The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


57. A New Perspective

Tamaki was the first to notice them. Kaoru was occupied rubbing more sunblock into Hikaru’s fair skin and Hani was digging through the baskets the caterers had dropped off on a search for something sweet. He watched as the three of them emerged from behind a rock far down the beach holding hands, Haruhi seeming so small between her two tall companions. His heart skipped a beat as he watched her point something out to her companions, pulling them towards the shallows as she peered down to watch something skitter across the sand. He imagined he could hear her laughter as the three of them watched a crab scuttle back into the water, Haruhi so focused on the crab that she didn’t see Kyouya and Takashi exchange glances over her head. He did hear her shriek as Kyouya pinched her backside, which caused her to jump in surprise, innocently blaming it on another crab. He watched in amusement as she put her hands on her hips, adopted an exaggerated aggressive stance, and started to tackle Kyouya to the sand, only to be swept up into Takashi’s arms and pinned tightly to the warrior’s chest. He felt tightness in his groin as he watched a laughing Kyouya step up to the two of them and kiss her on the nose, before placing a hand on Takashi’s cheek and kissing him quickly. Huh? That’s new. I mean I saw them the other night but thought it was a one-time kind of thing. Our dear Shadow King is in danger of having as many of us fall in love with him as Haruhi. Which is funny if you think about it… He was always the aloof one of the Host Club, admired from a distance but never approached. He cultivated that cold sarcastic demeanor to hide the fact that he is deeply passionate. I could see hints of it so long ago, when his father asked him to befriend me as a good social opportunity, which is why I stubbornly remained his friend when so many others told me that I was wasting my time. Kyouya was always worth it. It just took Haruhi and Hikaru to make HIM see it. A small smile crept its way across Tamaki’s lips as he had a flashback to earlier in the week and Kyouya pressing him up against the shower wall and claiming him. He’s coming into his own on this trip. He’s finally acknowledging who he wants to be and it’s damn sexy.

A frosted strawberry cookie suddenly appeared in his line of sight, temporarily blocking his view of the trio. Hani looked up at Tamaki and said with a twinkle in his eyes, “Cookie for your thoughts.” 

Tamaki took the cookie and took a bite, relishing the tart sweetness. “I was just thinking that Kyouya is just as dangerous as Haruhi ever was.” 

“Dangerous how?” 

“Dangerous in the way we are all at risk of falling at least a little bit in love with him.” Tamaki slanted a look sideways at the other blonde. “Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.” 

“I have always thought he was attractive, but you are right Tama-chan. Until this trip, it wasn’t anything more than attraction and now…”

“He’s finally found his power.” 

“Power or Confidence. Either would be a good description,” Hani said and took a bite of his own cookie. “Not that he wasn’t confident before, but this is a new kind of confidence. It’s definitely sexy.” 

“It’s rather surreal for me,” Tamaki responded. “It used to be that he would make a suggestion or request that I do something and I would do it if I felt like it. If I didn’t feel like doing it, I would get someone else to do it instead or ignore it completely. Yet, he always kept me grounded when my ideas got a bit too elaborate while still making me feel like I was the one in charge. Now I want to do anything he asks, simply because he is asking. It makes me happy in an odd way.” A faint pink crept up Tamaki’s cheeks as he saw Hani nodding in understanding. “It also gets me hard.” 

“A good Dom can do that. Sometimes with only a look.” 

“I never really knew or understood that kind of thing – the BDSM thing – until we went to that Workshop. The whole thing really opened up my eyes to a greater world. I am glad that I talked Haruhi into taking it here in Paris rather than doing it in Japan. I am REALLY glad all of you wanted to join her.” 

“Haruhi would do almost anything for you Tama-chan. She always has. Actually, I am pretty sure all of us would. You are our fearless leader.” Hani smirked at the last bit before continuing. “Seriously though, I think you needed to be reminded of that. Yes, she is head over heels in love with Hikaru and Kyouya, and she is pretty close to that with Takashi, but a part of her will always be yours. Don’t forget that.” 

Tamaki sighed, “I don’t want to interfere… and then there’s Kaoru.” 

“Kao-chan is falling hard and fast for you, but I can see that you are doing the same for him. He is also falling for Renge. The heart is a flexible thing if you are willing to set aside social stereotypes. It’s not easy but it is rewarding. You are also forgetting that we are a really close group of friends. Closer in some ways than most traditional families.” 

“But you are in love with Takashi…” Tamaki’s voice trailed off as he tried to figure out exactly what he wanted to say. 

“I am,” Hani grinned up at Tamaki. “Because I love him, I love seeing him happy… and Haruhi makes him happy in a way that I can’t. I also know that he has been attracted to Kyouya from the moment that he first met him.” Hani nodded to the trio, still a distance down the beach. “I don’t blame him, because I was too.” 

