The Only Constant is Change

It's Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru's final year at Ouran. Dynamics are changing and evolving... What will happen to the Host Club Members?

Author's Note: This story takes place about 8 months after the events in A Faire Shot at Mythology. It can be read as a stand alone, but it references events and items from that piece as well. If you are reading my work for the 1st time, I would humbly suggest reading my other stories The Game and A Faire Shot at Mythology before reading this to completely understand some of the relationship dynamics that I use. I promise that if you like this style of writing you will like those too. =)


56. A Day at the Beach

Tamaki threw open the door to the villa with a whoosh. “Check this out. I found this villa as my grandmother and I were scouting out resort opportunities on the island. We determined that an all-inclusive resort was not feasible due to the limited space on the island, so instead we bought several villas throughout the city and are outfitting them with full amenities and transportation. That way it feels like a home away from home, but you still have all the services of a resort. This was my favorite of the properties that we purchased. It has two large bedrooms, a full kitchen, two bathrooms, balcony with a Jacuzzi and access to a private beach. The couch also pulls out to a king-sized bed, so if we decide that two beds aren’t enough for the seven of us, there’s another.”

“The fact that we have gotten to point that I don’t think twice about seven of us trying to squeeze into two beds is probably saying something,” Hikaru said as he walked toward the back windows overlooking the beach. He gave a long low whistle as he looked at the view. “But at this moment, I can’t figure out what that is. Boss, if this is another example of your eye to architecture, I am officially demanding that you do all the scouting for locations for the photo shoots for the HDG Twins fashion line. This is glorious, even in the dead of winter.”

Tamaki flushed in gratification at Hikaru’s compliment. “It would be my pleasure. You both have done so much for me this week, it is the least that I can do.”

Kaoru wrapped his arms around Tamaki from behind and kissed him on the cheek. “Don’t let Hika bully you into something that you don’t want to do. We would appreciate any suggestions you have, since your eye is definitely on point, but I don’t want you feeling that that you HAVE to do this.”

Tamaki put his hands on Kaoru’s arms and held them as he leaned into the hug. “I actually want to. I am already partnering with Kyo on some new opportunities. As part of the direction for where I want to take Suoh Enterprises, I am going to be doing a lot of travelling to find the right locations for our businesses. If I see anything that looks like it would fit into the style of the line that you and Hika are working on, it’s not a hardship at all to let you know. You just need to give me the basic of the overall themes you are going for, since I know those will change with each season.”

“You know, it may make sense to start an investment company that manages all the potential overlaps in our respective portfolios. As Tamaki said, we are already starting to partner in several ways – KO Global and Suoh Enterprises in the wine business, Suoh Enterprises and HDG in fashion, etc. I can also see Tama creating a Spa/Natural therapy company with Takashi or a Training Center for Martial Arts with Hani. Each would only be a small part of each of their respective total portfolios, but there is the potential for overlap.”

“Fantastic idea, love,” Haruhi said with a smile, “and we should absolutely discuss it further. Just not while we are on a gorgeous Greek Island. Personally, I want to check out the beach and maybe explore the shops.”

Kyouya returned her smile, “Of course.”

“There are swimsuits in the closets,” Tamaki said. “We also have access to a boat if anyone wants to try waterskiing or parasailing. We can arrange to have a picnic lunch brought down to us later.”

“Waterskiing sounds like fun.” Hani grinned.

“So does parasailing,” Kaoru added.

“Ok,” Tamaki said with a grin. “You guys get changed and I will make the arrangements. It’s time to relax and have some fun.”



Some things never change. Haruhi looked up from the sandcastle she and Takashi were building to glance over at Kyouya seated under an umbrella writing furiously in his notebook. Out over the water she could see Tamaki, Hani and the twins in a ski boat, zipping around the waves of the cove. A slow grin spread across her face as she saw her lover easily slip back into a familiar pattern. It’s probably a good thing, if you think about it. Kyouya’s world has been turned completely on its head the last couple of weeks. Some familiar habits will help him work through it all.

“We should give him another half hour or so to make his plans for a new business, then distract him,” Takashi said with the smile that Haruhi loved to see. “It’s a good thing that he is back to planning his future, but we don’t want him forgetting that he is here to have fun.”

