A Glimpse of Death

Naeve Alvect is a 15 year old girl suffering from depression and has been diagnosed with an unknown mental illness. Scared of her own face, her mother had to deal living in a catastrophic life with her. But what her mother doesn't know is that Naeve is special, she has a special gift whom she will never tell even if it means taking her own life. When a guy suddenly barged into her life, things started turning around for Naeve.


4. Samantha's P.O.V



           "JAMES!" I yelled at my phone. I was tired and jet lagged. 

          "The fuck woman?! Have mercy on my ears.." I heard him muttered 'bitch'.

           "Asshole." I knew that he rolled his eyes when I said that even though he wasn't here with me. We've been bestfriends ever since I learned how to talk and the first thing I said to him was, 'Piss off, wimp'.

           "Dumbass." He was getting on my nerves. 

           "Shit head!" I yelled again. 

            "What is wrong with you and yelling? What do you want?" I mentally face palmed myself.

            "My dearest James, Captain told you to pick me up 30 minutes ago. Where the fuck are you?!" He gasped. I knew it! He forgot about me. 

            "Shit... oh shit... I forgot about that. Don't tell Captain about this! I'll be there in 5. Just gotta.." I heard muffling sound.

            "James..baby, where are you going? I thought you told me we were going to cuddle today?" Of course, he's with a whore. I never liked James, but Captain paired me up with that loser because I was an elite and he.. well let's just say he's lucky that Captain had mercy on him. 

            "Babe, I gotta go. Something urgent came up. I'll come back later." Then, I heard smooching sounds and moans. Ewwww! God... my ears are no longer holy. 

           I hung up and searched for a place to sit while I wait for James. I really miss, Eve. She's an angel. She's always nice to me. She's the only thing that keeps me sane. 

           "Hey, Mantha!" I turned around and saw James. He's hair was a mess. He waved at me and I waved back. 

           "Shit head, consider yourself lucky I didn't tell Captain. Or else that whore would be the last girl you banged. Now, come on! I need to meet with Aaron." James went pale and he quickly ushered me towards his car. 

           When we were inside the car, James started driving and I was busy looking through pictures of me and Eve when we were younger and livelier. 

           "You know.... me and Eve... We don't talk anymore." James suddenly said. I glared at him and pinched his thigh. This little fucker. Thank God, he was driving or I would've jumped on him and beat him to a pulp. 

           "What happened? Did Captain ordered you to stop talking to her? Is she okay? Does she have friends?" James just kept quiet. He had a gloomy face on him.

           "Captain didn't ordered me... She was the school's victim. I didn't want to get bullied so..." My head snapped and I turned looking at him in disbelief. 

            "How could you? She's just a child." After that everything went silence. When the car finally stopped moving we were in front of Eve's house. 

            "Aaron said he would just text you your mission. I.. gotta go. I don't wanna see her." I nodded my head and went towards the door. I knocked but no one answered. Suddenly a car pulled over and I saw Miss Alvect. She had a guilty expression. I wonder, why? 

           "Oh, Sam! Long time no see! Come on inside. Eve is still in the car..... thinking" We entered and I just sat in silence while Miss Alvect like a chatterbox she is keep talking about her new job and Eve's life. Miss Alvect offered me food which I happily accepted. 

                     Apparently, Eve's life went down the hill after I left. She became a loner. It was sad and depressing listening to Miss Alvect. The old Eve was bubbly and friendly. I was lost in my thoughts when suddenly, I heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen. I turned around and saw, Eve. You could see the shock in her face when she sees me. 

                   She was paler than before. Her hair was no longer silky and midnight black instead it was silver. Her lips were pale as if she was wearing a concealer but judging from the old Eve I know, she always hates make up and I doubt she even have a chapstick. Her lips were cracked and dry. Her once sparkly eyes were now dull. She was skinnier and you could barely see her face as her head was really hidden with the hoodie she wore.. Eve seemed dead. She looked like a walking corpse just keep on living because she had to. My heart shattered looking at her condition. 

              "Eve!" I yelled and walked towards her. I gave her a big warm hug. I cried. I really miss her a lot. I hope my mission had nothing to do with Eve. After we pulled apart she just kept on looking at my eyes like a child finally reunited with her mom. 

              "Eve..." I said in a brittle tone. I felt like crying again watching her smiling.    

              "Sammy! Don't cry!Please, I can't stand watching you cry because of me." She said in a modulated tone. I gave her a broad smile. 

              "Okay, okay!Sheesh! I won't cry. I just miss you so much.." I gave her a sheepish smile. She just nodded her head and gave me a side hug. 

                       Eve that we can continue our conversation in her room and so I nodded. Miss Alvect told us that she's called us when dinner's ready. As I was walking, suddenly my phone vibrated. I looked at it and saw Aaron's name on it. I excused myself and read the text alone.  

                      It stated, 

            "Sam, your mission is to crush Naeve Alvect's heart." 



Author's note

2 updates at once. Yay~~ (_^_) What do you think of James and Samantha's really identity is? Sorry, if there's any mistake.. I'm just too lazy to re-read it again.... (=^=) And plus I have a headache. kbye~ 


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