Tamaki grinned at that, “I don’t think there was any of us that weren’t attracted to Kyouya at least a little.” He paused and continued. “But it really doesn’t bother you?” 

“Not in the slightest. Takashi’s attraction to Kyo-chan doesn’t lessen his love for me. I know this. Besides, like you mentioned earlier there is just something about Kyouya. I am very much a dominant, but I would be willing to bottom to him because like you said earlier, there’s just something about him that makes you want to please him. But I am also intrigued about Topping with him, seeing what the two of us working together could be like.” 

A full body shudder ran through Tamaki at the thought of kneeling before both Kyouya and Hani, blue and silver eyes piercing through him as they… Tamaki cleared his throat, “Ok, that would be incredibly hot. Sign me up. Please.” 

Hani chuckled, “I will keep that in mind. But back to my original thought… I am in love with Takashi, but I could easily see myself falling for Kyouya, Kaoru, or you for that matter. I am attracted to all of you in different ways. Does that bother you?” 

Tamaki thought about it for a moment. “Wait, you didn’t mention Haruhi in there.” 

“Haruhi and I talked about this the other evening. We love each other the way she and Kaoru love each other. A deep and enduring friendship, but nothing more than that.” 

“Really? I didn’t understand it at first, but after Hika kissed me, I got it.” Hani smirked when Tamaki flushed. “Wait – that probably came out wrong.” 

Hani took pity on his friend and didn’t tease him further, but he still grinned as he said. “I won’t judge, I promise.” 

“Thanks,” Tamaki replied before a thought crossed his mind. “You mentioned that Haruhi fills a part of Takashi’s life that you can’t. What did you mean by that?” 

Hani sighed, “I can’t turn off being dominant or admittedly being slightly sadistic. I tried it during Host Club, but I always left vaguely unsatisfied. Cute was all well and good, but I need the trust/control. You already know that Takashi is my sub, and he provides a lot of that for me, but he deals with pain, he doesn’t really enjoy it. That’s what was so shocking the other night watching you and Kaoru. He really does love the pain. He has that rare ability to convert it to pleasure. I was thinking about asking him if he wanted to play more with me. Call it odd wiring or whatever, but I LIKE giving pain/pleasure to those who can appreciate it, it makes me hard that someone can trust me so much… and I want to return that gift by taking care of them after.” 

“I think that he would really like that.” Tamaki replied. “I will be honest; it scared me when I saw what I did the next day. I don’t know that I could do it again… but Kaoru obviously loved every moment. I want… I want him to be happy and he needs that part too. I guess that’s what you meant about Takashi.” 

“Yes. Haruhi is the softness that I can’t be. And for her, Takashi is the quiet strength that no one else can quite be.” 

“I can see that.” Tamaki sighed. 

“Tama-chan, can I ask you something?” 


“You mentioned kneeling before Kyouya and me earlier. In that scene, who are you more strongly connected to?” 

Tamaki turned bright red, “Ummm…”

Hani laughed, “It was Kyouya wasn’t it.” 

Tamaki nodded sheepishly. 

“Doesn’t surprise me. You have been best friends the longest; it makes sense that he is the one that you picture. I don’t want to tell you what to do, but if you feel content in a more submissive role to Kyo-chan, I would say embrace it. It’s obvious that when he is in that mindset, you are the one he wants. His eyes follow you.” 

“Gods this is confusing.” Tamaki sighed. 

“Agreed. But it doesn’t have to be… It just needs to be talked about all together. Just because you want to be submissive to Kyouya doesn’t mean that you don’t want something else with the others. How do you feel when you are with Kaoru?” 

“Intrigued.” Tamaki said at once. “He makes me laugh and I am fascinated by the way he takes an abstract idea and turns it into this elaborate and incredibly beautiful piece of clothing. It’s like music with fabric.” 

“And Haruhi?” 

“Happy.” Tamaki said quietly. “Not that I can’t be happy with everyone else, but she just always somehow manages to make my day a little bit better just with her smile. I don’t know how else to describe it.” 

‘She has that effect,” Hani agreed with a smile. “I know how you feel about Kyouya and Hikaru, but what about Takashi and me?” Hani’s voice lilted up in curiosity. 

Tamaki fought down a blush as he stammered, “Well… that shower was pretty damn hot. I wouldn’t mind doing that again someday.” 

Hani grinned, “Oh I think that can be arranged Tama-chan. I think it can definitely be arranged.” 

Tamaki ran a hand through his hair, closed his eyes for a moment, and took a deep breath. “So what do we all do now? How does this even work?” 

“How does what work?” a curious and lilting feminine voice queried as Tamaki’s eyes snapped open to see Kyouya, Takashi and Haruhi standing next to Hani and him. They look relaxed. The sound of footsteps in sand alerted him to the fact that the twins were also approaching. 

“Hey Boss, you guys going to stand here all day? Food’s getting cold.” Hikaru said before walking over to casually drape an arm around Haruhi and press a kiss to her cheek. 

