The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


32. Caught

Renge arrived at the Suoh Guest house a few minutes early. She tried knocking several times, but no one answered, so she was grateful that when she tried the door handle it was unlocked. She glanced around as the winter sunlight filtered through the windows and cast a warm glow across the marble entry. This house is really incredible. I can’t believe that Tamaki designed it. He really isn’t the shallow charismatic idiot that he used to come across as. There is a depth there that I am just starting to realize. I guess that could really be said about all the Host club members – Hani has to have far more depth to be a master martial artist and I have actually seen Mori smile and do what could almost be considered flirting when Haruhi is around. Kyouya will probably always be a mystery to me, though. There has to be more to him for Haruhi to love him as much as she does and for him to allow Haru to date Hikaru as well, but I probably won’t see it. He always keeps himself a little distant from be, probably because of that whole video-game-obsession-thing I did to him when I first got to Ouran. Not that I can blame him really, but if he only knew how completely I have changed since then, including switching sides. She giggled to herself. Hikaru has mellowed from his old standoffish self-centeredness, but that has far more to do with Haruhi than anyone else. Kaoru… well… I am not even sure what to think about Kaoru anymore. Kaoru used to be a blip – a shadow to his brother, but this week I am seeing something more and I have to admit I am curious. After falling in love with Mai, I never thought there would be a guy who caught my interest, but somehow he has. I have talked to Mai about it and our relationship is open enough that she is encouraging me to figure out if there is anything there, but I don’t know how he feels. I could be fantasizing about something that has zero chance of happening. Maybe I should talk to Haruhi. She is in a poly relationship, maybe she could help me figure out what to do, or tell me honestly if I have absolutely no chance with him.

Shaking herself out of her reverie, Renge started walking into each of the rooms, saying “Hello?” into each of them and getting no response. She walked up the staircase to the second floor, since that was where the bedrooms were located and where they would be getting ready for the Red Carpet in less than an hour. She set her purse down in Haruhi’s room, and started peeking in the other rooms to see if any of the hosts were there. Finding every room empty, she walked up to the third floor. The Conservatory door lay open in front of her and music could be heard faintly in the background. Maybe they are in here and didn’t hear me knock… though I don’t hear anything that sounds like conversation.

Walking in, she was greeted by a sight that made her catch her breath and turn a faint shade of pink, before breaking into a wide smile. On a large bed in the center of the room, surrounded by flowers and the faint burbling of the hot tub in the corner, all seven Host club members were cuddled up together fast asleep. What really intrigued Renge was the positions they had taken and what they were either wearing or “not wearing” as the case stood. From left to right – Tamaki was spooning Hani, who was sleeping with his head on Mori’s chest and had his leg thrown over his cousin’s. All were wearing basic swim trunks, though Renge did spare a brief moment of artistic appreciation for the chiseled chests that she could see. Far more interesting to Renge was that on Mori’s other side, a topless Haruhi was sprawled over the other half of Mori’s chest her hand grazing against Hani’s. Kyouya was spooned against her, while a pink-panties clad Hikaru held tight to him – their hands locked together on Haruhi’s hip. On the far end, a naked Kaoru was melded to his brother, his arm curled up with his hand near Hikaru’s heart. She could see a faint purple on his hip, but her mind quickly dismissed it as an odd shadow. Well, well, well, my darling bestie... What HAVE you been up to? Snuggling half-naked with Mori-sempai? Tamaki and Hani? When did that happen? And why on earth is Hikaru wearing a pair of pink lace panties? 

A giggle burst out of her mouth at that last thought. Quickly she tried to stifle the sound by covering her mouth, but it was just loud enough to cause Haruhi’s eyes to open slightly.



Haruhi felt the warmth of Takashi’s chest under her cheek and the heat of Kyouya on her back. She could hear the breathing of all of the men around her. For a moment she just let herself enjoy the sensation of being surrounded by the people she loved. Hmmm… Tamaki was right, a nap was definitely needed after the snowball fight, and soaking in the Jacuzzi was enough to relax us completely. I wonder what time it is? I should probably wake the others; Renge should be here soon…

A sound like a quickly stifled giggled caused her to open her eyes in startlement. Chocolate eyes met golden brown ones as Haruhi realized the subject of her most recent thought was staring at her and the compromising position all the others were in, while holding her hands across her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Feeling her face and body turn a deep shade of red in embarrassment, Haruhi mouthed the words to her friend, “Meet me downstairs. I need to wake them up.”

Her body shaking in suppressed laughter and merriment still shining brightly in her eyes, Renge nodded and turned to leave the room. She couldn’t resist turning back one last time though to imprint the scene on her memory.

A slow sigh escaped Haruhi’s lips as she stretched and prepared to wake the others. Renge is NEVER going to let me live this down.

The movement of Haruhi’s body as she stretched immediately woke both Takashi and Kyouya. Angling his head down so he could place a kiss on Haruhi’s neck, Kyouya asked, “What time is it?”

Takashi answered, looking across the room to a clock by the wall. “It’s 2:35.”

“Hmm… We should probably get up. Isn’t Renge supposed to be here soon?”

Haruhi blushed again. “Umm… yeah. She’s here.”

