The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


22. Alterna Lecture and Demo

The house lights dimmed in the lecture hall, while the lighting above the stage remained. Four men and three women walked onto the stage. Their clothing varied dramatically - jeans, leather, corsets, and a red haired woman in a latex dress and 6 inch spiked heels leading a man wearing a leather harness across his chest, a collar around his neck, and a leather mask with ears. She sat on the end and he kneeled on the floor next to her, placing his head on her knee. Two of the men sat next to her with a woman sitting on the floor between them, and a fourth chair was occupied by the final woman. The last chair was left empty as a man dressed only in leather pants approached the front of the stage. He was tall, fit, bald, handsome in a rugged way, and both of his nipples had rings through them. He wore a wireless mic headset, to make sure he could be heard as he greeted the crowd and introduced himself as Dominic or to his friends – Dom the Dom.

Haruhi could faintly hear Kaoru whispering to Hikaru about the woman in the latex dress. She could only make out the words “hot” “fashion” and the phrase “I wonder if we could do something with that, which caused her to smile. Some things don’t change. Kaoru gets inspiration in some of the strangest places. Though I think I would like to see a line that he developed in latex and leather. She glanced down at Tamaki and Kyouya sitting below her and then to her right at Hani and Takashi before turning her attention back to the stage. All eyes were glued to Dominic as he greeted the crowd.

“Welcome and thank you for coming. I know this is a going to be a session that will cause you to think. You may come out of it with ideas, or you may run screaming out of the room halfway through. Either response is acceptable.” The crowd laughed. “I want to introduce my fellow panelists Mistress Raina and her pet, Sir Collin and his submissive Jenna, and my partners - David and Kara. You will be hearing from them all in a bit as they talk about the different types of relationships they have, but I wanted to first discuss the basic concepts of kink and BDSM. They can be linked, but they don’t necessarily have to be. A lot of people consider themselves kinky who don’t necessarily think they fit the ‘BDSM lifestyle’ though most BDSM’ers will tell you they are kinky. Either way, both term the mainstream or societal concept of sexuality as ‘vanilla’. Here’s the thing though – societies view on sex changes through the years, so what is considered kinky in one decade is considered normal in another. Example – If a woman chose to go out in public wearing shorts and a tank top in the Victorian Era, she would have been labeled as a harlot and a prostitute. Now, we just call it summer wear. The concept of what is considered normal has changed. Now don’t get me wrong – the Victorians were quite kinky in their own way even by modern standards. If you are curious, look up Victorian methods for treating menstrual cramps or PMS; doctors would treat ‘hysteria’ as it was called at the time by applying an intense vibration to the affected area to provide relief. In other words, the doctor would use a vibrator to bring a woman to orgasm, because it was the most effective relief of cramps.”

The crowd laughed, while the women in it cheered. Kyouya turned and looked up at Haruhi with a grin before saying, “I think we will need to test that method.”

“Can we watch?” The twins said together with wicked smiles.

Haruhi blew a kiss to each of them and said only, “We will see,” before paying attention again.

“So modern concepts of what is considered ‘normal’ in sex is different today than 100 or even 50 years ago when missionary style was considered to be the only proper way to have sex. If you did anything different you were ‘wild’. See the pattern here? Modern sex is pretty tolerant of different positions and is getting more tolerant of monogamous homosexual relationships. But add in multiple partners or toys and you start to skirt a line into what could be considered kinky. Now let me ask you a question – How many of you have ever had or been given a hickey?” 95% of the room raised their hand. “Next question. How many of you enjoyed that experience – either in giving or getting?” This time it was 75% of the audience who raised their hands including all of the Host club members, which made Hani giggle. “Congrats, according to some mainstream concepts you could be considered kinky. You just admitted that you enjoyed it when someone bit and sucked hard enough on you to leave a mark. Finally the question to start you thinking – what about it did you enjoy? Did you enjoy the sensation of the sucking? Did you like knowing you left your mark on your partner? Did you like knowing your partner marked or claimed you?”

