The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


30. Aftercare

After a quick shower, the twins set off to look for Hani and Takashi. Just as they had expected, Hikaru and Kaoru found them upstairs not in the dojo, as they had half expected, but in the Conservatory. They had obviously finished cleaning up from the night before since everything was back to its original place and there was no evidence of any debauchery from the night before. No evidence, that is, except for Hani wrapped up in rope, suspended from the same anchor point that had held Haruhi, giggling as he swung himself back and forth by shifting his weight. Takashi just stood by on the side and watched him with a tender smile. 

Not wanting to interrupt what appeared to be a private moment between the two, the twins started to walk away, but Takashi caught their eyes and gestured for them to come closer. Quietly, so as not to disturb Hani, they did so; smiles growing across their faces as the obvious joy that Hani felt in being suspended spread to them. 

A few minutes later, Hani opened his eyes and looked at Takashi. Seeing that the twins were there next to him, Hani giggled, “Oh Hi! Sorry, just hanging around.” 

Hikaru laughed. “No worries, we didn’t want to interrupt, but we were wondering if you had any more of that cream you handed to Tamaki to use on Kao last night.” 

“Of course,” Hani answered before directing his next statement to his lover. “Takashi, if you could let me down, please?” 

“Of course.” With a few deft moves, Takashi supported Hani’s weight, lowered him to the ground, and began unwinding the rope from him. 

As Takashi was working, Hani turned his head back to Kaoru, “I wondered if you might need it again this morning. It was a really intense scene and both of you and Tamaki were feeding off the other’s energy. Which is good… but I have to admit I was about ready to step in, because neither of you have much experience with BDSM yet, and I know it’s possible to get lost in the experience and do actual damage without meaning too.” 

“Umm… yeah. I think that may have happened,” Kaoru said shifting his weight as the bruising on his ass became increasingly uncomfortable. “I did tell Tama that I wanted to feel it today and I loved every glorious moment of the experience, but I have to admit that I am hurting more than I like. Especially since tonight is the Fashion Week red carpet and I am supposed to be escorting Mom and Renge. I kind of don’t want them to know about this part of me just yet. I don’t want to hide it, but I don’t think this is the right time to mention it. Does that make sense?” Kaoru turned a faint pink and unconsciously reached a hand out to Hikaru for support. He was reassured by the love he felt in their bond. 

“Absolutely makes sense,” Hani said supportively. “Just know that Takashi and I support you both and will do anything we can to help or to ease the way.” 

“Agreed.” Takashi said. The friendship he felt obvious in his charcoal eyes. 

“Thank you. That really means a lot to both of us. We both feel the same,” Hikaru replied letting the honesty come through in his voice. 

They all smiled sappily at each other for a few moments, before Hani said briskly, “Takashi, please grab the cream from my bag. Kao, if you would remove your pants and lie down on your stomach on the cabana, I want to see how much damage we are looking at.” 

Both quickly did as they were told. Hikaru climbed up on the bed next to his brother and held his hand. Hani leaned over and with a clinical detachment, inspected the bruising and welts on Kaoru’s butt and upper thighs. After a moment he said, “Good news and bad news – which do you want first?” 

Gripping Hika’s hand tightly he said, “give me the bad.” 

“You are definitely going to be bruised for at least a week and it will probably be uncomfortable to sit for at least 3 days. Good news – There isn’t any permanent damage, the welts are already fading, and the cream and some ibuprofen will help alleviate some of the pain. Also – your ass is awesome.” Hani said the last with a wink to try to make the younger man smile. 

Kaoru laughed as Hikaru said, “Well I could have told you that!” 

Hani laughed with them both before adding. “We should rub some of this cream in though. Do you mind if I do it or would you prefer Hika-chan or Takashi?” 

“I don’t mind if you rub it in,” Kaoru answered. 

“Okey-dokey.” With that comment, Hani scooped out a fair sized dollop and rubbed it between his hands before slowly massaging it into the muscles. He worked methodically - covering every place that showed evidence of bruising as Kaoru tried to stifle his moans. Finally out of curiosity he asked, “Does it hurt or is it feeling good?’ 

“Both.” Kaoru blushed as he tried to stifle another moan into the mattress. 

Hani giggled, “Yeah, you definitely are a masochist. Not that I am trying to flirt or come on to you, but just for informational purposes, especially after everything you learned yesterday and saw last night… If you want to explore more in a safe environment, let me know. Takashi can endure pain if it pleases me or if it was earned in a fight, but he doesn’t have the same ability to turn pain to pleasure that you do. It’s also perfectly ok if you don’t want to do so. I just wanted to give you an option.” 

“I was actually thinking about that a little bit this morning,” Kaoru responded. “I think I would like to explore more of the scene and I know I would be safe with you. But it is going to have to wait until after Fashion Week. There is still so much that has to be done for it.” 

“Of course! Whenever you are ready and not before,” Hani said with a smile. “There. I think I have it all rubbed in and you should start feeling better soon. I would suggest reapplying it before you walk the red carpet. The cream is non-greasy so it shouldn’t stain any of your clothes. Your ass will look gnarly though for a few days, so you might want to make sure you aren’t naked in front of people who don’t know or come up with a really spectacular story like you fell while trying to rescue a trapped puppy on a snow skiing trip to the Alps.” 