“Planning new ventures IS fun for Kyo. But I agree with what you are saying,” Haruhi responded. Smoothing the sand on a tower of their castle, she asked quietly, “I know what you said earlier on the plane, but how do you really feel about being separated from Hani for so long, ashke?”

Takashi looked up at her from where he was carving patterns into their castle with a stick. “It is going to be difficult. Mitskune and I have never been apart for more than a few weeks. I know that we need to do this, but I am having a hard time reconciling myself to the fact that it is less than a week away.”

“I can’t even imagine how you feel.” Haruhi said quietly. “I don’t even know if I could be separated from Kyouya, Hikaru, or you for several months, let alone several years, and I don’t have nearly the same history as you and Hani. I mean it, ashke, when I say that anything that you need, I will do.”

Takashi moved over in the sand to kneel next to her. He took her hand and pressed it to his heart. Automatically, she mirrored his hand action. “That I have your support and the support of the others is the only thing that will get me through this. In the end, though, it will be worth the sacrifice. Mitskune and I will no longer have to hide our relationship from the council. We may become pariahs for a time, but House Zouka is too influential for it to hurt us forever. We and you are the catalysts for change. I hope you realize that you are just as important to the future of House Zouka as Mitskune or me.”

“But I thought that was already happening,” Haruhi looked up into her partner’s dark eyes. “Sakura told me that she and Zhi are in a triad with your cousin Kusanagi.”

A faint expression of surprise flickered across Takashi’s features and Haruhi suddenly remembered that Sakura had told her that the only people who know were Akira and Yorihisa. Crap! I hope Sakura forgives me for telling Taka.

“This is the first I have heard of their relationship, though the three of them have been very close for years, so it shouldn’t surprise me. However, Kusanagi is not a member of the Council. His passion is the theater and he stopped after his second Mastery. Their triad would be supported by our House, but I can see why they are keeping it silent. House Fujimia is small and Zhi is still considered by many on the council to be a radical. House Zouka is allied with House Fujimia, of course, but there would be stigma attached to his House by the High Council based on his being a commoner. History works against him. It is unfortunate.”

“I realized after I said it, that Sakura had mentioned that only your parents knew. Please keep the information to yourself and Hani.”

“I will say nothing unless Sakura, Kusanagi, or Zhi tells me themselves. It is their secret to share. I have enough of my own.”

“I should tell you that Sakura knows of our relationship. Or rather she guessed after seeing us do yoga and decided that I was a fool if I didn’t admit that I was in love with you as well.”

“That is not surprising. Sakura is incredibly observant of people. She was the first one who confronted Mitskune and me on our relationship, and that was before either of us was willing to admit what we felt for each other was more than just friendship. I knew she would see that I am as deeply in love with you as I am Mitskune as soon as she saw us together.”

Haruhi gasped as his words rolled over her.

He pressed his free hand to the one she still had over his heart. “I knew from the moment you joined the Host Club, but I could not say the words… and then I lost my chance… or so I thought. Mitskune knows. He pushed me and I resisted. I didn’t want him to think that I loved him less.” He lifted her hand and placed a kiss on her palm before returning it to his heart. “I should have known better. Our House doctrine is Love. I just needed to be reminded of that.”

“Takashi, I didn’t know. “

“I know. In the end, it worked out better for all of us… and in ways that no one could have predicted. Once you started dating both Hikaru and Kyouya, I realized that I had a chance and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I know you love both of them as deeply as I love Mitskune, I will never interfere with that. I want you to know that. I am content that you love me in your own way.”

“I do ashke, I do.” Haruhi lifted his hand to her lips and repeated his earlier gesture. Something that Kyouya said at the Observatory flashed through her mind. I want Takashi to be a part of our lives regardless of what happens in the next few months. It was soon followed by Hani delightedly whispering to her what he saw in the Library the night of her testing. Looking deep into his eyes, she took a deep breath and asked, “But is it just Hani and me that you are attracted to?”

“I am attracted to everyone in the Host club in my own way.” Takashi answered a bit too quickly.

