The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


40. After the Storm

The dawn sky was just starting to brighten into a glorious display of pink and orange when the Land Rover pulled back into the garage of the Maison des Roses. Takashi appreciated the beauty of the morning as he glanced over at the girl tucked under his jacket on the seat next to him. He smiled in a different kind of appreciation. Yesterday and last night were both perfect. It was what I needed and I really think that it was what she needed as well. His mind flashed back to the two of them taking their time and leisurely making love before falling asleep. The alarm he had set came early, so they could make it back in time to meet the others and get to her testing on time. He had expected her to be wide awake with nerves, but less than 15 minutes into the drive, she had pulled his jacket around her and gone back to sleep. That’s a good sign, actually. It means that she isn’t worried anymore about the demo and testing. Mitskune will be pleased. A stirring in his groin occurred when he thought of his lover. He will want to know all the details and he knows I will make him work to pull them out of me. I know that he is planning on taking Haruhi out after the tournament is completed, but I also know them both and he won’t be spending the night with her, at least not tonight. He gets too amped up after a demonstration and will need to dominate since he isn’t actually allowed to fight anymore. Not that I am complaining… Haruhi may be my link to the cool balance of serenity, but Mitskune is my fire and my heat.

“Mmm… are we home already?” Haruhi asked sleepily.

“Yes.” Takashi brushed a stray hair off her forehead.

She stretched, sat upright, and yawned. “I’m sorry I fell back asleep. You should have woken me.”

“You looked so content, I couldn’t. You obviously needed a bit more sleep and I was happy to let you.”

“Thanks.” She laid a kiss in the palm of his hand. She started to hand his jacket back to him.

“Keep it until we get inside. It’s still quite cold out there. I have my sweatshirt.”

Haruhi wrapped the coat around her again and got out of the vehicle. As she turned to the house the sun broke over the horizon and she gasped. “Wow. It’s a beautiful morning.”

“The dawn after a thunderstorm usually is.”

“After last night and seeing this, I may have finally conquered my fear of the storm.” She linked her fingers in his. “Or at least I have enough good memories to outweigh the bad now.”

“I am glad to hear that… and happy to have been of assistance.” Takashi grinned and brought their linked hands up to place a kiss on the back of her palm.

“But now you are desperate to see Hani, aren’t you?” Haruhi teased.

“Maybe a little bit…”

“C’mon, let’s go inside and you can have the joy of waking him up.” Her grin was devilish.

“When did you become evil?” Takashi joked as they walked up to the door and let themselves in.



Kyouya held Tamaki’s hand loosely as he navigated the Paris streets on the way back to the Maison des Roses as the sun crested over the horizon. Unlike his usual overly talkative self, Tamaki was quiet and relaxed as he watched the scenery. His mind drifted through the memories of the night before. Not only had Kyouya fucked him in the shower, but also again in that comfortable bed after he gave a Tamaki a blow job that rivaled the one that Hani had given him in the shower. I wonder if all Dom’s are that orally talented… though Haru’s are just as good and she isn’t a Top. Maybe I just have friends with oral fixations.

“What are you thinking about?” Kyouya was the first to break the silence.

“Umm…” Tamaki flushed red before deciding that Kyouya deserved a little teasing. “Well, I was thinking about last night naturally, which got me idly wondering about … things.”

“What kind of things?”

“Blowjobs mostly.”

Kyouya choked as he swallowed and had to take a moment to focus on keeping control of the vehicle as he coughed. When the spasm had calmed, he glared at an unrepentant and grinning Tamaki. “What about them?”

“Weeelll… at first I was wondering if there was some reason why you Dommy-types seem to be so good at giving them, ‘cuz the ones I got from both you and Hani were unbelievable. But then I remembered that Haruhi also gives amazing ones and she isn’t a Dom or really even a Top, so then I wondered if instead it was due to the fact that we all may have a bit of an oral fixation.”

“Aside from this being one of the weirder conversations we have had, I have to say it’s more likely the latter because Inegivenonfore,” Kyouya last words were unintelligibly muttered under his breath.

