A Faire Shot at Mythology

A Greek Myth leads to an idea for the final Ouran Faire for Kyouya and Tamaki. But will it bring out hidden desires as well?

This story follows 6 months after the events in The Game and references back to it. It can be read as a stand-alone, but the relationship dynamics are a continuation of those originally noted in the first story.



2. The Fitting

Around 11am on Saturday morning, Haruhi got out of the car that the twins had sent around for her and started walking directly to the door leading to the South Wing of the Hitachiian mansion, where she knew the twins lived. She knocked lightly on the door and a maid answered, leading her up to the twin’s suite even though she was familiar with the way. Once they reached the door, the maid announced her.

“Master Kaoru, Master Hikaru, Miss Fujioka is here to see you.” Stepping back and gesturing for Haruhi to enter, the maid shut the door behind her as she left.

Haruhi walked in to a cacophony of colors and textures. There were dresses, pants, jackets, and shirts of all styles and colors thrown on the furniture. Everything looked to the casual eye to be mismatched but knowing Kaoru and Hikaru as well as she did, she knew there was an order to what appeared to be madness. I am actually looking forward to this. I wasn’t sure of the idea yesterday, but now I kind of like it. I will finally get to be Andromeda… even if I’d rather be snatched by our monster than rescued by our hero.

“Haruhi!!” The twins saw her immediately and pounced on her. Laughing they picked her up and threw her on their four post bed. Jumping on top of her, they pinned her down and started tickling her.

“Stop. Please… Can’t breathe,” Haruhi gasped as she tried to get the words out between the squeals of laughter. The tickle orgy had been the way they had greeted her all of last summer when she would come over to hang out. It was a familiar routine that made her smile. It was just another way that showed how much the twins had opened up and let her into their lives.

“Let me up… giggle… pretty please?” Haruhi batted her eyes at Kaoru.

“Nope.” Kaoru laughed down at her. He moved around to her head and pinned her arms above her.

“Hikaru… will you let me up?” Figuring the eyelashes didn’t work the first time, she gave her best puppy dog eyes look at him.

“Not a chance,” Hikaru rolled over and sat on her legs, effectively pinning those as well to the bed.

Now completely trapped between them, Haruhi felt her laughter shift. She became conscious of the weight of their bodies holding her down -such a nice weight. The butterflies started in her stomach and started fluttering through her body, leaving a trail of warmth in their wake. In a breathy voice only slightly because of the tickling they had just finished she asked, “What do I have to do to make you let me up?”

Hikaru saw the changes in Haruhi’s expressions and was secretly overjoyed to see them. He knew that over the last year the flirting that the three of them had done was meant as a joke, on her part at least, even if there had been hints of real interest on his and Kaoru’s. The game they played last fall had really started a slow burn in all of them. It was finally time for that slow burn to become a full blaze. Catching Kaoru’s eyes, he saw a similar emotion. Leaning down and putting his arms flush against her body,

Hikaru murmured, “Well you can always offer a kiss…”

“Master Kyouya Ootori to see you sirs,” The maid’s voice cut into the room as Kyouya walked in. Immediately his eyes went to the scene on the bed, Haruhi pinned down by Hikaru and Kaoru. Silver fire flashed and jealousy consumed him. Damn it. I need to lock that down. I made a promise and I intend to keep it. I can be whatever Haruhi needs, even if that means sharing her.

Still pinned, Haruhi flushed a bright red as first Kaoru and then Hikaru released her, pulling her into an upright position and then sitting next to her. What could Kyouya be thinking? Why does it matter? Out loud, she addressed him, consciously trying to make her voice sound normal.

“Kyouya-sempai, what are you doing here? I thought the costumes for the other Host Club members weren’t going to be done until next week?”

Kyouya wasn’t quite sure how to answer. He couldn’t just tell her that he had pretty much demanded that Hikaru let him be here. That he didn’t trust her alone with the twins, because they might succeed in changing her feelings for him.

“I asked Kyouya to join us because his costume is going to be as difficult to put together as yours is,” Hikaru responded to Haruhi’s question instead, while looking at the Shadow King daring him to disagree.

“We thought it would be better to see the two of you together in your costumes, to make sure that it looks properly dramatic,” Kaoru added. He was fully aware of Kyouya’s demand but he saw it as an opportunity to make a little bit of mischief for Kyouya and Haruhi. Even better it was a way to tease his twin as well. It wasn’t often that the opportunity arose that he could tweak Hikaru.

Both twins got up off the bed and went into the main part of the room to start flipping through the clothing spread out everywhere else.

“Well that makes sense,” Haruhi breathed a sigh of relief, she was half afraid this was an elaborately staged game the twins decided to play. “Have you ever done this before? I know most of last year, we were just given our stuff to wear. But having experienced the room in this state of chaos before, I know this is not a ‘Here-you-go-wear-this’ fitting. Get comfortable, because we will be here for hours.”

“Ummm…” Kyouya was at a loss for words.

