You're My Drug ~Zayn Malik Love Story~xdddd

Paris is a 19 year old girl from a broken home. She has broken friends too. The biggest problem is that she is a drug addict and can't pay her debt to the biggest drug dealer in England, Nyaz (pronounced Naz, Zayn). She finds out that she has not only have a drug addiction but a love addiction. Read more to find out.


5. The Guilt

Next  Three Days
Paris' POV
I fluttered my eyes open and saw that I was still hanging. I looked up at my wrist and they were red. I tried pulling myself up and biting the rope but I was too weak. I was starving and my mouth was dry. I could see the rope thinning at the top. I moved so that it would tear but I failed. I grunted and just gave up. I heard footsteps and my head went up.  I saw Liam run to me. He cut the rope and caught me quickly.

"Oh my gosh love. Are you okay?" Liam said.
"I'm fine. Where's Nyaz?" I asked weakly.
"Don't worry about him, love." Liam said.
"Wait, Liam!" I said.
He stopped in his tracks.
"Aren't you going to get in trouble?" I said.
"Don't worry about me, love. I'll be fine." Liam whispered.

I nodded and he carried me to my room. I was laid in bed. Liam cleaned and wrapped my wrist. He gave me pills and water for my headache. Liam paced the floor as I laid down. He sat in the chair and looked down at the floor.

"It's not your fault." I said."You couldn't have done anything. It's all my fault."
"I will feel better if you go to sleep and rest, Paris." Liam said.
"I'm not going to...sleep." I yawned.
"Please, Paris." Liam begged, stroking my hair.
"Let the guys know I'm fine." I said.
"Okay, I will." Liam said.

I watched him leave and laid my head down. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Zayn's POV
I walked in the house and it was quiet. They guys must've went home for the day. I walked upstairs and into my room but then I heard talking. I walked into Nichole's room and I saw her sleeping. She was mumbling in her sleep. I walked to the bed and looked at her.  I stroked her head but then stopped. All I can see is her kissing Christian. Trust me I don't like her. She rude and disrespectful as hell. I walked out the room and laid in my bed with my hands over my face. I have to learn how to be nice. I got up and walked downstairs. I saw Nichole in the kitchen and walked in front of her. She looked scared.

"You're up." I said.
"Yeah, I am." She said.
"Listen, Nichole. I'm sorry for--" I said before she interrupted me. 
"No, it's fine. I'm fine. You don't have to apologize." She said waving her hands.
She walked away but I grabbed her wrist. She clenched her teeth and turned around.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Nothing, I'm fine." She said, snatching her wrist away.

Paris' POV
I looked at him and walked upstairs to my room. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and dressed into these pajamas. I walked downstairs into the living room. Liam came out the kitchen with two cups of tea. He gave one to me and sat next to me on the couch.

"Did he see you?" Liam asked.
I nodded.
"What did he say?" Liam asked.
"He tried to apologize but I told him not worry about it." I said.
"It's gonna be fine." Liam said.
I looked at my wrist and rubbed them"You're not the one getting abused."
"He's actually not a bad guy." Liam said.
"You're kidding me right?' I said,
"You just haven't seen his good side for more than 3 minutes." Liam said.

I continued to talk to Liam. Then the doorbell rang, Liam went to answer it. All I saw was Liam walk outside and then I heard screaming. I walked outside and saw Liam and the guys attacking Christian. I screamed for them to stop. They looked at me and stopped. I knelled down to Christian and his face was badly beaten. He had a black eye, busted lips, and bleeding nose. I sat on my calf and put his head on my lap.

"Go get me the first aid." I said.
"Fine." Niall growled before leaving.
"Are you okay?" I asked.
"I am now." He said.
"Don't start, Chris." I said
Niall gave me the first aid.
"Now leave. All of you." I said.
"We're staying right here." Harry said.
"I'm fine." I said. 'He won't hurt me."
"We'll be in the window." Louis said.

They walked in the house and closed the door. I tended to his wounds without speaking a word. After 10 minutes, he sat up and sat in front of me.

"No. You have to lay down, I'm not done." I said.
"Why aren't you talking to me?" He asked, holding my hands.
"We have nothing to talk about." I said, moving my hands.
"Why?' He asked.
"It doesn't matter. Just lay back down." I said.
"So that kiss meant nothing to you?" He said.
"That kiss? That kiss did this to me!' I yelled, taking off my bandages.
He looked at them surprisingly. 
"This is what the kiss did to me! I was hanged by my wrist for three days without food or water! This is what the kiss did! This is what you did!" I yelled. 

He looked at me as I sat there. He tried to pull me into a hug but I grabbed the first aid kit and walked inside. I threw the kit on couch and ran upstairs. I closed my door and leaned on the door. I slid down to the floor as I closed my eyes and let tears roll down my face. I just started thinking about my parents and Christian.

Zayn's POV
I walked in the house and saw the guys. I gave them their money and them the week off. They all left. I walked upstairs but then I hear sobbing. I walked Nichole's door and it got louder.

"Nichole, is that you?" I asked.
She sniffled."Yeah."
"Open the door, Nichole." I said.

I heard her get up and then the door opened. I walked in and she closed the door and stood there. Her eyes were pink and puffy. Her wrist were red and bleeding. God, did I do that? I motioned her to come here and she did.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?"  I asked.
"I'm fine." She croaked.
"Nichole, you're eyes are pink and watery." I said.
"I'm fine. It's nothing. There's nothing...Oh god." She cried.

She cried violently and fell to the ground. I knelled down to her held her in my arms, She tried to push me away but I was stronger than her. She gave up and let me hold her. I hate seeing her hurt. It hurts me more to know that I hurt her.  After 15 minutes,  She stopped crying and just sat there. She laid her head on my chest. I felt her breathing slow down and figured she was sleep. After 30 minutes, Harry and Liam walked in.

"Oh damn! Zayn, you killed her!' Harry screamed.
"Shut up, you idiot." I said.
Nichole slightly moved.
"She's sleeping." I said.
"What happened here?' Liam said.
"When I came in, she was crying and then it got worse." I said.
"Is she alright?" Harry asked.
"She's fine. You guys can leave." I said.
"See you next week, mate." Liam said, closing the door.

I looked at the door then at Nichole. She looked so peaceful while she slept.I looked out the window and saw that the sun was setting. I felt her moved and looked at her, she fluttered her eyes open.  She looked at the room then and me. She looked at her wrist and ran to the bathroom.  I followed her and she was running the cold water over her wrist. She was in pain.....because of me.

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