A Faire Shot at Mythology

A Greek Myth leads to an idea for the final Ouran Faire for Kyouya and Tamaki. But will it bring out hidden desires as well?

This story follows 6 months after the events in The Game and references back to it. It can be read as a stand-alone, but the relationship dynamics are a continuation of those originally noted in the first story.



1. The Myth

“Whatever are we going to do? We need to make this year’s Faire even better than last years. It’s the final one for both Kyouya and me.” The voice of Tamaki, King of the Ouran Host Club, echoed through the halls leading into Music Room #3. “Granted not much could top last year with my sweeping our fair Haruhi off her feet and into my arms…”

“That’s not exactly the way I remember it,” the cool voice of Kyouya, Vice-President of the Host Club and affectionately dubbed Shadow-King, responded. His silver eyes, hidden behind their customary lenses, swept the room looking for the girl currently the topic of discussion. Upon finding her curled up on a window seat with a book in her hands, he smiled slightly. As if immediately aware of his presence, she looked up from her book and caught his eyes. A current of electricity ran through both of them for a split second as their eyes met before she went back to reading. It was the same feeling of connection they had first experienced a few months ago during an interesting game with the Hitachiin twins. Since that day, every time their eyes met that same feeling ran through both of them. Not that I am complaining. I know that Haruhi will be mine eventually. I don’t need to flaunt that in front of Tamaki right now. He is going to be remembering the Faire and how for a few months after, he and Haruhi were dating. I know when they broke up, that Tamaki told me that he was ok with Haruhi dating other men. I just haven’t had the courage to ask him if he would mind her dating me.

“Yeah boss,” the voice of Hikaru piped in as he, Kaoru, Mori, and Hani entered the room behind Tamaki.

“From what I remember, Hikaru, Haruhi, and I were the ones to go chasing after you,” Kaoru added.

“Details, details. I still ended up sweeping Haruhi off into my arms at the end of the Faire.” Tamaki pouted.

“And it was two whole months before we drove each other crazy,” Haruhi’s dry voice cut in from behind her book. “Face it my dear friend, we are far better as just that – Friends.”

Putting on his best Host Club King smile and snatching a long stemmed rose from the vase on the table, Tamaki walked over to the window. With a flourish he got down on one knee and presented the rose to Haruhi. Looking up at her and with his best sultry voice he asked, “Are you sure my princess, my heart still beats only for you. My only wish is that you come back to me as the fairest and hungriest girl of my dreams. Will you return to my arms?”

Haruhi took the offered rose from Tamaki, bringing it to her nose and inhaling its sweet fragrance. Leaning over slightly, she kissed Tamaki softly on the lips. With an impish smile she said “No.” and laughed as she whacked Tamaki on the head with the rose. “Hungriest girl? Really?!? That was the best you could come up with?”

Laughing Tamaki got up and walked back towards the other members and former members of the Host Club. “I know your secret passion for fancy tuna.” Tamaki still chuckled as he watched the expressions of the other men in the room. He fully agreed with Haruhi that they were better as friends than lovers, but he couldn’t resist tweaking the others just a bit. He was just glad that Haruhi knew him well enough to go with the idea and know that he was not being serious. Smiling to himself, he was amused at the way each of the men had reacted to their little scene. Mori and Hani reacted as he expected them to – with laughter at the joke. Kaoru looked a bit worried, but that look was more directed at his twin than at either him or Haruhi. It was the expressions on the faces of Hikaru and Kyouya that intrigued him the most. Hikaru’s face showed a quick flash of jealousy and lust before slipping back into its normal mask of boredom. Kyouya’s face was the most interesting – there was jealousy too, but it was almost an anger/protection possessive reaction. I wonder how much longer he thinks he can keep his feelings for Haruhi from me. The Princess has completely cracked the Shadow King’s armor. Funny, I should be at least a little jealous of his feelings for her, but I am really not. It would be a good match for both of them. I just am not sure where Hikaru fits in. It’s obvious that he is just as much in love with Haruhi as Kyouya is.

Haruhi set her book down beside her and turned towards the others. She caught the same flashfire look on Kyouya’s face before he hid it under his normal cool mask. Serves you right Shadow King. You may have a claim on part of my soul, but you have made no effort to seek it out. If it weren’t for that earth-shattering kiss a few months ago and the almost electrical shock I get when our eyes meet at certain moments, I would think that you have no interest in me at all.