“Haruhi, that’s not fair,” Kaoru teased as he rifled through a stack of shirts, “We know what we are doing!”

“Oh, I didn’t say that you didn’t,” she laughed back, “only that you both WILL change your minds several times in the next few hours and Kyouya and I will become your living dolls. Changing clothes over and over and over…”

“You know you love us… and we are always right!” Hikaru replied while digging through a pile of dresses. “Now strip Dolly!” he added tossing her a soft blue silk dress.

Haruhi turned her back on the men and started taking off her shirt and pants.

Oh my gods, is she really going to get undressed right here in front of us? Kyouya’s thought froze him in place as he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight of Haruhi’s shirt sliding down her back. OOmpf! A balled up shirt hit him in the side of the head and slid across his vision. He was really glad he decided to wear his contacts today, or the force of that impact could have broken his glasses.

“Hey! Earth to Kyouya!! Eyes over here and get your ass undressed. We have costumes to work out.” Kaoru’s sharp voice cut into Kyouya’s daydreaming. Without another thought he submitted to Kaoru’s demand and started getting changed.

“Ok. That looks nice.”

“No. That doesn’t work at all.”

“Maybe a different color…”

“Hold your arms like this.”

“Different style. Definitely.”

For the next several hours, Haruhi’s prediction came true. She and Kyouya were dressed, undressed, poked, prodded, shifted and stared at repeatedly, stopping only for a brief break to grab some lunch. Haruhi was used to it by now, so she took all of the commands in stride. For Kyouya, it was a new and novel experience. The professional way the twins discussed ideas, sorted and shifted the costuming around was impressive. His estimation of both Kaoru and Hikaru increased greatly. They really weren’t frivolous twits but legitimate heirs to their family’s fashion empire. He soon was just as used to their commands as Haruhi – dressing and undressing as needed… though he did occasionally sneak a peek at her across the room as she was undressing. At some time in the last year, Haruhi had started filling out a bit more. It was hidden in the loose outlines of the school uniform he usually saw her in. While she would never be voluptuous, her hips were fuller than they used to be and her bra size had gone from near nonexistent to a solid B cup. Feeling Kaoru’s glare on the back of his neck, Kyouya quickly shifted his gaze elsewhere. Besides, if I keep glancing at her while she is pretty much only in her underwear, something else is going to start filling out. I am not quite ready for the teasing I would get for that from Kaoru and Hikaru.

Finally Hikaru and Kaoru declared themselves satisfied with the results. Haruhi’s gown for the Faire would be a simple white peasant-style long shift, with a gold trimmed blue velvet overdress. It tied easily in the front so Mori as the Captain of the Guard could undress her partially as befit the story, but Haruhi was still completely covered for modesty’s sake. Kyouya’s costume was a dark green and blue silk shirt, black pants, and a large headdress that was shaped like the head of a sea monster.

Completely exhausted by the whirlwind of the day, Kyouya sat down on the edge of the bed then just flopped backwards. Giggling at his expression, Haruhi sat down next to him and did the same.

“Tired?” she asked.

“Oh my gods. I had no idea that I could be this wiped out after spending a day trying on clothes.”

Haruhi laughed. “I know what you mean. The first time I did this, I went home and fell asleep at the table. My dad didn’t know what to do. So he called and yelled at Hikaru.”

Kyouya turned his head to look at her. “I can picture your dad, dressed up for work, yelling that they had abused his precious baby girl.”

“That is pretty much what happened. It took Hikaru a week before he would speak to me again.” Haruhi giggled.

Kyouya laughed with her. I can completely picture that… and her. I may not be as tired as I thought, because laying here like this with her next to me, the only thing I want to do is roll over, pin her under me and see what those curves I kept seeing today feel like under my fingers.

“Not true. I didn’t speak to you for three days not a week,” the smile in Hikaru’s voice was clear as he stared down at them, leaning on one of the bed posts. Neither noticed me walking over here. Interesting. But I recognize that look on Kyouya’s face. It’s lust and after being good and professional this afternoon with two sexy semi-naked models in front of me, I am right there with him. It’s time to initiate The Game, Part II.

Hikaru caught his brother’s eyes. With a small nod, Kaoru acknowledged the start of the idea they had come up with earlier that morning. Walking over to the others still lying on the bed, he sat down on the edge.

“So we have our costumes for the Faire. They are nice, they meet all requirements of public modesty and they will cement us as the kings of fashion,” Kaoru said with a smile. “Now do you want to try on the costumes that we REALLY designed when Haruhi told the story yesterday?”

“All of that flurry today and the final costumes weren’t what you had planned?” Kyouya was puzzled.

“Oh we had planned most of that, but these costumes are different, and definitely not something the Host Club could wear for a Faire. A private event maybe, but definitely not a public one.” Hikaru responded.

“I wondered if you had something else up your sleeves, you were both way too professional today,” Haruhi said. “I am game. I actually missed the innuendo you usually toss at me. But you both need to get in costume too. I am done being Dolly for the day.”

