Lovelace Falls

Multiple teens live in Lovelace Falls. Where do alliances lie? Who trusts who? Who's paired up with who? You'll have to read to find out.


12. Chapter 11


I watch as Nikki walks away from Isaac towards the other girls. I look at Isaac, making sure he stays away from her. What? I’m just an overprotective sister. I look at my watch and see it’s almost 5:00. I go into the gym. “Alright girls! Let’s get started! Three laps around the gym!” I yell as I place my gym bag on the bleachers.

“Well, look who finally showed up.” I look up and instantly regret it. “Great, you’re here.”

Blake smiles at me. “I always get here early, and I thought you did too. Well, until today.”

I sigh. “I had something to do first.” I see Cameron running.

“Hi Cam!” I say. Cam waves at me as he passes Blake and me.

I start to stretch. “Rumors spread that some dude's overprotective sister caused a scene in the library.” Blake says, obviously to annoy me.

“Oh really?” I question.

“Yeah. Apparently she has dark brown curly hair and brown eyes and she’s kind of tall. Wait... Oh! She looks exactly like you!” Blake exclaims.

“Get to the point already.” I say, annoyed.

“Why?” He asks.

“Like you care.” I say. I notice that my team is done warming up. “Enough chit-chat, I have to go coach my team.” I walk away from Blake. “Okay. Everyone get a ball and start shooting hoops!” I get a ball and shoot it in the hoop. I look at Blake’s team and see that they are practicing three-pointers. “Okay, now that we’re all warmed up, let’s do some three-pointers.” I see Blake turn around as I go to make a three-pointer. I shoot the ball in and my team claps. I smile at Blake.

He mouths, “Game on!” Our teams start to make three-pointers. Each time I go up and Blake goes up, we try to make better shots. I watch Blake as he slam dunks a basketball into the hoop. His team goes wild. I get my ball and start to dribble it across the half-court. As I run to slam dunk it into the hoop, I get interrupted.

“Claire!” I throw the ball and completely miss it. Blake looks at me and snickers. I look to see who called my name.

“Isaac, what do you want?” I ask.

“Sorry to cut practice short, but dad says we have to go now.” He says.

“Okay girls, great practice today. See you all tomorrow.” I say. Blake comes up to me grinning, obviously happy he won our ‘game’ today. “Blake.” I say angrily.

“Claire.” He smiles. I get my gym bag and leave with Isaac. As we walk to our dad’s car, Isaac didn’t talk at all.

“I’m just trying to protect you. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.” I say. Isaac stops walking.

“That’s the thing Claire. What're you trying to protect me from? Your best friend? You can’t trust your best friend to be with me? Even if we’re not dating, I would think hanging out with Nikki isn’t a crime. Why is it one? Tell me why you hate us hanging out together. I’m speechless. “Tell me, Claire! Tell me!” Isaac yells. I remain quiet. I grab onto Isaac’s shirt.

“I never want to see the two of you together, ever again.” I shove him into the lockers and walk towards my dad’s car.

I get into the car. “Hi Claire! How was your day at school?” Dad asks. I sigh.

“It was a long day.” Shortly after I get into my dad’s car, my brother follows.

“Hi son. How was school?” Dad asks. Isaac doesn’t answer him. Instead he stares out the window. I look down at my shoes. “What happened at school today that I'm not aware of? Claire? Isaac?” We remain quiet. “Tell me!” Dad yells at the both of us. He breaths in and out furiously as he drives us home. We get out of the car and go into our house. “Sit down.” Dad says calmly.

Isaac and I sit down on the couch. We still haven’t said a word to each other. Dad pulls a chair from the kitchen and places it in front of the couch.

He sits down and says, “Sorry about me yelling earlier.” I nod my head. “Now tell me. What happened in school? Who wants to go first?” We don’t say anything. “Isaac, you go first.” Dad says.

“Um, can we talk in a room Claire isn’t in?” He looks at me.

“Oh, I see. You guys got in a fight, huh?” Dad smirks.

“I was helping Nicole study for French and Claire came. She told me to leave. She wanted to talk to Nicole alone. So I left, and went to the field for lacrosse practice. Nicole comes minutes later, and she's crying. Apparently Claire didn’t want us to be friends anymore.”  I stand up and yell at Isaac furiously.

“I’m just trying to protect you! You don’t even deserve her!” Isaac stands up and clenches his fists. I then clench mine. “You never did and you never will…” Dad gets up and separates us.

“Enough!” He yells. “Don’t let the anger get to you! Fighting over your friends? Look what you guys have become! Monsters. You guys are monsters!” Dad shakes his head, disappointingly. Isaac and I sit back down. “The funny thing is, the both of you aren’t protecting each other, you’re protecting Nicole!” We look at each other confused and then look at Dad. He sighs and sits back down. “I know none of this makes any sense, but trust me on this. Don’t let the anger take control of you.” He whispers quietly. “Like your mother.”

“What?” Isaac asks, puzzled.

Dad gets up and says,  “Let’s just say it’s a family thing.” He walks upstairs to his office.

    Isaac and I just sit there, shocked to hear what just occurred before our eyes.

“What just happened?” I say, overwhelmed.

“I don’t know, Claire.” Isaac says as he gets up.

“Wait! Isaac, I’m…” Isaac interrupts me.

“Don’t you say that word just because what Dad just said. We both know you don’t mean it!” Isaac runs upstairs to his bedroom. I sit there, alone, speechless of what just happened. My phone goes off. It’s Rose.

“Hello?” I say.

“Claire, get to my house immediately.”

“What're you talking about?”

“I don’t have time to explain. Come now!” Rose hangs up. I quickly race out the door and run towards Rose’s house.

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