“So Mori-sempai and Hani-sempai, what brings you back to the Host Club? Are your University finals over? Did our idiot King drag you back in to plan the Fair?” Haruhi asked her friends.

“Yes, Haru-chan,” Hani answered, “that and I missed all of the cake. The University café isn’t nearly as good as what Kyo-chan brings in.” His sweet bounciness the same as it ever was.

“Tamaki asked us to help him come up with ideas for the Ouran Fair this year,” Mori’s calm deep voice added. ”Are you still practicing the drills that Hani and I taught you?”

“Yes, sensei. I practice for an hour before I go to sleep.” Haruhi responded.

“That is good.” With that statement Mori lapsed back into his usual state of silent observation.

While they were speaking, Kaoru and Hikaru sat down on either side of Haruhi, one arm wrapped around her shoulders and the other around her waist in their customary position. “You know Haruhi, you could show us those moves that Hani and Mori have been teaching you,” Kaoru flirted.

“Even better would be if she showed us the moves in that silk gi we had made for her,” Hikaru said, “I would pay to watch that.”

Haruhi laughed at her two best friends. She knew part of their teasing was just an act to see if they could get a rise out of any of the other Hosts Club members. She also knew there was some truth behind the act. The three of them had become very close and that silly game a few months ago had only cemented the attraction that she felt for them as well. Is there something wrong with me? How can I be attracted to Kyouya, Kaoru, AND Hikaru? Though truthfully, what I feel for Kaoru is closer to what I feel for Tamaki… but this lustful obsession with Kyouya and Hikaru is going to get me in trouble if I don’t watch it.

“You know, that might not be a bad ide…” Tamaki started to say.

“Don’t even think it for a minute, Tamaki Suoh,” Haruhi interrupted.



“Fine. We can come up with something else.” Tamaki pouted.

“So what is it you were reading Haru-chan?” Hani asked in between bites of his layered chocolate cake.

“The story of Andromeda and Perseus in Greek mythology. It has been my favorite since I was a little girl when I used to daydream that I was Andromeda. Do you know it?”

“No,” Hani answered, “Will you tell me the story?”

“Sure as long as everyone else doesn’t mind.” Haruhi looked around at the other members who all agreed that they wanted to hear the story too.

“Wow. I am surprised that none of you know it. OK- here goes. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful but vain queen named Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia ruled over the kingdom of Aetheopia on the coast of modern-day Greece. In time, she gave birth to a daughter - Andromeda. Andromeda was a very beloved princess. She grew up into a woman even more beautiful than her mother. But her beauty never made her proud or spiteful. Andromeda loved her people and the people of the kingdom loved her as well. One day Cassiopeia was walking along one of the outer balcony of the castle overlooking the sea with her favorite courtier. Proud of her daughter and her accomplishments, Cassiopeia told them that Andromeda was even more beautiful than the Nereids, who were the consorts of the sea-god Poseidon. The wind heard this and whispered to the waves and it was not long before it fell on the ears of the god himself. Poseidon was enraged. How dare this mortal human woman compare the beauty of her daughter to the consorts of a god!! To punish Cassiopeia, Poseidon sent the sea monster, Cetus, to ravage the coast of Greece including the kingdom of Aetheopia. Cassiopeia sent many of her soldiers against Cetus but none could kill it. Very soon, the kingdom started suffering terribly. In desperation, the queen sent her Captain of the Guard to the Oracle of Apollo to see what needed to be done to appease the god. The Oracle replied that the only way Poseidon would be appeased was for the queen to sacrifice Andromeda to the monster. Appalled at the idea, for a long time the queen refused. Andromeda, seeing the suffering of her people, could no longer stand it and went to her mother. She made her mother see that the only way the kingdom would survive is with her death. Finally understanding that there was no other choice, Cassiopeia agreed to sacrifice Andromeda to Cetus. In a ceremonial procession, Andromeda walked through the castle, through the town and down to the shore. The Captain of the Queen’s Guard took her in a small boat out to an outcropping of rock, where she was stripped naked. Her arms were tied together then raised above her head, the ends looped around the rocks several times. Her legs were separated and bound independently. Soon it was done and Andromeda would be at the mercy of the sea monster. With a last look of grief at his beloved princess, the Captain of the Guard, got onto the boat that had brought her and rowed back to the mainland.”

At that point in the story, Haruhi stopped curious to see how all of her friends were reacting to the story. It appeared that they were all enthralled, and she found herself wondering what Kyouya, Hikaru, and Kaoru were thinking. They appeared to be as absorbed in the story as the rest, but she could see the wheels spinning in their heads. What are they planning?

