The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


37. Breakfast

The seven friends met downstairs for breakfast on their first “date” day. There were varying degrees of excitement, nervousness, desire and curiosity emanating from each of them, though they all tried to squash their feelings, hoping to make it easier on the others. However, by the fifth time Tamaki picked up the sugar container absently to add another spoonful to his coffee, Hani giggled. “Tama-chan, I hope you are making that for me, because I know you don’t like your coffee that sweet.” 

“”Huh?” Tamaki blinked up at the blond in confusion. Absently, he brought the coffee cup to his lips and took a swallow. “BLECH!! UGH! What the…” The others started grinning as his face contorted in several hilarious expressions and he stared down into the cup mournfully. Without a word he passed it over to Hani who just smiled angelically. 

“Here,” Haruhi immediately passed him another cup. 

Tamaki took a sip. It was perfect. “Ahhh… much better. Thank you. How di-?“

“By the time you put in the third spoonful, I knew it was going to be too sweet, so I made it the way I know you prefer.” 

Tamaki gave her a patented Tamaki grin. “Thank you, Princess.” 

“You are welcome,” Haruhi smiled back. “Now what has you so distracted?” She looked at all of the others. “Ok… scratch that. I know what has you distracted. So let’s just get the discussion started. I know that Takashi and I are going to some sort of monastery today to meditate, maybe do some yoga, and prepare for my testing tomorrow. Hani has some mysterious thing that only the twins can help him with, so they are spending the day together. Kyouya, what are you planning to do with Tamaki?” 

“I wanted to take Tamaki to a winery that I was thinking about buying. I want his opinion on the area and the investment potential.” 

“What? Really?” Tamaki swiveled to look at his best friend. “I had no idea you were interested in wine.” 

“I am trying to look at potential investments outside of the normal Ootori group endeavors of medical and security. A French Winery would be a good start.” Kyouya answered. I am just not going to mention that the reason I am looking outside the normal investments, is the fact that I fully expect to be disinherited in the next couple of weeks. After so publically coming out last night, my father will be contacting me. I can only ignore him for so long before he will fly out here to confront me himself. He will demand that I give up Hikaru and possibly even Haruhi to marry someone of his choosing to ‘restore the Ootori honor’ or he will threaten to disown me. Even if I were willing to do so, I would never regain my status in his eyes and likely I will be shuttled off to an oversea school to finish my degree and be put to work on one of the lesser Ootori ventures. Kyouya blinked as he realized Haruhi was staring directly at him, in both sympathy and determination, almost as if she was reading his thoughts. 

Hikaru saw the exchange between his lovers and understood far more about the situation than either of them realized. It was the reason that he had purposely snuck downstairs and hidden the morning newspaper. His mother had done a good job of burying the relationship underneath the sweeping rhetoric and excitement of her press statement, but the large photo on the front page was still of that moment when Kyouya grabbed his hand on the red carpet and the caption was ‘La mode n'est pas la seule chose qui sort du placard!’ Fashion isn’t the only thing to come out of the closet! He knew that there was no way to completely hide it from them, but he wanted to delay it as long as possible. Still, he wanted to offer his support. “I think that’s a great idea. The Boss does know architecture and could probably give you some good feedback on the condition of the property.” 

Kyouya smiled at his lover, “That is what I was hoping.” 

“I can definitely do that.” Tamaki grinned. “I may also be able to suggest a couple of good winemakers if the location is viable. Just let me know what you need.” He reached in his pocket and tossed a pair of car keys at Kyouya. “You are going to need these… and though I don’t dare attempt to tread on the twins toes when it comes to fashion, if I may suggest changing into something that says ‘casual, rich, and eccentric while still being professional’?” 

Kyouya glanced down at his crisp suit, jacket pressed and on a hanger near the door, before glancing up at Tamaki. “Something other than a power suit you mean?” 