A murmur ran through the crowd. Haruhi leaned over and whispered into Hikaru’s ear “How about a yes to all three?”

Hikaru caught her lips in a brief but passionate kiss that set her toes tingling. “Yeah, I could agree to all three too. It’s been too long since I left a trail of hickeys down your body. Remind me to correct that soon.”

“I definitely will.” She kissed him quickly one more time before turning back.

“Kink is defined as anything outside of the mainstream. BDSM are six aspects that define it further. The six aspects are Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. Most activities fall under at least one of the categories and a good portion fall under multiple categories. Here is where I pause to tell you the most important thing about BDSM – it is about consent. Consent and Communication. You can do anything you want if you consent to it and your partner is willing. If you don’t want to do something, you can say no. If you are being forced into something without your consent – it is ABUSE, plain and simple. It is not BDSM. It is hard for some to accept that there are people who actually enjoy turning pain into pleasure, or giving up control and letting someone else make your decisions, or that there are people who enjoy finding the limits of what they think they can do and pushing past them in a way that is not always pretty, but is always done with someone they care deeply about. So in many ways BDSM is about wish fulfillment. It is a way for those who are ‘wired differently’ to explore their fantasies and experience things that most other vanillas consider shocking.” Dominic paused a moment to let that sink in with the audience.

A hand was raised in the auditorium. Nodding at him, a man called out “Is there anything that is considered too wrong or taboo even for BDSM?”

“Good question. While BDSM get a bad reputation in the media and popular culture as a bunch of sexually depraved perverts and pedophiles, 99% of the time there are some boundaries that even the most open BDSM’ers won’t cross. They are children, bestiality, scat, and permanent disfigurement or dismemberment. Notwithstanding the ick-factor for many, children and animals cannot give consent. The squick factor is just too high for many for scat play, and permanent disfigurement or dismemberment goes along the line of not being able to give rational consent. There are two terms commonly used in the community RACK – Risk Aware Consensual Kink and SSC – Safe, Sane and Consensual. If you aren’t aware of the risks, if it is not safe or sane, and above all if there isn’t consent - It isn’t BDSM. It is torture, abuse or rape. Does that clarify for you?” At the audience member’s nod he continued.

“That was a good question, but let me get back to what I was going to say. I wanted to define the terms. Bondage generally means physical restraint, though it can be a mental restraint as well. Some examples are handcuffs, boxes, leather cuffs, straightjackets, and my personal favorite – rope. Just out of curiosity, do we have any other shibari or rope lovers here?” Scattered throughout the room, several hands went up. However, five sets of eyes swiveled to their friends as they realized that both Takashi and Hani were included in the group that raised their hands.

Now that is very interesting… Haruhi thought to herself as Hani winked at her while wearing his Lolita mask.