Haruhi bit back a grin, “That’s not what I meant and you know it, ashke. General attraction to everyone, yes, that’s pretty much a given, but there’s another person you are starting to think about more, isn’t there?” Her eyes slid significantly over to the dark haired man still scribbling furiously in his notebook.

“I-I-I-“ Takashi stuttered, turning a becoming shade of pink that had nothing to do with a sunburn.

“It’s new. I know. Even newer than his attraction for Hika, which took him months to acknowledge… but it is returned. He has always respected you, even when he was having a hard time respecting the others due to their various antics. You are his equal in intelligence and you have quietly both challenged and supported him over the years.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Takashi said quietly.

“Are you drawn to him?”


“Then my suggestion is see what, if anything, develops. Worst case, you have a deep friendship based on mutual support. Personally, I think that you could be another foundation stone for him as he reshapes his life into something of his own choosing.” Haruhi’s smile grew impish. “Plus, it will be beyond hot to watch you two together. I admit that I was kind of jealous that everyone except me got to see you guys naked and wrapped around each other. ”

Takashi’s mouth tweaked into a smile. “An oversight that we can easily correct.” He stood up and brushed the sand off his shorts before putting a hand out to help bring her to her feet. “Come, it has to have been at least a half an hour. I think it is time to remind your boyfriend that there are other ways to have fun at the beach than writing in a notebook.”

“Now THAT’s a fantastic idea!”



Kyouya was absorbed in detailing out his thought process, so it took him a few moments to realize that the two shadows that had blocked the sun weren’t moving. In fact, the bodies attached to those two shadows were standing hand in hand, staring down at him with near identical grins on their faces. The laughing look in their eyes made the hand holding his pen pause.


“Finish your sentence and then you are needed.” Takashi replied.

“Needed for what?” His interest peaked despite the half-urge to tell them not to bother him.

“Needed to help us explore the tidal pools we found,” Haruhi said with a smile. “Come on, love. I know that you enjoy planning out new ventures, but you have been doing so for the last two hours. Why don’t you take a break?”

Two hands stretched out to him, he took both of them and let Takashi and Haruhi pull him to his feet. “I guess I can do that. The idea will keep, anyway.”

Haruhi rewarded him with a kiss on the cheek. “It’s a good one. But we are on a beautiful secluded white sand beach on a sunny afternoon. The water’s warm. Let’s go swimming and explore the pools.” Haruhi took off running towards a rock outcropping, pulling Kyouya and Takashi with her.

Their combined laughter echoed across the waves as they reached the outcropping. It stood about three meters tall and curved around. At the base of it, Haruhi turned to the others. “Tamaki told me that he did a bit of exploring when they were originally looking at this property and the water is deep enough to dive in and there is a sandbar in the cove that keeps the riptides out. There are several species of starfish and anemones.”

“Sounds promising,” Kyouya grinned at her and started climbing to the top of the rock. Within moments, Takashi and Haruhi joined him. Together they stood on the top of it and stared out at the scenery. They saw the twins parasailing as Hani and Tamaki watched and laughed.

“Last on in is a rotten egg,” Haruhi joked. Then with a wicked smile, she reached up and unfastened the top of her bikini. With a whoop she pulled the ties on her bikini bottoms and dove naked into the crystal water below.

“She has been hanging out with the twins for too long,” Kyouya said as he admired her sleek form hit the water in a perfect dive.

“I’m not complaining,” Takashi laughed and shucked his own swim trunks. “Are you coming?” He challenged before following her into the water.

Kyouya took a moment to appreciate Takashi’s chiseled form before removing his shirt and shorts. He gathered their clothes into a pile on the top of the rock and jumped in after them.

The warm water enveloped him as he emerged laughing. Quickly he swam over to where Haruhi and Takashi were treading water.

“It always amazes me that skinny-dipping feels so different than swimming in a suit. It’s really not much difference in fabric coverage, but…” Haruhi’s voice trailed off.

“It’s a radically different sensation,” Kyouya supplied, “and not one that I am used to.” He moved his body in the water and felt the sensation of it caressing his skin.

“Me neither, but I am definitely enjoying the view,” Haruhi laughed. With a splash at each of them, she darted off, daring them to follow her as she dove down in the water towards some interestingly colored starfish.