Kaoru giggled as stretched gingerly, expecting searing pain and was pleasantly surprised to find only a minor discomfort. “While I like that story, the details will be exhausting to remember especially since everyone knows I have been in Paris all this week. I will just avoid being naked with people I don’t know well.” 

“Probably the smarter idea. It would be a hard sell any way.” 

A thought crossed Kaoru’s mind which made him blanche slightly. Hikaru saw the mild look of panic in his twin’s eyes and asked. “What is it Kao? What’s wrong?” 

“Tamaki. Since we have been sharing a bed most of this week, it will seem odd if I suddenly stop and I really don’t want to. But I know he is going to freak out when he sees what he did. I asked for it, begged for it, but we all know him well enough to know that he really doesn’t like hurting people and I am afraid that the bruising will make him feel like he went too far and blame himself.” 

“Takashi and I can be there as a buffer for questions, if you like. We actually should check on him, anyway because his hand and arm ARE going to be sore after the workout he gave them last night. The cream should help with that too, actually.” 

“What is that cream exactly?” Hikaru asked curiously as Kaoru nodded his thanks to Hani. 

“It’s a secret Morinouzouka family blend,” Takashi answered. “Our families have been using it for generations to aid in healing and relieve muscle pain after a strenuous fight.” 

“It is amazing,” Kaoru breathed a sigh of relief as he slipped his pants back on. “Thank you!” 

“Our pleasure Kao-chan. Now shall we go find Tamaki?” 

“If I am remembering Kyouya’s expression last night right, I bet you will find both Tamaki and Kyouya in Haruhi’s room.” Hikaru grinned. 

Unable to stop his question, Hani asked curiously, “You aren’t jealous about that Hika-chan? Once you would have been…”

“Once upon a time, I definitely would have been… Now, I just want to see if I can catch them doing something, so I can watch. Both are so sexy when they are ready to cum.” 

The devilish look on Hikaru’s face made them all laugh as they left the Conservatory and started down the stairs. 



Much to Hika’s disappointment Kyouya, Haruhi, and Tamaki had already finished by the time the four of them made it into the room. In fact, they had all gotten up, showered, and were in the process of getting dressed when the others entered the room.


The disappointment in Hikaru’s voice was evident as Haruhi walked out of the bathroom in her workout gear. She walked up to him immediately and gave him a lingering good morning kiss before asking curiously, “Damn? Damn what?”

He grinned at her and responded, “Damn not getting here soon enough to see you, Kyo, and Tamaki all naked and tangled up in the sheets.”

“You have to wake up earlier for that lover,” Kyouya grinned back at him before also pulling him into his arms for a kiss.

“Did the Shadow King, known to be a dragon and flay alive any who happen to breathe in his general direction before noon, just chastise me for not getting up early enough?” Hikaru teased.

“You and Haru are rubbing off on me. I am sure I will go back to sleeping in late and being grumpy when I don’t have you both to wake up to.” Kyouya responded, “However, until that horrible time two weeks in the future, you will have to get used to a chipper Shadow King.”

“Aaaand… the world just turned on its head,” Kaoru teased while the others laughed.

“So now that everyone is here, what is the schedule for the day?” Haruhi asked as she climbed back onto the freshly made bed and motioned for the others to join her. She noticed Kaoru’s slight wince as he sat down carefully.

“Sex, sex, more sex, and then the three of us watching the four of you get mobbed by the paparazzi?” Tamaki joked as he rotated his arm slowly, just now aware of the ache that worked its way down his arm. “Ow!”

“Tama-chan your limitless morning horniness aside, we actually figured your arm would be sore this morning and wanted to know if you needed anymore of the cream you used last night. Also, I know Kao-chan wanted to talk about something with you.”

“I would love more of that cream. That stuff was amazing,” Turning to Kao he asked curiously, “What did you want to talk about mon ami? Or would you rather talk in private?”

“No. Here is fine. There isn’t anything that I would have a problem with the others knowing or seeing,” Kaoru started as Hani sat down on one side of him and Hikaru moved to be on the other. Takashi moved behind Tamaki to start rubbing the cream into his arm. Taking a deep breath, Kaoru said, his eyes never leaving Tamaki’s “You know I had an incredible time with you last night spanking me, right?”

Tamaki blushed slightly, “I hoped so. I’m not really used to spanking people, so I don’t know if I did it right or not. I hope I didn’t get too carried away.”

“Actually, I remember telling you to make me feel it today and you succeeded.”

“Oh… Sorry!”

“That’s just it. I don’t want you sorry for it. I really really wanted it and I never told you to stop.”

Tamaki winced as Takashi worked the cream down his arm and into his hand. Suddenly looking at it in surprise, he noted that there were faint bruises developing on his fingers. In confusion he held out the hand to Hani.

