart. A stronger hand traced softly up and down his thigh. Letting himself enjoy the comfort, he cracked open his eyes, to see both silver and chocolate eyes watching him, letting the love they felt for him shine through. 

Haruhi leaned up and kissed away the trail left by the tear. “Don’t let her voice win.” 

Startled, he blinked at them in surprise. How did they know?

“The two of us know you better than anyone else, remember?” Kyouya’s voice was gentle. “We know your fears and we know when the voice of your grandmother is trying to belittle you. We won’t let it.” Kyouya gently climbed over both of them so they were bracketing Tamaki. “You are worth so much more than she gives you credit for. Let us show you.” 

Another tear slipped down, but this one wasn’t made of despair. 

“Tama-love,” Haruhi whispered in his ear as she kissed it away again. “What do you want in this moment? Tell us. What do you need? You can tell us. No judgment. Just love.” 

Taking a deep breath, Tamaki said shakily, “I want to be in the middle of you both. I want to feel you, Haruhi underneath me, as Kyouya takes me from behind. I don’t want to lose your love.” The last came out as a whisper. 

“Our love is not easily lost once it has been earned, and you have earned it countless times over, mon ami. But as for the other, I definitely think that can be arranged.” Kyouya smiled wicked as he moved his hand from Tamaki’s thigh to the member rapidly regaining its strength and loomed over his as he pressed his lips against Tamaki’s. 

Haruhi leaned over and pressed her lips in as well, in a three-way kiss that was awkward for only a moment before slipping into something organic and sensual. Three tongues teased each other, before sliding down jawlines and returning to press again against soft lips. Hands roamed freely as well, caressing, teasing, tormenting until the three bodies could not resist anymore. Latex slid onto two erect members, a slight moan from two mouths as the tightness amplified the hardness. Lubed fingers slid into Tamaki and stretched him open. A pillow was placed under Haruhi’s hips to lift them higher, knees falling open to reveal the warm wetness waiting. With a groan Tamaki slid deep into Haruhi causing an answering moan in her. Within a heartbeat it was Kyouya’s turn to groan as he slid into the almost unbearable tightness of Tamaki’s ass, working himself in as deep as his body would allow. Tamaki’s moan at being entered was captured by Haruhi’s lips as she arched up on her elbows to meet him. Slowly the three of them found a rhythm that enflamed the desire. Where the previous night’s activities had been about lust, this rhythm was about love and a deeper friendship that couldn’t be easily dismissed. Tamaki gave himself up to the energy and let go of all his doubts. As their climax built, Tamaki came first the double sensation having pushed him over the edge. Haruhi came a heartbeat later, her inner walls gripping Tamaki’s cock as it rippled around him. With a last grunt, Kyouya pushed into Tamaki and let himself go – collapsing on the two people underneath him, cock still buried and his breath labored. 



Hikaru had woken up with Kaoru cuddled on top of him. He smiled as he remembered the way Kao had topped him last night - carelessly, frantically and with a need that had quickly escalated into the kind of mind-numbing sex that left them both dripping with sweat and thoroughly satisfied. Lightly stroking his nails down his twin’s back, he heard Kao hiss slightly in pain when his nails slid across the meat of Kao’s ass. Worried for a moment he looked down into the golden eyes that mirrored his own and asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Glorious.” Kaoru replied with a smile. “Tamaki did a good job on my ass last night. I really am going to feel every welt today.”

Hikaru grinned. “So my darling masochistic twin, you do realize that we are walking the red carpet tonight. You are going to have to hide the bruises from mother.” He rolled Kao over and really looked at the other man’s ass. He let out a long slow whistle as he took in the amount of damage. Kaoru’s ass was nearly purple and had hard red welts crisscrossing it. “Wow. Damn. I have never seen you take that much.”

“Because my darling brother, you don’t like to inflict pain as much as I like to receive it.” Kaoru kissed his twin lightly to convey there was no sting or hidden meaning in his words. “I loved every moment and I actually begged Tamaki to hit me hard enough so I would feel it today. He took me at my word. Only I don’t think he actually realized how far he went. I am just a teensy bit worried that he is going to freak out when he sees what he did. He got lost in the moment. I could have stopped him, but honestly, I didn’t want to.”

The grin on Kaoru’s face as he was talking went a long way to easing his Hikaru’s fears, still he added, “We may be able to ask Hani and Takashi if they have any more of that salve. It seemed to work well last night.”

“We can do that. The sun is up, which means that unless they REALLY hit it hard last night, they will be up. Shall we go pay them a visit? Maybe I could get Hani to rub it in.” Kaoru grinned as he remembered the way Hikaru practically floated under the hands and tongue of the older blond.

At the mention of Hani’s hands, Hikaru had a visible reaction – his cock hardened and goose bumps appeared on his chest. He glared at Kao who laughed at his obvious lust. Unable to hold the stern expression, he giggled. “Watch it Kao. If you think Tamaki was punishing, I have a feeling Hani would be 10 times harsher. So sweet and innocent to look at 99% of the time, and with one glance able to make you want to drop to your knees in front of him and do whatever he wishes.” He idly stroked his cock. “Seriously, for all that I was supposed to be in control last night, he did exactly as he wanted with me and I enjoyed every fucking moment. He is too Dom for me to really Top, though Kyouya may be able to manage it.”

“Now that would be fun to watch. Your lover is seriously hot, too bad he’s just Dom and not really sadistic. I would totally let him punish me.”

“Kyouya’s idea of punishment would be to make you do research or type in data for one of his reports.” Hikaru giggled.

Kaoru groaned. “Ugh. You are probably right. So why are you in love with him then? No fun at all.”

“Kao are you blind? The man is practically a god. He’s so sexy it makes me ache and his kiss turns me into mush. Plus that whole stern-professor-melt-you-with-a-look thing just flat out does it for me. I started out wanting to corrupt him and now I think he may have corrupted me.” Hikaru fake- whispered with a slightly embarrassed look, “For the love of gods, don’t tell Kyouya, but I actually enjoyed writing up a marketing plan for Tamaki and Suoh Guest House.”

Kaoru fell back on the bed laughing hard and unable to stop, while Hikaru watched him with a grin as he slid on a pair of workout pants. It took Kao rolling over and a twinge of pain to recall him to his senses. Moving gingerly, Kaoru took the pair of pajama bottoms that Hika handed to him and slid them on. Reaching out his hand, Hikaru said with a smile, “Shall we go find the others?”

Still giggling at Hikaru’s confession, Kaoru took his twin’s hand and they left the room.

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