“Discipline is pretty much what it sounds like. If you cause trouble then you get punished for it. Of course, I know several people who like to cause trouble JUST so they can be disciplined.” Here Dominic glared at his partners, who grinned back at him. “Spanking is the most common form of discipline, though there is also flogging, caning, and a myriad of other ways a Dominant or Top can use to punish. The limit here is your own creativity. Dominance is the term for the person doing the act while Submission is the act of receiving. There’s some tighter definition needed here. There is a difference between Dominance and being a Dominant just as there is a difference between submission and being a submissive. Generally speaking, a Dominant or Dom is someone who identifies with wanting to be in control. They direct all activities and rarely consider outside ideas, preferring to use their own. A Submissive is the opposite of a Dom. They are the ones who give up control and do whatever their Dom wants or directs them to do. Doms and subs can be any gender. D/s can be for a single scene or play time or it can be a lifestyle choice. There are also people who identify as Top or bottom. This is similar to Dom or Sub, but it is usually only for the time of a single scene and they may switch from one to the other. Speaking of… there are also people who identify as Switch. Meaning they can willingly bottom or submit to some or they can Dom or Top to others. They completely enjoy both roles and it becomes for them more about how they are feeling at any particular time, while a Dom generally wants control and a sub wants to please. Of course all of these definitions are EXTREMELY broad. Just like people, there are different types of Doms, subs, and Switches. How you identify is what defines you not how someone else defines you. I know plenty of Doms who welcome input and feedback (myself included) and I know several subs that won’t do specific things – usually called hard limits – for various reasons. One of the aspects of this lifestyle I love is that allows for the release of stress and power exchange in a safe environment. I know several high profile high powered business men and women who come to my dungeon and are bottoms or subs. For them, they have to make hard, stressful decisions on a constant basis and the ability to give up control on occasion is what allows them to stay sane. It also allows them to make clearer choices and look at both sides of a discussion. Some of the most successful Doms I know have rather mundane daily lives, but they have a desire to serve as well as control. It’s important to note that if you think about it, submissives are actually the one in control, by giving up that control to the Dom. A sub knows that in a scene, if at any point he/she can’t take it any more for whatever reason, he/she can call out her safeword (a word that is determined BEFORE play that will end everything, no questions asked) and the scene will end. Doms or Tops are responsible for making sure the sub or bottom is safe and relaxed, even as they doing what the Dom wishes. Of course part of the thrill can be the idea that the Dom won’t stop, even if they call it… but back to what I said earlier – if you don’t consent, it is abuse not play. So in this situation, if the sub called her safeword and the Dom continued the scene, she is no longer consenting to the actions that are happening and it can be defined as abuse or rape. Those of us in the BDSM community don’t tolerate violations of consent and often the ones who do so are quickly driven out of the community. They are the abusers and the ones who continue to make mainstream society shocked by us. We don’t want to be associated with that.”

Several shouts of “Here, Here!” rang through the audience.

“Ok, back to my original topic – Definitions. The last two are Sadism and Masochism. Sadists like to inflict pain. Masochists like to receive pain. Sadomasochists like both. Like everything else in the BDSM world there are differing levels to which sadists and masochist operate and one person’s hard limit is another person’s tickle. Also you can’t know what a person is by looking at them or even how they act in the vanilla world. I know a confirmed sadist who, if you were introduced to her at a party, you would think was the sweetest person you will ever meet; but in a scene with her partner, she will leave him bruised, battered, and in tears. Her partner needless to say is a masochist. He enjoys the pain and the ability to work through it. He is the yang to her yin and they balance each other.”

They balance each other. That’s something that can be pretty much said about all of us if you think about it… though it’s a different kind of balance for us. Haruhi glanced over at Hani and Takashi. Then again, maybe it is not that different. I still want to know more about this side of them and what they have been keeping from us. 

Takashi caught her staring at them and gave her a small smile. As if he could read the direction of her thoughts, he whispered the word “later.”

Dominic’s lecture continued, “I mentioned the term power exchange earlier. I want to clarify it a bit because it is a kind of ‘woo-woo’ concept, even if it is a very real thing. Let me go back to that early example of getting or giving a hickey. You lean in close to your partner. You can smell the scent of their skin. You can feel the heat of their skin against your lips and you can taste them as you lick and suck. You are pouring energy into what you are doing, and if your partner is enjoying it, you will get that energy back. The return of energy may be in the way their body reacts, cries, moans, clenching of hands or heavy breathing. The same thing happens in a really good kiss or when you are enjoying sex. It is a mutual power exchange. If only one person is active and the other person is a cold dead fish, is just isn’t pleasurable and there is no exchange. Does that make sense?” When most of the audience could be seen nodding their heads, he continued. “BDSM by its very nature implies a power exchange from one person to another. Dom to sub, Top to bottom, Sadist to Masochist, etc. The thing that makes it different is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sexual exchange of energy, though it does require intimacy. You can’t trust someone completely to push your limits if they are a complete stranger. Even pro-Dommes like Mistress Raina have detailed conversations with their clients before they work with them. Raina, do you want to take over here for a bit?”