Kyouya was instantly fully awake and his body tensed, while there was a sleepy moan of protest from Hikaru behind him. “What?!?”

Sighing because she knew there was not going to be an easy way to break it to her lover, she said gently, “Yes she is here. Her coming into the room is what woke me up initially. I guess all of us forgot to set an alarm of some sort. I told her to go downstairs and wait for me, while I woke the rest of you up.”

“So Renge saw all of us like this,” Takashi said quietly.

“Yes,” Haruhi confirmed quietly, “though I trust her enough to know that she will be discreet and won’t say anything to anyone else. However, I also know that I am in for 20 Questions the minute I go downstairs, not the first of which is why I am half-naked in bed with all of you.” She sighed again. “Not that I am complaining about the being in bed part… but why on earth did none of us remember to set an alarm?’

“We got caught up in our snowball fight and then the Jacuzzi relaxed us so much that all I really remember is all of us deciding that we needed a nap. Honestly, though I am not thrilled that Renge saw us like this, it is preferable to having the make-up artists or hair-stylists that should be arriving in 20 minutes be the ones to wake us. The rumors would have started the moment they left the Guest House.” Kyouya sighed.

“Very True.” Takashi said. “Haruhi, I know you are loath to go downstairs, but if you would go down and talk to Renge, Kyouya and I can wake the others. You and Renge will require the most preparation for the events tonight.”

“You’re right.” Taking a deep breath, she asked, “Anything that either of you absolutely don’t want me to tell her?”

“Be honest, but don’t go into detail unless she specifically asks.” Kyouya said quietly.

“I can do that. I also know Renge well enough to know how to deflect a lot of her questions.” Sitting up, she started to wiggle out from between the two of them. She paused and looked back at them both, so sexy and rumpled from the nap, with an impish smile she said, “Kiss for luck?”

Kyouya grinned. “Always.” He captured her lips, teasing them with his love and passion before breaking it off slowly.

Takashi tried to look nonchalantly away as they were kissing, pretending not to notice. But Haruhi caught his attention with her next words.

“I meant both of you.” Haruhi leaned back down over him and placed another soft kiss on Takashi’s lips, letting him know without words, how much he meant to her.

“Not fair if you give them a kiss good-bye and I don’t get one Haru-chan,” bright blue eyes full of laughter looked up at her.

“Playing possum, Hani?” she questioned with an arched eyebrow. “I take it you heard the conversation.”

“Most of it,” Hani replied. “I agree with the others. Go down and talk with Renge. We can wake up the others.”

“Ok.” She bent over Takashi and gave Hani his kiss before finally wiggling her way out of the cabana. Grabbing a robe, she wrapped it around herself and walked out the door.



Haruhi walked into her bedroom and saw Renge lying across her bed, on her phone, texting. Warily she said, “Please tell me you are not telling Mai what you just saw.”

Renge looked at her friend with a mock scowl, “Please give me a little more credit than that. As absolutely fascinating to see as it was, I know the others are generally private people and that it is already going to be a huge buzz this evening when Hikaru comes out with you and Kyouya. The three of you will cause a buzz that will be slightly scandalous but will ultimately be seriously good press for HDG. Three the press can get used to fairly quickly – it’s avant garde, it’s trendy and it’s happening with very beautiful and extremely wealthy people. Coming out with seven at once would have all of you immediately blackballed, as ignorant and completely unfair as that may be… and as much as I love Mai, she is a huge gossip and could not keep that juicy of a tidbit to herself.” Here Renge blushed a little as she admitted, “I just told her I could finally confirm that wasn’t just you dating both Kyouya and Hikaru, but all three of you dating each other, as I saw all of you cuddled together taking a nap. I am sorry… She has been pestering me about it since the Spin the Bottle game and I thought it best to tell part of the truth, if not the whole truth.”

Haruhi let go of the breath that she had been holding and rushed over to the bed. Sitting down, she pulled Renge into a rare hug and said, “You are incredible. Has anyone ever told you that? Thank you. Thank you so much for your understanding and your silence.”

“So does this mean that you aren’t mad at me for telling Mai about the three of you dating before you officially announce it tonight?”

“Not at all. A few hours won’t make much of a difference, especially since Yuzuha has known for a while that Hika has wanted to date Kyo, even if they have only actually gotten together this week.”

“Good.” Now Renge said with a sly smile, “Now since you know I can keep a secret, will you please tell me why it was Mori-sempai you were cuddling with and why on earth was Hikaru wearing pink lace panties?”

Grinning Haruhi replied, “I promise to tell you the answer to both, but I have to take a quick shower to get the chlorine from the Jacuzzi off of me. I know the make-up and hair stylists will be here in about 10 minutes, so it may have to wait until later so you can listen for the door.”

“Tell me while you shower,” Renge responded. “I just saw Tamaki walk by, so the others are up and can answer the door. I will not be put off indefinitely.” She stomped her foot in mock-emphasis. “I promise not to peek.”

Laughing Haruhi responded, “Oh I know you don’t think of me that way, so I don’t care if you are in the bathroom, I just wanted to make sure that the professionals weren’t kept waiting outside in the cold.”

“Not going to happen. Now stop stalling.”

“Only if you answer one question for me…”


“What did you think of seeing Kaoru naked?”

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