“Haruhi!! Don’t leave us hanging!!” Hani cried.

“Please.” Mori added.

“This story is so sad!!” Tamaki sobbed.

“You said this was the story of Andromeda and Perseus. So when does he come in?” Kyouya asked calmly.

Haruhi smiled at her friends and continued the story. “Well actually, Perseus comes in right at this point of the story. He has another long and interesting story that I won’t go into now, but what is important is at this point of Andromeda’s story, he had just finished slaying the Gorgon Medusa and was bringing her head back as a trophy to his king. Finding and killing Medusa was an almost impossible task in itself, as one glance into the eyes of the Gorgon would turn any creature to stone. Perseus was able to kill her after a long and difficult fight by using her reflection in his shield as a mirror to guide him. When he cut off her head, he placed it in a burlap sack, without looking at it, for even in death, it still held the power to turn creatures to stone. Perseus was travelling through Aetheopia on the day of Andromeda’s sacrifice. As he watched the beautiful princess walk through the town and offer herself to save her people, Perseus fell deeply in love with her. He knew that he had to save her. When the Captain of the Guard started walking back up to the castle after tying Andromeda to the rocks, Perseus jumped into the small boat the captain had left behind and rowed out to the Princess. Just as he arrived to the rocks, Cetus emerged from the waves. Without thinking, Perseus engaged the sea monster in battle. Over the rocks they fought, finally coming to the rock where Andromeda was tied. ‘Princess - Close your eyes!’ Perseus cried and pulled the Medusa’s head from the burlap sack tied to his waist. Grabbing the back of her snake-like hair, Perseus held Medusa’s head up in the face of Cetus’s final rush. Without being able to help itself, the sea monster looked full into the face of Medusa and was instantly turned to stone. Stuffing Medusa’s head back into the sack, Perseus turned to Andromeda, her eyes still firmly closed. Struck again by her beauty, he couldn’t resist leaning in and kissing her. At Perseus’s kiss, Andromeda opened her eyes, saw Perseus and fell instantly in love. Perseus undid her bondage, covered her with his shirt, and took her back to her people who were now overjoyed at the death of the monster and the saving of their Princess. Poseidon, seeing the love that Perseus and Andromeda felt for each other was, in its own way incredibly beautiful, forgave Queen Cassiopeia for her insult and promised not to send any more creatures against her land. Perseus and Andromeda were married, had seven sons and two daughters. Their children were the kings and queens of the lands that became known as Persia.”

“Oh, I LOOOOOOVE a happy ending!!” Tamaki squealed. “That’s it!! That’s what we are going to do for the Ouran Fair this year!! We are going to recreate the story of Perseus and Andromeda. Haruhi – you will be Andromeda. Kaoru will be Queen Cassiopeia. Hikaru will be the courtier. Mori will be the Captain of the Guard. Hani will be the Oracle of Apollo. Kyouya will be Cetus the Sea Monster and I of course will be Perseus – the dashing Hero!! It’s Perfect!!”

“Wait a moment! You know I can’t act…”

“Sea Monster. You have got to be kidding me…”

“Yay!! This sounds like fun!! Can I wear a toga Tama-chan?”

“Are you trying to say I am vain…”

“Haruhi naked and tied to a rock… I am cool with that”

All the voices of the Host Club members talking at once didn’t seem to faze the Host Club King. Tamaki had the idea in his head and nothing they could say would make him change his mind. Haruhi saw the implacable look in Tamaki’s eyes and knew it was a lost cause. They would be doing the myth. I wonder how the public would react if in the production, Andromeda left Perseus to run off with the Courtier and the Sea Monster…Laughing to herself at the silly thought, Haruhi turned to her friends.

“We might as well give it up. I know that look. Tamaki isn’t going to budge on this one… and Hikaru – No I will not be naked and tied to a rock in front of all the Ouran students and parents. So you and Kaoru better come up with some sort of costume that will work instead.”

“We can do that!” the twins said together.

“I already have an idea that may work,” Kaoru added with a growing mischievous smile, “but it will mean that you need to come over this weekend and spend the day with us in fittings.”

“At this point, that doesn’t surprise me in the least. What time do you want me to come by?”

“Maybe we should all come over to Kaoru and Hikaru’s house this weekend!” Tamaki said eagerly. “That way we can see everyone’s costumes!!”

