A Faire Shot at Mythology

A Greek Myth leads to an idea for the final Ouran Faire for Kyouya and Tamaki. But will it bring out hidden desires as well?

This story follows 6 months after the events in The Game and references back to it. It can be read as a stand-alone, but the relationship dynamics are a continuation of those originally noted in the first story.



4. The Monster, The Hero, and The Princess

“Are they ever coming out?” Hikaru complained, even as he kept stealing glances at Kyouya. How can that man look so damn good?

“God I hope so,” Kyouya answered. He had to keep shifting in his seat to adjust the erection that was pushing against his pants. Only with every shift the sensation of the soft leather sliding against it made it worse. It was a never ending cycle of torment.

At that moment the door to the bathroom opened and Kaoru walked out leading Haruhi, both with smiles that could only be described as mischievous and self-satisfied. Two sets of eyes were riveted to Haruhi as she walked forward, her eyes forward and drinking them both in.

Let the timer count begin, Kaoru thought as he chuckled to himself. As he had predicted, both men were standing there stunned, just staring at Haruhi. Though her expression is almost a match to theirs.

Dear all gods in heaven, Kaoru was right. They both looked like something out of her darkest fantasy. The tattoos wrapping around their naked chests were far more of a turn on then she ever expected and the leather pants hugging their muscular legs and tight asses, got her instantly wet. Hearing a soft chuckle she looked up at Kaoru. His grin reminded her of the plan. She smiled back immediately.

Walking over to the large bed, Haruhi stood in front of one of the posts. Kaoru came up in front of her and started unwinding the thin leather ribbons that were attached to the sides. Slowly and sensually he started winding them around her arms. Then he brought her wrists together and wrapped the ribbons around them. He looked up at Haruhi to make sure they weren’t too tight. With a slight nod she indicated that they were fine. He lifted her arms over her head and attached the ends of the ribbons to a decorative ring at the top of the post. He leaned into kiss her softly one more time before kneeling down to work on her legs.

What is he doing? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. He really is tying up Haruhi. Kyouya’s mind raced as he started toward her. Wait. What’s the damn story again? I have to wait until the Captain of the Guard is done and leaves Andromeda there. Do I really have to fight Hikaru and “die”, because there is absolutely no way I am walking away from her anymore.

Kaoru you twisted, evil, bastard... You know what that is doing to me. Just like you know that it doesn’t matter that in the story the Sea Monster dies, there is absolutely no way that Kyouya is backing down from this. I can’t fight him when all I want to do is fuck them both. Can I convince him to let me share Haruhi? I have to find a way.

Hikaru walked over to Kyouya and put a hand on his shoulder. Gods, his skin is so warm. Shaking off the thought, he said, “Kaoru is out of his mind if he thinks that you will fight me and then conveniently “die” and walk away, while I ravish the princess. I propose a change to the story. This time Perseus and Cetus team up to take Andromeda to a place she has never been.”

Turning his head to look at Hikaru, Kyouya replied, “I am so glad you said that. I can’t walk away from her anymore. I know you love her as much as I do. Honestly, in this moment, in this damn costume, all I want is to be a part of a mass of bodies, skin, and leather, with Haruhi at the center.”

“Now that I can definitely agree to,” Hikaru said. His hand remained on Kyouya’s shoulder as they both turned back to watch Kaoru finish wrapping the rest of the leather ribbons around Haruhi’s legs. She was now completely tied to the bed. Her arms were above her head and her legs were spread wide and anchored separately to two points under the mattress. She was completely vulnerable. She was majestic… and her eyes dared Kyouya and Hikaru to do something about it.

With a final kiss, Kaoru slid his hands sensually down Haruhi’s sides, causing her to shiver in pleasure. “One last thing Princess,” the sultry tones caressing her almost as much as his hands had a moment before. He slowly reached up and started to unzip the front of her gown. He didn’t unzip it completely, just enough to let the rounded edges of her breasts show. With a wink at her, Kaoru turned and walked toward his twin and Kyouya.

“Your Princess is waiting,” He said to both men. “I suggest you don’t spend much time fighting over her, instead find a way to bring her to the pleasure she needs and deserves. I am going to go call her father and let him know that she will be staying here tonight, so he won’t worry. It’s starting to rain, and there may be a thunderstorm.” With that, Kaoru walked out of the room, leaving the three of them alone.

