A Glimpse of Death

Naeve Alvect is a 15 year old girl suffering from depression and has been diagnosed with an unknown mental illness. Scared of her own face, her mother had to deal living in a catastrophic life with her. But what her mother doesn't know is that Naeve is special, she has a special gift whom she will never tell even if it means taking her own life. When a guy suddenly barged into her life, things started turning around for Naeve.


3. It Just Gets Worse

      "Samantha? Why...why?" My body was shaking uncontrollably and I felt my stomach churn. Samantha quickly ran towards me and gave me a big warm hug. After what felt like eternity, we pulled apart. Samantha was beaming in  happiness while looking at me. Her eyes were glossy, her nose was red and her cheeks were wet. 

      "Eve..." Samantha said in a brittle tone. 

      "Sammy! Don't cry! Please, I can't stand watching you cry because of me." I said in a modulated tone. Samantha gave me a broad smile. 

       "Okay, okay! Sheesh! I won't cry. I just miss you so much..." She gave me a sheepish smile, I just nodded my head and gave her a side hug. 

       "Let's go to my room." I said in a monotone voice. I didn't like the idea of mom hearing every single shit happened in my life. I never wanted anything from mom except my privacy. My privacy is my first priority, one time I caught mom reading my diary, I went ballistic and I didn't talk to her for a week. I guess that's when I drifted away from mom. 

       "I'll call you monkeys when dinner is ready." Mom said in a soft tone. Sammy nodded her head and pulled me upstairs towards my room. I almost fell twice because of her. 

                 When we were inside, Sammy and I sat on the bed while facing each other. 

        "So.... where's James? Let me guess? You're with him now, right?" Sammy had a sly smile on her lips. I just kept quiet. I didn't want to tell her our once sweet friendship turned bitter as soon as she left. I looked at her and lowered my head feeling ashamed of my self. 

        "You sly devil! I knew it! I knew this day was going to happen! Congratulations, Miss I'm-gonna-stay-single! I bet you're not even a virgin... What position di--" Before Sammy finished her blabbering, I stopped her immediately. I covered her mouth with my hands. I glared at her and she burst out laughing.

        "Ev...evee...yo...your....expression...wa..w..was..PRICELESS!" I gave her a menacing look and stood up fuming with anger. Let's just say I was beyond disgruntled. 

        "No, Sammy. Fyi, me and James, our friendship was long gone! Our friendship quickly went calamitous right after you left! So, don't you say any shit about me and James! I fucking hate that cunt!" I said in a very dangerous tone. I suddenly felt the room getting darker and darker. Sammy's gleeful expression was quickly replaced with a solemn one. 

        "Eve... I'm sorry. I didn't know." I sensed her feeling changing from happy to sympathy. I don't like people feeling sorry for me. I just kept quiet while looking at my hands that had purple sparks coming from my fingertips. 

         "That's okay. I'm fine now. That's in the past." Sammy just nodded her head slowly and moved closer to me. Her sympathy aura engulfed me. I became more enraged. 

                Sammy hugged me. I felt my powers getting powerful as I was raging with anger. 

         "Sammy, get your fucking hands off me!" Sammy flinched and jumped away from me. I can't really control my powers when I'm angry. 

         "You have no right feeling apologetic towards me! You left me with that devil! That devil that made me suicidal... I almost died, Sammy... Did you know that? I tried to commit suicide 152 times.." Sammy had this scared look on her face and I knew that the devil inside of me was just waiting for me to get weak. 

         "You know, Eve... I liked James.... you came and took everything away from me..... You should have just died. I was hoping when I come back here, you were already six feet under the ground" That's when something inside me finally snap. 

          I couldn't control myself anymore. The devil was finally released. 



Author's note

I'm sorry that this chapter is short. The next chapter will be in Samantha's P.O.V. (=...=) Please comment if you think the story is not interesting. I used to have lots of ideas but everything disappeared..... I have no time to write since my school starts at 6.40 a.m. and usually ends at 12.30 p.m. I also have after class activities so yeah...  

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