Within moments, the two men followed her. They spent almost an hour exploring around the cove before moving into a sheltered area near the rock. Pulling herself part way out of the water, Haruhi leaned back against the rock, closed her eyes, and let the warmth of the sun soak into her skin. A rustle of water and movement on either side of her let her know that Takashi and Kyouya had joined her. They relaxed in companionable silence for a few moments.

Kyouya opened his eyes to see Takashi looking at him with a grin. He unabashedly let his eyes roam over Kyouya’s body and Kyouya felt a different kind of warmth flood him. Two can play at this game. With a challenge in his eyes, he returned the favor, letting Takashi know without words how attractive, Kyouya found him.

Takashi’s answering grin was blinding and with a flick of his head towards Haruhi, he made a suggestion.

Kyouya answered it with a nod and in unison they both reached out and slide one hand down her leg while the other captured her hand and gently pinned it above her head.

Haruhi’s eyes flew open at the sudden movement. Her breath caught at the look the two dark haired men were giving her. Silver and dark eyes pinned her as completely as their hands. Her body arched of its own accord under their curious fingers as they explored her thighs, the slight curve of her hips, and the swell of her breasts. But it was the moment that they leaned across her to lock lips with each other that a moan escaped her lips. Dear gods…

Kyouya deepened the kiss at her moan, letting her see his tongue sliding and twisting around Takashi’s, knowing that she would get wet just by the observation. Her moan turned deeper and her hands flew up to their hips, gripping tightly.

Takashi broke the kiss at the feel of her hand moving from his hip to slide over his cock. His own breath heavy he leaned down and kissed her just as deeply, while Kyouya moved to nuzzle her neck. He slid his free hand up and teased the taut nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger, swallowing her groans of pleasure in his kiss.

Kyouya nipped at her earlobe before murmuring, “you are a nearly as devious as the twins, you know…”

Haruhi broke the kiss with Takashi to force out breathily, “what do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean, love,” Kyouya and slid his hand into the warmth between her legs as Takashi latched onto one of her breasts with his mouth. Their eyes met in amusement as the joint motion startled a near scream from her lips.

Haruhi had enough presence of mind to move her hands from their rock hard members to their hips before they tightened in a death grip; the combined motion of the two men bringing her quickly to the edge of orgasm.

Kyouya was nearing the edge just by the sounds she was making under their hands, the grip on she had his hip, and the grip that Takashi had on his cock, having moved his hand to Kyouya when he replaced it with his mouth on Haruhi’s breast. He held the pressure back by sheer will for a moment to enjoy the sensation before moving between Haruhi’s legs with a growl. Lifting her hips, he thrust into her with a sigh as Takashi’s hand shifted to tease her clit and stroke his shaft with each thrust.

The dual sensation for both of them was enough to send them over the edge in moments. As her body arched in release under Kyouya’s, Takashi quickly put his other hand behind her head to cushion it from the rock as he watched in fascination at the way they moved together.

With a final sigh Kyouya collapsed against Haruhi’s chest, breathing heavily. He could feel her frantic heartbeat under his cheek. He let his eyes flutter closed as he enjoyed the sensations coursing through his body.

Haruhi slid her one of her hands into his hair, and with the other pulled Takashi down for another kiss. “Thank you,” she murmured against his lips.

“My pleasure, ashke,”he replied with a smile.

Kyouya angled his head and opened his eyes so he could watch the kiss. He enjoyed watching her kiss, nearly as much as she enjoyed watching him and Takashi was definitely worth watching as the slightly older man took his time and demonstrated his obvious skill. Movement out of the corner of his eye, reminded Kyouya that Takashi was still hard, having waited for them to find their release first. An idea formed in his mind and with a grin he rolled off of Haruhi, and took Takashi into his mouth.

A loud groan flew out of Takashi’s throat as he felt Kyouya’s talented tongue twist around his cock. Trying desperately not to buck his hips into that warmth, Takashi grabbed for the rock behind him for support.