“Yes.” Tamaki blushed. “Trust me on this. The French hospitality business is radically different than the Japanese. You will be better received if you come off as completely in command while showing a careless regard/disregard for the rules, game, transaction… Ummm… Help me out here, devil twins.” 

“French business is about appearances as much as profession.” Kaoru responded with a grin at the floundering Tamaki. “The ultra-rich and powerful French man carefully cultivates the illusion of disregard of clothing while simultaneously presenting air of command. It’s a contradiction. It says, my clothes aren’t important – only my ideas. In Japan, you need to have that uniform/power suit to even be considered to present your ideas and if you don’t look like you spent a fortune on your appearance, you aren’t taken seriously. Of course, achieving the true look of casual disregard takes a great deal of work and the money to back it up. Lucky for you, you have us!” 

“And we will make you even more perfect. Give us five minutes. We will have the perfect outfits for both of you.” Hikaru blew a kiss at Kyouya. Together the twins ran up the stairs. 

“I really shouldn’t be surprised by them anymore, but I am,” Tamaki said. 

“I stopped underestimating them a long time ago. If you think their assistance would add to the likelihood of obtaining the property, I will wear whatever they set out.” Kyouya responded. “We can leave as soon as we change. It is going to take about an hour or so to drive depending on the road conditions.” 

“Which reminds me,” Takashi said quietly, “Is there a vehicle that Haruhi and I could use, preferably one with 4 wheel drive as the last couple of miles are gravel and dirt.” 

“Of course.” Tamaki got up and went to a locked box on the wall inside the library. Returning he tossed a set of keys at Takashi. “It’s the Land Rover. Should be able to handle anything you need. There is also a house key on it, if you guys get back late and the door is locked.” 

“Thanks, Tama.” Haruhi said with a smile. Turning to Takashi she said, “Is there anything specific I need to wear or bring?” 

“Bring your yoga mat and something comfortable to work out in. You don’t need your gi since we won’t be doing any sparring. You may also want to grab a change of clothes for if we stop for dinner on the way back.” 

“Casual or formal?” 


“Ok. I will be right back.” She got up from the table and left the room as well. Kyouya, Tamaki and Hani sat in companionable silence for a few more minutes sipping their coffee and letting their minds wander about their planned activities. 

A few minutes later Hikaru, Kaoru and Haruhi came back down the stairs. Hikaru was carrying her bag in one hand and he held her hand with the other. Kaoru’s arm was lying across her shoulders and he was whispering something in her ear which made her laugh and Hika turn beet red. Slung across his shoulder was her yoga mat. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, the boys set her stuff down carefully. 

“Kyouya, Tamaki, we set stuff out on your beds, so you can change anytime,” Hikaru pulled Haruhi in for a kiss. Haruhi let herself sink into his warmth for a moment before breaking it to wrap her arms around him in a hug. Leaning in, he whispered, “Have fun today. I mean it… and I am totally ok if you sleep with Takashi. You just have to promise to give me all the little details. At least one of the three of us needs to know how good he is in bed.” He gave her his most devilish grin as she laughed. 

Still grinning she walked over to say goodbye to Kyouya. She followed the same format of kiss and hug for him, only this time it was she who whispered in his ear, “Don’t be afraid of Tamaki. He loves you and I do too. Do what feels right.” 

“Only if you promise to follow your own advice,” Kyouya whispered before giving her another searing kiss. 

“I promise,” Grabbing her bag and mat; she waved at the others who pouted. Grinning she walked quickly up to each and laid a kiss on their cheeks, which caused them to smile. “Have fun today! We will see you tonight.” 

Together she and Takashi walked out the door toward the Land Rover parked just outside. 



Kyouya watched them go with a half-smile before turning back to Tamaki. “Shall we go change?”

“We can do that.”