“Sure Dom,” the latex clad woman answered as she delicately rose and walked to the front of the stage adjusting her mic. The man in the leather harness crawled after her and returned to his knees at her side. “Like Dominic just mentioned, I am a pro-Domme. This is what I do for a living. I am paid to dominate others, though I also have a few friends I also play with on a regular basis. I do get paid to dominate my clients, but I do not have sex or any sort of sexual release with them. It would be an ethical violation as well as an actual violation of my contract. Though I have had clients who attempted to push the boundary and they have been dismissed and blackballed. But that’s a different story. What I basically do is wish fulfillment. I become a fantasy object that is safe. I can be their mother, boss, sister, teacher, police officer, whatever the need desire is, and I make them do what I want them to do. If they don’t do as I command or desire they are punished. I want to clarify something here which I think is what Dom was leading up to. I do a different kind of power exchange. It’s not sexual like in his example, but don’t doubt that both my client and I are exchanging energy. Of course, each session with me is carefully negotiated before and ground rules are set. Even today and my darling little pet,” she walked over and caressed the ears of the kneeling man. “He identifies as a puppy and he has a humiliation fantasy and exhibitionistic tendency, which basically means he gets a release by being treated like a beloved pet dog. But like a pet if he misbehaves, he needs discipline. This is where you can get creative. If he was really an animal, I wouldn’t dream of spanking or hitting him, because an animal doesn’t understand the connection between misbehaving and discipline. However, he is still human, so certain things, like being spanked, talked down to, and having others watch him as it is happening, are exciting to him. In a situation like this lecture series, it gives him a chance to experience it and not hide it away as something shameful. It is simply one of the things that he enjoys. It may also surprise you to know he is an accomplished cellist and musician as well as a owning his own business. We all have different activities and parts of ourselves that have different tastes. When we find the people that accept them and share them, is when we are truly happy. After the class today, my pet will go back to his girlfriend and be a completely different person than he is with me. I will go home to my wife and pull on my pajamas and fuzzy slippers.”

A hand rose in the audience and a middle aged woman asked the question, “Does his girlfriend know that he comes and does this with you?”

“Actually in this case, yes she does, because she is my best friend and she is the one who introduced him to me. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee the same level of honesty with all of my clients thought I absolutely try to promote open communication as the best path to getting what you want out of a relationship. It is a sad fact of human nature that we find it easier to sneak around then to talk with our partners about what we may want or need.”

Several other hands shot up, but before Mistress Raina could respond, Dominic cut in. “I apologize at interrupting here, Raina, but I wanted to let the audience know that there will be a question and answer period after the demonstration, where you can talk to all of us openly.” She smiled and nodded at his apology. “Would you like to continue?”

“Actually, since you mentioned the demonstration, I think this would be a good segue. Want to explain what these pieces are and what we are going to do? ” Raina responded. She started walking over to the padded sawhorse. At her movement, the others seated on the stage walked over to the remaining pieces of equipment.

“I can do that,” Dominic replied. “Mistress Raina is taking her pet over to a spanking bench. Sir Collin is going to flog Jenna on the Saint Andrew’s Cross, while David and Kara are setting up a rope suspension. I am going to act as Dungeon Master. As DM, I am in charge of observing everything that is happening and making sure that all play remains safe. I want to remind all of you again that all of us have consented to do this. It rarely happens, but occasionally a Dom or sub can go so far into headspace that they do not consciously realize that they have crossed the boundary of what their physical body can handle without significant damage. I act as an impartial observer and can stop the play at any time. The safeword for the afternoon is Red. If we hear that from anyone on this stage, all play will cease immediately, even from the groupings that didn’t call red. I also need to give a general warning - because, for some of us, our play is sensual, there will be some nudity, though we will not be actively having intercourse on stage.”

“Booooo!” several audience members yelled, while the rest laughed.