“What was that last bit?”

Kyouya sighed and took a deep breath before responding, eyes firmly kept on the road in front of them. “I said that I have never actually given one before last night.”

“What?!?” Tamaki stared at his lover in shock.

“You heard me,” Kyouya’s lips tightened. “That was my first one.”

“Wow.” Tamaki was speechless for almost a full minute. A huge smile crossed his face. “Well, then. My dear Kyouya let me tell you that you are a natural because that was flat out amazing. I am giddy beyond reason that I was your first.”

“Thanks.” Kyouya’s face was bright red and he couldn’t think of anything else to say and he hoped that Tamaki would change the subject.

Tamaki, however, had no intention of letting something so juicy go. “I would have thought that you would have given one to Hika at least by now, considering the three of you have spent every night together except the last night and last Saturday.”

“We were a bit more focused on the three of us, rather than just the two of us, and let’s just say that it we hadn’t gotten around to that yet. Not that it wouldn’t have eventually, especially since he gave me one in the limo…”

“I am going to have to have that thing completely and thoroughly cleaned before it gets traded in,” Tamaki grinned. “It’s had almost as much sexual activity as the bedrooms.” Turning back to the topic he continued relentlessly. “So if you haven’t practiced before, how did you know how to do all those freaking amazing things that you did with your tongue?”

“Gods… Tamaki,” his voice wasn’t quite pleading but it came close. He glanced quickly to the blonde who just grinned back at him and made a ‘go on’ gesture. Sighing, he responded, “I combined some of the same movements that I know drive Haruhi crazy as well as some of the ones that you and Hika have done on me.”

“Well it was magical and feel free to do it again any time you like.” Tamaki answered. A shadow crossed his expression and he asked quietly, “What are we going to do about all of us? You all leave in a week and I will be stuck here alone again. It was hard enough before. Now… I don’t know how to define exactly what is happening, but I don’t want to give up you or Haruhi or Kaoru. I know it’s probably not fair for me to say that to you, because I know that you are so far in love with her it’s crazy, but I can’t get her out of my system. I tried. I really did. I swear… and now that I have had you, I am feeling the same way about you. I am in love with you, Kyouya… but I am also falling for Kao. Gods, this is a mess.”

“It is complicated. There is no question of that,” Kyouya sighed. “Hikaru, Kaoru and Haruhi still have to finish the rest of their year at Ouran. I have no idea what is going to happen with my father, but I anticipate that I won’t have a home to go back to. I am really tempted to just move here, but I won’t do that until they graduate and then it would only be if they choose to do so as well.” He took a deep breath before saying the next part, “I care about you Tamaki, and I know I am in lust with you and I may even be a little in love, but I can’t live without Haruhi and Hikaru in my life. I am willing to walk away from my family and all that I ever knew for them.”

“I know mon ami,” Tamaki squeezed his hand. “I know. I really do. I am also content with whatever you are willing to share. I know that the connection the three of you have is beyond anything, even as I want that connection, I know my connection with you isn’t that deep. I am ok with that. At least I think I am. I love Haru and I know she loves me to an extent, but she would never choose me over the two of you.”

“She does love you, you know. You are her first – first love, first lover. There is a part of her that will always be yours,” Kyouya said quietly.

“And there is also a part that belongs to Takashi and to a lesser extent Kao and Hani,” Tamaki smiled, “It’s part of the reason why we all love her so much. She has so much love to give to us. But at the core, she is yours and Hikaru’s. The three of you work together in a way that doesn’t make sense on the surface, but is perfect underneath. Don’t let that go. I am just happy that you are just as willing to share parts of you with us too. Now… I didn’t mean for this to turn deep and melancholy. I am having too much fun with everyone to overanalyze it. So now that the first date day is over – what’s on the agenda… or rather… who’s on the agenda for the day?” He smirked.

Kyouya smiled back, “Well, obviously we have the tournament to go to with all of us, but from there I think it’s up for grabs. I know Hani wanted to take out Haru after and Kao has his date with Renge,” He glanced sideways at Tamaki, “Speaking of which, how do you feel about that?”

