The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


25. Andromeda Revisited

Kyouya, Haruhi, Hikaru, and Kaoru stepped into the Dojo to give them enough room to get changed and to develop a strategy. Within moments, the boys were stripped down to nothing, and started slithering into their leather pants – Kaoru in gray, Kyouya in black, and Hikaru in white. 

“Damn. I just can’t get over how good all of you look in leather pants. It’s probably a good thing that you don’t wear them often or I would be tossed into the loony bin. Cuz’ all I want to do when I see you like that is drop my jaw, start drooling and melt into a little puddle of babbling Haru-goo.” Haruhi joked as she zipped up the front of the blue leather corset over-gown. She already had on her sheer paneled petticoat and glimpses of her bare legs kept sliding into view as she wriggled to get the top straight. “This was easier to get into last time.” 

“You had a maid to help you,” Kaoru said. “Here. Stop! You are going to damage my creation. Let me help you with the ties.” Winking at her to take the sting out of his words, he quickly went over and with deft efficiency, tightened the laces on the back of the corset, and wrapped the leather ribbons in a quick design around the front. 

Kyouya watched, amused, as Kaoru fussed over the fit of the dress. Turning to Hikaru, he said, “How does Kao manage to separate himself, like that? If I had to touch Haru right now – in that dress, we wouldn’t make it back into the other room.” He squirmed a bit as the leather tightened over his groin. 

Hikaru saw what was happening and laughed, “Trust me, he isn’t unaffected by her. It’s just over time we have learned how to separate the lust from the fashion. It’s a survival skill when you are surrounded on a constant basis by beautiful half-naked women.” 

“Wow. That sounds like a rough life.” Kyouya said drily. 

Hikaru turned his most devilish grin on his lover before physically turning him around. Grabbing the waistband of Kyouya’s leather pants, Hikaru shifted it slightly then ran his hands down the leather making sure to smooth it perfectly. 

Kyouya shuddered under his hands and the slight bulge grew rock hard, while Hikaru stepped back and laughed at his lover. “You did that on purpose.” 


With a growl, Kyouya reached out and grabbed the waistband of Hikaru’s pants and pulled him roughly forward. As Hika stumbled forward, Kyouya reached up and grabbed a fistful his hair, crushing Hika’s lips under his. Forcing Hika’s lips open with fury of his tongue, Kyouya claimed his mouth. Deliberately, he teased, stroked and guided Hika’s tongue with his until whimpers of pleasure escaped Hika’s lips, and the red-haired man melted into Kyouya’s embrace. 

“Oh my…” Kaoru breathed in a whisper as he and Haruhi stood watching the scorching kiss happening in front of them. Never letting his eyes leave the tattooed and shirtless men in front of him, he asked Haruhi quietly and with absolute sincerity in his voice. “Dear gods. I could watch that for hours, please tell me I can join you guys sometime. I’ll just watch – I promise.” 

Haruhi smiled up at her dearest friend. “I would welcome you anytime, Kao-love and you wouldn’t have to just watch. I promise.” Clearing her throat loudly, she startled her two lovers out of their kiss. Both looked a little dazed as they turned to her. “Kao and I were just wondering if we were going to go back into the Conservatory or if we should just go get the others and have them come in here.” 

Kyouya saw the smirk on Haruhi’s face and an answering grin spread on his. He realized that he still had a grip on Hikaru’s hair and let go, tracing his fingers down Hika’s neck to rest on his hip. Hikaru still clung to his chest breathing heavily. “Oh I think we are ready to go in and torment them for a bit. Are you ready Hika-love?” 

“Kyo-love… I swear your kiss is a drug and should come with a warning label - will cause breathlessness, dizziness, and an overwhelming desire to do anything to please.” Taking another breath, this one less shaky thankfully, he continued as he stepped slightly to the side to put his arm around Kyouya’s waist. “I may fight you for dominance another night, but tonight… I am yours to command.” 