By unspoken agreement, the two men walked slowly over to Haruhi. Walking doesn’t really accurately describe what they are doing. They both look predatory and I feel like their prey. Their eyes, silver and gold, have this look that is giving me goosebumps. What are they thinking? Am I a fool for doing this?

“Hello Princess,” Kyouya’s normally cool voice now held a burning cold fire, ”I warned you yesterday that when it came time I would consume you. I intend to have you crying out my name in pleasure, begging for your release. This is your last chance to change your mind. If you want this to end, say it now, and we will untie you and walk away.” His hand slowly slid up her waist to caress her face.

“Just don’t think about the fact that if you decide to stop this, it will probably kill us,” Hikaru’s voice burning with hot passion as his finger traced lightly across the edge of her right breast. ”It is your choice. We want you. Do you want us?”

“More than I thought it was possible to ever want two people. I don’t just want you. I need you both.”

With those words Kyouya’s mouth came crashing down on Haruhi’s, his hand knotting in her hair, gripping tightly as he swallowed her gasp and proceeded to plunder her mouth with his tongue. His other hand slid into the bodice of her dress to caress her left breast. Hikaru’s mouth came down on her neck, biting hard then more gently as he worked his way up and down it. His fingers rubbing circles around her right nipple, his other hand wrapped firmly around her waist.

Haruhi was lost in the sensations. The coolness of Kyouya matched perfectly to the heat of Hikaru. This is what I have wanted for so long. That was the last coherent thought that flitted through her mind before she just let the passion she felt consume her.

Hikaru continued his exploration of Haruhi’s neck, then gently biting and kissing his way down her chest, he completely undid the zipper, freeing her breasts and slightly loosening her bonds. She was still trapped, but now she could wiggle a bit more. Wriggle away my princess, I love that you move for me even while you are caught by Kyouya’s mouth. Still teasing her skin with his lips and teeth, Hikaru replaced his hand on her breast with his mouth and bit gently, laving the nipple with his tongue. He watched as her reaction ripped up her body and she broke from Kyouya’s kiss with a cry followed immediately by a low moan.

Kyouya was momentarily distracted by her reaction and the breaking of her kiss, but as he saw Hikaru’s mouth latched onto Haruhi’s breast, he immediately knew what caused it. Smiling wickedly, he reclaimed her lips as he slid his hand down from the breast he had been caressing to slide between the sheer strips of her skirt. How nice of Kaoru to design a skirt with such easy access. Kyouya’s fingers continued their slide under the lace panties she was wearing and over the soft skin. Gently he teased them over the super sensitive clit and down into the warm wetness waiting for him. He swallowed her deeper moan this time with his kiss as his fingers slowly worked their way in and out of her pussy.

Hikaru continued his exploration of Haruhi’s breasts. Then making sure that both had received equal attention, he kissed his way down her stomach, working his way down to Kyouya’s fingers. Slowly he started licking her clit, then lower to tease around Kyouya’s fingers as they slid in and out of her, glancing up quickly to make sure that the Shadow King was ok with the sensation, before working his way back to her sweet spot. When he saw the reactions, he continued with that slow dance. Clit, Folds, Fingers, then back again.

Kyouya felt Hikaru’s tongue sliding around his moving fingers and was shocked at the sensation that flooded him. Instead of being awkward it was intriguing and a turn on. I never knew finger sucking was that pleasurable. Feeling Haruhi’s body starting to buck underneath him, Kyouya’s pulled back from her lips and started nuzzling down her neck. “Cum for us Princess,” his voice was a command, not a request.

Hikaru heard Kyouya’s command and felt Haruhi’s reaction as her orgasm pulsed through her clit and over Kyouya’s fingers. Her scream of pleasure echoing through the room as her body pulsed. As Kyouya slowly pulled his fingers out of her pussy, they were captured by Hikaru’s mouth as he licked the taste of Haruhi’s orgasm from them.

Releasing Kyouya’s fingers from his mouth, Hikaru stood and wrapped his arms around Haruhi from one side, while Kyouya mirrored his movements on the other. Together they held her tightly, while she slowly slid back into her body from the force of her release. Their breath a bit uneven as well.

“I… uh… Wow… that was..." Haruhi was at a complete loss for words as she was wrapped in the arms of the two men she had wanted for so long.