“Sorry guys. We are still in a public place and subject to public decency laws here. Trust me; we are stretching them as much as we can as it stands.” Dominic grinned. “We do know that this is not for everyone, so we are going to take a two minute break and ask anyone who wishes to leave to do so quietly and quickly. We promise not to chase you down and drag you kicking and screaming back in here… unless you tell us to do so.”

The audience applauded as about a third of them got up to leave. Kyouya and Tamaki turned around in their seats to look at the others. Tamaki naturally was not able to contain his enthusiasm. “Oh my gods. This is so exciting!!”

“I thought Dominic’s discussion was quite interesting and I am looking forward to watching the demonstration.” Kyouya said with a small smile as he pushed his glasses higher on his nose. “I need ideas for tonight.”

Tamaki shivered, “Why do I get the feeling that you don’t need ideas as much as you say you do? Between you and Takashi, I am a little panicked thinking about what you may do.”

“But is the panic a true fear or is it anticipation of the unknown and therefore a bit scary? You know that neither of them would make you do something against your morals or wishes.” Hani asked curiously. “I know I am eager more than scared… but I have wanted this for a long time.”

Tamaki thought about that for a moment. Seeing the thoughts flying across his face, Haruhi couldn’t resist leaning in and kissing him briefly. “I know what you are feeling, Tama. Trust in them.”

“Do I get a kiss too, love?” Kyouya teased.

“A kiss and a whole lot more to be negotiated later,” she replied with a saucy grin before kissing him deeply, enjoying the feel of his lips and the way he always made her body feel electric. Only the sound of the music starting overhead caused her to pull back into her seat and lean into the arm that Hikaru had slung across the back.

“I really enjoy watching you do that,” Hikaru murmured into her ear before nipping at her neck again causing a low moan to escape her lips.

“Hika-chan – Behave!” Hani’s scolding made them turn back to the now lighted stage.



The activity on the stage held the interest of all the Host club members. They watched as Mistress Raina ordered her pet up onto the bench. It was the perfect height to give her access to his derriere. Tracing the tip of her riding crop down his back with one hand she administered several swift slaps against his right butt cheek with the other hand as he gasped.

Next to them on the stage, but far enough away so they wouldn’t interfere, Sir Colin had ordered Jenna to undress down to her underwear and remove her bra. He then roughly turned her to face the cross and grabbed her wrists, putting them into the leather cuffs that dangled from rings near the top. Grabbing her hair, he whispered something in her ear which caused a visible shudder to run down her body. Stepping back he walked over to a small table and picked up a matched pair of deerskin floggers. He ran the soft leather lightly over her skin, before starting to hit her softly with it. Without warning, he struck hard against her shoulders, the crack resounding through the hall and her cry heard even above the music. Mercilessly he moved the floggers to the beat of the music – sometimes hitting lightly across her shoulder and ass, other times cracking them hard. In between strikes, he would stroke her warming flesh and whisper into her ear.

“Gods that is really freaking hot,” Kaoru whispered to his brother. “I know you flogged me once on a whim, but damn. I wouldn’t mind being in her position right now.”

“I wouldn’t mind it either. Though I can also imagine you in her position with me flogging you…” Hikaru whispered back. “I have been five days without you. I am going through withdrawals.”

“Me too. I am sure the others would understand if we took a day together – just us… and maybe Haru.”

“We should talk about it later tonight.”

In agreement, they turned back to the demonstration and the scene that now had Haruhi leaning forward in her chair in rapt fascination. David had bound Kara in an intricate pattern of rope and knots. Looping another rope through the hoop dangling from the wooden frame, he suspended her off the ground. The look of bliss on her face was something that Haruhi could see, even from the distance. Gently he swung her back and forth, while making sure that she was comfortable as possible. After a few moments, David untied one rope and pulled on another, causing her position to shift. She squeaked as he made a carefully calculated move to let her fall face first towards the floor, stopping a foot or so before she would have hit. Pulling her back upright, she laughed as he put her into yet another position.