When Kyouya got to his bedroom he saw a fitted light grey casual button-up shirt, forest green wool pea coat, the ruby necklace from the night before, and another pair of butter soft black leather pants. Hikaru are you TRYING to kill me? You want me in leather pants all day alone with Tamaki. I am having a hard enough time trying not to think licentious thoughts about my best friend, when I am wearing dress slacks. Putting me in leather is only going to make the thoughts worse. Sighing, he put on the clothes trying not to let the sensual slide of the leather up his legs remind him of the night before. Once dressed, he reached in the pocket for the car keys Tamaki had tossed at him earlier. Really looking at them for the first time, he swore softly. Damn… It’s the Aston again. A car guaranteed to turn me on. Pants that make me semi-hard just by putting them on and a day spent with my gorgeous best friend whom I am having a hard time not fantasizing about. The look in his eyes when he crawled to me, unzipped my pants, and slid his mouth on me…

A knock at the door interrupted his train of thought. Grateful for the distraction, he walked over and opened it. Tamaki stood on the other side looking far better in a pair of tight faded jeans, V-neck sweater and casual loafers, than any human had a right to. He also wore the pendant from the night before and Haruhi’s silver bracelet on his wrist. He grinned as he unabashedly looked Kyouya up and down.

“Damn, the twins DEFINTELY know what they are doing. You look smoking and it is absolutely perfect. No one is going to be able to resist you. Least of all me.”

A faint blush crept up Kyouya’s cheeks until Tamaki’s wink managed to relax him. “You look quite nice yourself. I had no idea that jeans could look so good.”

Tamaki grinned,”Well both of us couldn’t wear leather and I have to say, you pull it off far better than I do. It’s almost like you were made for it. You look so perfect in it. Just as well Ouran had a specific uniform, because if you wore those pants during Host Club, you definitely would have been the most popular even if you were just typing away at your computer. The girls would have set-up a ring around you and just watched, staring and sighing, and hoping to get a glance at your perfect ass as you walked away.”

“You exaggerate.”

“Do I?” Tamaki said with a serious note before linking his arm with Kyouya’s and propelling him toward the stairs.

Wolf-whistles from three different mouths greeted them as they walked down the stairs. Kyouya colored slightly again at the praise while Tamaki just swept into a grand bow, causing the others to laugh. The laughter diffused the last of Kyouya’s embarrassment and it was with a sardonic smile that he approached Hikaru. Leaning over he asked, “You put me in leather deliberately didn’t you?”

“Of course. You are seriously hawt in it and it turns you on. I may or may not be the teensiest bit jealous of Tamaki as he gets to spend the day with all of your sexiness, touring the most romantic parts of France, to buy a freaking winery, in a car that screams fuck-me-please.” The laughter in Hikaru’s voice told Kyouya that he was teasing him. “Seriously though – like I told Haruhi. I am ok with anything that you want to do with Tamaki. Have Fun! It’s only idle curiosity that has me wanting the details. Just as you are mine, Tama is Kao’s… and yours and Haruhi’s and maybe Hani’s and Takashi’s. Oh hell… whatever. Just have fun, do everything that I would do, and enjoy yourself.” Hikaru grabbed Kyouya’s hips and crushed his lips against his. When he pulled back he saw Kaoru was doing something similar to Tamaki.

Kyouya grinned at him and gave Hikaru a smoldering look before turning back to Tamaki. “Are you ready?”

With a final smile at Kaoru, Tamaki answered. “Yes I am. Let’s go get you a winery.”

They laughed as they walked out the door.

“So that leaves just us, Hani…” The twins said in unison as they turned to look at the oldest member of their group. “…and your secret!”

Hani turned a deep scarlet and looked down toward the ground. Shuffling his toe against the floor, he thrust his hands into his pocket, took a deep breath and asked, “You did a lot of make-overs with Haruhi, right?”

“Yes. We did hair, make-up, the works. Why?” Hikaru asked gently when he saw how difficult it was for Hani to say.

“I have a request.”

“Anything we can do for you we will,” Kaoru stepped over to stand next to Hani and put his hand on his shoulder as a sign of support.

The big blue eyes held the shine of tears as he stared into twin golden ones. “I would like to have a make-over done… Make me look like a beautiful woman, please?”

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