“Yes, Tama-chan, you actually bruised your hand and arm while spanking Kao last night. Your hand isn’t too bad and will fade in a few hours, but your arm might be sore for a day or so.”

“That’s just unreal,” Tamaki said still puzzled by the bruises, staring at them wonderingly.

“Yea… well… ummm… your arm isn’t the only thing that’s bruised. I just wanted to let you know before you saw it and freaked out.” Kaoru said his eyes focused at a spot on the bed about a foot in front of Tamaki.

“How bruised are you?”

“Ummmm…,” Taking a deep breath, Kaoru climbed off the bed, turned around and dropped his pants.

“OH MY GODS!!! I AM SO SO SORRY!! I HAD NO IDEA!!!” The panic in Tamaki’s voice was enough to make Kaoru hastily pull his pants back up and turn around to face his friend to reassure him.

“Tama! Please!! Don’t!!” Kaoru rushed over and grabbed Tamaki’s hand before the other man could do anything and pressed it to his heart. “I know it looks really bad right now, but please, please, remember that I asked you for it. I ASKED for it. You were only doing what I wanted. It’s going to be fine, I swear!!”

“But but but… I hurt you – really, really badly!! How can you even look at me, let alone forgive me?”

“Tamaki,” Kaoru reached up and made the violet eyes look into his own golden ones as he replied, “I asked you to do this. I love the fact that you did this. My body turns pain into pleasure, remember. I wasn’t feeling the pain in the moment; I was flying. Today I am sore, I will admit that, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I mean it.”

Slowly Kaoru could see the panic start to recede in Tamaki’s eyes, though the uncertainty still lingered. Helpless as what to say to convince him, Kaoru looked to Hani.

“Tama-chan, Kao-chan is right. It really does look worse than it is. He was really enjoying himself last night. All of us here can confirm that. You didn’t do anything wrong – in fact, you actually did something very right.”

Startled Tamaki looked over at Hani. “What do you mean?”

“You gave Kao-chan exactly what he needed last night and you didn’t judge him for asking for something that was outside most of society’s comfort zone. I promise you, Tama-chan, it is a gift and a rare one. He asked and you answered his need. Can you understand that?”

Tamaki looked over at Haruhi and Kyouya as Hani’s words reminded him of his own earlier that morning. Both Haruhi and Kyouya gave me what I needed this morning without questioning or judging me for the need. Is it so different in Kaoru’s case? Did I mean to bruise him that much? No. Would I have kept going if he asked me to stop? Absolutely Not. Did I even once consider that Kao was wanting something wrong or immoral? No. Did I do what Kao asked of me? Yes. At this moment, after seeing the aftermath, do I think that Kao is messed up for wanting it? No. No I don’t. It’s a part of him and he trusted me enough to be the one he let his guard down for. I can see how in a way it was a gift... on both our parts actually, he gave me the gift of his absolute trust and I gave him exactly what he craved.

Taking a shaky breath Tamaki answered Hani’s question, “Yes. Yes I think I can.” He crawled over and kissed Kaoru lightly. “I am honored that you trusted me enough to let me do that to you.”

“I am honored that you did it for me.” Kaoru kissed him back. The others remained silent as they watched the forgiveness pass between the two.

“I don’t know how everyone else feels,” Haruhi said quietly not wanting to spoil the mood, “but I thought last night was simply amazing. Doing all of those things, watching all of those things, it was scary and exciting, so incredibly sexy and satisfying at the same time. I just wanted all of you to know that and that I love all of you so much in so many ways. I never imagined that I would be here or that you all would change my life so dramatically. Now that I am living it, I can’t imagine my life without all of you in it in some way. I know you will all find others to be with in the future, but I really hope that we can at least remain close friends for the rest of our lives.”

“Giving up on us already, love?” Kyouya teased her gently as he pulled her into both his and Hikaru’s arms. “I promise you that neither I nor Hika will find someone that we love more than you.”

“If anything, you will be the one kicking us to the curb as my brattiness and Kyouya’s detachment finally cause you to snap.” Hikaru added with a smile. “We will drive you to absolute distraction and we will enlist the help of every person in this room. Just watch!”

Haruhi giggled a bit at Hikaru’s words.

“If Hika is going to hang around you forever, then I guess that means I HAVE to too,” Kaoru rolled his eyes, but exaggerated his tone to show he was joining in on the joke.

“You are our student, so you are forever linked to the Haninozouka and Morinozouka family lines. The only student we have ever personally taken on together, as a matter of fact. You can’t get rid of us, that easily. Our families will hunt you down if you ever disappear.” Hani grinned.

“Or disown us, if WE do. You have met my sister.” Takashi added with a soft smile.

“Pffft,” Tamaki said with a wave of his hands, “I jumped off first a cliff and then a bridge for you. Do you seriously think that you can get rid of me that easily?”

Finally the giggles burst as the absurdity of her statement hit her and she looked at the cheesy grins on all of her friends’ faces. Wanting to prolong the silliness for a bit longer she said flippantly and with a laugh, “So does that mean I am dating everyone now?”

“You know… that IS an interesting idea…” The words come out in Kyouya’s cool tone.

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