“That looks like so much fun,” Haruhi whispered under her breath to no one in particular.

Hani though caught the statement and the wheels started spinning in his head. Leaning into Takashi he quickly whispered some suggestions for later that evening. Takashi for his part hadn’t missed her reaction to the scene and was already planning on making an offer if the opportunity arose. I could tie both her and Mitskune up. It would be fun to see them struggle together.

Kyouya, for his part, was torn between watching the scenes below him or the reactions of his best friend. I think Hani is right. It’s not fear that Tamaki feels, it’s anticipation. I can see that this interests him. It definitely intrigues me. I am not sure that I would enjoy being on the receiving end, but I could absolutely dominate most of the others if I put my mind to it. Especially if that domination required them to crawl to me and suck me off… Hmmm…

The audience silent as they remained fascinated by the different scenes on the stage and time passed quickly. It wasn’t until the music shifted and the scenes obviously started to come to an end that there were the first faint murmurs as people started to talk to their neighbors. On the stage, different things were happening. Mistress Raina kicked off her shoes and spread a blanket on the floor. She sat down gracefully. Her pet curled up in front of her, head in her lap, as she gently stroked up and down his body. Sir Colin had wrapped Jenna up in a soft fuzzy blanket and cuddled her on his lap. David had released Kara and both had walked over to Dominic. The three of them stood there for a moment, arms wrapped around each other, just holding on. After a couple of minutes, Dominic kissed each one and withdrew to put his microphone back on. At that point David and Kara returned to their seats, David’s arm around her shoulder while she leaned into his chest.

Dominic walked back to the front of the stage and spoke. “What you are seeing now is called aftercare and it is just as important to a scene as what happens in the scene. It is a time to reconnect back into your body and share the energy of the experience. Aftercare can take on many different forms depending on the intensity of the scene and the people involved. Some people are fine with a quick kiss or hug and others require an hour of silent cuddling. Like everything in BDSM, it is based on the needs of the people involved in the scene.” He looked around at the others and got a nod from each of them before he continued. “Ok. It looks like everyone is back in a place where we can start our Question and Answer period. We will stay as long as you need to answer any questions you may have. Kara and David will be running around with microphones. If you want to leave at this point, that’s fine too. I just want to thank all of you again for spending the afternoon with us. Have a kinky afternoon!!”

The applause echoed throughout the room. Most of the audience stood and started to leave, but several stayed as hands shot into the air. One by one, they started asking a variety of questions.

Tamaki and Kyouya turned to look at the others sitting in the seats behind them, trying to gauge whether they should stay for the Q&A or leave. Finally, Tamaki put the question to Haruhi. “Haru, since the workshop was your idea, do you want to stay for the Q&A or do you want to head back to the Estate?”

“That’s a hard one. I am interested but I am overwhelmed and I can’t think of a single thing to ask or say at the moment.”

“I think most of us can relate to that feeling Haru-love,” Hikaru agreed.

“Here’s an option,” Takashi said quietly. “We can leave and if you think of any questions you want to ask, you can talk to either Mitskune or me. We can probably answer most of them or we can get the information from a reliable source if we don’t know the answer.”

“Then I think that I want to head out. I feel like all of us have a lot to discuss and we need privacy to really do it justice. Let’s go back to the Guest House.”

As one the hosts stood up and slowly made their way down the stairs and out of the room as Dominic and the group on the stage continued to answer questions. They talked quietly to themselves as they left, but tried to make sure they were not disturbing the others.

Hani and Takashi were the last to exit. Before they did though they turned, bowed, and smiled at Dominic and the others. From the stage Dominic turned and said directly to them. “Karr [he bowed to Takashi] Auriel [he bowed to Hani]. It was a pleasure to finally meet both of you. I hope we can get together again soon and I hope you enjoyed the demonstration.”

“It was wonderful Dominic-san. We give our love to Kara-chan, David-chan and the others. Talk to you soon.”

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