“Food. Right!” Tamaki jumped on the chance to switch topics and started to head back to the tables where their food baskets were sitting, when Kyouya’s hand on his arm stopped him. 

“Tamaki,” Kyouya asked again gently, “How does what work?” 

Tamaki gestured wildly with his hands trying to encompass everyone. “This. All of us.” 

“I think the same way we already have been,” Haruhi said with a smile and pulled away from Hikaru and Kyouya to wrap her arms around Tamaki. “We have all just pretty much going with whatever happens the last week. As long as we keep talking to each other, everything will be fine.” A thought crossed her mind which made her pull back and look hard at him. “Unless you are saying that you don’t want to do this anymore…”

“No!” Tamaki yelped and pulled her back into his chest, holding onto her tightly. “That’s not it at all… I want this. I just am not sure about how to do it all…”

Kyouya stepped forward and laid a hand on Tamaki’s shoulder. “I understand, mon ami. I do. It’s been an interesting week. All of you have been wonderfully indulgent in the idea of a date week. But it’s not just about that anymore is it?” 

Tamaki sighed, “No it is… but it isn’t… Oh I don’t know what I mean.” 

“I think what Tama-chan is trying to say is we are all finding new dynamics and new things about ourselves - stuff we never thought we would find intriguing and who we want to do certain things with.” 

“Meaning?” Kaoru asked. 

“Meaning…” Hani turned to Kaoru and said, “I would like to know if you would like to join Takashi and me at a private play party tonight. You may remember Dominic, Kara, and David from the class last Saturday. They are teaching another smaller class this weekend, here on the island, since Kara was originally from Santorini. They are having a small gathering and had invited Takashi and me to come but I thought we were still going to be in Paris all week, so I turned them down. I sent them a message earlier and they were excited to know that by coincidence we were also here. They extended the invitation again.” 

Kaoru looked stunned. “You are inviting me to a BDSM party?” 

Hani laughed, “Basically. I have to admit I was intrigued by the way you responded to Tamaki last Saturday and I would love to see you responding under me.” He gave Kaoru a wink. “But there is no pressure here. If you feel you aren’t ready or don’t want to go, I promise we won’t be disappointed.” 

“I… I think I would really like that, actually,” Kaoru swiftly looked between his brother who was grinning and making shoo-ing motions at him, to Tamaki who nodded and gave him a wink. 

“Hani and I were talking a bit about it earlier, and I know that I can’t give that part of you the attention it needs and he can,” Tamaki’s voice was quiet. “It’s my turn to be honest, I probably won’t be the best person to Top you, because when I am in that kind of mindset, I really would rather be kneeling beside you - not as much for the pain/pleasure but for the pleasure of service and sensation. It’s not something that I want all the time, but I realized that the sexual commands the other night were making me hornier than I have ever been. I like receiving that kind of command better than I like giving it.” Tamaki paused and slanted a look sideways at Kyouya. “I also realized that I prefer to hear them from you, Kyo.” 

Kyouya slid his hand up Tamaki’s arm and locked it into his blond locks. With a feral smile, he said against Tamaki’s ear. “I am glad to hear that. Because I really like the idea of seeing you on your knees sucking me off.” 

Tamaki’s body betrayed him by giving a full body shudder, while Kyouya stepped back with a smirk. He laughed as he saw Hani fan a hand in front of his face. 

“Kyo-chan, we definitely need to sit down and have a conversation,” Hani grinned. 

Haruhi could feel the shudder through the arms that were still holding her, so she giggled quietly when Tamaki bent down and murmured into her ear. “How on earth can you deal with that on a daily basis?” 

“I can’t,” she responded simply. “Not that I don’t get completely turned on when either Kyo or Hika does it, but I can’t do it all the time or I will burn out. So… I am finding other just-as-interesting outlets. Which brings me to a question… I know Hikaru and Kyouya were planning a date night with just the two of them, and if Kaoru is going out with Takashi and Hani, want to be my date tonight? No thunderstorm needed.” 

It was Tamaki’s turn to look at both Kyouya and Hikaru, who both nodded. Hikaru added, “It would be good for both of you.” 

With a little twist, Tamaki twirled Haruhi out of his arms, before bowing to kiss her hand. “In that case, I would be honored to be your date this evening. Do you have anything in mind?” 

“I honestly hadn’t planned that far out.” Haruhi looked sheepish. 

“Leave it all to me! It shall be perfect!! ” Tamaki said in a dramatic voice, which made Haruhi wince. 

Smiling to let Tamaki know she was only joking, she responded. “Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into?” 

Hikaru responded with a laugh, “Nothing that you won’t be able to handle, my love. Now, I don’t know about all of you, but I am starving. Last one to the food has to wear Haruhi’s bikini on the beach tomorrow!! ” 

As one, seven friends ran towards the picnic area, their laughter echoing across the beach. 

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