Haruhi laughed. “I second that.” 

“Which part?” Kyouya asked curiously, “The drug comment or my command?” 

“Both actually.” She slowly licked her lips, knowing it would entice him. “Now, should we go show the others what they missed. I do have an idea though…” 

Gesturing for the others to come in closer, she quickly outlined an idea that had the others smiling in glee. Tamaki, Hani, and Takashi aren’t going to know what hit them. 



Following Kyouya’s request, Tamaki and Hani had stripped down completely, while Takashi had removed his shirt and sat lounging comfortably in a loose pair of drawstring workout pants. The three of them bustled around putting the food away and then grabbed the pillows and cushions from the bed and couches. They spread them on the ground in front of the cabana, so they would have something comfortable to sit on. The end result was a sort of modified bed on the ground, which made Hani giggle.

“I guess we could have stayed on the bed, but from the way Kyo-chan was hinting they need to use the posts on the bed, so we wouldn’t actually see anything if we sat there.” Hani was completely comfortable in his nudity as he sprawled out on a couple of cushions; his head on Takashi’s lap.

Tamaki was not nearly as comfortable in his skin. He sat on a cushion with his knees drawn up to his chest, arms wrapped around them.

“Relax Tama-chan,” Hani said soothingly. “This is going to be fun. Besides at this point everyone has seen you naked, except maybe Kyo-chan or Hika-chan. Enjoy it. You don’t know when you might get this chance again.”

Calmed a bit by Hani’s reminder, Tamaki relaxed and shifted position. “You are right. I wouldn’t have agreed to it, if I didn’t want to do it. Just a sudden fit of nerves, I guess.”

Hani crawled over to Tamaki – an intriguing sight for both Tamaki as he watched the naked man come toward him and Takashi as he watched the muscular butt move with the motion – and placed a quick kiss on his lips, knowing he was stretching the rule that Kyouya had set down, but figuring a moment of reassurance would calm Tamaki’s fears. He was right as the fire lit in the violet eyes. With a wink he crawled back the other way, making sure to roll his body just enough to keep both men interested.

“Mitskune, do you ever stop teasing?”

“Not until my last breath, lover,” Hani grinned. “Besides you asked for this when you gave control to Kyouya for the night.”

Tamaki smiled as he watched his two friends openly tease each other. So different than two years ago when we were still at Ouran. They were always close, but they never let us see this side. I am glad they opened up to us and I am even more glad that they opened our eyes about everything else. Hani is right. This night is going to be epic and I don’t know when or if I will ever get another one like it. I am going to enjoy every moment, even if I am naked and everyone can literally see what I am feeling.

The opening of the Conservatory door alerted them that the others had returned. All three of them craned their necks around to catch a glimpse of their friends, but Kyouya, Haruhi, Hikaru, and Kyouya had purposely remained out of line of sight. Haruhi’s voice rang out like a narrator:

“The Captain of the Guard was heartbroken as he led the Princess Andromeda down to the shore and tied her in place as a sacrifice to appease the god Poseidon. Unable to leave her unprotected, he slipped behind the rock, his presence a comfort to her as she waited for the end. Meanwhile, both the Hero Perseus and the great sea dragon Cetus had seen Andromeda and vowed to claim her…”

Kaoru took Haruhi’s hand and with a wink he led her through the foliage to the cabana and the men sitting on the floor in front of it. She watched the expressions on their faces as they caught their first glimpses of her. Gratified to see the immediate passion that burned in the eyes of Tamaki, Takashi, and Hani, she grinned at the more visible sign of interest on Hani and Tamaki. Turning she focused her attention back on Kaoru as he smiled wickedly back at her.

Kaoru positioned her so the others would have the best view of both Haruhi and the other two men when they came in. He slid an arm around her waist, pulled her close and kissed her. He let all of his love for her, his eagerness for the evening, and his delight in being able to torment the others into the kiss as he danced his lips across hers and twined his tongue around hers.