It was Tamaki’s turn to sigh, “It doesn’t bother me. It would be hypocritical of me to want him all to myself since I want other people too. I did let him know that I wouldn’t be a guilty secret even if I don’t necessarily need to be a public statement. If he wants to keep our relationship open, I am ok with it, but Renge needs to know about me. If he would rather break it off with me and just pursue her, I would be hurt but I would understand. Speaking of which, does anyone else find it odd that Renge is turning out to be someone that I could see any of us having a real friendship with? She has really changed since Ouran – for the better, I think.”

“Haruhi has always maintained a friendship with her, but I do agree with you. She has blossomed here in Paris since she started working for Yuzuha.”

The rest of their conversation centered around Renge, Yuzuha, and the rest of Fashion Week as they finished the drive to the Maison des Roses.



Upon entering the Haruhi had run up to the room that Hikaru and Kaoru shared, while Takashi ran to the one that he shared with Hani. However, both soon stepped out looking puzzled.

“I take it Mitskune is not in there with Hikaru and Kaoru?” Takashi asked.

“No. It doesn’t even look like the bed was made. Want to check the other rooms with me? I don’t remember getting a text that they were going out somewhere last night.”

“I didn’t either and Mitskune would have let me know if the plan changed. They must be here somewhere.”

Together they searched the rest of the bedrooms and went upstairs to the Conservatory, Dojo and Music Room, just in case they might have gone there instead. Still nothing. As they walked back down the stairs to the ground floor, still trying to figure out where they had gone to they ran into Kyouya and Tamaki who had just arrived.

Haruhi grinned at her boyfriend, threw her arms around his neck, and buried her face in his chest, breathing him in for a moment before stretching up to kiss him in greeting.

Kyouya savored the kiss and the feel of the girl in his arms. Smiling he said, “You guys looked puzzled as you were coming down the stairs. What’s up?”

“Mitskune, Hikaru, and Kaoru seem to be missing. We just go there and ran upstairs to wake them. Their rooms hadn’t been slept in. We checked all of the second and third floors but haven’t found them.”

“That’s because they are down here,” Tamaki said quietly with a huge grin on his face. He walked over to the library. “Come, you have to see this. I had no idea.”

Curiosity at the forefront, Kyouya, Takashi, and Haruhi walked over to where Tamaki was standing. Peering into the library, Haruhi could see two red heads curled up on one of the couches with a woman with long blond hair snuggled between them. WHAT THE-

“Mitskune…” Takashi breathed quietly, which caused Haruhi to take another look. It is Hani. Wow. He looks amazing. I knew my dad took some pointers from the twins, but they have done a full makeover here. I had no idea.

“I take it you knew about this?” Kyouya asked quietly. His voice held no judgment, just a hint of wonder, which eased Takashi’s mind immediately.

“Yes. We have often gone to clubs with him in drag before, but he never quite pulled of the transformation quite like this. Hikaru and Kaoru should be commended. He looks beautiful.” The softness and love in Takashi’s voice made Haruhi smile and get a little fluttery.

“He does make an extraordinarily stunning woman.” She said. “I have to admit that I am just as glad to know that it is Hani, because I was about to turn green with jealousy.” A faint pink dusted across her lips.

“I think that’s the best thing I have ever heard waking up,” Hikaru said quietly as he yawned and opened his eyes. “Haruhi actually jealous…” He grinned. “I would get up and greet you but I am a bit stuck at the moment.”

Kyouya laughed as Haruhi walked quietly over to Hikaru and placed a quick kiss on his lips. “Of course I would be jealous of some strange woman picking up on my boyfriend without my approval. I may share you easily with the other Hosts, but start picking up strangers and we may have to have a discussion.” She smiled to let him know she was (mostly) joking.

“I wouldn’t mess with Haruhi, brother, she will kick your ass,” Kaoru smiled sleepily before tilting his head back. “Wanna morning kiss too…” He yawned.

“I think I can fix that problem,” Tamaki grinned as he walked over and planted a big kiss on Kao’s lips, while the others laughed quietly.