“Those work,” she laughed. “Now as much as I am really enjoying my position tied here, could I convince you to let me down? I think there are a couple of things that still need attention, and I desperately want to touch you both.”

Releasing her from leather ribbons was quickly completed. She pulled off the leather dress and sheer skirt, leaving on her lace panties. The men quickly removed their masks and boots, though at her request, the left on the leather pants. “I have a thing for the sensation of leather on my skin.” She blushed.

Just as Hikaru pulled off his last boot and was walking back to her and Kyouya, a loud boom shook the walls and the lights went out. Haruhi shrieked in fear this time. Both men rushed to her. Picking her up and gently laying her on the large bed, they climbed up beside her.

“Hush love,” Hikaru said gently, “We are here and we will protect you.” His arms wrapped around her as she shivered.

“We will protect you, and we will distract you.” Kyouya’s arms were around her as well. He listened to the sound of the rain beating down. ”Remember the story. Only this time Poseidon is a little upset because his sea creature didn’t destroy Andromeda, the creature fell in love with her instead. He will be ok with it in the morning. After all – the story has a happy ending as Poseidon sees the love Perseus has. The love of the three of us will be even more beautiful. I promise.”

The sincerity of Kyouya’s words helped calm Haruhi’s fears. She was still apprehensive about the storm, but she was willing to try and forget it in their arms. She leaned in and kissed Kyouya gently in thanks. Turning her head she kissed Hikaru as well. “Make love to me. Make me forget the storm.” Her hands slid down their chests to caress the bulges in their pants.

“We can do that.” It was a bit odd to Hikaru to be echoing someone other than his twin, but it still felt right.

This time they moved slowly. Caressing her and building up the fire in her body, while she slid her hands down their leather clad legs and across their hardness. Gently undoing the fly on both their pants she released their erections. She worked her hands around them. She traced her fingers lightly up the hard shaft then circled them back down smoothly. She loved the groans that escaped her lips as her hands played with them. Moving down further on the bed, Haruhi took Hikaru’s cock in her mouth while she worked Kyouya’s with her fingers. She mimicked the motion of her fingers with her tongue and watched with her own growing smile as Hikaru’s hands clenched in the sheets and his back arched, while a deep moan escaped his lips. Switching, she then took Kyouya’s cock in her mouth while working Hikaru’s with her fingers. His reaction was to grab her head and guide it as she swirled her tongue around her. He gasped with pleasure. She alternated between them for a while, fanning the flames, teasing them, making them feel as intensely as they had made her feel earlier.

“Stop teasing me and suck me off,” Kyouya’s voice interrupted her. He stripped off his pants.

“Your wish is my command, my Prince,” Motioning him higher on the bed, Haruhi rolled over onto her knees, and bent down taking him completely in her mouth. His hands in her hair showing her exactly where to go.

“I need to fuck you,” Hikaru’s voice slid over her as he moved behind her. Taking off his pants and spreading her knees wider, he positioned himself and then with a cry slid deeply inside her. His cry was echoed by Haruhi as she worked around Kyouya’s cock. They developed a rhythm with Haruhi in the middle of them. Hikaru would thrust in as she slid her mouth deeper around Kyouya’s cock. Then as she slid back off it, Hikaru would pull out. It was a dance that flowed perfectly. The storm outside was nothing to the storm of passion raging in the room.

Hikaru came first, flooding Haruhi and pushing her almost to the edge of her own orgasm. As he slowly continued his motions, Kyouya pulled Haruhi’s mouth off his cock and said, ”I need to be inside you.”

Hikaru pulled out of Haruhi and helped position her above Kyouya’s cock. Sliding down it was just enough to send Haruhi over her own edge and her orgasm hit hard around Kyouya’s cock. A few quick thrusts and Kyouya was also crying out his release, filling her. Hikaru collapsed on top of them both and they fell back into the bed in a tangle of sweaty limbs, breathing heavily and all fully sated.

“Once again, I can’t even describe that experience.” Haruhi finally said.

“You don’t have to… We get it.” Kyouya answered, climbing under the covers, and pulling Haruhi against his chest.

“Oh it’s going to get really fun from here on out,” Hikaru added with a yawn, as he crawled in on the other side of Haruhi and spooned his body on hers, his arm dangling over Kyouya’s side.

“How do you guys feel about making those tattoos permanent,” Haruhi mumbled half-jokingly as she fell asleep, wrapped completely in the arms of her lovers.

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