“Your kisses always make me think of summer – sunlight and fun.” She whispered into his ear as he slid his hands around her back to untie the ribbons.

He grinned at her comment before the devilish gleam took over. He slowly started winding the soft leather around her arms as he had done so many months before, before binding her wrists together.

“Wait!” Tamaki’s voice was in a near panic. “I thought you were just going to show us the costumes.”

“Change of plans, mon ami. We thought it would be way more fun to show you the costumes and the use we put them to. ” The hard passionate glint in Kaoru’s eyes made Tamaki gulp as he finished wrapping Haruhi’s wrists and raised them above her head, looping the ends through the wrought iron. Sliding his hands down her arms and looking into her eyes, he checked to make sure she was comfortable before he proceeded. At her nod and smile, he continued to trail his hands down over her hips, winding two more leather straps down her legs to mimic the way her arms were wrapped. Spreading her legs open wide, he pulled the end behind the posts and tied them off giving her very limited ability to close her legs. Finally he stood back up and leaned in to kiss her again. This time, while one hand tangled in her hair to angle her mouth for his kiss, the other slowly slid the zipper partly down on the corset exposing the curve of her breasts and causing Tamaki to groan. With a wink he stepped away and around her to climb on the bed behind the post.

Haruhi let the fire in her eyes show as she asked innocently, “Tama, what’s wrong?”

“You are evil… You know this right?”

Haruhi’s laughter pealed out She openly looked all three of them up and down and licked her lips appreciatively at the expanse of naked flesh on display. “Tonight. Hell yes I am. I am going to love watching all of you watching us, knowing you can’t touch us or yourselves unless you ask permission.” Her inner devil grew in her smile. “I just have to say… You think I’m sexy… You haven’t seen anything yet…”

“Hmm… I think that’s our cue.” Hikaru’s voice rumbled sexily from the right. He stepped into the middle of the room. The warm lighting hidden in the plants casting colored shadows over his tight white leather pants as they molded over his firm ass and bouncing off the phoenix tattoo across his bare chest and back causing it to appear to be engulfed in flames.

Haruhi could hear Kaoru mutter under his breath behind her and she smiled to herself. She watched Tamaki struggle to close his mouth and a Hani openly rake his eyes up and down Hikaru’s body.

“I agree.” Kyouya’s cool voice came from the left. He walked in – danger and sex personified. Kyouya’s tight black leather pants accented his dragon tattoo and hugged every muscle like a second skin. The bulge in his pants was evident and the swagger in his step was unlike anything the others had seen in him. The aura of command just rolled off of him in waves.

“Oh. My. Gods…” The sound that broke the wave of silence came out of Takashi’s mouth as every muscle in his body locked up and the blood rushing to his groin left him dizzy. Setting a hand down to keep himself from falling over, he tore his eyes away from the minor god before him to look at Haruhi. She was staring straight back at him and her eyes held both sympathy and something else. It’s like she knows exactly what I am feeling… Then again, she may. I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt like this the first time she saw him like THAT! Great gods in all heavens…

A wink from her brought Takashi back into his body and he glanced down to the others on the cushions. Hani’s eyes were slightly glazed in lust, but that was fading into a smirk as he recognized a fellow Dom. Tamaki’s expression was priceless though. It was shock, lust, eagerness, annoyance, and more lust. It was also the look of a person who had just received the best birthday present ever. Takashi watched Tamaki’s lips moved in slow motion to breathe the word.


Kyouya heard the word slip out of Tamaki’s mouth and turned to him with a look that sent chills through the blond. “You haven’t seen anything yet. Remember Tamaki. No touching, unless I say you can.” With that he turned to look at his lovers and saw the heat blazing in their eyes. Only they also had smiles to match the heat. Kyouya watched Haruhi lick her lips and dip her head slightly towards Hikaru. He caught her meaning the same moment that Hikaru did and they came together in front of her, locking their lips together in a kiss reminiscent of the one they had shared earlier in the dojo.