Haruhi took in the incredible sight of Kyouya sucking off Takashi. She was nearly ready to come again from the sounds her partner was making. He waited for us, now it’s time to return the favor. Knowing her partner’s love of bondage was nearly equal to her own, she maneuvered herself so she was behind him, her legs pressed against his hips and her hands gripping his wrists, holding him firmly in place.

Kyouya looked up at her as she was moving, but soon saw what she had planned. With a smile, he redoubled his efforts as Takashi moaned under him. Licking his way up Takashi’s cock, he said in the voice that he knew would cause Takashi to shiver, “You waited for us to come first. I think that deserves a reward. Don’t you think so Haruhi?”

The smirk in Haruhi’s voice was evident as she replied, “most definitely.”

Takashi groaned as she sunk her teeth into his neck.

Kyouya stretched up, holding Takashi’s gaze as he slid his body against his before whispering in his ear, “I want to see you wrecked and know that we caused it. How does that sound?”

“Please…” Takashi moaned.

Kyouya winked at Haruhi. He slid a hand down and gripped Takashi hard before saying, “Oh come on now… I know you can beg more prettily than that. Haruhi hasn’t heard you beg for me yet… and I want to hear it again.”

Takashi shuddered at the command in Kyouya’s tone. He licked his lips and said again, “Please.”

“Better… but still not quite there.” Kyouya slipped two fingers in his mouth as he moved back down to Takashi’s erection. Pulling them out, he kept the grip on Takashi’s shaft, while teasing his puckered hole with his wet fingertips.

Takashi groaned, “Gods… Please… please.”

“One more time,” Kyouya breathed against Takashi’s cock.

Haruhi could feel the tension in Takashi’s body and marveled at his control even as he was being shattered. She looked down at Kyouya and nodded. She licked up the side of his neck and flicked her tongue in his ear. “Once more for me?”

“PLEASE!!!” Takashi nearly screamed as Kyouya simultaneously swallowed him whole, thrust two fingers in deep, and Haruhi started sucking on his neck. He was flying as Kyouya’s fingers brushed across his prostrate; the combination of command, sucking pressure at his neck and cock, tight grip on his wrists, and deep penetration causing his body to jerk hard in release as he cried out their names. He had no idea how long he was flying, but he came back into his body slowly. He could feel that they had shifted positions again and were both softly caressing his body. Blinking his eyes open he just looked at them, unable to say what he was feeling.

Kyouya grinned at the expression on Takashi’s face, while Haruhi quietly chuckled. “Yup, I would definitely say that you looked wrecked.” He bent down and kissed Takashi’s lips again softly. “You are something else.”

“That’s a good thing, I hope.” Takashi managed to find his voice.

“Definitely.” Kyouya responded. “Now do you think you can move? I saw the others heading back in, so they should be back on the beach for lunch in a few minutes.”

The rumbling sound that Takashi’s stomach made at the mention of food was enough to answer the question. Still he replied, “I’ll find a way to manage. Do we still need to get our clothes?”

“I climbed up and got them, while you were out,” Kyouya answered. “We don’t have to walk back naked. Though it wouldn’t take much for the others to guess at what we have been doing.”

“True. But the details at least we can keep to ourselves,” Takashi said and heaved himself up with an effort. He helped them both stand. Quickly they put their swim clothes back on, but before they started walking back, he pulled them in for a hug. “Thank you both… that was far more than anything I ever expected to have… and I hope that we can do it again in the future.”

“Count on it partner,” Haruhi replied with a wicked grin. “Watching you both is seriously sexy.” Without warning her stomach rumbled, causing them both to grin and a wince to cross her face. She grumbled, “Way to kill the mood stomach.”

“Not at all. We know you get hungry after sex. It’s become almost legendary,” Kyouya grinned then ducked as she swung at him. “Hey!”

“Thanks for bursting that bubble,” she replied sarcastically.

“Exertion requires the body to refuel,” Takashi said seriously. “It is a perfectly normal reaction.”

“See!! Takashi is on my side at least.” Haruhi teased.

Kyouya’s stomach loudly, causing all three to burst into giggles. “Apparently my stomach is voting against my mind. Come on; let’s go see what Tamaki got for lunch.”

Hand in hand, the three of them walked back towards the beach where they could see the others setting out chairs.

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