“Sorry Tamaki but no,” Hikaru stopped Tamaki before he could pass the idea on to anyone else. “We will bring everyone else’s costumes next week. Surely, you agree that Haruhi’s is the most important and needs the most… ummm… creativity.”

While he may have been speaking to the Host King, Hikaru’s eyes were following Haruhi. She could feel the intensity and the hints of lust that were in burning in his eyes. Blushing slightly at the tingling sensation that spread through her body at the thought of spending another fashion day alone with the twins, knowing there would be a lot of dressing, undressing, and touching in the guise of “adjusting” the clothing, Haruhi turned and grabbed her book. Making sure all of the others were wrapped up in discussions about props, location, dialogue, and costuming she stepped around a corner and out of eyesight of any of the others. She wrapped her arms around her book, closed her eyes, and leaned back against the wall to try to gather some semblance of composure before she went back out into the main room.

“Hmmm… What do we have here?” Kyouya’s silken voice whispered into Haruhi’s ear. Startled she opened her eyes to see that he was barely a hands breadth away. His hands were on the wall on either side of her arms, effectively pinning her against the wall. His silver eyes, molten behind the glasses, poured that electrical current through her body. “I wonder what would happen if the sea monster ran off with the princess instead of the hero.” He said in an odd echo of her thoughts earlier. “Once again I have to agree with Hikaru, I would love to see your naked body bound up as a sacrifice for me. Though the way I would eat you would be far more intense and much more… pleasurable,” Kyouya whispered the last word against the skin of her neck and followed it with a soft bite to the sensitive skin just behind the ear.

Haruhi couldn’t move. The words and the way Kyouya was whispering made her feel like she was already tied up as an offering. She was just as bound in place by his words as she would have been with rope. Her body almost vibrating with the nearness of him, she turned her head slightly, hoping to get another of those possessive kisses he had given her all those months ago. Her breath escaped in a slow soft moan. He turned into her… lips slowly descending…

“Haruhi, we need you to settle a debate between Hikaru/Kaoru and Mori/Hani with regards to the proper costume for a Captain of the Guard.” Tamaki’s voice cut into Haruhi’s consciousness as he came around the corner, instantly breaking the spell that both Kyouya and Haruhi were under. Kyouya quickly turned away from the Host king and walked back into the other room, a low growl rumbling under his breath. Haruhi’s color was high and her breathing was uneven as she continued her death grip on the book.

“Are you ok?” Tamaki’s voice held notes of worry. She was still his friend and she would always have a special place in his heart, even if they weren’t together as couple anymore. Though I have seen that look on Haruhi’s face before when it was directed at me. It’s not anger. It’s lust. Very Interesting.

“I am fine.” Haruhi replied, gathering her composure and avoiding Tamaki’s eyes. “I just needed a breath of air before going back into the madness in there. Are you sure you want to do this?” Pasting on a bright smile she looked up.

“Absolutely. This is going to be the most interesting Ouran Fair yet and I have no doubt that the Host Club will be most entertaining thing there. C’mon.” Tamaki linked his arm in Haruhi’s, smiled, kissed her lightly on the cheek to make her smile back at him and together they walked back into the other room.

Kyouya watched Tamaki and Haruhi walk back into the room together, smiling. Still in a foul mood from being interrupted by Tamaki earlier, he grabbed Hikaru and growled. “I am coming over this weekend.”

Surprised by the tone of voice, Hikaru really looked at the Shadow King. “All right, but know this. You aren’t the only one that loves her. If you can’t accept that and be willing to share her in any way SHE chooses, you will not make it through the door. You may have a private police force at your disposal, but I promise you, it won’t help in this instance. Do you understand me?”

If Hikaru was surprised at the growl in Kyouya’s voice, it was nothing to the surprise that Kyouya felt on hearing Hikaru’s words. A new respect for the younger host started growing in him. It was becoming clear that Hikaru really did care for Haruhi as much as he did. He still wasn’t sure if Kaoru was as protective as his twin, but he could make an educated guess. There weren’t many things that the twins disagreed on. “All right. I understand. I can behave and I only want what is best for Haruhi. I need to work on the idea of sharing, but I think I may be able to do it… If that is what she wants.”

“Oh we will work on you,” Hikaru said with a saucy wink, now that he knew he had the Shadow Lord’s word, ”Who knows, you may even find you are enjoying yourself.” With that final comment, Hikaru sashayed back to the middle of the room.

Kyouya’s eyes were glued to Hikaru’s back as he watched him walk away. What have I gotten myself into?”

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