Haruhi heard a whimper come from the cushions and though she couldn’t see who did it, she was pretty sure it came from Tamaki. He has to be going crazy right now.

As if in answer to her thought, Kaoru leaned around the pole and whispered against her neck “Tamaki looks like he can’t decide if he is in heaven or hell. He’s literally shaking like a leaf, trying to control himself. Not that I could blame him, I probably would be too if I was seeing this for the first time. But since I am not, even though I am enjoying the view as I am sure you are, you look a little lonely.” With that Kaoru traced one hand across her collarbone while he bit down on Haruhi’s neck in exactly the way and place that would have sent her to her knees, if she wasn’t tied upright.

A low moan escaped her lips and her head fell back against the post. Gently Kaoru soothed the bite spot with his tongue before nibbling up and flicking his tongue against her earlobe. This time she gasped in pleasure.

The moan and then gasp were enough of a sound to break Hikaru and Kyouya from the kiss they were locked in. Pulling apart, as one, they turned and walked over to Haruhi and Kaoru. Within the space of a heartbeat, Kyouya had captured Haruhi’s mouth with his own, while Hikaru did the same with Kaoru, both of their bodies pressed up against hers and their hands roamed freely over the corset still covering her breasts and the thin skirt that covered her ass.

Hikaru slowly slid the zipper on the corset down, exposing her flesh to the others. He followed the path of the zipper with kisses, nipping at her stomach when the zipper parted to release her breasts. Carefully, he folded the leather back, so her chest was completely free. One of his hands slid up to grab a breast and hold it to his lips, while the other slid lower, dodging through the strips of her petticoat to find the warm wetness waiting for him.

Kyouya didn’t want to release her lips, but he let his hand trace down her skin to meet with Hikaru’s in the warmest place imaginable. Every sigh, every breath, every moan that escaped from her as Kaoru ravished her neck, while Hikaru swirled his tongue against the soft flesh of her nipples and delved his fingers deeply into her wet tunnel, while Kyouya flicked his finger against the super sensitive bud at the entrance to her wetness, was savored like the finest wine.

Haruhi was on fire, lost in sensation and completely oblivious to the audience watching every movement. Eyes closed tight, all she could feel were Kyouya’s and Kaoru’s lips holding her in place, Hikaru’s teeth as he bit harder at the flesh of her breast, leaving faint marks behind, and the magic of both of her lovers fingers as they plundered her depths and teased her body higher.

Kyouya sensed she was close to the edge, pulling away from her lips, just enough to let her take a gasping breath he looked down and met Hikaru’s eyes. As Hika stood up slowly, his fingers never ceasing their motion, he also met Kaoru’s eyes.

As one, all three men leant in and said “Cum for us, Princess.”

The words were a trigger that sent Haruhi flying, her scream as the orgasm ripped through her shattering the silence and cascading in waves down her body as it bucked and rippled underneath their hands. They held her, keeping her safe, as her great gasping breaths eased and her wildly beating heart calmed. As she came back into her body she started to giggle, then laugh in pure joy, as the men around her smiled.

A small voice caught their attention. “Hika-chan, may I please lick your fingers?” The lust in Hani’s big eyes was obvious and his erection was standing straight out from his body, hard as steel.

Quickly Hikaru glanced at Kyouya, and receiving a slight nod, answered the blue-eyed blond by extending out the hand still glistening with the remains of Haruhi’s orgasm. With a grin, Hani crawled over and took each finger in his mouth, sucking every drop and flicking his tongue around each one in a way that was having a visible effect on the older red-headed twin.

“Damn, I wish I had thought of that.” The disgust at not thinking of the idea first was evident in Tamaki’s tone and it made the others smile.

“Don’t worry, Tama. The night’s not over yet.” Kyouya’s cool voice held a note that made everyone shudder in anticipation.

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