If Only


1. The Beginning

It was just a normal day, just like any other, until I got the news.

My name is Savannah Stevens. I go to blanking secondary. I don't have a lot of friends, but I have a small group of friends I usually hang out with. Not a lot of people like me-not because I'm mean or anything, they just don't like me. I have really low self esteem.. I'm not really sure why.

My school starts in 5 minutes, so I'm trying to hurry to class. I'm usually the first person there, because nobody else really cares I guess. I was getting my desk ready and clean when all of a sudden he walked in the room. I couldn't stop staring. His perfect face had me hypnotized. "He has such pretty eyes" I think to myself. He walked to his desk and every one of his friends went over talking to him about there weekend. I've waited all weekend to see him again, I always get so excited because he makes me so happy, even though he barely knows I'm there. "Is somebody being a creepy stalker? Again?" Keirra askes me really loudly, so everyone can here. He stares and lookes at me. "No, actually. Thanks for asking though." I turn around and look at my binder. "Look, I don't want to fight today. Maybe you should try and be calm for once, and take another pill." Everyone looks at Keirra, who is clearly embarrassed. "Don't start with me Savannah. I will make your life miserable." Everyone sits in their seats as Mr. Daniels walked in the room. I turn to Keirra before she has to leave. "I'd like to see you try" She's about to say something as Mr. Daniels yells across the room for her to sit down. She glares at me quickly before making her way to her seat.

It was around 2:45, and I eagerly keep checking the time, waiting for school to end. 2:46. 2:47. "Ugh time is so slow." I think to myself. I drift off in my thoughts, when all of a sudden the announcements turn on. "Excuse the interruption, but can Savannah Stevens please report to the office, Savannah Stevens please report to the office. Thank you." Everyone turns to look at me. I get up out of my seat and slowly walk out the door. I turn the corner to the office, and when I turned around it, I couldn't believe my eyes.

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