Lovelace Falls

Multiple teens live in Lovelace Falls. Where do alliances lie? Who trusts who? Who's paired up with who? You'll have to read to find out.


4. Chapter 3


Dear Diary,

    Today, Grandpa told me I’m psychic. CRAZY, right? I feel like this year is worth of drama and much more. Gramps is so supportive of everything I do and I can’t thank him enough. Ever since Grams died last year, the family has been unstable. Mostly me, but especially Gramps. He weeped for days, saying he wished he should’ve died instead of her. I’m glad I comforted him and got him to focus on the good things in life. Who knows what would’ve happened if I wasn’t there.

    Recently, Ashley’s been very down lately. She keeps telling me that she’s okay but I know she isn’t. I wish everything would just go back to normal; the time where everyone was happy. When her parents were alive and my grandma was alive. It hurts me to see her like this. She hasn’t been herself lately. I hope everything will change today.

I hear my phone buzz.

Ashley: Today’s going to be a great day! I can feel it!

Rose: Well, you seem happy!

Ashley: Yeah, I just woke up and felt happy! I got to go get ready for school! See you soon! You’re picking me up, right?

Rose: Yeah. I’m about to get dressed.

After I get dressed, I go downstairs for breakfast where I see Gramps reading the newspaper. I sneak up on him since he isn’t paying any attention to me. “Boo!” I say as I hug him.

“You scared me!” He chuckles. “I made you eggs and bacon. It’s on the table.” I kiss him on the cheek.

“Thanks Gramps, love you.”

He smiles and says, “Love you too.” The breakfast Gramps made me is really good; he always makes amazing food. I realize I have to pick up Ashley, and get all my things. I quickly say bye to Gramps and race to Ashley’s house.

                    (15 minutes later)

When I picked Ashley up, we had a fight. Since then the car ride has been sort of quiet. I can tell Ashley’s winter break wasn’t a good one. I guess when I left her that weekend to go visit my family in Louisiana, she must’ve been locked up in her room sobbing all day. I don’t know how I know all this; but it’s like I can picture it clearly in my mind. Maybe I’m psychic like Gramps said… no, that’s not possible. He’s always saying crazy things. I pat Ashley’s shoulder to comfort her and I get a weird feeling, like I can sense that she is sad and is trying her best not to cry. She pushed my hand off of her angrily and looked out the window. When we pull up to the school, I immediately get out of the car and start speed-walking away from Ashley.

“Rose!” She screams. I can sense the regret and sadness in her voice. I open my arms greeting her with a hug. She runs to me, hugs me, and cries. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m not over it yet.” she sobs.

“We’ll get through it together.” I tell her softly.

                    (In class)

These two new kids walk in the class, a boy and a girl, and I realize they look like siblings. Something about them gives me a weird feeling, but I just don’t know what. I’m determined to find out who they are. Of course Ashley gets their attention by staring at them. The girl comes up to us and asks Ashley if she knew her somehow. Apparently her name’s Skylar King and her brother’s Elliot King. When I shake Eli’s hand when I introduce myself like Ashley did, I get a weird vision.

It was midnight. Elliot and another boy, who looked related to him, were in front of an old, antique looking house. “Where is she?” Skylar says, just randomly appearing in front of the two boys.

"Do you think they hurt her?” Elliot gulps with a worried look on his face. There’s a loud scream of pain coming from inside the house.

“From the sound of that, I think they already have, brother.”The mystery guy says and pats Elliot’s shoulder.

"Don’t worry Elliot, we will get her out of there. We just need to stick together.” The brother says assuringly. There’s an even louder scream of pain coming from inside the house. Eli’s face turns pale and he disappears into the house.

"Eli! Don’t!” Skylar yells. Then the scene fades.

What was that? Who was in trouble? How were Eli and Skylar so fast? Why were the three of them at that house in the first place? Most importantly, who were ‘they’ that were hurting that person in the house? Ashley starts to shake me. I look at her with a confused face.

“Come on Rose!” She giggles and pulls my hand. Oh my god! It can’t be. Her laugh sounds like the same voice of the person screaming in my vision. It can’t be. That means Ashley was the one in trouble!

“Okay, okay. I’m coming!” I laugh as we try to catch up to Skylar and Eli.

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