“Tha’s nice…” Another huge yawn racked Kaoru as he shifted to stretch. He looked over at Hani. “Hey Hika, the make-up held all night. We will have to buy stock in the brand. Maybe get a HDG line out of them.”

“Too early for business…” Hani whined still 95% asleep. He snuggled deeper into the two warm bodies before a round of soft laughter woke him completely with a start and panic set in. “Oh! Hi!! Umm… Well… About this…” He gestured to his body.

Haruhi leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “No judgment from any of us. Least of all me. My dad would be prancing around if he looked as good as you do just waking up. You are beautiful. Either in drag or out of it.”

Hani blushed. “I don’t know why I was worried, really. I guess I have just kept it a secret from everyone but Takashi for so long, I was scared to let it go. I should have trusted you long ago.”

“Yes you should have,” Hikaru teased.

“Makeovers are fun! Think how many years we wasted not doing one with you!” Kaoru continued.

“Tragic.” Both twins chorused while the others laughed.

Takashi walked over and knelt down next to the couch. Surprising them all, he leaned over and claimed Hani’s lips in a kiss that had the twins humming at the heat of it.

“I think Takashi approves,” Kyouya said as he gave Hikaru his morning kiss. “Though full makeovers are something that once was enough for me.”

“Definitely.” Hikaru replied with a fond smile at his boyfriend. “Awww… you didn’t have fun? You seemed to have a blast at the end of it.”

“After 8 hours of endless changing, pinning, and such, you put me in leather. You put yourself in leather… AND you put Haru in a leather dress that screamed sex. Of course I had a great time.” Kyouya smirked. “Just next time – skip to the leather clothing.”

“I can do that,” The lust in Hikaru’s eyes made Haruhi grin.

A clock chimed in the background. Looking up at the clock, Tamaki said, “I hate to break this up, but we need to think about getting ready to go and grabbing some breakfast. Hani, Takashi, Haru, what time are you supposed to be at the Center.

“We are supposed to be there at 10:30am, Tama-chan,” Hani stretched. “I should probably get a shower and change. I think the Tournament committee would be a little shocked to see me this way.”

“That’s an understatement,” Takashi smiled at his lover, “considering they still don’t acknowledge our relationship as anything other than distant cousins. Traditional is fine to a point, but there comes a point when you need to adapt to modern life.” A faint warning crossed his eyes as he blinked over to Haruhi and back.

Thanks for the reminder, lover. Haruhi doesn’t need to know how unusual it is for a female to be granted permission to test for her belt at this large of a competition. If she asks, we will tell her, but hopefully she will be too focused on her skills to notice she is the only female in her ranking. The Haninozouka and Morinozouka names still carry enough weight to force the exception, especially as she is both mine and Takashi’s special student, but if those old geezers had their way, women would still be relegated to the kitchen and bedroom to serve their masters and provide children. Thankfully there is a growing movement among the younger generation to change that, which is why we pushed for the demonstration part. We want to open the Master Ranks to everyone regardless of sex or sexual orientation. Out loud he said, “Agreed. Now, if someone will help me get these hair extensions out, I need a shower.”

“Hold still,” Kaoru said and made swift work of the extensions.

Hani shook his head in relief. “Haru-chan, I totally understand now why you like to keep your hair short. I had no idea how heavy hair can be.”

Haruhi laughed, “Tell me about it. I wish I could just keep it short all the time.” Four growls escaped the lips of Hikaru, Kyouya, Tamaki, and Kaoru, which caused her to laugh. “Except I have boyfriends with Neanderthal tendencies who like it longer.”

Hikaru swallowed hard. “If you absolutely hate having long hair… I could, maybe, get used to the idea of it shorter. There are some cute short haired styles for women.”

Haruhi threw her head back in laughter, “All of which require hours to maintain every morning. I am mostly just teasing you guys. I am happy with it at my shoulders. I can put it into a pony tail if needed to get it out of my face or you can add extensions if you need it long for some reason. It works. I am not complaining. Now… I could also use a shower and some breakfast. Anyone else?”

Unanimous agreement met the question.

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