A Faire Shot at Mythology

A Greek Myth leads to an idea for the final Ouran Faire for Kyouya and Tamaki. But will it bring out hidden desires as well?

This story follows 6 months after the events in The Game and references back to it. It can be read as a stand-alone, but the relationship dynamics are a continuation of those originally noted in the first story.



3. Andromeda

Haruhi was staring at her reflection in the mirror. I look like the embodiment of sex. I am not sure whether I should kill Kaoru or kiss him. This costume is unbelievable. It’s ingenious. Oh my gods, what are the guys going to think. Can I even think? All I know is that in this, I am Andromeda… and I don’t want to be saved. I want to be ravished. I want to be a sacrifice to a heathen god.

Kaoru quietly entered the bathroom while Haruhi was lost in thought – staring at herself in the mirror. IIt’s perfect. She is breathtaking.i Kaoru looked at the costume he designed. The top was soft leather dyed bright blue. It was strapless over-gown with a zipper carefully concealed up the front, the back was a tightly laced corset, accenting her small waist, bringing out the curve of her hips, and pushing her breasts up. It had a long split leather skirt cascading down her hips. A very sheer petticoat whispered underneath made of long strips of cloth, so that when she moved her bare legs were briefly exposed. What made the dress perfect were the 4 long royal blue leather ribbons, about an inch wide – two attached to the dress under each arm and two at each hip. Right now they were wrapped in a pretty design around the leather of the dress.

“You look absolutely incredible.” Kaoru said with a smile that melted Haruhi’s heart.

Hearing his voice, Haruhi came out of her thoughts, turned and did a full body double take as she looked at him. “Wow. So do you.”

“This is nothing. Wait until you see Kyouya and Hikaru.”

“How on earth can they look better than you?”

“Just trust me on this,” Kaoru said stepping up and wrapping his arms around her. “Haruhi, before we go out, I need to ask you something. What you feel for me is different than what you feel for Hikaru or Kyouya, isn’t it? I am guessing it’s more like what you feel for Tamaki.”

Blushing Haruhi responded, ”It is. I am attracted to you and I do love you, but you are far closer to me as a friend than as a lover. I am sorry if that hurts you. I wish I could feel differently.”

“Don’t be,” Kaoru smiled, “I feel the same way. You are my best friend and next to Hikaru there isn’t anyone that I love more, but it just doesn’t feel the way love is supposed to feel, if that makes any sense. Don’t get me wrong – I am still attracted to you, I will always be there for you, and I will never turn you down should you ever decide you need a lover for an evening or two, but the forever-together kind of love I just don’t feel for you.”

“Well that makes me feel better,” Haruhi said with a laugh. She leaned in a kissed Kaoru softly. ”I may take you up on that last offer. It has been over 4 months since Tamaki and I last had sex and thanks to your hijinks and that damn game, it’s been all I can think about for the last few months.”

“Trust me love,” Kaoru teased, ”With what is waiting out there, you won’t need me, except maybe as referee.” He winked at her. “Wait a minute. Our Game was 6 months ago, but you and Tamaki – 4 months ago?”


“Ahhh…” comprehension dawning as Kaoru remembered her intense fear of thunderstorms, and the way Tamaki always helped her through them.

“But back to the other problem, because I do feel that intense love/lust/permanent attraction to not only Hikaru but Kyouya as well. How can I be that in love with two different men? How will I ever choose?”

“Believe it or not, I would say that you don’t need to. You know Hikaru is bi and he has been hiding his own obsession for Kyouya for years. Kyouya isn’t quite at a place where he is ready to even acknowledge that he may have an interest, but it’s there. I can see it. And before you even think it, the one thing that both of them completely agree on is they are both completely head over heels in that love/lust/permanent attraction you just mentioned with only one person. You.”

“Are you absolutely sure? They flirt with me, but there hasn’t been any serious attempts made. Even after those scorching kisses.”

“You know the reason for that – Tamaki. They were afraid of how he would react. Though I think the little demonstration that you both pulled off yesterday went a long way to changing that. Trust me.”

“That I can do.” Haruhi’s smile lit up her face.

“Then I have an idea… If you are willing, that is. How much do you want to be Andromeda tonight? Tied up and left as a sacrifice?”

“More than I really want to admit.”

“Perfect.” Kaoru leaned in and explained his idea. At first Haruhi was slightly shocked and embarrassed, but that soon gave way to intrigue and an overwhelming desire. Kaoru’s idea was going to shatter every one of her ideas of what was proper… and she loved it.

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