“We can do that. Hikaru will take Tamaki’s place as Perseus and I will take Mori’s as the Captain of the Guard. We can recreate the ultimate fight scene between Perseus and Cetus, before Andromeda is rescued. Kyouya – Are you in?”

Kyouya knew this trap was a game, but he had no idea of the rules, or how to play. That bothered him a bit. He preferred being in control at all times. However, the thought of seeing Haruhi in something that could only be viewed in private was incredibly intriguing. “I am in.”

“Perfect. Here are your costumes,” Kaoru said pulling out boxes from under the bed and passing out one each to Kyouya, Hikaru, Haruhi and setting a fourth down for himself. “Haruhi’s costume is the most difficult to get into naturally, but you both will also need a little help with a part of your costume. So I will help both of you and have a maid help Haruhi. Hikaru, could you ring one please? ”

A maid appeared almost instantly after Hikaru’s call and led Haruhi into the bathroom to get dressed and have a little make-up applied.

Opening his box, Kyouya was startled to see nothing but black leather pants, a soft leather mask that covered his eyes and part of his head and a large temporary tattoo. Looking over at Hikaru he could see his contents were similar, only his leather pants and mask were white.

“I figure you both know how to put on the pants, but you will need help with the right placement of the tattoo.” Grabbing a basin of water and a soft cloth, Kaoru peeled the backing off of Kyouya’s tattoo while Kyouya took his shirt off completely. “Obviously this would be more epic if the tattoos were real, but we will go with what we can. Maybe we can get real ones later.”

Starting on the middle of the left side of Kyouya’s bare chest, Kaoru slowly worked the tattoo, up and over his shoulder, down his back, finally wrapping it around his side and down, where the tail end finished just under the waistline of Kyouya’s jeans. “The tail will actually show when you put on the leather pants. They sit low on the hips, so don’t wear any underwear underneath them.”

Kyouya nodded then watched as Kaoru repeated the process with Hikaru. Only instead of the temporary tattoo wrapping around his torso, the way Kyouya’s did, it started at his shoulders and went all the way down Hikaru’s back. Hikaru’s tattoo was a phoenix – wings at the shoulders and claws ending at his hips. Kyouya realized he was so entranced watching Kaoru put the tattoo on his brother, that he hadn’t looked to see what his looked like. Turning toward the mirror, he gasped when he saw a stylized dragon wrapped up and around his body. Ok – that’s actually really cool looking.

“Ok boys, you are done. It’s leather time.” Kaoru said with a laugh. “oh, and before I forget, there are matching leather boots for the outfits against the wall.” He turned and opened his box, pulling out the grey leather pants, vest and mask.

Kyouya undressed completely. Sliding the soft leather up his hips was an unexpected feeling. It was soft, and conformed to every muscle - snug but incredibly sensual. He was a bit worried that the leather sat so low on his hips. It covered everything, but it would show even the slightest arousal. Ok. Haruhi had better come out in a burlap sack, because the feel of the leather alone has me getting hard. I have no idea what will happen if her costume is even half as sensual as this one.

Hikaru was already hard and he hadn’t even seen the final result of everyone’s costumes. It’s all Kyouya’s fault and Kaoru’s too. Kaoru knows I have a crush on the Shadow King, so why the hell did he have to put that tattoo on so sensually. Sliding his hands all over Kyouya’s chest, down his back, the water dripping… Gods! Now the leather pants too. I forgot how they make me feel. I just want to screw the brains out of someone and honestly at this point I don’t care who.

Kaoru was laughing silently. He had purposely teased his twin as he was putting on Kyouya’s tattoo. What was interesting was Kyouya was almost as interested when Kaoru put on Hikaru’s tattoo. While Kaoru didn’t think the Shadow King was quite aware of his attraction yet for Hikaru, it was obvious to Kaoru, that there was something beginning. My brother may get his chance to be in Kyouya’s bed after all. Delicious thought.

Kaoru turned and walked toward the center of the room. ”Are you both ready?” His lascivious smile burned as he looked over the two gorgeous men standing in front of him - men who were staring at each other.

OH MY GODS. Kyouya like that is beyond what I could ever have imagined. Fuck. How the hell am I going to be able to stop myself from touching him?

Hikaru is… is… beyond attractive. Am I really feeling this kind of lust for another man?

Kaoru’s smile increased. “Earth to Host Club! Remember- You aren’t Hikaru or Kyouya. You are Perseus and Cetus… and I am about to tie Andromeda up.” Kaoru’s words seemed to shatter the spell that both men were under while simultaneously sucker-punching them both in the gut. Realizing what Kaoru’s last words were, two rock hard bulges appeared, not even close to being hidden by the tight leather pants. Oh Hell yes this is going to be fun... Plus I know how Haruhi is going to look, since I designed her costume. I bet they stand there stunned for a full minute when she comes out.

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