Review Store

They call it a store because it isn't free.....Well kinda.
*Open to Find Details*
I made a review store purely because I needed feedback and couldn't find a review store open/running. I really needed someone else option and found no where to turn.Therefor, I decided to make a review store because I have a feeling other people have felt this way as well. It would make me extremely happy to make a place where writers can go to help, become better writer, and just over all have somewhere to go for (half-way decent) feedback.
Thank you guys so much!
I hope you find this somewhat useful!


1. Details (Blah,Blah,Blah)


I will read any books about anything, everything is welcome!

I will be kinda harsh because I want to help you guys become better writers! I will be harsh with the best intentions! So basically harsh with love is what I'm saying. XD

The only thing I ask in return is a follow because it makes it easier for me to find y'all. It would be amazing if you could check out my work-in-progress book,"The Colorful Violin." You by no means have to but a review or a little something would be absolutely lovely!

Comment the title of your book and anything else you want to add.

This is the format I'll use to review your books/novels/stories/whatever.



The author of the book and title

Did it immediately hook me?




Why I favorited it (why I don't)

Anything else I have to add


Thank y'all so much for using my service!

I hope this isn't a total disaster because I'm extremely excited!

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